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Default great variation of tacos!

I'm sure I'm not the first to try this but last night I had a great meal and I wanted to share.

I made "Tacos" but wrapped them in lettuce instead of the deep fried tortilla and with ground turkey instead of beef. I didnt notice any difference with the meat and they were delicious! I didnt feel sick after having them which I normally feel kind of gross after a couple tacos.

Anyone else have variations on old favourities? I am going to try this with fajitas next time. I love those.
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I LOVE tacos!! That is such a great idea and sounds so good. I am going to try that very soon!

Thanks for sharing!!!
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You know something funny, at first, I was confused by your post... deep fried tortilla? For a taco? (and I'm mexican). Then I remembered that some people use fried tortillas

As far as "tacos", one of my old favorites used to be diced cucumbers, diced tomatoes and shredded cheese. Most recently I did cucumber, hummus and avocado. I buy whole wheat tortillas or pure corn tortillas. I'll often make beans, brown rice, veggies, meat and tortillas for a meal.

One of my favorite things to do is make enchiladas or lasagna with zucchini instead of tortillas/noodles. Although now one of my goals is to not eat cheese so I'm guessing that is out
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When I feel like tacos (which is quite often!) I make a taco salad instead, I use the ground turkey also. I like the salad because it lets me get in more veggies than I would have on a regular taco and of course no tortilla!

Neli - I recently moved to Phoenix, AZ from Rhode Island and I've learned A LOT about traditional authentic mexican food, all we had in RI was taco bell! I can totally relate to your statement, it seems around here all the mexican restaurants serve tacos up in fresh soft tortillas, the fried tortilla shell is aparently an american thing
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ah the fajitas. Okay here's what I do when i have to entertain children/teens and stuff something besides corndogs (here in japan those are called 'american dogs') into them.

I take
one onion,
1 cup of sliced mixed bell peppers (I buy them frozen for 100 yen because I'm cheap/lazy)

then add anything I can find that is vegetable to it. a bit of carrot, zucchini, eggplant, squash, green beans, sugar snap peas, whatever you can hide.

Stir fry all these things with a spray of pam.

Then add approx.

2 tbsp or 3 tbsp of prepackaged TACO or FAJITA seasonings (most american groceries or import stores here in japan sell it). I think its 20 cals per tbsp

Add 4 tbsp water to liquify the powder, stir it all up. Serve to unsuspecting youngsters as side dish.

Also I usually offer a spoonful of skim-milk made plain unflavored/unsweetened yogurt with it. It's like sour cream (if a tad runny) but it's a sneaky dollup of dairy and it tastes really good.

I bet it could be wrapped in lettuce leaves too or used as part of a taco-salad.

mmmm yum
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