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vix 08-05-2014 10:34 AM

Yay underanalysis and lulubellebc!!! Welcome!!

Well done on the 2lb loss LTC! Shame that you had the flu but great that high calorie days led to a loss - I like that kind of math!!

Have fun camping atmos - I love camping too!!!

tonimaroni2 08-06-2014 10:46 AM

Hey guys... I'm still hangin onto the 130's. My phone broke and I don't have access to this website at work so I can't check in very often. Nothing really knew. I've gotten back into IF and that always does wonders for me so hopefully I can stick with it.

Hoopty 08-09-2014 07:48 PM

So totally not in the 130s no more :( I'm working on coming back very soon!

tonimaroni2 - Good luck with IF! I've been interested in trying it out but it scares me lol...I get hungry every 3-4 hours so I'm a little sceptical.

lulubellebc 08-10-2014 11:23 AM

Thanks for the welcome everyone :-) down 2.5 lbs, happy to be down to 135 this week

LovesToTravel 08-10-2014 02:43 PM

Thanks, Vix! TOM has bounced me right back up to 135 this week, but I'm hoping to see 134 again in a few days. Hope your summer is going well!

Atmos, I think you've got a really healthy outlook on your weight loss. Maintaining the loss is just as much of a success as losing at this point and the losses sure do come in fits and starts. Keep on keepin' on and I hope your camping trip was a blast!

tonimaroni, sorry to hear about your busted phone. :( Keep us posted when you get a chance about how the IF is going for you, I'm also intrigued.

It's just a minor setback, Hoopty, don't let it get to you! Summer is rough with all of the activities and traveling going on.

lulubellebc, congrats on your impressive loss! What's your strategy been?

Life is busy here and my eating habits aren't perfect (i.e. boxed mac 'n cheese for lunch today because I can), but I'm still going for persistence over perfection. Like Atmos, I'll consider it a victory if I can maintain for the rest of the year.

vix 08-11-2014 12:21 PM

Hey everyone!! Monday again...:(

Toni, sorry to hear about your phone, hopefully your return will bring a great big loss!! Good luck with the IF!

Hoopty, you're leaving us? Hope to see you again very sooooon!

Well done lulubellebc, looks like this thread has brought you a whooshy weight loss week! Congrats on the 135!

LovetoTravel, so sorry for calling you LTC, why did I do that?! I can spell, honest! lol

Mmm mac n cheese! A friend makes it with half the mac and puts cauliflower and broccoli in it instead, it still tastes good and she gets the top all crispy like I like! yumyum

So, down 0.5lbs this week for me, I weighed on Friday like always but I have been so busy all weekend, and updating here is normally something I do at work - it helps me more as at work is when I tend to get bored and a little slack, so it's a good daily or not so daily reminder if I come on here in the middle of checking emails etc. Back to the grind then....

underanalysis 08-11-2014 12:36 PM

I'm back in the 140s right now, but it's TOM. Last month I know I put on 2 lbs of water weight at this time so considering I'm only 140.4 right now I'm betting I'm still in the 30's really

Reclaiming_Waif 08-13-2014 08:49 AM

Hello everybody! I've been floating around 3 Fat Chicks for a while and just found this thread. I like finding a place for a people who have just a few pounds to lose. I feel like an idiot when I discuss weight loss with others who have 50+ pounds to lose. I know they are giving me the side eye. Quick overview, I am married, female, 40, and have one precious special needs daughter.

I have struggled to get rid of the same 5-10 pounds for the last decade and this time it bounced out of that zone and up to 15 pounds more than I like.

After a very traumatizing birth with a daughter in the NICU for nearly a year and her subsequent medical issues, my husband piled on about 40 pounds (he was already a little overweight) from stress and depression. I actually lost weight from not even remembering to eat (which if anyone knows me, it is almost inconceivable), but began to pile it on when we were basically quarantined for a year in my home with nothing to do but eat, eat, eat.

OK, so go forward to present day...husband goes to QWLC and signs up without consulting me and buys all these supplements, and bars, and pills. It is not the diet I would have chosen, but I am going to follow along with the dietary portion of it. If you aren't familiar with QWLC, there is a program exactly like it in other states called Fit4Life. And if you aren't familiar with F4L, it is the one where you eat half an orange twice a day for the first 3 days.

We did the 3 day fast start that ended yesterday. I started at 142 and this morning I am down to 138.6. Which is great and now I am back down to where I was before this last jump in my weight. My goal is very realistic for my body and in fact, I could could go down to 115 pounds, but really I would be very happy to be 125 which I haven't seen in about 15 years. I would probably be a Size 2 and need a whole new wardrobe.

In addition to the program, I am also doing C25K so I can tone up a little. I look good and tone on my top half, but the bottom half is a weak disaster. I have also been doing yoga at least 2 times a week more for the stretching, flexibility, and destressing qualities than anything else.

It really helps to have a dedicated partner doing it with you to help you stick to it. He has never dieted with me before and it has been hard to keep with it when I felt like I was having to make two meals all the time.

underanalysis 08-13-2014 10:24 AM

Welcome, Reclaiming! I know how you feel. Every time I talk about weight loss to friends who have more to lose, I feel ashamed for even wanting to be smaller, but the fact is that no matter what my weight is, I have a ways to go to really be healthy.

