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  • Hey guys,

    Well, when the scale read one pound up yesterday, it totally set me up to binge. I know that is counter productive, but I was so mad for trying hard and getting the opposite result. I binged up to 3500 calories But I realized weighing daily may be too much right now. I will try and keep it weekly so natural water fluctuations don't get me down like yesterday.
  • Cyndy, I know how you feel. When I used to weigh in daily, I got more and more frustrated than motivated. So now I only weigh in once a week, sometimes twice if I get curious enough. Don't worry about yesterday being high calorie, be happy that you are back on track and noticed what might have caused it
  • *hugs cyndy*

    Sometimes putting the scales away is the best thing you can do for yourself. I know checking my weight every day used to do my head in something chronic...so I chucked the scales out. I have a new set now but only check seriously maybe once or twice a week. Your weight will change from day to day - maybe you ate something with a lot of sodium that made you retain water the night before?

    I've been good the last couple of days - went for a full run last night and it was awesome. Probably went quicker then usual as well since it didn't take as long as normal. Food has been good as well, stayed around 1500 calories last night (considering when I run I burn at *least* 500)

    I did have one very nasty shock though when I got my broadband bill - $295.00!!!! What the...??!?!

    One of my housemates has been getting download happy and I was so PISSED. You just don't do that! Anyway, I changed the plan so that its now unlimited and have stipulated that he pay 2/3's of the current bill and its not negotiable.

    I have to write my own performance agreement for work...meh...it's geared towards the lawyers so its kind of difficult for the admin staff to fill out appropriately. I guess this is where my mastery of the good old art of "BS" will come in handy.

    Well, best be off...

    Be good all!

  • Okay, so after a week of eating like crap, I weighed in on Sunday at 154.0 lb (obviously bloated and what-not) and I took my "sneak-peek" weigh-in today and I was 146.8!!!!!!! I seriously was only expecting 150, 149 at best because I had been losing my concentration on getting healthy. But what I am most proud of is that at work last night, I SOOOO wanted a few pieces of chocolate from one of the satellite pharmacies (mini pharmacies scattered throughout the hospital; one of the pharmacists always has the one on 4th floor STOCKED with chocolate and whatnot)...and I made through the whole night not getting one piece and sticking to my 1550cals that I totaled yesterday, then I got even snackier when I got home and saw my BF snacking away. Instead, I just got out a piece of gum and chewed that for awhile... That feeling of accomplishment totally feels better than the weight I lost, although the lost pounds help too

    Hope everyone else's day is going just as well as mine
  • Girls, I've lost weight. And it's not that I've tried harder, I've tried less. I stopped counting calories (which I believe makes me more obsessive, constantly thinking about food and therefore eating) and just ate when I was hungry. I figured it just didn't matter anymore because nothing was working. Monday I weighed in to see the harsh reality...maintained at 137 lbs. I was astounded and so happy. This morning I had an inclining to weigh in just to see the damage (but wanting to wait a month until my next weighing) and I'm down to 135 lbs. Holy cr*p. I haven't seen that number in ages. And I even had two homemade blueberry muffins before last the other night. Last night I went out for my friends birthday.

    Bizarre, I know.

    I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing...it really seems to be working for me. Oh, and I got a job at Starbucks...I wonder how that'll do me in! I really hope you are doing well and I'm sorry for the lack of posting in past days.

    Catch me up on what's going on with you gals?
  • Oh, and mdust, I wanted to say congrats on holding off the snacking! Great job - I dont think I could have done that. How great that you're weight is going down in the right direction woohoo! keep it up girl
  • Cyndy, congratulations on the job! I don't go to Starbucks very often, but when I do, it's so hard to resist all those baked goods; good luck to you.

    Lately, my weight has been fluctuating a bit between 124 and 128.5. But at least, I'm still sticking to my goal of not getting above 130 ever again. I'm still working out twice a day Mon-Fri and trying to slip in some exercise on weekends.

    Fairly recently, I figured out how to use the squat machine. I get self-conscious trying to figure out equipment in front of people, so I waited for a day when the gym was practicly empty to try it, and I'm glad I did too 'cuz I couldn't figure it out on the first try. But now, it's a regular part of my routine. I never thought I'd see the day when my hips were narrower than my thighs, so I really need to work hard to tone them since I'm not really a fan of how they look compared to the rest of me.

