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I've heard that some people get their calcium and chocolate fix in the same go with those viactiv calcium chews...I've never had 'em so I can't say for sure
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I buy the Lindt 70% chocolate in the mini individually wrapped squares. Each one is only 30 calories, so even if I have a couple, I don't rack up that many calories. And I'm the kinda person that I would feel like a total pig if I unwrapped 30 mini squares of chocolate, but wouldn't even notice eating a huge honkin' bar of chocolate. I guess packaging works for me.
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ok i shouldn't have come in this i want some sweets I'm kiddin I am really glad I read this one cause I just love chocolate!!! these are awsome ideas from everyone, i didn't really relize there were so many better choices. Than the ones i was choosing.
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About the only thing that has really worked for me is to 'treat' myself to my own version of chocolate yogurt.

Mix about 2 tsps of Splenda and 1 tsp of cocoa powder into a plain, fat-free, no sugar added, 1/2 cup serving of plain yogurt. Relish every moment.

By doing that, I manage to keep my real chocolate melt-downs to a minimum. When I do have one (about once a month), I try to buy the smallest amount of chocolate I can because I know I won't stop until it is gone. It's one of those things -- peanut butter, as another -- that I simply cannot keep in the house.

Have a great moving and shaking evening, Chickie. . .
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