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LisaTcan 10-03-2013 11:50 AM

October Feathers Chat!!
Hi everyone,

No one had done this yet so I thought I'd start off the chat for October! Everyone is welcome :)

So I am now stuck at 141, I'm getting really frustrated. I'm thinking I might cut calories or carbs, I've already cut out alcohol and that didn't help. My wedding shower is in 10 days and I am still 6 lbs above where I wanted to be. I've been doing an hour walk and an hour intense workout every day and I thought that meant I could eat 1500-1600 calories..but maybe not.

Leaves 10-03-2013 12:21 PM

Feeling your pain Lisa, I'm stuck too! I'm on BCP so I don't really get bad PMS symptoms, but I'm due for TOM soon so I'm really hoping for a whoosh, even though it's not likely to happen. I really don't have time to get in workouts at the minute either, but I'm walking a lot and fairly active during the day (running around after children!) and I've been on plan. Come on pounds, pretty please!

My laptop is still in for repairs too, it's a big chain place that have got it, no idea when it's coming back as I haven't heard a thing. It's so frustrating as I have a lot of work to do, but have to try and get it in when my BF isn't around so I can use his laptop. /rant

Hope your October is having a better start, feathers!

thesame7lbs 10-03-2013 03:33 PM

Hi everyone!

Wow -- October already! Time to decorate for Halloween. :badbat:

I had a great run yesterday, one of those rare days where a good pace felt easy (as opposed to Monday, when I had to push-push-push just to run 45 secs/mile slower). Then I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. This aging thing is not for the faint of heart. My DH always says that you need to move to get over exercise soreness, so I walked the kids to school (1+ mile round trip) and then walked to the grocery store. I'll walk to pick them up, too. There's a couple good hills so that's good for my rest day!

LisaT, I feel like that plan should absolutely be working for you! It would be crazy if you had to eat fewer calories than that. Maybe a whoosh is near?

Leaves, I bet you'll get one, too. I feel like it takes the lbs some time to catch up with our good behavior. :)

Hello to everyone else -- I hope you are all having a good day!

Hoopty 10-04-2013 05:03 PM

Hello Feathers,

First off - thanks so much for the birthday wishes! And also a very belated Happy Birthday to you, olehcat! :woo:

I've been doing great these past few days. I'm eating healthy, I work out (even started jogging again, wahoo!) and I drink lots and lots of water and green tea. However, my weight doesn't seem to wanna drop, at all. I'm very impatient right now though I know I'm doing everything right.
And then today I started getting really bad peepee-pain. I knew it was a UTI since I tend to get them rather often but then stomach cramps followed and to top it all off - TMI!!!!!!!! - I have bad diarrhea. Is that why I was up by almost a pound this morning? Maybe, I don't know. But I'm feeling horrible right now. I don't wanna call out of work because today was actually my first day back from being off for 2 weeks and I obviously seemed perfectly fine all day long. It would look bad if I called now and said I was sick and plus my doctor's office is closed tomorrow.
Well anyways, other than the UTI and stomach pains I've been doing well. I probably won't make my weekly goal of 142.8 lbs by Oct 8th but that's okay, as long as I know I'm staying on plan.


I meant to do personals but I can't stop running to the bathroom, I'm exhausted :(

Cattails 10-04-2013 06:38 PM

@Hoopty - Aw, sorry to hear you're not feeling so hot right now. :( Hope that clears up quickly for you, and takes a couple pounds with it, too. Kudos on the good eating and working out - that will show results soon, I'm sure!

@olehcat - Happy belated birthday to you! Glad you had a nice day!

@thesame7lbs - I hear you on the aging stuff - I'm still working on finding the right balance of exercise that will keep me strong without killing me!

@Leaves - Fingers crossed here for a whoosh soon. :)

@LisaTcan - Sorry about your frustration - is it possible you're losing inches rather than pounds? With how much you're working out, sounds like you are in terrific shape! Try not to stress about it, and enjoy all the wedding stuff; this is a time for celebration!

I went clothes shopping yesterday for the first time in a long time; didn't even know what size jeans to look for so I grabbed 8s and 6s - most of them were baggy! Wow...I ended up with a size 6 and a size 4. WTH, FOUR?! I've never, ever in my life been able to wear a 4. I keep checking the tag to see if I just dreamed it, lol.

We had to let Rosie go on Monday. She was just looking worse and worse over the weekend and didn't show any interest in eating on Sunday, just wanted to curl up near somebody. It was peacefully done and she's at rest now, spirit free to roam. We miss you, princess.

Hope everybody has a great weekend.

