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tonimaroni2 06-04-2014 04:30 PM

Awesome job! I need to find my mojo again... I really like fasting and what it does for my mind and body, specifically the fast 5 program.... but it's sooo hard to get into the habit when I'm working. I just need to get past the first few days. So today is day 1 again.

vix 06-05-2014 09:41 AM

Welcome (back) Toni!!!

Good luck at dance class atmos, hope you have fun!!

Sum38 06-05-2014 10:41 AM

138; my fast day turned out to a pig out day :o

LovesToTravel 06-05-2014 11:15 PM

Back after getting busy and going into semi-lurk mode for a couple of weeks. The last week of May was rough. We hosted a BBQ and I had SO MUCH FOOD. Burgers and chips and pasta salad and pie and cookies (so many cookies) and also soda and alcohol (more soda than alcohol, I'm not much of a drinker). Then there was the rehoming of leftovers before I devoured them all.

The scale jumped 3 pounds, oof. Thankfully, after reining it back in for a few days and consuming lots of water, 2.5 pounds of it came off within the past 3 days. It amazes me how much I can sometimes eat and it just ends up being water weight. :dunno: Dunno, the wonderful mysteries of life I guess.

justai 06-06-2014 02:14 AM

Scale won't budge. 139 lbs still. :shrug:

vix 06-06-2014 02:44 PM

Down a teeny 0.3 lbs but I'll take it - 2.5lbs to goooo!

Have a great weekend everyone!

tonimaroni2 06-06-2014 05:49 PM

Wow we we are all really close to the same weight, I joined this thread at the perfect time.

Down to 138.2 today... There is a family reunion this weekend though and I know there will be some amazing family recipes there so here's to hoping I can keep the downward momentum through it!

LovesToTravel 06-07-2014 08:24 AM

Good luck with the family reunion and all of the scrumptious food, tonimaroni2!

Today is my wedding anniversary so we're going out to dinner and then seeing Maleficent. I chose a seafood restaurant so I can rock the grilled salmon and veggies and then go nuts and enjoy some popcorn and soda at the movies (which I will pay for dearly digestion-wise from the oils and scale-wise from the sodium, but it's so darn tasty!). :corn:

I leave in about a week for my hiking trip and was waffling on whether to buy a new pair of hiking pants since my old ones don't fit or just make due with what I have. Yesterday, while poking around TJMaxx, I found a single pair of hiking shorts by The North Face for a really good deal. I don't normally do impulse buys, but they fit me perfectly so I figured it was meant to be! :love: Now I just have to finish up my last week at work and pack.

Sum38 06-07-2014 08:46 AM

I upped my water intake to 80-100 oz per day; I have really sucked with it. Weight of course jumped up, ugh. Hoping that things will level off soon.


LovesToTravel 06-08-2014 02:02 PM

Dragging my bloated self back to this thread after a night of culinary hedonism. :D I rocked the grilled salmon and veggies as planned, but also a lot of other things! We went to Red Lobster and I felt compelled to try their red velvet cake in a jar. So, so sweet and tasty. Also a cheddar biscuit because they are amazing.

Up 2.5 pounds this morning, my goodness. :o I've been very good today. Fresh fruit and veggies, Kashi Go Lean cereal, baked chicken, tons of water. Hoping to get rid of the water retention in a couple days if I keep my sodium levels down.

tonimaroni2 06-10-2014 09:49 AM

Ok I have lost the weight that I gained from the family reunion on Saturday, thankfully, plus an additional .2! A loss is a loss, I'll take it lol. I've found this good little meal that I can eat for lunch, sushi from the grocery store deli near where I work. It makes me feel full and is only 350 calories or so and then I still have plenty of room for supper with the family. It's kind of spendy though...

How's everyone doing??

LovesToTravel 06-12-2014 09:21 AM

tonimaroni2: Yes, a loss is a loss, congrats!

Just trying to keep things stable here. This week has been very busy and stressful. One of my dogs hasn't been well so I've been spending a lot of time fussing over her. I had to take time off to get her a vet appointment and have spent most of my evenings with her so I'm not packed for my trip yet. I'm behind at the office. I leave for Switzerland in a few days.

I won't be around to post or weigh the last 2 weeks of this month so my goals are to relax, avoid stress eating, and enjoy my vacation. I plan to really push myself on some challenging hikes. There is a trail in the village I'm staying in that leads 3,000 feet up to a mountain summit- last year we took the cable car up, but this time I'd like to get there on my own two feet.

