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I did it yesterday and am SORE! I used 5lb dumbbells for the first set and 2lb for the second set of each exercise. I did it once before, a few months ago. Make sure you stretch really well afterward, especially legs. I love how short it is (26 min including wu/cd) and I burned about 250 according to my hrm, similar cals/min to running for me.
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If you go to the exercise section of 3FC there are SO many postings about this video - so it might be helpful to browse though them - there are support groups for the dvd as well as discussions, advise, etc.

There is also a forum dedicated to fitness videos if you are interesting in this and other dvd's to try.
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I would like to start the shred when I reach goal. Let me know how it goes!
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level 1 on youtube:
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I have the 30ds and it is a great workout! I haven't done it consistently so I haven't seen results, but I am soaked in sweat after each workout! I do have trouble with the squat exercises though, I have a knee injury and a few of the ones she has on the dvd really aggravate it. But I love the abs!
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Would one of you with the link mind PMing it to me? Pretty please?! :-)
Thank you!
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I got this
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Height: a little over 5'2


Done. Good luck!
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S/C/G: 145 / 102 / ?

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Thank you so much, Amandie!
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I swear by Jillian! Keep going!
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I have had that video sitting on a shelf for ages already! after all you guys talking about it. Tonight I want to actually do it!
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Would someone mind sending me the link as well?

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Thumbs up On day 3... I'm convinced!

Before starting I really didn't know who Jillian Michaels was - so I did my homework, read lots of reviews, saw lots of before and after pics that didn't look fake and decided to buy the video on amazon. I'm convinced that this will work to get my body tighter (quickly) after losing 37lbs.

I'm ready to do day 3 of 30ds tonight. I am unbelievably sore but I blame that on not stretching more before and after the workout on day 1 (the video suggests less stretching, I should have known better). I could barely move this morning after day 2 workout. I've been walking and jogging for about 6 months now and thought I was in shape, this workout is working me out! lol It definitely makes you sweat a LOT too.
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Height: 5'4"


Starting 30DS today. I'll be doing it tonight in my cool basement lol! I've also started a new diet today so, wish me luck!
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