Goodbye to the 140's

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  • I just changed my signature! 146.4! It's been at least 18 months since I've been under 147.
    I'm almost 10lbs down. More than 1/4 way to my goal.
  • InATizzy is OnARoll

    I am NOT on a roll, unless is it on a roll upward. 145.4 today. This is nearly 7 pounds more than I was a month ago. <sigh> Now to get some of my lost mojo back...

    ETA: Um, the 0 days of exercise on my ticker might have something to do with the current situation. Zero? really? how is that even possible? My threshold for what counts as "exercise" is quite low
  • 144.2!!!!!
    More than halfway out of the 140's!
    1/3 of my way to my GOAL!
  • 147.4
  • Great going everyone! Sorry I haven't checked in - been crazy busy the past couple of weeks. Saw a new low today! 142.7!!! Almost done!
  • 148
  • 146.4
  • Where is everybody?

    My weight is coming down really nice 144.0 this morning. Woot!

  • 147.4

    I hope I have similar success as you have recently, Sum. I am buckling down (again!) - I have been lazy and overworked and underrested and stressed out and ravenous for weeks now. And it SHOWS. I'm up nearly 10 lbs from my low 5-6 weeks ago.
  • Mind if I hop in? I'm at 142.8, but I'm expecting to go up because I dropped 2 lbs for no reason in the past 3 days.
  • Up and down...

    Up today 146.2
  • 143.8 as expected
  • Hi I'm still around! Just been crazy! Got down to 142.7 but went up to 143.8 as of today. Travel, stress.... Blah. But on the mend. Would love to be out of the 140's in the next week!
  • Still at 143.8
  • I did lose 4 pounds this month. Not the amount I hoped for but better than nothing!

    Today 144.8. Hope to be way below 140 by the end of November!