LisaTcan 10-05-2013 02:08 AM

:hug: I'm so sorry about Rosie Cattails, glad she's at peace. Losing a pet is awful, take care :) Also congrats on the size 4!

thesame7lbs 10-06-2013 02:24 PM

Cattails, I'm so sorry about Rosie! :hug:

Hoopty, UTI's are the worst! I hope you are feeling better!

:wave: to everyone else!

So this is me today :tantrum: My weight is trending upward again and it is so frustrating. I've been eating really well and running a bunch. I know fluctuations are normal -- I know my loss so far has been like a pogo stick going downstairs (each new low followed by a bounce UP and then going down down down to a new low only to bounce UP again, but an overall downward trend) -- and it is TOM to top it all off! But i am frustrated and tantrum-y nonetheless. I will gut it out and drink lots of water. Not much of a mantra but it's all I've got!

Hope everyone else is feeling better than I am today!

LisaTcan 10-06-2013 07:58 PM

Hi feathers!

Had a pretty good weekend, did lots of biking with my fiance and hung out with some friends, I've also been perfectly on plan all weekend - thesame7lbs I totally feel your pain I'm still stuck at 141 but I just got my period so I'm hoping to see a whoosh soon. You described it perfectly! It's totally like a pogo stick going down stairs. I'm going to Toronto for 2 weeks to visit my family so I won't have a scale or be able to go to the gym but I'm planning on sticking to my calories and being as active as possible. Hopefully I'll be down when I get back!

Hoopty 10-06-2013 09:02 PM

Good evening Feathers,

LisaTcan - Glad to hear you had a good weekend! Hopefully you'll have a big whoosh once TOM is over (unlike me this month, grr...). By the way, I moved from Germany to New York to be with DH in 2012 and didn't work because I wasn't allowed to at that time. I was bored, frustrated and started getting depressed because I didn't know anyone and I missed home so much. I tried to make the best of the situation and reminded myself that I should be happy that I'm with DH. I had to go through that for a year until DH and I moved back to Germany. Needless to say, I feel much better now and I appreciate everybody and everything around me so much more! Jeez, didn't mean to make this sound so horrible but all I am trying to say is that I can kind of relate to your situation right now! I think I failed a little, didn't I? Oh man.. :D

Leaves - How's your laptop? I hope they managed to fix it for you!

Thesame7lbs - You're absolutely right, UTI's are the worst. I get them several times a year, gah :( I know it's frustrating but you've been on plan and seem to be doing everything right. As long as it's a downward trend, I think that's all that matters. Hopefully you have a big whoosh as well, who knows? I hate patience but unfortunately, it's key.

Cattails - I'm so, so sorry about Rosie. She is in a better place now, that's for sure! :hug: Wow, look at you, a size 4! :eek: I haven't worn a size 4 since I was 13? Lol. Congrats!! Oh and - good luck Niners!

Hello to everybody else, hope you're all doing well! :wave:


Well, I felt so sick Friday night/Saturday morning that I called out of work. I literally sat on the toilet until 3 o'clock in the morning and almost cried because the pain was unbearable. I took some pain meds and eventually fell asleep because I was so exhausted. When I woke up Saturday afternoon I felt much better. The UTI-pain was still there but it wasn't half as bad and thankfully, the stomach pain/diarrhea was gone. I was craving salty foods like crazy though I'm not the salty kind of girl. I'd pick chocolate, cake, ice cream and cookies over a bag of chips any day. I knew it was because of the diarrhea, obviously, so I had a few stuffed grape leaves and a small handful of chips. My weight was down to 143.8 lbs that morning (from 146.4 lbs the previous day, I think?).
Today, I weighed even less, 143.2 lbs, and the pain plus diarrhea came back. I am going to the doctors first thing in the morning because I can't take this anymore. Give me some antibiotics or something, I just want this to go away!
I managed to eat healthy for the most part and even worked out after the Packers game tonight (they won, woohooo!!!). So, I'm just hoping the doctor will help me fix this stupid UTI/stomach virus or whatever the heck is going on down there so that I can focus on shedding those pounds.

Wow, I feel weird for using the word diarrhea so much, but I can't beat around the bush, I needed to vent, sorry! :dunno:

Happy Monday everyone!