I'm still retaining water from TOM right now, but dropped to 139.6 today so I'm a proper 130's thread member again even with body fluctuations. ;)

atmos 08-13-2014 11:35 AM

Hey all...I'm finally checking in again! I've been a combination of busy/apathetic.

toni - That's a bummer about your phone. It's amazing how long we survived without them, but now that we have them it's such an inconvenience to go without.

hoopty - I vote you should stay with us, even if it takes a while to get back to the 130s. :) We shall see you again soon I'm sure!

lulubelle - Good job on the loss!

LovestoTravel - Thanks! My camping trip was a lot of fun! I know I retained a lot of water during it though, so no weigh in until later this week. I don't want to discourage myself. :) But is it wrong that I'm jealous of your mac and cheese?

vix - I agree that Mondays deserve a sad face.

underanalysis - Good attitude. It's important to understand weight fluctuations and that they aren't always representative of the true number.

Reclaiming - Welcome! I am still working on the C25K myself...I mostly concentrate on my dance now so running is something I don't do a lot of these days. I'm on the last "week" but have been for months! I need to shape up for a 5k I'm doing with friends in October. It's a really good program, I've always been a terrible runner. Hope you enjoy it!

Well, back from camping and trying to get into the swing of things again. Was a little sad/lazy on Monday but yesterday I got some things done around the house and did my 2 hour dance class, so I'm feeling more normal-like. After a frantic July full of overtime at work, I'm now practically begging people to assign me something to do. It's almost as frustrating as being too busy!

Today I don't have a scheduled dance class, which is a good opportunity to be lazy and not work out. So my major goal today is to start back up with weightlifting followed by a bit of a run. I am writing this down so that I must report back to you all about it. Perhaps it will encourage me?

vix 08-14-2014 09:46 AM

Hey Reclaiming Waif!! Welcome to the group. I know what you mean about the sideways looks from people with a lot to lose. I am on another forum where you can get someone with 5lbs to lose alongside someone with over 100lbs to go and so I have experienced a little of this, 'well it's ok for you, you're nearly there', but then nearly there isn't an easy place to be in either, especially as you say, if you've been struggling to lose the same 5-10lbs or so for years. Sounds like you have everything in place though and a great support in your husband! Good luck!!

Atmos, yes sad face for Mondays but :) for Friday tomorrow!! And boy do I hear you about having slow days at work, it's either manic at my job or I'm twiddling my thumbs, but it's not like I can sit back and openly online shop while the boss is lurking so I have to pretend to be busy which is actually pretty draining lol!! I shouldn't complain, I can just think of my days waitressing or filing supermarket shelves after school...now I feel lucky! Hope you have a nice normal day!!

Reclaiming_Waif 08-14-2014 10:10 AM

I am shopping for a new pair of jeans. I have one pair! and they were on the edge of indecent. I need to go see if they fit again. And if they do, I am going to buy another pair.

I also told myself if I get down to 135 I would treat myself to a facial. If I give myself these little milestone rewards, it makes me keep my resolve. Anyone else doing this?

Reclaiming_Waif 08-14-2014 10:21 AM

Vix and I were posting at the same time!


I know what you mean about the sideways looks from people with a lot to lose. I am on another forum where you can get someone with 5lbs to lose alongside someone with over 100lbs to go and so I have experienced a little of this, 'well it's ok for you, you're nearly there',
YES! I finally had someone tell me, "You know what you have to lose is like my daily weight fluctuation." That's when I clued in that most people didn't want to hear me whine about my inability to lose 10 lbs and I shut up about it. But as y'all know, the struggle is real!

Aside from all that...I am down to 137.6 this morning. Like whoa. My husband is down 10 and I can already see some of his jowels disappearing. And he is acting happy because he is being successful. Things are pretty peachy over at the RW house. Our 15th wedding anniversary is next week and we have a $100 gift card to a steakhouse I would love to use. Steak is on the plan!

I am off of work today, so I am debating yoga or treadmill. I think yoga is going to win out today. We have a nurse that comes to the house to take care of my daughter twice a week so I can sneak away and have some me time.

atmos 08-15-2014 11:10 AM

vix - Fortunately I have my own office, so I don't have to be so careful with what I'm doing. :) I usually have quite a bit to do, but yesterday I spent most of it cleaning out my inbox (and I'm still not done, ugh) and buying a plane ticket.

Reclaiming - I hate jean shopping! My jeans were absolutely wearing through so I went on about a 3 week quest to find jeans that fit. Finally did and hope these last until my weight goes down! I plan little milestone rewards too. When I hit 130 I'm going to get myself a pair of dance sneaker for practice/parades.

Well...I did not lift weights as I claimed I would on Wednesday! I actually ended up being quite sick and laid in bed eating plain toast and oatmeal. Much better yesterday for my two hour dance class.

Tonight I'm going to a concert, so as soon as I get out of work I'm heading straight down there.

underanalysis 08-15-2014 12:09 PM

Now that TOM is officially dead and buried, I've dropped to 138.4.

I had a moment of sadness this morning when I had to fasten my bra strap on the smallest setting - my $70 bra that I've had less than a year. Ugh. Jeans and stuff I can replace on the cheap at thrift stores, but bras? No bueno.

My goal is looming on the horizon and I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when I get there. The truth is, I've been 135 before. I've even been down to 130. And I still looked fat with my clothes off. I still had a visible, protruding belly, and I still do now. I have a small frame and a high body fat percentage.

So I'm having a hard time deciding what my next step will be once I see that 135 on the scale. I don't have a problem with the number, but I know I won't be at my goal body even though I'm at my goal weight.

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