    Well, I hope everyone else is doing alright. Take care.
  • Hi There,

    Fairly new here, and just beginning to get around on the boards. As I read over the posts here, I think I might fit in...

    I want to lose 20 - 25 pounds and am doing it by setting mini-goals. My first goal is to lose 10# by my 49th birthday [July 25]. Last week was my first week and I lost 2#.

    The idea is to get to a healthier weight and stay there because I've got some blood pressure issues and I'm not yet 50. The minute I said I'm on a diet at work, everyone chimes in "What for???!". And I work in a hospital, mind you--you'd think it'd be pretty clear?

    This weekend I came down with pneumonia [I have asthma and usually get it a few times a year] and have stopped exercising until my lungs clear, but I am still determined to get to this birthday 10# lighter so I'm being really really careful what I eat.

    I start a new job in a new city on Monday--and maybe closing on our new house as well next week. Then moving...yikes. I'll need all the support I can get!

    Have a good day!

  • hola chicas! well, i recently joined 3fc and was posting primarily in 20somethings. Then I had a hiatus of a few weeks and now I am back! This little forum was just starting off last I was here, and now I see that it's really taken off, which I am glad to see!

    Anyways, I have had my fluctuations in the past few weeks, but I have been holding strong in the 130's for the past couple of weeks now! I don't really have a goal weight, though I would just like to see the 120's (for the first time in my life besides childhood). I haven't really been counting calories, just trying to eat whole foods and stay away from refined sugars and such. Kind of a modified South Beach I suppose. I can't follow and "strict" diet because I get too carried away in it, and it usually leads to binges. I am also in the process of quitting smoking. I used to smoke more than a pack a day (I know....) but now I am down to anywhere from 2-5 a day. As I try to overcomb my nicotine addiction, I am more motivated to stay on track with food and exercise due to all the horror stories of gaining lots of weight from quitting smoking.

    Anyways, that's enough for now. Just thought I'd give some background. You all seem like a great bunch of ladies and I look forward to sharing my journey for support and accountability!
  • Welcome Chic and Salvi

    Good work on the job Cyndy and GC - you're braver than I - a lot of the equipment at the gym used to scare the **** out of me lol. I used to stick to the standard few for legs, arms and stomach :P I probably should have varied it about a bit more. Might make that a new goal. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I convinced a good friend of mine to join the gym in the city (I'm a member of its sister-gym in my suburb) and so now we can go together as we both work in the city centre and its just a short stroll for us to get there when we finish. It has been a real eye opener though as when I hopped on the treadmill for the first time in well...probably a good 2 months...I saw very tangible results in my fitness levels.

    I could run at 12kms/hr (7.5mph) - barely breaking a heavy breath for the whole 30 mins allowed (blargh on peak time restrictions!)

    Thats my personal milestone for the week anyway - not that I'll be gyming it often. I still prefer to run outside when I get home as can go for as long as I like then and its usually for 50-60 mins.

    On the work front things are good - had the annual performance review and I got a raise (a little one...but hey, its better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick!) and as I've only been here 4 months i'm happy. Give it another few and we'll see how things stand - probably by that stage I will be thinking about taking the experience learnt here and applying it another job elsewhere.

    My family are coming up in a weeks time for about 8 or 9 days. I cannot wait! I'm so excited I miss them something chronic and i've probably only seen them a total of 7 days this year.

    Anyway...should probably get back to work.

    Oh! Go the Aussies! Top 16!! Yeah baby!

  • YAY! for FRIDAY!!!


    Still really sick. Today is my last day at the current job and I'm tempted to call in sick but we just SO need the money. Haven't gained anything as I checked this am and feeling like it'll be easy to watch it today too.

    This weekend have to do some shopping for kitchen appliances for the new place, maybe get some measurements on the rooms, etc.

    I'm determined to stick to the eating plan over the weekend--it SO helps to have this Birthday Goal. I've never felt so inspired.

    So good luck to all over the weekend--I definitely will be posting to keep myself psyched up!