Keeping an avocado from turning brown

  • I have an avocado that I'm going to cut into tonight, but I'm only using half of it. If that. I just need a few slices for a tortilla wrap I'm making.

    Normally when I cut an avocado and only use half of it, I leave the pit in the unused half and that helps preserve it for a while. But what about the pieces of avocado from the OTHER half that I won't be using? I've tried the lemon juice trick before and that doesn't really work all that well and I don't want to eat a whole half of an avocado, but I don't want to waste what I'm not going to eat.

    What do you do, tried and true, to keep avocado from turning brown?
  • I think you might be fighting nature on this one. Avocados turn brown when you open them up. The good news is that they only turn brown on the outside and are still completely edible. You could always make guacamole with the other half. It turns brown too, but recovers its greenness when you stir it up, and it tastes yummy.
  • Two things that you can do - leave the pit with it. Also, you can sprinkle a small amount of lemon juice. Again, small, as you don't want it to take on the flavor of lemon.
  • I've had pretty good luck with wrapping the piece in saran wrap, RIGHT against the flesh and making sure there's no air underneath. I then place it at the back of the fridge, in the coldest spot, and have been able to keep it for a day without more than a thin streak or two of discoloration. Any longer, though, and brown she goes!

    It's definitely true though that the flavor doesn't suffer.
  • Thanks everybody!
  • avocado halves don't stay in my fridge for longer than one day but the leaving the pit in + tightly plastic wrapping it works for me (I also do the latter for leftover guac.)

    I assume that one of those vacuum food savers will also the trick too?
  • Lemon juice always works for me.
  • Agree with the tight wrap with plastic and in the fridge. That's what has worked for me in the past.