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Default 5 benefits of apple cider vinegar for weight loss

How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Weight Loss?
Numerous claims have been made connecting apple cider vinegar with weight loss. The exact mechanism hasnít been pinned down yet but there are several theories which Iíve explored below.

Scientific evidence is limited but anecdotal success stories are plentiful when it comes to this traditional remedy. Here are some of the suggested mechanisms for apple cider vinegarís weight loss effects:

1) It Suppresses Your Appetite
Now, Iím not a scientist but you donít have to tell me that downing a glass full of diluted vinegar before you chow down is going to dull your appetite - itís obvious. Even a solution of one tablespoon in a glass of water is going to taste pretty astringent, although higher quality brands will be more palatable.

Research published in the ďInternational Journal of ObesityĒ showed that masking the taste of the vinegar cancelled out any weight loss results in the study group. They theorised that reduced consumption was due to nausea from the taste of the vinegar. (source)

2) It May Slow Digestion
Although apple cider vinegarís taste undoubtedly helps us resist bigger portions, there may be more complex factors at play. A study in ďBMC GastroenterologyĒ suggested that apple cider vinegar slows transit of food through your digestive system - making you feel fuller for longer after meals. (source)

This has its downsides too - if you have any digestive issues such as IBS, itís most likely not suitable for you. Make sure to talk to a healthcare professional before making apple cider vinegar a regular part of your diet if this is the case.

3) It Helps You Shed Water
The high potassium content in apple cider vinegar means it acts as a diuretic. This means that it helps eliminate excess water from your body, which can show a difference of as much as 5lbs on the scale for women (less for men). Okay so youíre not losing fat from this effect but it will reduce bloating and itís always nice to see the number on the scale go down, even if itís just temporary. (source)

This diuretic effect means that it will also lower your blood pressure - even if only slightly. If you are taking medication for blood pressure or suffer from symptoms of low blood pressure, consult your doctor before trying this method for weight loss.

4) It Contains Almost Zero Calories

Salad dressing can be a surprising culprit when it comes to calorie bombs. The best-intentioned dieters eating salads on a daily basis may find their weight loss results are less impressive than expected as one tablespoon can pack up to 100kcal. And who actually uses just one tablespoon of dressing?

Itís simple to create your ďzero calorieĒ salad dressings using apple cider vinegar. You can even use it on its own with a dash of salt and pepper.

5) It May Boost Metabolism
These are the words we all want to hear when it comes to weight loss supplements. Your metabolism determines how many calories your burn on a daily basis, so anything that will increase this number will make it easier to lose weight.

Whatís the link between metabolism and apple cider vinegar? Unfortunately the evidence is extremely limited - itís not been tested in humans yet, only rats. However, results are promising. An article in "Metabolism - Clinical and Experimental" suggested a genetic-level change in metabolism leading to weight loss. (source)

6) It Helps Control Your Blood Sugar
Studies have shown a solid link between blood sugar and apple cider vinegar consumption. It has a similar effect to anti-diabetic medicines - enhancing the effect of your natural insulin to decrease sugar levels both after meals and fasting levels. (source) Stabilising your blood sugar levels helps prevent cravings.

It goes without saying that if you are also taking a medicine for diabetes or have problems with your blood sugar levels, consult your doctor before adding apple cider vinegar to your diet.

7) It Stimulates Your Taste Buds
Vinegar is a component of many commercial condiments such as ketchup and salad dressing - this is due to its taste bud-stimulating effects. If you are transitioning to a healthier diet, apple cider vinegar will help bring out the flavour in low-calorie whole foods such as vegetables and legumes. You will be able to eat more of them and fill up, avoiding the need for snacking later on.
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