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I turn away from the Pringles at the store now. I was buying them several times a week. I still think about them, lol, but if they ain't in the house I can't eat 'em. Also, I don't regularly have Oreos and Chips Ahoy in my house but when I do have them, they are a big lure. Sometimes I eat peanut butter out of the jar, too, but it's usually maybe 3 teaspoons worth before I get tired of it or had enough of it, and there are days when I don't even think about it, so that is controllable, lol. I'm also going to try to cut back on the diet soda. I tend to drink about 2-3 cans a day...I want to at least get that down to 1. That I think I can control, too, because I've had stretches where there may be like two cans left in the house and I won't touch them for days. I drink a lot of Crystal Light Iced Tea and will probably end up drinking even more if I lose some of the soda. Cheese is a biggie with me, too, so I've basically scaled that down. And I stay away from those cheddar cheese spreads because I know I could go through them in 1 or 2 days. Honestly, if they said you could stuff your face with whatever you wanted and not gain a pound, I'd be constantly having pizza, cheese, cheese on crackers and potato chips.
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I like cream of wheat too. I think I will have to buy some for when I go on phase 2. The thing that I can't have in the house is potato chips. I will eat the whole bag. I like to eat raisins too. Last night I had to have something soft and warn in my stomach, so I made a small bowl of oatmeal with a few raisins and a little bit of milk. It tasted soooo good. After eating so many salads and veggies. Joyce
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homemade cookies - especially chocolate chip

icecream sometimes, Ive been doing better with it
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I've got lots of the same:
- cookies (especially homemade ginger ones, or chocolate chip)
- chips
- sourdough (and spinach dip too lol...one of my favourite foods)
- candy of any sort
- cake chocolate with white icing, or carrot, or ice cream cake
- bagels
....uhhh...it's a bit extensive.
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Hot Cheetos and my mom's banana spice cake should not be near me. In fact, any of my mom's baked good should steer clear away from me. I've tried that whole "out of sight, out of mind" thing, but there's still a little voice in the back of my head telling me they're still there.
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ice cream sandwiches
homemade cookies/homemade bread
chocolate bars
the list goes on and on and on and on lol
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Token Rooster? ;)
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Potato chips & cookies & nuts for me.... but I still buy and occasionally go overboard on them anyways
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Anything sugary sweet (candies, chocolate), packaged baked goods (cookies, pop tarts, crackers, pretzels, cold cereal, potato chips), baked goods (brownies, scones, lemon bars, iced cakes, cakes), ice cream (1/4 cup serving would never be enough).

I don't bring any of that stuff into the house, ever.
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Definitely chips. If I have ANY kind of chips in my house I will eat them. if I have ice cream or chocolate, it's much easier for me to resist. I never used to know what "spacing out" while eating meant until one day I was eating a bag of Superstore brand BBQ chips and "spaced out" and basically ate the whole bag and I didn't even realize it until the end. That was when I figured out, NEVER buy those chips again. lol.

But to tell you the truth, I don't keep ANY junk food in my house. It's way easier that way.
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Ilene the Bean
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Ths is really silly but strawberry jam is my red light food ... If I just happen to have a craving for jam I put about an inch thick on toast ... Then I'll proceed to eat most from the jar... sometimes I'll put some on the end of my spoon and dip it in my oatmeal, at every spoon fool ... gets pretty high in calories!
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But to tell you the truth, I don't keep ANY junk food in my house. It's way easier that way.
I gotta say, I am with you on that. There are too many things to list here that I would want to snack on or devour if they were in my house. I am so thankful that my super-skinny for no reason (hate him ) boyfriend is being so cool about my better eating habits. We haven't gone out to eat in over 3 weeks (we're used to 3 meals out/delivered weekly), we have only had 3 bottles of wine in 3 weeks (we're used to a bottle or a 6 pack every night), and we usually have chips and ice cream around, as well as lots of sandwich goodies. So, for now, it hasn't been a problem.

But we'll see. I can't keep ignoring food forever; I realize I am going to have to learn to restrain myself from foods that are meant for MODERATED and LIGHT snacks or indulgences, and I have to say, it scares me. I am far from my goal but maintenance is what always gets me.

I'm sure I am definitely not the only one here with that problem.
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very small boned
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anything with flour or sugar.
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Living with my SO, who can eat whatever he wants and not gain weight (in fact, it would be good if he could put on a few lbs), I've really had to learn to be able to have certain foods in the house and not eat them. For the most part, he can have anything he wants--frozen taquitos, chips, cookies, pastries, cake, indian food--it's his food and I stay away from it. Not only is he allowed this stuff, but I do all the food shopping, so I actually buy it for him. Sometimes I buy him food that I think I would like--it's like I'm eating vicariously through him. I can often allow myself one bite of his food and I'm fine with that. I always buy him some sort of horribly decadent breakfast pastry from the farmers' market and I always have a little corner of it.

There are a few things I bought for myself however that I thought I would be able to eat in reasonable portions that turned out to be a disaster. They were:
- nuts of almost any kind
- chocolate
- trail mix

I will not be buying any of those things again for a long time! I haven't tried ice cream in anything other than individual serving sizes since I started my diet, so I don't know how I'd do with it. We do have some homemade cantaloupe (from homegrown melons, even--yum!) sorbet in the freezer and it's been there for a really long time (months), so maybe I would do okay with ice cream.

It does worry me that I can't control myself around certain foods (lately nuts). I feel like I should be able stop and it really bothers me that I sometimes can't. I also feel like this problem is getting worse as I diet longer, which is especially concerning to me. Instead of getting more in control, I feel like I am losing control. Or maybe I've always had this problem and it is just more noticeable now that I am trying to eat moderately. But it is good to hear that I am not the only one with this problem.
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Thumbs down

I know that I make the final decision to start eating for reasons other then hunger, or to keep eating once I'm full. There are some foods that I'm more susceptible to, mostly finger foods because I love being able to just keep picking up small peices and feeding them into my mouth. Here's the list

dry fruit
nuts or trail mix
air popped or theatre popcorn
peanut butter
marble cheddar - I do alot better with sharp or old cheese
milk chocolate - sometimes dark, as well, but for the most part, I can control that
I don't bake, because I end up sampling/eating way too much of it, either raw or cooked.
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Originally Posted by jillybean720 View Post
My trigger foods are pretty much ANY junk. I don't keep chips, cookies, candy, ice cream, etc., in my home AT ALL, not even the reduced-calorie, reduced-fat, reduced-whatever kinds
Same here. I don't buy the junk, it's not in the house, I'm not tempted to eat it

My DF was very sweet and bought baked potato chips for me on Saturday... guess what? the whole bag was gone Sat. evening!

If I eat healthy I don't have cravings, but if not so healthy stuff is around me, somehow the devil on my shoulder says "go on... you know you want it...! "
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