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Hoopty 07-09-2014 09:05 AM

Well hellooooooo everyone! :wave:

I weighed-in at 139.6 lbs yesterday and 138.6 lbs this morning and I don't plan on going back to the 140s so I'm gonna join you all :) I actually hit 138.2 lbs about 2 weeks ago but then PMS/TOM took over and I overate for about a week which, obviously, led to weight gain. Most of the bloat is gone and I've been back on track!

I'm hoping to see 137.8 lbs on Saturday. I don't know if it's doable since I already lost a lot of water weight but I'm gonna eat healthy and hit the gym, so we'll see. As long as the scale shows a downward trend, I'm happy.
Saturday will be a very high-calorie day since it's my brother's graduation. His school is hosting a fancy ball and there will be an all-you-can-eat buffet. On top of that, DH will be taking his final exam that same morning, so it's just gonna be a day full of celebration :)


atmos - Germany? Where exactly? I'm German, so I always get excited and interested when someone says they've been here :D

tonimaroni2 07-09-2014 09:40 AM

Finally back down today, woop woop! 138.6, and definitely in ketosis so thats a bonus. I'm staying strong.

Hoopty- congratulations on making it into the 130's!!

atmos 07-09-2014 09:49 AM

Hoopty - Welcome! I loved visiting Germany. A good part of my ancestral heritage is German. I visited first a very small town near the Schwarzwald called Bickelsberg. This is where some of my ancestors were from. I visited with the pastor and got to see my ancestors' church, plus he showed me the old church books and I found the family in it!

We then spent time in the Schwarzwald at a town called Lenzkirch. Then off to Munich to catch the train to Italy with a stop at Schloss Neuschwanstein (we didn't go in but saw the landscape around it). Munich was a bad experience trying to drop off the rental car among a bunch of one way streets, plus our German friend being cranky from driving for 5 hours (which is not too much to someone from the US, but I guess in Germany you do not need to drive so long very often!).

I'd like to go back to Munich to have a positive experience. The city looked neat, but we were just there one night and to catch a train. I'd also like to see more of Bavaria and also see Mecklenburg, where my paternal ancestors are from. We didn't spend a lot of time in Germany on our trip. Our German friend we were traveling with didn't really seem to understand why we wanted to see it. :) She didn't want to spend much time in Germany over Sweden and Italy. Most of our trip ended up being Italy/Sicily.

It's the traveling conundrum - Do I go see one of the many, many places left on my travel list, or do I go back to see the beautiful places I'm missing but have already visited?

vix 07-09-2014 11:24 AM

Hey Hoopty!! I remember you from the 140s thread - is it your first time here? If so, welcome!!! Boos to TOM etc, but great to have you here!! That's cool you know so much about your family history, I don't know anything about mine, it would be cool to learn more!

Sum, thanks for the encouragement, I guess it is pretty quick, maybe I've just been brainwashed by advertising into thinking weight loss is typically about 10lbs a month, but that is more likely to be with people starting out at 300lbs and whatnot. Yes I am still taking the phen caps. A couple times I have missed them and noticed more the next day that I was lacking something. I am thinking of halving my dose from two to one per day to see if I can come off them slowly as although they're natural and no side effects, I want to be able to manage on my own too.

Loves to Travel, your trip sounds amazing, I bet you saw gorgeous scenery in Scotland and Iceland, and the skyr too sounds great, if you do find it here let me know which store!

I know what you mean Atmos, I wonder about if I should revisit places I loved and see more of them or with a different person, or explore new places. My main idea is, if it's somewhere I could visit when I'm older and still have a great time (more scenery, walks etc and not too harsh) then it can wait and I'll go somewhere new, but if it's more for a younger person then I should revisit sooner rather than later so it holds the same appeal and I get to re-experience great memories.

Sum38 07-10-2014 05:24 AM

Up a bit... 138.6.

Funny, a few weeks ago I would have felt so happy to be 138.6...today I feel bummed out being "this heavy" :D Gotta taste of the good life called 135 ;)

Hoopty 07-10-2014 06:38 AM

137.6 lbs this morning, which was a huge surprise. I don't usually drop this much unless I hit the gym, which I didn't last night and I won't be today since I have to work late. Calories have been low these past 2 days, so I'm gonna up them today. Hopefully the scale stays at or below 137.6 lbs tomorrow and Saturday as well! :crossed:

tonimaroni2 - Thanks girl!! :) And good job on the loss!

atmos - Munich is absolutely beautiful. Very expensive if you wanna live there but it's worth it. My brother will be moving there this fall to attend university. 5 hours is definitely considered a long drive over here. It would take me 8 hours to get to Munich by car. In the US, that's nothing. DH drove 14 hours from Upstate NY to Florida and I thought that was crazy, lol. If I were you, I would come back to visit again and then do what you want to do without someone holding you back.

vix - I remember you too, woohooo! :D Yes, this is my first time here even though I have weighed 138.2 lbs a few weeks ago but I thought I'd wait until I see 137 lbs on the scale. Then I overate, gained, but now I'm back. How have you been doing?

Sum38 - You drop weight really fast though, you're probably gonna see a lower number on the scale very, very soon.

atmos 07-10-2014 11:21 AM

sum - You seem to fluctuate a bit due to your fasting diet (is fasting the right word for it?). Have you considered doing a moving average? It would capture upward/downward trends and perhaps wouldn't lead to feelings of bummed out-ness.

