Is there a video for the treadmill?

  • I'm wanting a video for a treadmill workout. I like the motivation of an instructor and workout but I want to do it on the treadmill. All I've really found are scenery videos. They make it look like you are hiking through France or something. I don't want scenery I want somebody telling me to move my butt!

    Does anyone know of a video that might be helpful?

    Have you looked here? Go down to keywords and type in "treadmill"...they have a few there.
  • I think I read something about the barry's boot camp having some treadmill stuff on it as well as advanced weight training type boot camp stuff.
  • I have a CD from iFIT. My treadmill has the capability to move when the CD tells it to, but you could change the settings yourself. I have the level 2, which is about 35 minutes. I know they have levels 1 and 3, too. You might just go to their website and look around. I LOVE mine! It adds in speed with lower intensity or lower speed with higher intensity. It's a GREAT workout!
  • You may also like Cardio Coach: They are guided audio workouts. There are about ten different ones-they get more intense the higher the number of the wokrout. Coach Sean is extremely motivating.

    good luck-
  • I got one called "TreadMoves" from my library and liked it so much I bought it. Has like 3 different workouts on it and they also get you on the ground to do things like pull-ups on the treadmill dashboard bar thingee.
  • You should check out Netflix- I always try all my exercise DVD's from Netflix first before I buy them- most of them I decide are not worth the money, but they have hundreds, including "treadmoves" which was mentioned earlier.