June Turbo Fire & More Check-In

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  • Hi Everyone! Keep up the great work!

    Check-In: TF Fire EZ w/weighted gloves

    This was a fun one today!
  • Great job everyone! Diana and Laura, thank you for the feedback on those Fire Drills...the ones today seemed to do the trick as far as exhausting me LOL!

    Today's check in: Fire 55 EZ with New to Class option. Not bad, needs some work though. LOVED that Janelle was onstage this time, she's the one I always try to watch because her style and mine are so similar.
  • Hi everyone-

    Diana- Is your mom still in the hospital?

    today- ymca cycling 45 min
  • Hello all!

    Great job, everyone!

    Today: Fire 30 and Sculpt 30. WAAHOO!
  • Hey everyone! I'm back. I went on vacation the first week of June.
    Today: HIIT 25

    I'm SO excited to say that I'm finally under 200 pounds!!!!!!!!
  • Emily- CONGRATS!!!!!
  • YAY Emily!!!!!
  • Thank you Teacher & Laura
    Definitely the longest period of time in which I've been motivated haha.
  • Hi Everyone!

    The Firm Super Body Sculpt Upper Body w/12's and 15's
    KCM's 30 MTF TLC Coffey Fit Blend Premix w/weighted gloves

    Emily Congrats on Onederland!
  • Hello ladies!!

    Check in for today: Fire 45. This is one of my favorites Have a great day all!!!
  • today- elip 30 min and swim
  • Today: Went for a jog on the cross country trail.
    Also did some dips (for my arms) on a bench by the soccer field
  • Hi Everyone!

    I had a hair appointment today and basically ran out of time for a longer workout.

    Check-In: TF Fire 30 w/weighted gloves
  • today- rest
  • Emily -

    Everyone is doing an awesome job!!!!!!! Diana - how's your mom?

    Yesterday was a scheduled rest day. Today was Sculpt 30 (harder than I expected, woot!) and HIIT 15, which I did twice to make up for the Burger King I ate for lunch

    Last day of school was today, so it's going to be interesting doing my exercises around my kids, but they LOVE to Turbo with me. Last time I fired up Jam, my little seven-year-old yelled "Hi Mrs. Exercise! It's time to paaaar-tay!"