July Turbo Fire & More Check-In

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  • Hi Everyone!

    I got home late tonight and had a really busy day. We are going out of town this weekend.

    Check-In: 4 Rounds from Susan Chung's RapidFire Results w/weighted gloves
  • Hello ladies!!

    Good job with all of your workouts!! Is you leg still better, Taheetee??

    Diana, I hope that you have a nice weekend away. How have you been feeling?

    Today is a great day as I'm down to 155 I'll be doing Fire 30 and Core 20 BEFORE I head to a cookout. This will be my first time preparing a dessert since December when I was over 200 pounds...no tasting
  • Happy Independence Day!

    Laura Thank you for asking. I'm doing fine. Still having my moments, though. My "moments" normally revolve around having to take care of my Mom business or finalizing business, (like Social Security, etc). She was not very organized, so things are a little more difficult for me. I am used to being more organized, so I am out of my element with the way she did things. It will take time, but I will get things done. Good luck at the cookout! Stay strong against the dessert. Try a small piece and enjoy it. If it doesn't work out like that, don't forget, tomorrow is a new day. Get right back on track and you will be just fine. Enjoy your day.
  • Laura- congrats on the new low

    Diana- have a great trip

    today- elip 30 min & walk 30 min on treadmill

    Happy 4th of July Off to my parents to celebrate. Everyone have a fun & safe day
  • Hello Ladies, Im thinking of trying Turbo Fire. Any comments, ratings or suggestions? Thanks

    - thats sounds like a challenge for me, I have to taste everything I eat! Which is one of the reasons im where im at! Good luck and good job!
  • Hi Everyone

    No workout to post. We decided to drive out to my Mom's house (50 miles) to make sure everything was OK there. She has always had good neighbors, right around her. They have always kept an eye on the house and her. I still like to check on the house every week or two. The house is in the country and country folk tend to talk. When Mama first passed, I made sure I told the "right" people that all of the valuables had been removed from the house. I'm hoping this along with the neighbors keeping watch, will prevent anyone from breaking into the house. Then we drove 80 miles the other way to my CPA's house. I took my monthly books to her since we won't be back to work until Monday. After all of that driving, DH and went to eat dinner and then to the movies. I had some free passes that I could use. Are you ready for this? . . . . . . We went to see Magic Mike. This was definitely not a kiddie movie or for ones that are offended with language. We wanted to see something funny. We heard this movie was funny. I was aware of the language and adult content up front, so I was ok with that. It was funny, although it was not absolutely hilarious. I'm glad I had free passes, so it was worth my time. I had never heard of Tatum Channing before now. He's definitely a hottie. Mathew McConaughey isn't hard on the eye's either. Of course DH was the only male in there.

    lisa34t Hi and Welcome! I think TF is a great cardio program. I have had it since it came out and still enjoy it. Now I rotate it with other workouts, but I still do a TF workout a couple times a week.
  • Diana Thanks, Im really moving towards Turbo Fire, because I cant do the same work out everyday like the shred. Yes, Tatum is hott, but Im from Louisiana and its just something about Matthews southern accent and gooooood looks that make me melt! Whew!!!!!!
  • Good Morning, ladies!! Welcome, Lisa!

    I just love Turbo Fire and think that it's the best workout available. I'm currently in week 8 but I also did 19 weeks of Turbo Jam first. Turbo Fire is extremely effective and intense! I just completed Fire 30 and Core 20.

    Magic Mike, eh, Diana!!! Good for you! I have to say that they are all quite sexy but I like Joe M. (not sure how to spell that long name!) and also, I agree Lisa, that accent and face, abs...oh boy is Matthew handsome

    I made it through the cookout and through making devil's food cookies without tasting a thing! Ate only raw veggies and my bean burger (no bun). WAAHOO! Teacher, was your 4th fun?

    Take care all!
  • Hello ladies! Yesterday I did Fire 45 EZ and will do the same today! This is the last day of my recovery week so I start a new intense cycle on Monday!!

    Hope that you are all well
  • laura- my 4th was a blast. Great job on eating so healthy on the 4th.

    lisa- welcome

    diana- your husband must be such a good sport... mine would never cooperate for a movie like magic mike

    I was in Iowa the last 2 days for family stuff and now in Illinois for my step father's high school reunion today. Tomorrow we head back to Kansas. I'm ready to be home and workout. Everyone have a great weekend. I'll be back Monday
  • Teacher, glad that you had a great 4th and I hope that you're weekend was good, too!! Thanks for the praise!

    I took Saturday off from working out as I felt really tired so today I'll be doing Fire 45 EZ and Core 20. I start a new rotation tomorrow in week 9 and I'm excited! I've been taking photos every 4 weeks and the difference is amazing. Most recent 4 weeks I lost 2 inches off my hips and 3 off each thigh! Gotta love Turbo Fire!

    Have a great day, all!
  • Hi Everyone! I'm back!

    We had a great time. I swam every day that we were out of town. I'll get back to my workouts tomorrow.
  • Diana- glad you had a good trip

    So happy to be back home

    today- elip 30 min & 30 min walk treadmill
  • Hi Everyone!

    Check-In: TF Fire 60 w/weighted gloves
  • Welcome home, Diana! Congrats on swimming and I hope that you had a nice trip.

    Check in: Turbo Fire Greatest Hiits (new 20 minute hiit workout) and Scuplt 30, Awesome workouts!

    Have a great day