Goodbye to the 140's

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  • Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend! My kids were away with their dad this weekend so I had lots of me time to relax and I went to the gym both days! I did an hour on the cross trainer on saturday and my legs and arms are really hurting now!! Hope the muscle ache doesn't lead to a gain this week. I like to go backwards on the crosstrainer to work different muscles in my legs and then I did alternative 5 minutes of pushing with my arms and relaxing my legs as that works your triceps apparently.

    The girls are back and so is the madness today!

    Glad to hear you are still losing yoyoma, and all while getting all your piles of work done! Did you choose from the under 600 calories menu at Outback? That still seems a lot to me for one meal, I hate to think how many calories the other dishes contain!!
  • Vix, you pwned your weekend workouts!

    Quote: Glad to hear you are still losing yoyoma, and all while getting all your piles of work done! Did you choose from the under 600 calories menu at Outback? That still seems a lot to me for one meal, I hate to think how many calories the other dishes contain!!
    No, I didn't pick from a special menu and I didn't even look to see if they had one. I can have high-calorie meals like that (I'm assuming; I didn't actually count and I'm pretty sure I don't want to know) once in a while as long as they don't throw me off track and it seems as if my current WOE alows me to do that with really no issues, so I'm good.

    I was back to the usual yesterday and the scale registered 144.0 this morning, so a lot of the bump is gone.
  • 139.0 this morning, so I am declaring it! I made my March goal of losing 8 pounds and I also am officially out of the 140's. Hope to see you ladies in the 130's & feathers thread(s) reaallllllly soon.
  • Sorry to see you go, but congratulations, Shrinking!

    I made some pea soup yesterday and unfortunately didn't have any meat/veg dish handy last night, and as a result I triggered my hunger and *really* overate on the pea soup. It was bad, as in literally painful for hours. My brain just turned off and I didn't eat slowly the way I need to give it time to register the fullness. By the time I felt full, it was too late. How stupid is that?

    Well, despite that pratfall, I was still back down to 143.6 this morning. I'm guessing it must be due to a lot of liquid in the soup just passing through. I've still got a lot of pea soup left (made a ginormous pot of it for the fambly), but I'm going to restrict it to a mugful for myself tonight and make sure I have meat&veg as the main meal.
  • Yesterday was a good day for eating, but not for exercise. The scale was back up to 144.0 for no particular reason. Keeping on, keeping on!
  • Yesterday seemed to be a good day for eating and I got a little exercise (though not as much as when I was in the groove), but today I stepped on the scale it was up from 144.0 to a surprising 145.6! I don't know if it's the revenge of the pea soup or my exercise hiatus catching up to me or what. I guess I'll just have to see what happens over the next few days and take action (not sure what that would be) if it seems appropriate.
  • And today I am back down to 143.4 (whew)! Yesterday was just a mysterious fluke. I really have no clue as to what happened. I thought my days of wacky weight swings were behind me, but I guess not.

    Anyhoo, yesterday was a normal/good day for eating. Exercise was OK but not near "groove" levels. I had to kill some time at the local foodie farmstand and bought some pre-cut fruit salad on special. Yum! Bought a pricey new salad dressing too but haven't tried it yet. DH has been trying to perfect a curry sauce to eat with salmon, so I am looking forward to his latest attempt tonight.
  • 144.6; time to get serious about this now.
  • Hi, Sum! Are you weighing weekly?

    Yesterday seemed good/normal. Took a nice little hike with DH in the woods. The crunch is less crunchy now, but I'm still on the busy side. This morning the scale is up to 143.8 but I have no problems with that number.
  • Yesterday was a good day for exercise (longer hike with DH) and a good day for eating. DH made a spicy green curry for salmon, which turned out pretty well. This morning the scale was down to 143.2, which was nice to see.
  • Wow, so many people in the 140's! I feel like I'm in good company. I only just started even thinking about dieting, but I have to say, it's neat to "meet" other people who are doing the same thing. I feel overwhelmed, but I also just checked the scale and saw that I'm in the low 140's, so maybe I can just concentrate on "getting out of the 140's" like this thread says for now!

    How many pounds are you guys usually losing in a week? Just curious!
  • Hi, Jenjen, and welcome!

    I am not really aiming to lose any number of pounds a week. I am trying to focus on the process and hope that weight loss will follow. I've been through this more times than I'd like to count, so this time I am trying to make make peace with a livable way of eating (for me), which may mean settling for a higher goal weight than I have in the past.

    I think a couple of the other folks have managed to move on to a 130's thread. Since you say you only have a few pounds to lose to get out of the 140's, maybe you can join them soon! Feel free to post as often as you want. I try to post my progress daily, but others post weekly.

    I had a pretty good day yesterday, both eating and exercise. The scale clocked in at 142.6. I'm glad to see a lower number, because it looks like I'll have to eat a buffet lunch on Thursday so I want to feel like I've been making progress before I hit that bump.
  • Hey everyone!!

    Sad to see shr1nk1ng has gone, but glad to see a couple familiar faces are still here with me!!

    I was absolutely swamped with work last week and had no time to do anything other than sleep if I wasn't working, which was so frustrating as I couldn't concentrate half the time and I could have gotten more done if I'd let myself have a half an hour workout and then gone back to the work, but at the time I didn't see it like that. Lesson learned!!

    However, I still did lose a pound which is good when I'm pretty close and barely did any exercise. Glad I owned my weekend workout before the work came flooding in!!

    Yoyoma, green curry sauce with salmon sounds divine!! Mmmm, you have the best food in your house! Glad that pea soup's revenge didn't last too long!
  • Shrinking, sorry you've been swamped. Getting swamped makes losing weight even more challenging for me with the stress, possibly sleep deprivation, no time to exercise, etc. It's fantastic that you still lost a pound!

    Yesterday I didn't have time to exercise but I thought my eating was good. However, the scale this morning was up substantially to 144.6. Boy, this is a very annoying new trend of up and down.
  • Yesterday was a pretty good day for exercise and eating. This morning, the scale was at 144.4, which confirms the inexplicable jump up from the previous day. Today is a mandatory lunch at an all-you-can-eat vegetarian Indian restaurant, which is a perfect storm for me. I've decided to attend but just say I'm fasting. I just do not want to deal with this lunch on top of the mysterious weight gain. I had planned on making the lunch an exception today, but that was before the train wreck on the scale. Also, I had zero time this morning for the treadmill so that in itself would be a deterrent.