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I buy Ranch dressing powder in bulk, and use it to make ranch or vinaigrette dressings. I can't stand fat free dressings and regular dressings are so expensive, I usually make my own. I've noticed that if I use a good rice wine vinegar I don't have to use much if any oil. I also make an asian dressing with rice wine vinegar, garlic, fish sauce, cilantro, and ginger. Sometimes I buy fancy salad dressings at a close-out store that buys from local health food shops. If I'm going to use a "regular" dressing, I make sure it's a relatively thin one like vinaigrette or french. Then I put my lettuce and veggies in a zip loc bag and add my measured portion of dressing, and then shake the bag like heck to evenly distribute the dressing. This way, I can use a small amount of dressing on a large salad. I've got the portions down pretty well now, but at first I kept tasting the salad in the bag until I learned the maximum amount of lettuce I could add to the bag without diluting the salad to the point it was no longer tasty.
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I always have dressing on the side...It would be so hard not to. I like ranch, or cesar dressing on plain cider vinegar and a little bit of olive oil.
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Annie's Naturals brand Lemon and Chive...BUT unfortunately its very oily and fattening...every once in awhile I'll use a little for treat...normally I'll use some fresh lemon squeezed on top, occasionally I'll spray on a little bit of soy sauce......(too much sodium) And also use the fat free Ranch (hidden valley)
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LITEHOUSE HONEY-MUSTARD and WISHBONE THOUSAND ISLAND for the tatse, a little olive oil and pepper for less calories.
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Someone above mentioned Newman's Own light sundried tomato. That is REALLY tasty and not bad at all on calories or fat. ALL the Newman's Own Lights are good! I cut calories a little by throwing in a little extra basalmic vinegar, but I'm gonna try marbleflys idea of cutting with lemon juice. These are my favorite healthy bottled dressings!
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newmans light balsamic

and HVR light ranch because dd eats her veggies that way.
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I love thick creamy dressings like Marie's blue cheese with big hunks of cheee mmmmmm or any ranch thats thick.

What do I buy LOL, now thats a different story. I'll make 7 Seas italian and adjust the oil or I'll use Just2Good French and hidden valley light. No fat dressing make me gag lol.

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I have a new favourite lately. HEB Light Zesty Italian. It's kinda thick and has actual chunks of vegetables in it.
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