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Default Buckling Down for the Final Stretch

When this Featherweights forum opened, how many of you featherweights thought "Gee, I'd have to think about that."?
I did, even tho' I've been posting in the "Almost There" thread for months. I even started that thread about being ready to go. I've also been blabbing about my A, B,C, and D of weight loss ... my maintenance plan ... yacking like I knew what I was talking about, yacking like I was actually doing any of that
Well, I've spent some time soul searching today. Isn't that what windy, rainy, lazy Sunday's are for?
I started eating healthily a long time ago. I didn't lose any weight but everything, I was eating too much of, was good for me. Then I started counting calories ... still sticking with my good foods. But somewhere along the line I got off track. I started adding in things I wouldn't normally eat because they somehow made my diet look good or made impressive percentages. Me ... me ... that's right me ... I had slipped into that dreaded trap of putting myself on a diet that was not sustainable. I was in denial of course, telling myself that with the odd exception (and never eating away from home more than two meals in a row) I could do this forever. I can't. Me and my innards do not do dairy very well. On my last 'on plan' day I had almost two cups of cottage cheese, yogurt and whey protein powder. Can you say flatulance? Lordy, my waist would expand and shrink up to 3 inches in a matter of hours. That's not what I want!
And I didn't even clue in when we had an extensive thread going about "What Does Eating Clean Mean to You?"
And to kick the cat again ... I'm not really even losing!
And so (it's too late to make a long story short) after about a week of parading around disguised as a "Featherweight" or "Almost There" ... I think I have my head on straight. I think.

Post here ... tell us what's gone thru your head since you saw this forum and considered that you "might belong".
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Not sure if I belong here, for similar reasons that I lurk on the maintainers forum and do not post.

I'm 165-167 lbs now and considering my height (5'7") and frame (medium to large) I figure I have 15 to 20 pounds to go. Not too much weight, right? But I've lost just about 20 pounds so far and it's taken eight months to do it! So in terms of pounds, I'm fairly close. But in terms of time, I'm afraid that I'm still far, far away.

For my own sanity I have had to remove my focus from my weight and what the scale says. I realize that probably makes me different from most people who post here. Oh, I jump on the scale fairly regularly and I record my weight every Wednesday morning. But my goals are not scale-oriented; I'll get there when I get there. Instead, I focus on behavioral goals because I can control my behavior.

Don't get me wrong, I am extremely frustrated with my slow pace. I thought I'd be there by now. That is why I had to get rid of the weight tracker, had to stop obsessing over the scale, had to set goals that I could reasonably achieve.

But I think I might belong here because I get really depressed when I read about people losing 10 pounds in a month. Or read that safe weight loss is 2 pounds a week. Heck, I'm lucky if I lose 2 pounds a month. I've become discouraged seeing people who started out weighing more than I do and now weigh less. I eat fairly well and exercise a lot, so don't know what my problem is.

So those are some random thoughts, triggered by Susan's post. I'm interested in seeing others' thoughts as well. I'm especially interested in hearing from those who lose very slowly.
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I knew I was a featherweight when this bit opened! I also thought, "Hey! They stole our thread idea!!!" I know I'm a featherweight because I don't do as much as I could do to get this weight off. I eat an occasional treat, a cookie there a chocolate bar there. I let meals out become an excuse for eating poorly when I get home, even though I'm stuffed to the rafters with food. A lot of the reasons I'm still a featherweight and not a maintainer are all in my head. A lot of complacency issues add to my feathers!

I too lose very slowly at this point, expecially with the meals out, complacency etc Some weeks I'm lucky if the scales move at all! Recently they've been shifting up.. But I know what to do, I just have to do it!

I know that if I have a good week, the scales will show that, but at the moment, when people complement me on how slim I'm looking I feel like eating cakes!
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Default I'm Out :(

I've always thought of myself as thin, so I thought I belonged here. However, I cannot deny that woman I see in the mirror. She is a 40+ year old mother of two. She's tired. And she's no featherweight. She's in a larger class.

Even before I read your thread here, Susan, I planned on writing this. I too had a reflective Sunday. I am dropping out of the Featherweights division. I am going on a diet challenge in Veggie Chicks and I'm not posting here until I have only 10-15 pounds to lose. When I'm under 140, I'll check in again.

And Susan, I have always found your posts to be very knowlegable and informative and based in fact not fantasy. You often inspire me. Thanks!

Keep up the good work ladies! I'll see you when I'm a healthier me!
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Oh SSarah, Thank you!
I actually feel pretty good today, since I've had a bit of time to mull this new shot over. I feel good knowing I have a plan. Too many times (I think) we get close to goal and kinda flounder. Duh ... what's next.
3fc is seriously the only place I've found that really helps with that

SSarah? I hope you don't drop out altogether. Drop in and see us once in a while. Or I should say ... we'll see you shortly
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