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I think it really depends on where you are fitness-wise. If you're looking to get back into things, her videos are a good starting point - I used them for a few weeks in the beginning, but when I felt I was sufficiently warmed back into working out, I switch to the level one's of Jilliian's videos and never looked back... They are fun, they go by pretty quickly but you're not going to burn as many cals. doing that as you would zumba.
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I've tried it today and I think it was ok. It's not very intense, but sometimes you're just not in the mood for a crazy hard workout.
How much do you think you burn with Leslie? I'd say around 400kcal for my weight?
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I walk with Leslie DVDs about six days a week. I am at my goal now but I generally use 300 calories for a three mile walk. I guess when I weighed 190 I probably was burning more than I am now, but now I add weights while walking and I jog much more actively on the HIITs and the boosts than I used to. So what I am basically saying is about 100 per mile. I came up with that from MFP. Who knows if correct, but I have lost and kept it off with using those numbers.
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I did her workouts when she first came on the exercise scene. I was bored within 2 months.

I'm the type of person that needs to be challenged when I workout. I currently am doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Pretty challenging right now because I just started to get back into workout out again. But in about 6 months time, this DVD will become a non challenge to me and I will move on with something harder. Yeah, I'm crazy
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Thumbs up

As far as workouts go, I'm doing other things at the moment, but I would definitely recommend Leslie's videos to just about anyone curious about giving them a go. Love her cheerful, encouraging attitude.
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I just ordered one of her DVD's that has all 5 miles on it for $15.62 from, Its way cheaper then amazon. Amazon has it for $23.85 and that includes shipping, If you order stuff from and have it shipped to the store you dont have any shipping costs but anyway I love her DVD, I have the one for beginners but since I found one with all 5 miles on it Im gonna give my other dvd to my best friend who is also trying to lose weight.
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I don't find them boring at all. I did quit them but am getting back to doing them, mixing it up with my walking outdoors I have several and always go back to them. I just love her (Leslie Sansone) she makes it not boring.
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