Until I leave, goals are to stay mindful about what's going in my mouth (and how much) and stay consistent with my workouts. Still tracking the numbers on the scale, but I'm more concerned with making sure I'm not slacking on exercise this week. I'll need legs of steel to make it up the mountain!

Hope everyone is kicking butt this week!

Sum38 06-13-2014 08:04 AM

Been bouncing around 140 :mad:

138.4 this morning.

tonimaroni2 06-13-2014 11:27 AM

I've also been bouncing around the same 2 lbs... I need to start walking a little more, more activity in general. I just bought my first house and it has a big yard that I will have to mow when we move in so that should help!

Loves to travel - have fun on your trip, Switzerland sounds amazing! I always lose weight on vacations because of all the activity and I don't do any boredom eating so hopefully you will also!

Sum38 06-13-2014 03:58 PM

LovesToTravel Safe travels! Have a great time!

Toni I bought a lawn mower last summer and I am the one who does the lawn; I do it for exercise. :D

Miss Fitt 06-16-2014 11:52 AM

Hi, all

It's about time I joined this thread....I've always sort of been a lurker, looking at so many different threads and not knowing which one to join. That's kind of why I chose the name Miss Fitt - since I've tried so many diets and so many are a misfit for me. Anyway, I need to lose some of this poundage and I need to be accountable. In some ways it's easy to justify those pounds due to age, etc...but on the other hand, I can't stand this unsightly roll around my middle. So, here I am! Weighing in at 139.2 - ugh!

tonimaroni2 06-16-2014 05:21 PM

Welcome MissFitt.... I didn't weigh today because I did a lot of damage over the weekend so tomorrow I'm hoping to see at least the same 138.something or less.

Miss Fitt 06-16-2014 07:22 PM

Thank you....I also had a damaging weekend - family dinner on Saturday. Way too much wine, and food, and pie, and ice cream....yikes. After that, on Sunday I ate pretty well; except for that darned pie! I had a slice at lunch and then another at dinner, both with ice cream, of course. At least it's all gone now. Today has been much better. Gotta keep on track!

Sum38 06-17-2014 07:44 AM

Welcome Miss Fitt!

136.2 this morning...my low during this journey was 135.4...almost there.

tonimaroni2 06-17-2014 10:18 AM

Sum - what are you doing? A specific plan? That's awesome! I'm really struggling. :/ My husband left for work today and I do much better when he's away so at least I have that.

Sum38 06-17-2014 12:23 PM

Toni I am doing the 5:2 plan. Also focusing on calorie counting on non fast days.

I have hard time with 500 cal fast days; they always end up being atleast 600.

Today is a "normal" day, I am shooting for 1100-1200 cals.

atmos 06-17-2014 01:19 PM

Out of lurk mode briefly to give an update. I've not been eating well and not exercising a ton though keeping up with my dance classes. I was quite pleased that I haven't gained weight through that when I weighed this morning. However, there's room to be much healthier and feel better in general.

I had my first dance competition on Friday. I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but I certainly am not disappointed in myself. Although I didn't perform all my steps well I remembered them all and remained pretty calm throughout. I placed in two of my four solo dances, and our partner dance was second place out of 6 groups. I didn't move up any of my dances from beginner but I had a lot of fun and would like to continue competing.

Sum38 06-17-2014 01:21 PM

Congrats atmos and glad you had fab time!

tonimaroni2 06-17-2014 01:57 PM

Atmos- congratulations! It's great that you were able to maintain your weight. That's the hardest part for a lot of people!

Sum - I personally love love love fasting, fast 5 is what I've been successful with. I love the way that it makes me feel, improves my skin, energy, and sleep. I just have the hardest time getting back into a routine of it. It's torture trying to start over after eating outside of my normal window, I would really struggle with 5:2... keep it up its obviously working for you.

vix 06-18-2014 10:43 AM

Hi everyone!! Still been working it although I haven't been on here for a while!

How are you all?!

Great work atmos, well done on your competition!!

I had a couple better weeks of losses but I still have a little to lose. I have thought about adjusting my goal when I get there, I'm not sure. I was always 135 or so as my lowest weight but now I think maybe I could be less but more important to me now is how toned I am, and how healthy too - shouldn't forget that!!

Sum38 06-18-2014 12:53 PM

TOM started 7-9 days late and brought on the hunger, so I ate way over my allotted calories yesterday. Today is a fast day. I skipped breakfast because I ate so many calories late at night.... I will have a nice big 500 calorie dinner.


Sum38 06-19-2014 09:43 AM

My "goal" to stay below 140 for this week is working out.


tonimaroni2 06-19-2014 10:35 AM

Ugh I'm really struggling! I need to get my weight back in check.... water Water water... I have a dress fitting on the 30th and I need to lose 5 lbs to get back to the weight I was when I bought it! Maybe I'll have a body wrap the day before to at least help with inches.

