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Default What do you eat that makes you gain weight?

After a while, we figure out what makes up gain weight.

Here's what I have found-

Pasta (I love it, but won't eat it)
Bread (I will always eat too much if it's good fresh bread, like the whole thing. Not kidding)
Or, just too much of what I normally eat taken to excess.

I can eat a ton of fruit, it won't do anything. Even a cookie or some cake won't do much. Even ice cream. The pasta and bread will immediately make the scale go up. It's one cookie or one piece of cake, about once a month, unless it's there and looks amazing. We don't keep junk in the house. I make a concerted effort to go out and buy a single serving of the junk of choice. I have no self control and will shortly eat the entire package of whatever it is if I buy multiple servings of junk.

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Same here! I just look at pasta and bread and I put on weight I also find something like a cookie doesn't seem as bad for me...maybe because it's easier to look at a cookie as being a treat and not good for me so I am mindful of how much I eat while I can trick myself into thinking bread and pasta is OK. Carbs have always been difficult for me to process (I get sugar highs and lows) so I try to avoid them. Very hard though, I love them!
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I'm definitely not a featherweight yet, but the one thing guaranteed to make me gain is cheese for some reason. :/ White rice makes me gain too.
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Chinese takeout :-)
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Pasta yes because i can't just have a little serving. i need LOTS of pasta because its so delicious
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Pizza, bread. Chinese would probably bloat me out as well.

Icecream and chocolate have negligible effect. As does alcohol. Lucky me.

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For me: lollies, bread and cheese. Partly because I'm a little addicted to all of these and can't seem to stop eating them when I've had enough :-(. Too much bread especially results in massive water retention: ugh!
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Coconut whip cream
Too many flavored coffees
Thai curry and noodles
Too many avocados
Good non dairy cheese
Goat cheese

All these things will cause weight gain unless I banish them for at least most of the week. What's weird is pastries, chocolate, cake etc doesn't seem to impact my weight. Pizza neither.
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Pizza and pasta, as well! Mostly because I can never get just a little >.<
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I guess there's no one particular thing. As long as I get a calorie deficit, I lose. At least, that's the way it worked last year.

This year, I'm trying a new approach, to make sure I get in all my recommended calories for the week. I'm starting the week with an "Up Day," so I'm not sure when I'll reach my goal for the week. Last year, I wouldn't have an "Up Day" until I reached that half-pound loss goal. I haven't even made it back to my pre-Christmas weight, but I'll see at next Monday's weigh-in what's what.

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-Bread, pasta and chocolate! Also, portion is key with me...
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