Hoopty - Absolutely. I have nothing against Munich, I just didn't have the greatest time personally! I would want to visit Bavaria again if I get back, so Munich could definitely be on my list as well. My driving record is 15 hours in one go, anything longer than that gets spaced out between multiple days or at least switching drivers.

Of course, there are all those other places I still want to go. Peru, Spain, Norway, Finland, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, Tanzania, Egypt, Nepal, Mongolia, Thailand, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Denmark, Portugal, France, Morocco, Mexico, Panama...I'm sure some of the list is missing! And that doesn't even include my desire to return to Canada, Taiwan, Iceland, Scotland, and Germany, as well as many places still in the USA!

So much travel, so little time/money.

On the diet side...I totally did not exercise and binged out yesterday. I don't know if I'm coming down from the travel high or what. I just really didn't want anything to do with anything after work. Binge eating is my way of escaping both simple responsibilities (like how I needed to clean, cook dinner, and exercise yesterday) and ignoring emotional issues. I...really have a poor opinion of myself.

LovesToTravel 07-10-2014 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by vix (Post 5037869)
I wonder about if I should revisit places I loved and see more of them or with a different person, or explore new places.

I totally share this conundrum. Certain places and I have "unfinished business" and the itch to return ASAP is strong. Switzerland was one of those places, this was my third time visiting in 3 years. Next stop is Peru to hike the Inca Trail while my knees are still in good shape. :D

LovesToTravel 07-10-2014 09:38 PM

Vix, 35 pounds in less than a year is an achievement you should be proud of, particularly because you made healthy, sustainable changes. That seems to be a really important factor in keeping the weight off.

Miss Fit, keep up the good fight- even if it's simply to maintain your loss!

atmos, you keep on keepin' on too. We've all got our personal demons, it's tough. I hope tomorrow is better, go easy on yourself. :hug:

Hoopty, welcome to the 130's, good to see you here!

tonimaroni2, congrats on the loss!

Sum, once you get a taste of those lower numbers it's hard to accept anything else, isn't it? :D

All of this travel talk is making my feet itchy again (who am I kidding? my feet are ALWAYS itchy to go somewhere). Anyways, doing OK over here. Busy week and it's TOM. The scale is staying pretty consistent so no complaints here.

atmos 07-11-2014 09:38 AM

LovesToTravel - A conundrum for sure! Even as I'm glad to have a mild weekend with no plans to relax/take care of the place, I'm thinking hmm, where can I go next? But I need to build back up my vacation hours first!

Yesterday went well. I actually stayed in calories and of course had a 2 hour dance class. It was tough because I was learning all new steps, but I'll get over it.

vix 07-11-2014 10:56 AM

Hey everyone!! I'm down another pound this week!! I thought it would take a few weeks to pass this 135-ish stage as I'd heard that our bodies like being certain weights and I don't remember going below that, like EVER! But wooo anyway!!

Oh atmos, so true, so little time and/or money to do all the travelling! I have a friend in Tokyo at the moment and since Japan has been on my list for a long time I'm thinking I should go while she's there as I haven't seen her for a couple years - she says spring is beautiful but her visa expires in April so it seems that next March is the best time to go. The flights are actually not as bad as I expected, a good $400 less than I had in my head, so I think I will go for it!

Keep going Sum!! 135 will be yours again!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

atmos 07-12-2014 12:42 PM

vix - Well done on the loss! You should definitely go for the Japan trip. It's important to grab travel opportunities as they come.

Over weight loss but within maintenance calories yesterday, and 1 hour of practicing for dance. I'll take it. Tomorrow is my weigh in day for the challenge I'm doing. I have no idea what to expect as it has taken me a while to start easing into the swing of things after my trip. I'll be happy if I stay under 135.

Hoopty 07-12-2014 04:48 PM

Just a quick update since I'm on my phone (I HATE touchscreens)

I was off plan yesterday, I guess I started my weekend celebrations early. I had lots of chocolate and peanuts and ended the day at about 3400 calories though I did go to the gym. The scale said 139.6 lbs this morning which I was okay with.
DH and I just came back from my brother's graduation party. My whole family was there and we had a really, really good time. There was a buffet and I had a little something of almost everything (curry chicken, beef, homefries, potato au gratin, salad, french fries) plus 3 small jars of raspberry tiramisu. I have no idea how many calories but I wasn't gonna count them all anyways.
So, my weight is going to be back in the 140s tomorrow but I'm sure it'll go back down in maybe 2-3 days. I hit the gym this morning and DH and I plan on going tomorrow as well.

Waving hi to everyone!

atmos 07-13-2014 06:15 PM

hoopty - Raspberry tiramisu sounds awesome. Sounds like you have a good attitude regarding going a little off plan for a couple days. Makes the whole "lifestyle change" thing easier to live with!

I went for a hike this morning and did some bike commuting today, so I'm a bit tired! I also enjoyed a loss at today's weigh in...down to 133 lbs! I haven't been this weight since before Thanksgiving.

Sum38 07-14-2014 10:31 AM

Flirting awfully close to the 140 mark, need to do better. Kinda took latter part of last week off; son had baseball and life in general happened.

I will walk the pup after my volunteer day at the hospital; back to weight lifting tomorrow.

I will focus on 5:2 this week too, today is my fast day.

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