Sum38 06-19-2014 11:07 AM

Toni; Sorry that you are struggling! -- I struggled there for months. I have been between 135 and 145 since Feb. Each time I get to 135 and quickly bounce back to my 140's and unfortunately it is my own doing. This week a made a vow to stay below 140 and so far so good, even though TOM arrived.

Fasting, or the 5:2 plan has saved me, lately. I fasted yesterday but then broke down and had crap for dinner. Today is a new day and I will do better!

I am meeting some friends for lunch and I already know what I am getting, ahi tuna salad with dressing on the side.

Toni, could you try doing the 5:2 plan?

Miss Fitt 06-19-2014 02:40 PM

Thanks for the welcome, Sum.

Weighed in at 138.2 this a.m. I think it was water weight, but I'll take it. The lowest weight I've been in recent memory was 134 lbs - I want to get there again (and then some!). I don't even know what I was doing differently, except maybe using the treadmill a bit more.

Sum38 06-19-2014 03:28 PM

MissFit I think the treadmill, aka dreadmill, can do wonders for one's weight loss. I walk 4.7 mph for 65 minutes and I always weigh less on the following day.

justai 06-19-2014 03:59 PM

Staying motivated.:crossed:

Sum38 06-20-2014 08:58 AM

Good attitude justai!

After a lunch out with girlfriends and a Mexican dinner out w/margarita, my weight stayed the same. Surreal! I was expecting a huge jump.

Now for next Friday's weigh in I am hoping to stay below 138 and see 136 point something :crossed:


tonimaroni2 06-20-2014 10:59 AM

"Dreadmill" hahahahaha... seriously I love that.

Justai- good for staying motivated. Do you have something specifically motivating you? Mine is a 12 dollar bikini I bought at Walmart lol.

vix 06-20-2014 11:14 AM

Dreadmill is a good name - I hate it, never been on the one at my gym, not once!

$12 bikini - sounds like a bargain! I got a peach bikini this year and the color is great for my skin tone, very flattering with or without a tan!

So, I was hoping to be down to 136 today but I smidged up to 137, it's only a 0.3 gain but now it feels like a 1lb gain since I was so sure I'd be down - boo!

justai 06-21-2014 01:39 AM

tonimaroni2[/B]- The only motivation I have is when the scale is moving downwards. That is a good idea though. I do have a bikini I bought like 10 years ago that I have never worn. I guess it's time to break out the summer clothes box.:swim:

tonimaroni2 06-24-2014 12:33 PM

I did some reading on NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and I'm totally hooked. It's basically all the small movements that you do throughout the day that add up to burn calories, including just sitting and standing. The studies I read, one from a very reliable medical journal said that increasing your NEAT can burn an additional 300 to 1000 calories per day. Are you kidding me!? Since reading this I've been moving nonstop, tapping my feet at my desk, waving my arms while going to the bathroom, everything. I'm just going to keep moving!

Thinking back I used to act like this when I was in college when I got so slim, I was always on the move but never exercised.... it was the little things! I was also working at a pizza place eating pizza for supper every night and still lost 30 lbs!

justai 06-24-2014 03:13 PM

Wow! Eating pizza and you still lost weight? That's amazing. I guess I can see this theory working because my bestie has A.D.H.D. (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and she is only about 10lbs heavier than when we where in high school. She is always eating and always moving.

Miss Fitt 06-27-2014 10:43 AM

I read a book about N.E.A.T. by Dr. James Levine a few years ago - it was very interesting. Unfortunately for me, being figety doesn't come naturally. I can sit still for hours! The title of the book was called "Move a Little, Lose a Lot".

Weighed in this morning. At first I was delighted - the scale said 136.2! I thought yay, my watching what I ate the last few days has paid off! Then I stepped off and got on again. The reading was 138.8! Talk about popping my bubble! Boo! And I didn't even move the scale to a different spot on the floor.....

vix 06-27-2014 10:58 AM

That's really interesting tonimaroni! I read something similar about the little things you do each day as a matter of course, like walking up stairs, picking things up and carrying groceries etc - in an experiment they got a healthy group to continue exercising but to be especially lazy at other times, and they all put on weight after a few weeks!

I dropped a pound this week - wooo!! Only one more to go, but I have decided to keep trying to lose, so I am going to adjust my ticker when I get to 135. I think another 5lbs is doable. Then I have a little wiggle room when I first start maintaining.

Miss Fitt - you have a naughty scale there!!

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