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Day 1 of Shred. Made the mistake of using 10 lb weights during the 1st circuit, changed to 5 lb for 2nd and 3rd circuit, that was much better! Circuit 3 of abs, was killer on me, I was tired! Can't wait til tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by AllisonR View Post
I use soup cans right now, or water-filled Perrier bottles.

I think 5lbs are great! I should also buy them. I tried them in my gym class today, and they're a good weight. I also suggest maybe those weights that you can add on to them, so when you improve you can increase.
Thanks for the reply AllisonR. The water bottles were a great start for me and worked wonders @ for the 1st month. Since then I have ordered 5 lb. neoprene weights and it has really stepped up my game for the 30 day shred! I think the water bottles I were using was very close to 5lb each (maybe closer to 4lb or even 3lb) and now with the 5 lb weight I am really REALLY feeling it. Using that much bigger with the weight has also helped me doing the cardio section, because now I look forward more to doing THAT section now since now I think doing the weights/strength section is the hardest for me. Before when I was using the water bottles for weights I thought the cardio was the hardest--now its switched I think the weight training is the hardest. maybe once I get strong enough I will increase the weights even more, PROBEBLY NOT FOR A LONG TIME THOUGH maybe a few months even :P
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I've been looking at various workout videos from CLX, P90(x), and insanity. I am beginning to understand that I am not "fat" really I just need to be toned up and lose inches not weight. I hope this program will work for me. I am 5'5'' tall and weigh about 132-130. So I am within my normal BMI, I just want to get rid of the slight jiggles off my mid section.

So I am going to give it a try. I am not BL fan but the results and the intensity might be right up my alley since my lifestyle is pretty much active. ( work at a warehouse and help out at a horse farm)
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Morning everyone. I am new here - in fact, this is my first post - and recently started the 30DShred. I've attempted it before but never got past Day 2. Today will be Day 5 and I have to say, it IS getting easier and I do feel really good.

I see this thread has somewhat ceased since March. Is anyone doing this workout right now? I'd love to get some feedback, as well as see before and afters of those who have completed the 30DS before (if they're available - I'd search but these threads are very long).

Any advice or help would be fabulous! TIA!

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