Goodbye to the 140's

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  • Well done sum!!

    Hey sheena, come on in and join us!! Whats the 30DS?

    Mmm homemade dessert is hard to resist yoyoma, I don't blame you for giving in!!

    I had a good weekend, a trip out with my daughters and some friends on Saturday turned into a bit of an unexpected hike with some great views, luckily the girls didn't complain too much and we all enjoyed ourselves a lot, then Sunday was pretty relaxed. How were your weekends?
  • Hi Vix, its Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, it HURTS so bad but the results seem to be sooooo goood!! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!
  • ok day 4 down of the 30DS , 24 more to go!!

    Stayed on track with calories and carbs, a little bit on the low side but away for the weekend so it will probably all balance out.

    I'm just hoping that when my 5 weeks are up I will be below 10 st, it would be amazing, I don't ever remember being below 10!
  • Sheena, good on you for tackling 30DS! What a great milestone 140 lbs is when thinking of it as 10 stones!

    Vix, glad you had a great weekend . Mine was great too... did some hiking on Saturday and a play & dinner out on Sunday (so a good day and a not-so-good day weight-wise).

    Sum, you're going great!

    Yesterday, low exercise good/normal eating. The scale is down to 143.8. Whew, back to ticker weight!
  • Good exercise and eating yesterday and the scale is down to 143.4. Unfortunately, I won't have much time to exercise today.
  • Sheena, I've heard of Jillian Michaels, she sounds tough - is it a workout DVD? I might look into doing something like that...

    I like the 10 stone idea too, they do say 'a perfect 10', so it'd be great to be smaller than that!

    Cool how we both got some hiking in on Saturday yoyoma, I think that more than makes up for dinner out too! Great work on the scale!

    What are everyone's easter plans? I don't have any days off unfortunately but my mom is cooking chicken for the family on Sunday so I'll be round there with a plate of veggies as my offerings!
  • Just rejoining the boards after a couple months away due to a big move! And I dropped from 150 into the 140's so I guess I'll make my new home here

    4/17: 147.0
  • UA, welcome, congrats on the big move and your weight loss. It must have been tough to lose during a big shakeup in your life!

    Vix, Like you, I'm bringing the veggie platter (to my brother's) on Sunday. Since the meal is mid-day it's going to have to be an exception day, not to mention the inevitable treats.

    Yesterday was low on exercise, good-for-the-circumstances on food (a surprise outing). Scale holding steady at 143.4.
  • I think I can say good bye... I was 137.2 this morning See you all at 130's hangout
  • Bye, Sum! Congrats and good luck in the lower levels!

    Yesterday was medium exercise and good eating, but the scale is up to 144.4. I think it's just due the large salad last night but the numbers are clearly not trending down these past few weeks. Today is an outing, with dinner out baked into the cake and I will be celebrating Easter tomorrow, but come Monday I will be retooling my eating rules a little.
  • I kind of cheated on losing during my move... right after I got to NH I got a bad stomach bug one weekend, so that's where about 3 lbs went. But the lower number on the scale spurred me to start tracking my food again and jumping back on here to keep it off

    This morning I volunteered with a community cleanup group, so instead of a regular workout I did three hours of yard work! Whew!

    4/17: 147
    4/19: 147
  • Hi, UA, sorry about the bug but glad you were able to use it to get motivated. Nice that you could combine exercise and volunteering!

    Yesterday we walked around a college campus and did some shopping. Then we used a soon-to-expire Groupon for a fantastic dinner; too much food porn to list the details but my entree was braised duck. Despite having a cocktail and dessert, the scale was down from yesterday to 144.0 this morning, so I'm even with the ticker again. Originally I had a very modest goal of 144.0 for Easter, so I'll take it gladly.

    I'm sure my luck won't hold out after another day of off eating today (not only will the food be off, but my schedule will be off), so I'm already planning some tweaks to my eating rules starting tomorrow. To make sure I'm moving (albeit slowly) in the right direction, I'm going to set a goal of 143 (on the ticker) for Memorial Day. It that doesn't happen by then, I'll re-evaluate what I'm doing.
  • I am finally able to join the 140s group. I have had 12 straight days without bouncing back to the150s and my weight was at 146.6 this am.
  • Hi, BB, and welcome! The scale has been bouncing a lot for me too lately. I don't mind it so much when I understand the cause, but sometimes it's a complete mystery to me.

    No mystery today, though. The scale was up to 145.8 but after Easter celebrations that was no surprise. So, I'm going to start with less lenient eating rules today so I can actually make some progress in shaking off some weight.
  • Good exercise and eating yesterday (I love how easy it is to get back to my WOE after an off day). Scale improved on yesterday to 145.0, but there's still some Easter excess left to shed.