10 lbs to go!!

  • Hey everybody! I just noiticed this lil' group here and I thought I'd post. I'm down 30, but I want to lose another 10 lbs before I compete in the Miss Waseca County pageant on July 29th. Two months, 10 lbs. Doesn't sound too ambitious, does it? Well, I am going to Germany for three weeks during this time, but I've told my host family that I am "vegetarian but I eat fish". I'm not really, but I figure that'll make it easier to stick to my diet while I'm there. I hardly eat beef or pork anyway, so I figure it'll work out pretty well!!

    If anyone has any good tips for losing those last stubborn pounds, please let me know! Thanks <333
  • Just make sure you keep your portions under control and don't replace meat with unhealthy carbs and you'll do fine!
  • Janna, I looked at your Web page...WOW!!! You have SO much to be proud of. Congratulations for all your hard work!

    Get as much cardio as you can, and add in some weights whenever you can. And of course, eat as clean as you can and drink LOTS of water.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  • Thanks! I just weighed in this morning, and I'm down to 148.5 this morning so that's really encouraging! I was stuck at 150 for a little while, so it feels good to be losing again. I love to lift weights, and I think that's really helped me. That and a super-high fiber diet - I have a big bowl of FiberOne cereal every morning and that keeps me pretty uh... cleaned out :P

    Thanks for the support!!!
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  • Janna, I also don't have any advice on losing the last ten pounds, I'm facing the same struggle myself. But I did look at your pictures and--WOW--you look fabulous! You really transformed yourself, not just your weight, but everything: hair, make-up, glasses, clothing. You do have a lot to be proud of!

    - Barbara