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  • Hi everyone! I'm so glad I've found this forum - sometimes I don't have a sounding board for my weight concerns. 10 lbs can make a huge difference in your overall fitness and deserves just as much support as someone with a different weight loss plan.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing stories
  • Hi orchard1973 and
  • Hi I'm Sara, I'm new to 3FC and I've got 12 lbs. to go in my diet and I think Featherweights is a great idea!
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  • Yay!! I've found a home!

    Back in HS, I was a dancer and gymnast and a muscular 115 #s. By 18 (thanks to birth control), I was up to 125 or so. When I got pregnant with my first son I was 127 and had no idea I would be waving goodbye to bikinis forever. I hit 181 by the end of the pregnancy and even though he weighed near 10#s and I breastfed, I stalled at 165. I've managed to bust butt and lose SOME of the weight between babies, but despite gaining less with each one, I still got to about 180 and then stalled at 165 everytime.

    Two years ago I changed everything and finally got going on the weight loss. I got down to 132 in about 6 months and was fit and toned. I did pilates, counted calories, cut carbs and sugar dramatically, ate whole grain stuff and ran 5 or 6 miles a few times a week. It was awesome. I really thought it was a lifestyle change, and didn't worry about gaining it back, since I never had any dramatic weight gain when I wasn't pregnant. Well, I started gaining weight last summer and I'm more than halfway back to where I started (165#). Despite best intentions I hover between 145 and 150. I have been under a lot of stress and usually tell myself I'm too tired to workout, and I'm a chronic sweets snacker.

    It's not just my weight that bothers me. My body is WRECKED. I do not have a stomach, I have a mass of stretch marks. I think I could be happy at my current weight and size (8), if it was smooth, but it's a mess. I want to loss as much as possible so I can get it fixed in a few years. Sometimes I've thought, maybe I should just be fat, because they didn't look as bad, but at least when I'm thin, I can look good clothed. You know my husband doesn't care, but I DO!! I want to have no fat on my stomach, just the skin, so that when I get it fixed they take as much ugly as possible. Someday I want to have a belly button again!!

    Hope you don't mind chatty people! Nice to meet ya'll!
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  • Hi ladies! I've just written my first post in the introduction forum and now I think I might belong here. I'm Diana and I would like to lose 9 kilos (around 19/20 lbs). I have no idea if I'm too fat for this forum, but anyway... You all seem to be wonderful people and I know I can't do this on my own. I am really really in need of some support (well aren't we all :lol). I'm 33 and have 2 adorable children (a 12 year-old boy and a 15 month-old little princess).
    My big problem is lack of self control. Man, I can't open a bag of chips or I'll eat them all ! well girls, good luck to you and your weight loss goals. I promised myself that Monday will be the beginning of my weight loss!
  • Hi My name is Angela & I am trying to get down to 120lbs . 115 lbs is my ideal. I can not exersize much because of a back injury 10 months ago. I have been on steriod shots since Dec last yr. I have 2 girls 14 and 17. I have cats Mia & Dot . I have one boyfirend Mike. We have been together for over a yr and I have not worked or been out of bed much since the Accident in August. SO my BMI is 36 ugh!!! My family is gleefully happy to anounce how fat I am. Even after 2 kids I never had a problem with weight I was always the skinny redheaded kid. Thats how I see myself still but my clthes tell me different. I have went up 2 sizes. I hope to be back down to a size 5. I do need a healthier diet and am doing more yoga, and less feeling sorry for myself.
  • Angela
  • Hi Angela!! Looks like we're in the same boat, weight wise. And I hurt my knee last week and can't run, (believe me, I tried last night, it hurt like ****)and that's the only thing that really knocks the weight off me. I don't know what to do, but hope that my knee gets better soon. I think I'm going to try walking everyday and pack to my old standard, Pilates, since I can't do much bending...

    Anyways, I'm with ya! Good luck!
  • Helloo!

    I have been 'dieting' since the beginning of the year, and finally I feel like I'm on the home stretch. I also hear that this is the hardest part- the last 10-15 (or 17 in my case!). I don't follow a specific plan- I just track everything in fitday and exercise 5 times a week. I cut out sugars and white breads and pasta and rice too. I feel better than I have in a long time
  • ahhh. yes. the perfect thread for me and the rest of us here! i actually just joined. and i'm so happy that the members on this site are so supportive of each other.

    as for me, i just finished a spring study abroad semester in spain, which was amazing. i loved every moment of it. we lived with homestay families, and got all our meals homecooked..and my host family, just kept feeding me and feeding me! unfortunately, after the semester of just eating, laying on the beach, and going to bars made me gain 15 extra pounds and went up 2 sizes. plus, i didn't do my daily exercise routine. my body just doesn't feel right, i feel so slow and heavy, especially since i'm on the short side. so here i am! ready to get back in shape..and hopefully have a better body before my final year in college begins the fall!
  • I hadn't thought about posting on Featherweights but since I am down to 13 or so pounds to lose, this might be the right place for me. I am a calorie counter and it is working well for me. I have had to start over after losing , getting to goal and getting careless and regaining not everything but a lot.
  • Hi there! I'm happy to find this forum and hope I can learn some tips for dealing with that (so, so difficult) last 15-20.

    I had been up to a high of 155-160 at one point, then I had gotten down to 130 a few years ago... and then I got pregnant, and gained it all back! Now I'm working again. 120 is my goal, but I'd probably be pretty happy with 125.

    One thing that I find discouraging is that when you get down to having 20ish pounds to go, people tend to say stuff like "Oh, you look great just as you are! You don't need to lose weight!" So many people are obese in the U.S. today that someone who is "only" 20 pounds over their ideal weight is seen as being a skinny mini! Sure, I may not "need" to lose weight, but I want to! I want to be the best me I can be, and I feel best when I'm thin and lean and fit.
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