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Angry Lunch Ideas... Let's share

What's everyone eating for lunches? What do you bring to work? What do you eat for lunch at home? Have a convenience food you like, what is it? Share your favorite frozen dinners? Please include points.

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Default An idea

I used to LOVE putting a mixed salad into a whole wheat pita pocket, then add a lite Italian dressing. Soooo good.

If packing for lunch, bring salad in ziplock bag & assemble at lunch time.

About 3 pts (my guess, it's been a while)
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The other day I had lit whole wheat bread toated with mustard and piled high with veggies and two thin slices of roasted turkey...........
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My worst time for craving and wanting snacks is in the evenings, so I try to skimp on points during the day to accommodate my whims at night.

I usually take my version of the WW vegetable garden soup for lunch (0 pts) and augment it with something else, like a salad or low fat sandwich, something. I put so many veggies in the soup, that I often find it is enough by itself.

Also, I don't like to spend a lot of time preparing lunches, so have developed a quick recipe for the garden vegetable soup:

1 can of tomatoes (seasoned with herbs)
2 cans mushrooms
2 cans ff broth (I usually use the chicken broth seasoned with garlic and herbs)
cabbage (handful of cole slaw mix out of the bag - no chopping)
1/2 bag frozen oriental stir fry veggies
frozen carrots - as many as you like

Simmer for 1 hour and package in individual containers for work. This usually makes 5 portions to last me the whole week at work.

I am on the 123 success plan, so the above vegetables are 0 points. If you are on the new program, you will need to be conscious of the veggies that are now counted as points. I guess the point of the exercise, is to throw in as many 0 point veggies that you like and you have a filling soup to supplement your lunch.
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I made egg salad today and even though it sounds gross, I added in two tablespoons of cottage cheese and left out the mayo, belive it ot not, it was good!!!

the new lean cuisene 3 cheese stuffed rigatoni was really good and really filling for 4 points ( i think)
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Red face

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Default Turnips make an excellent lunch..

Also great is lentil soup (add lots of curry!) and a whole wheat roll and a piece of fruit, or a bowl of chili, or half of what you had the night before. As a student, I specialize in ordering something at the restaurant and only eating half (having filled up on complimentary snacks or eating soup and drinking water before hand) and bringing the rest home with me for a lunch or dinner the next day.

Even if it has a lot of fat, you are better to spread it out over two days, making better use of your money, and not feeling guilty over pigging out and instead having two sensible portions.
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I do best with the zero or 1 pt soups for lunch.(My favorite is that cheesy vegetable soup) Often add a salad with balsamic vinegar dressing. I only found out about balsamic vinegar thru WW. It is wonderful stuff That way I can have a nice dinner at home w/DH. Or eat light again (perhaps boca burgers...i still feel like i'm getting a treat!) and bank points for special occasions or eating out.

If I have any bean/pea/lentil soups they stay with me the longest it seems. I am enjoying all kinds of new foods using the ww program. Very glad I found it. And I am sticking with it this time

Great boards. I will be back! Thanks everyone!
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Default miso soup and sushi

The grocery store carries a fresh assortment of sushi (I love the crab and cucumber). Each packet comes with 6 pieces of sushi including soy sauce and chop sticks. I also have a cup of miso soup and I am absolutely full. I have this once or twice a week. I'd eat it every single day of my life, but it can get pricey.

P.S. there's lots of veggie sushi and cooked fish sushi out there if you don't like the raw stuff.
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Smile veggie hot dogs

This is super low fat, and super low calorie and super delicious. In the vegetable section at the grocery store you can find veggie hot dogs. Around here the brand is called Yves, but there are other makers out there. They smell and taste just like real hot dogs but have 45 calories each and .5 gm of fat. They heat up in the microwave in 40 seconds, or you can grill them for 3 minutes, and take them to work and warm them up in the microwave at work.

They taste best loaded up with your favourite toppings, I especially like mustard and sauer kraut. With a regular hot dog bun, the whole thing clocks in at about 145 calories. If I'm having this for lunch, I have two veggie dogs and buns, plus a cup of soup, followed by fruit salad or a banana and a cup of tea. Mmmmm. This is convenient, really nutritious and yummy.

I have this about 1 or 2 times a week (and sometimes in a pinch, I have one for breakfast)

P.S. the first time I heard about veggie dogs I thought it was a joke. I actually bought them to prove to a friend that they were disgusting. Now everyone in the family eats and loves them.
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Don't know if this bacon is a regional one or not. It is Gwaltney's 40% reduced fat bacon. 2 slices (I do mine in microwave) is one point. A BLT (without mayo) can be made for 3 pt. I also, sometimes toast an English Muffin, break bacon slices in half and place on muffin, place a piec of FF cheese on this and place in toaster oven for a second or two til cheese melts. 5 points and good and filling.
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My favorite lunch is crab meat in a ff whole wheat pita with dry slaw and a TB of low fat ranch dressing, maybe a slice of pickle or carrot sticks on the side with some ff yogurt. I think the sandwich is 5 points. I have, also, tried a BLT made with imitation bacon bits, sliced tomato, lettuce and low fat mayo. (about 3 pts.) Pretty good stuff-always need that crunch! Lee Ann from Missouri
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Mostly sandwiches... Low-fat turkey, thin slice of cheese, mustard, lettuce, tomato. Also, often I take the leftovers from yesterday's dinner to lunch the next day.

For some reason, I hate all commercial frozen dinners... I tried many brands, and they all seem to taste the same - fake and commercial :-) And they leave me hungry, even when they have more calories then my sandwich.


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Wendy's small chili is only 4 points, and combined with their side salad, makes a very filling lunch if you are out doing errands and need a quick, low point lunch. the crackers are 1 point for 2 packages. But be careful of the salad dressing!
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MMMM. Nothing can get easier than stopping by your nearest Subway. I get a six inch veggie, no cheese, no mayo with all the fixins on wheat, which adds up to about 200 calories. It's really filling to and pretty cheap!
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