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  • Dinah! There's a name I recognize from around here somewhere! Good to see you here!
  • Thanks SusanB! I've been away for a while (from the site), but I think I've found my place here!!

    I'm having trouble scheduling my exercise time. I work a full day and teach two nights a week. At least one night is errands and grocery shopping. I suppose I could go to the gym the other four nights, but that puts me home at 7 or later and by the time I get dinner on, we're eating at 8. I've thought about exercise in the mornings, but I'm already up at 6 to be at work by 8. And some nights I just want to go home and see my house and my cats.

    I envy people who can workout every day, but it just isn't possible for me. The days that I teach after work stretch from 7:30 am when I leave my house, until 8 p.m or so.

    One thing I could do is walk for 15 minutes twice a day during breaks. At least I would be doing something, but not very aerobic. But the days I do that, I wouldn't have to worry about the evenings.

    So I guess I will work out a plan of walks two or three days, and then go to the gym twice during the week for strength training, and try to get to water aerobics once or twice as well.

    Oh my - - this has turned into a novel! Thanks for bearing with my ranting here!
  • I would like to stay under 150 permanantly!!! But most importantly I do not want to slip back to my old eating habbits. Not caring and eating whatever I want only worked in highschool Now I need to watch....I gained 10 lbs this past christmas season from doing that.

    So here's to eating healthy and excersizing!