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  • hi. i'm new and i figured this would be a good place to start. i want to loose another 10 lbs. want, not need. i love exercise, and my problem lies in the fact that i love chocolate too. and ice cream, cookie, chips, and all those other fatty-not-good-for-me stuff. if anyone wants a buddy, let me know
  • Bekah ... We're all buddies here so hop on over to the weekly thread...
  • I have another 19 lbs to lose. Most of my life I was underweight. If anyone told me that after age 50 I'd be fighting overweight, I'd have thought they were crazy! But here I am. My goal (140) is still 20 lbs more than I ever thought I would weigh... But that's what Weight Watchers says is a healthy weight for me.
  • I'm not sure but i think this is a good place for me. I have about 23 pounds to lose before i hit 140lbs, and then i may go down more depending on how i feel. Its a good amount of weight to still get off, but i think it classifies me as a featherweight

    So i think i will be joining you ladies in losing the last bit of my weight (i've already lost 21lbs).
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    Hi I'm new here. I just want to lose about 10 pounds and feel better and more comfortable about the way I look. I used to be more active (I did a lot of distance running, so my food intake was limitless), but now, I'm not as motivated and since I'm no longer part of a Cross Country team, there are not as many running buddies for me. I still try to work out at the gym and do Taekwondo once a week. I need to eat healthier and not have as many sweets. I'm trying to only eat one dessert a day...yesterday was not successful. I just wanted to post that so I'm accountable, and today I'm making an effort to make up for yesterdays overindulgences. I look forward to the support I've seen here so far
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  • Ah Ha!
    GREAT to see this group! I often feel foolish sharing what I would like to lose because when I do say "I would like to lose little" (which IS a lot to ME), I get those weird looks and "Oh whatever, I don't want to hear it" comments. But I too am so uncomfortable at my current weight. Not to mention the last 10-20 lbs is SOOO HARD to lose!!! It is beginning to run my life and consume my thoughts, so just knowing there are other featherweights really helps! I think the featherweights need some type of challenge of their own! Hmmm???
  • I am not sure where I fit lol I have 20 to lose. Would this be a good board for me to start on?
  • You bet *Lisa*! Welcome to 3FC!!
    Join us on our weekly threads!! See ya there!
    You too Mookie! Welcome aboard!
  • moockie and lisa

    moockie -- We have a weekly challenge you can join...
  • Okay my name is Kim and I need somewhere inthe range for 10 to 20 to lose. I'm about 135-140, typically I am around 100( I tried for years to gain) and now i gwoudl be thrilled to be in 110's area.

    I am just not sure where to start since this has never been an issue for me before.
  • Hey Iam new Here ANd Iam so confused!!! I need to Know how to post! Is this how you Do it?!?!?!?!?!? LOLZ
  • Need Help!
    Okay Never Mind Now i Get this!!! Well I just joined today and i started a new diet yesterday!! What i need to lose is about 25-30 lbs! But I have a few questions to ask if anyone would like to help me!! I want to Know how you Guys get those little weigh meters where it shows your old weight and current one!! Any help?!
  • This is great...I would like to lose 16 lbs. for now
  • Welcome new folks. We love new folks. Join right in. These are the two threads where we are doing most of our chitterchatter this week.