How much does a Feather weigh?

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  • CONGRATULATIONS! Goodbye Chubby, Hello Slim! It inspires me to think that maybe I can get back into my 4/6 sizes again someday!
  • My feather is probably a matter of 3-5 pounds at the moment. I really did not feel comfortable posting about it in any of the other forums because just don't get the same kind of support.

    At least it wasn't the same kind of support I was getting when I had 50 pounds to lose.

    I've been flucuating between 125 -132 pounds for about 2.5 years now and at the moment I am aiming for a stable 125 or 57kgs. I am comfortable where I am now and am actually more concerned with increasing my fitness but dropping those last couple would be nice too.
  • I read a very interesting article in a Readers Digest last night, about finding the plan that works for YOU, even if it is a mixture of various diets. We have to remember that we are all individuals and each of us has different needs.
  • My feather currently weighs 12 lbs. I remember this time last year I weighed 225 and I would get frustrated by the posts of women who complained about being a size 10 or lower. I would think what in the world to they have to complain about. Now I know!!

    A year ago I was actually just aiming to be under 200 and in a size 18. It's almost surreal to me that I'm posting in a 'featherweight' forum today at a size 10 and 152lbs.

  • it makes me happy to find this group.. i was kinda afraid of posting because i thought people might be unsympathetic but now i see i worried too soon.. everyone's got their personal issues to deal with, so yay for understanding people!
  • My feather weighs 25 pounds right now.

    I am tall- 5'9" and I currently weight 150. Not considered "fat" but the weigh my body is propotioned Is not cute. I want to get back to 125 lbs I was when I met my husband (5 yrs ago) I was healthy, strong and felt great. I have a pear shapped body (35,28,40) so my top half is lean but my hips, butt and thighs are much larger.

    Like others said, I am happy to have a place to write. I can't talk about excersizing, eating, or weight loss with my friends because they are larger then me and I always get the "what are you talking about your skinny!!.....look at me I'm the one that needs to lose weight!"

    I am glad they see me as thin, however it is not supportive. Ushally when they talk about weight loss I just keep my mouth shut now.

    btw. Someone had asked about the BFL program. After I had my first son I weighed 160 lbs (2 months post baby) I got down to 125 within a year using the program. I didn't follow the eating exactly but I did do the weight training/cardio schedule strictly.
  • My feather is at 20 pounds right now. I'm taking this slow and easy though, hoping that the changes will become habit and make the loss permanent. It does seem kind of petty to talk about 20 pounds though, with someone who has much more to lose.
  • my feather
    Dear all, I am new and am really glad to have this list to write to. I have 15 pounds that I would like to work off. I am about 5 ft 6 inches and the other side to my feather is that I am just now learning to exercise. I now do that at least 30 minutes every other day, just to ease into it. I feel pretty proud of myself for this new habit! I do whatever I want for exercise so I don't feel deprived or bored. It's an approach that feels great and keeps my interest, and I think that's important.

    I am not sure how to lose the 15 pounds. . . When a few weeks ago I tried to stick to a 1500 calorie diet, I ate about 6 small meals but felt weak. I think my body was adjusting or I wasn't eating enough calories. So, now I'm kind of stuck with what approach to take to losing the weight. I want something I can live with for the rest of my life.

    So, I'll at least keep exercising until I figure out the diet part. . .