Where do you find Wasa crackers???

  • Good morning... I'm new here, just found this site this morning. I have heard about wasa crackers and have been looking for them... but can't find them! Where do you find them??? Are they in most grocery stores??? With crackers or where???

    Help me find them... please!!!!

    Thanks bunches
  • I find them in bigger grocery stores, in with the breads. In my part of Ontario.
  • I buy them at Big Lots (a discount store that happens to have a few foods aisle and one of the aisles is "international foods"). I see them at Krogers also, on the cracker row. They are with the specialty type crackers on that aisle.
  • Thank you...
    Thanks for the direction on wasa crackers... we have both Big Lot's and Kroger... at least now I know which aisles to check!!!!!!!!!
  • One of the Krogers that I go to has a special health/organic food section, and that's where they are sometimes if you can't find them with the regular crackers.
  • I find them in pretty much all of the grocery stores around here. But sometimes they are in "strange" sections of the store so perhaps if you check with a clerk they may be able to help you locate them in an unusual spot.
  • I've also found them at Cost Plus.
  • Quote: ...sometimes they are in "strange" sections of the store...
    I agree. In the store I usually shop at they are with the pretzels/rice cakes/melba toast, etc.