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Originally Posted by Shy Moment View Post
Turkey ( not lunch meat real turkey that you baste for hours ) I make one at least once a month.
How do you store it? I always find it tastes different once you freeze it.

My favorite is a salad of chopped red cabbage, cauliflower, red peppers, carrots and cucumbers. Mix them up with a dressing of 1 tsp olive oil and two tsp seasoned rice vinegar (garlic flavored) and a dash of basil. I make lots - without the dressing - and it lasts for a few days. My kids like it too but they add a bit of feta.
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Right there with you K8-EEE! When everything is prepped and ready, I can eat salads twice a day, every day (my favorite of late includes chopped nectarines, feta and roasted beets with lettuce and pumpkin seeds). And I even love to shop for produce (I'm also fussy)--but coming home and unpacking that mountain that needs to be washed and dried...oy.

I try very hard to eat seasonally, which helps with the flavor fatigue. If you only eat peaches in season, then yes, you'll eat them all the time for about a month, but then you likely won't eat them again for almost a year. And you move on to whatever is in season apples, winter squash, brussels sprouts...yum.

But of the things you can eat all the time? I never tire of arugula or broccoli rabe. Or ice cream. :P
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whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter and banana on top
lean cuisine paninis
fat free feta, I put it on everything!
strawberries, blackberries and watermelon
Power Bar Triple Threat Peanut Butter Caramel bars
Quaker White Cheddar Soy Crisps

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Rice Crispy Treats - 2 points and I eat one every day!
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English muffins seem to be popular.. and I agree I could totally eat a whole wheat english muffin with strawberry jam (or any jam for that matter) for breakfast every day. Fruit also, I have to eat fresh fruit every day or I get a craving for something sweet. Umm I love sushi I could eat that every day.. thats probably about it though, as far as healthy items. Clessofme I loveee rice krispie treats but I prefer home made ones hot out of the oven.
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Oh Luna bars.. and low sodium fT FREE clam chowder.

Calm chowder, Fat Free? Can that be too good to be true??? I hope not, or the label would have been lieing to me!!!
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Oatmeal, made just the way I like it.
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Any kind of berry, particularly blueberries
Trader Joe's Spinach Lasagna
Black beans with chipotle salsa
"The Alternative" brand pitas and roasted onion bagels
String cheese
Roasted vegetables (thanks to Rockinrobin!)

I can't say chicken, I think I ate it one too many times. I'm taking a break from the bird!
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- yogurt with frozen blueberries and kashi go lean crunch sprinkled on top.
- my protein smoothies
- grilled chicken breast
- my version of sausage mcmuffin (those 100 calorie whole grain eng. muffins, turkey sausage patty, light cheese, and sometimes a scrambled egg white on top).
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Mmmmm..good thread to get ideas from! Except from you, Robin!!!

My favorite are:

-Homemade greek salad with pepperonci, kalamata olives, FF mediterannean feta, fresh from the garden tomatoes, onions and lots of romain, and grilled chicken with some FF Kraft Ceasar Italian!!! any form!
-100 Calorie Cheetos
-steamed cauliflower
-Dove Dark Chocolate (I eat two pieces every day and I never crave chocolate ever...because I don't eat it because I crave it...I eat it because it's good for you!!)
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my favorite breakfast (at least 5X a week) is Cascade Fresh FF yogurt (110 cal per 6 oz cup; no artificial sweetener and very little added sugar from fruit juice) mixed with Simply Fiber or Weetabix cereal

FF Total Fage Greek Yogurt; I love this stuff and eat it most days at lunch or dinner as a side

Hard Boiled Eggs

Vermont Bread Company sprouted wheat bread (all natural and only 120 cal for 2 real slices)
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light english muffins with egg white omlet with non fat chedder cheese
chocolate fat free sugar free pudding with cool whip
morningstar farm veggie burgers with no fat american cheese on the english muffin with low sugar ketchup
turkey sandwich with avacado and mustard
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Fat free sugar free vanilla WW yogurt over fresh strawberries
Grilled chicken in teriyaki sauce over brown rice with stir fried peppers, onion, broccoli, zucchini & mushrooms
Light English muffins with sugar free strawberry spread
Oat bran hot cereal with light vanilla soy milk, cinnamon & splenda
South Beach pizzas
Skinny Cow Ice cream sandwiches in the Chocolate-Peanut Butter flavor
Campbell's soup Select Gold label Butternut Squash soup (3 pts. for the whole box)
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Golden flax bread toasted with honey almond butter
Sunmaid cinnamon swirl raisin bread
Oatmeal with cinnamon and saltana raisins
Green salad topped with corn and black beans
Nature Valley Sweet and Salty peanut bar
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I eat them just about every day. On sandwiches, in salads, in pitas, anywhere I can put them. Been eating them almost every day for years and haven't tired of them yet.

*knock on wood*
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