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Default favorite is one I make myself:

12-18 Serrano chiles
1 bunch cilantro
1 bunch green onions
1/4 cup garlic, minced or crushed
3/4 cup fresh lime juice
3/4 cup Thai fish sauce
1/4 cup Splenda

Whirl the above ingredients in food processor. Makes about 3 cups.

I put it on a salad containing baby greens, shredded carrots, bean sprouts, red onions, cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs, shrimp or rare beef, and garnished with crushed peanuts.

Also makes a good BBQ marinade, or mix with mayo for an interesting twist on tartar sauce or a sandwich spread.
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Wishbone has a new spritzer salad dressing, only 10 cals a serving (10 sprays). I've tried it and it's really good. I don't feel like my salad is drowning in dressing.
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Originally Posted by Spinymouse View Post
Annie's Naturals brand. Lowfat Raspberry and Lowfat Gingerly
These dressings have high quality natural ingredients and are delicious.
Did you know that those are the exact same as the Trader Joe's "brand" and cost a lot less at TJ's? I bought the Annie's raspberry dressing and TJ's raspberry dressing--even the bottles are similar in size. The ingredients are exactly the same! I love the raspberry dressing myself!
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Default hhmmmmmm

Salad dressing....well i am up there with everyone else on LOVING HIDDEN VALLEY RANCH..but ugh the calories...

I stick with Lonzerattis Low Fat Sweet Italian Dressing. It is awesome and runs about 2.89 a bottle around here....
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I use salsa, tomato puree, lemon juice and sometimes fat free yogurt as my dressing...A lady even told me that she uses thick soups as dressings.
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Oh I forgot, I use yogurt as well as a dressing. Yogurt, some spices and some lemon juice makes a pretty good thick dressing that isn't full of fat or fat substitutes.
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My favorite is also the light Hidden Valley Ranch. It's very good as a veggie dip too.

Carol Jean
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I use the light versions of most dressings. I can't do the fat-free, it just doesn't taste good to me. Besides, they say using a light dressing rather than a fat-free dressing is better because I read a study where people who ate salads with full-fat or light dressings absorbed more of the salad's nutrients than the people who used fat-free. Now, I don't know how scientifically true this is, but I've read about it several times and apparently you need a little bit of fat on your salad to absorb the most nutrients from the vegetables.

Anyway, I like the Light Done Right dressings. My favorite flavor just depends on the salad and what I'm in the mood for. Sometimes I want an Italian taste (I like Light Done Right House Italian or Golden Caesar) and sometimes I want a creamier taste, so I use the Light Done Right ranch and mix it with Honey French. I always mix my dressings, just a little habit of mine. I like the Marzetti's Light Honey French the best.

Another favorite of mine is the Ken's Steakhouse Lite Vidalia Onion. It is sooooo good.
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My favorite salad dressing is Fresh Salsa. I usually pick up a container from the Fresh market every week. I also love the high fat bad for you ranch and parmesian peppercorn...but that's the old me. The new me is liking salsa. It really is tasty without fat..and added bonus...more veggies.
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Hmmm. I like the Light Done Right Raspberry Vinegarette, and when I feel like an Asian flavor, Lighthouse Sesame Ginger (fat free). Usually though I just use a little olive oil and vinegar. Sometimes I just use seasoned rice vinegar. Love the tangy taste. Oh, and for a Mexican flavor - lf or ff sour cream mixed with salsa.
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OK I JUST FOUND HEAVEN, in a bottle today so how funny i found this thread I LOVE BLUE CHESSE and i would buy nothing but.. i didnt mind the vinergrette's but today i found made by maria's it's vinergrette blue chesse and it is soooooooooo good
just my 2 cents
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I'm really not for creamy dressings. Although, I do like blue cheese, but only rarely because it's too salty and thick. I'd rather have any kind of vinaigrette, like balsamic or raspberry.
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No doubt about it! O'Charlie's Reduced Fat Honey Mustard. The only light version that tastes like the real thing.

But with pasta dishes, I prefer Light Done Right 3 Cheese. I also like Ken's Raspberry Pecan.
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I like the Newman's Own light dressings - honey mustard, sesame ginger, sun dried tomato. Trader Joe's light dressing are also good. But no fat free dressings - they taste like plastic!
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two faves-both homemade
1-olive oil + balsamic vinegar, clove of garlic/minced, basil, mustard powder, salt & pepper and a tiny bit of honey-shake it all up in jar. you can make larger amounts and keep in the fridge for a few days
2-same as above but with some tahini (smooshed sesame seed paste) and a bit of water. makes it creamy and yummy.
either one on a spinach salad with red peppers, carrots, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds-so good!!!
and easy to make!
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