Lose binge weight

  • Hi all
    Gave up my drug addiction of 20years 15 months ago but found a new addiction in food, mainly sugars and refined carbs of course! Anyhoos, been binging/purging alot, infact for years, but now the weights really upsetting me. Can't cope with how I live.
    So, going to get accountable, keep posting my progress and lose this excess 20lbs I'm carrying around. Can't seem to get past 3 days ... And then I binge, maybe support of group etc will get me to a week. .. or two!!!
    Thanks x
  • Good luck ! I'm in - trying to lose 20 lbs too.
  • congrats on being sober! what Current diet and exercise method are you trying? don't beat yourself up too much on binging just promise to make better choices the next day and/or the next meal.
  • Oof, I can so relate... honestly right now I think the only thing I've noticed that ever makes me want to keep going is seeing progress on my own body. Maybe try a somewhat strict diet for a week, and do your best to stick with it with that idea of almost instant progress in mind. Then when you see yourself lose fat, which you probably will since you've only got like 20lb to lose, I bet you'll be inspired to continue on. The first three days are the hardest. (To be fair, there have only been about three times in my life of pretty embarrassingly yo-yo weight when I've been able to stick with it past those first days. But for me, it was worth it!)

    Another potential strategy xD is to do really small calorie cuts... maybe just from exercise. I think I saw a thread on this in FeatherWeights? The idea is that you eat at your TDEE, so your body is satisfied, and you stop feeling the need to binge biologically. This is a riff of something I learned in ED rehab when I was younger -- eat until you're satiated, don't "diet hard", and your body won't even feel the need to compensate with bingeing. At that point, it's basically habit that keeps you bingeing, so that can be conquered more easily. Then, when you run something like 2 miles a day (burning 200 cals) or even just do yoga or something for an hour (burns 150ish), you're not on a diet but slowly and surely lose weight. It seems really slow. You won't see it immediately. But you'll lose about 15lb this way if you burn 150 cals a day all year.

    Soooo, I've word vomited on you, sorry! But those are basically the only two strategies that have ever worked for me, as someone who gets how crappy binges feel. Totally in agreement with matinee88, too: don't get really upset about your binges. Just try to analyze where they're coming from and take steps to stop those triggers healthfully. I wish you lots of luck!!