LisaTcan 10-06-2013 11:05 PM

Hoopty - Yup, that's pretty much the exact same situation I'm in! And to be honest it really sucks, I have days when I'm so depressed I just sit in my pyjamas watching Law & Order all day. I don't think you failed! You stayed a year and you were way further from home than I am, at least I can go home and visit. I also left a pretty good (although only .6 full time) job to come here. It's nice to know someone understands this situation! I have made friends with some of his co-workers wives so that helps. It really does make me appreciate how much I love Toronto and my network there,

I really hope we'll only be away a year.. I hope your doctor gives you something and you get better soon, it sounds awful!!

Dianne042425 10-07-2013 11:54 AM

Hi everyone!

I'm back. Again! Hey at least I can say I'm persistent right? :D

Here again for the millionth time. I figure statistically one of these times it will stick :devil: Good to see some familiar names on here! same7Ilbs and Krampus glad to see you two in here!! Where has the time gone? Can't believe 3 years has gone by!

I have managed to not lose weight AND to gain 4 pounds more than where I started. So I sit at 142. But, Im motivated and I am going to try very hard to get to goal by 2/1!

Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Hope everyone has a gret Monday!

krampus 10-07-2013 03:38 PM

WELL I'm carrying around 3 lbs of bloat/sugar/booze/snacks after a big weekend of celebrating BF and another friend's 30th birthdays. Out on the town Friday night, hiked up a mountain in the mist and rain Saturday and camped surrounded by bears (bear poo everywhere). We made a fire and cooked and drank and sang and played instruments and made merry. In addition to our pack of 10 friends, BF's sister and her boyfriend came, as did his friend from Australia who happened to be visiting in the US. I went too crazy with presents again this year and got BF a FLYING LESSON in addition to some other things.

Work is NUTS, conference is the day after tomorrow and we are totally not ready yet. My roommate's turning 28 on Wednesday which happens to be Day 1 of the conference, and I got her a slow cooker and a ticket to see Fitz & The Tantrums and Capital Cities locally at the end of this month.

The weather forecast calls for tornadoes - I'm not too worried but I know my parents are, since they lost a bunch of trees from a tornado in July. I hope they'll be ok :\

Dianne So happy to see you back! How have you been? What's new? Have you found a job you don't hate?

Hoopty Please take care of yourself, what did the doctor say? I hope your symptoms are finished soon :( F&#K UTIs, they are a scourge from the deepest depths of the fiery underworld.

LisaTcan Glad you had a good weekend with lots of biking and you're going to be able to go to Toronto soon and see people!

thesame7lbs Sorry you are seeing fluctuations going the wrong way - think about that great run you had.

Cattails RIP Rosie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss ;_; Clothing sizes do keep getting bigger but don't forget that we are getting smaller, too ;)

Leaves Good luck with the laptop repairs, mine is nearing the end of its life and I'm dreading replacing it!

Mottainaii 10-08-2013 06:12 AM

Hey, everyone!

I had to make a new account because I couldn't for the life of me remember my password or my email address to the last one, but anyone remember me? It must've been over a year ago that I was on here. So much has gone on since then, but anyway, I'm back because I remember I had such a good experience here on these forums.

To (re)introduce myself, I'm in my 20's, currently living in Tokyo with my husband. We moved over here several months ago and have been living in the big family house with his mom until just this week that we're in the process of moving into our own apartment for a couple years. My husband's working as a computer engineer, and I'm.....looking. I enjoy being a housewife (and eager to be a mother soon!) but I'm also looking for a part-time job to do here as well. My Japanese is not quite "business" level so it's a bit difficult, but oh well!

The reason I got back on this site is, obviously, because I'd like to lose a little weight. My attitude towards exercise and food and my lifestyle in general has undergone such a radical change lately. I used to be very obsessed with working out and eating "clean" and being as skinny as possible, but recently I'm much much more relaxed. I love cooking and eating and going out, and I love a lot more food here than I did back overseas. Working out is not such a big thing here either, so I've become adapted to the non-gymming and don't do much exercise other than walking around shopping and such. I've also belatedly discovered alcohol, lol, and have been enjoying drinking quite a bit. All that has contributed, not surprisingly, to weight gain. It's not all bad- I'm much happier than I was when I was super controlling and rigid. But, I know I could do a little better for myself just in terms of health, and emotionally too. Moving abroad has certainly been stressful, and I'm a major stress/comfort eater, so there's that too.

Anyway, just getting out our scale after moving, I weigh a bit over 130 (23% BF) where I was closer to 110 (and 15% BF) a year ago, and ideally I think I could shoot for somewhere in the middle, 120-ish, and be both happy and healthy. Just gonna try and cut the drinking down to the weekends maybe, and make lunch a meal replacement shake when I'm alone and not eating anything exciting anyway. I'm not hating on my body like I used to, or thinking that being super skinny is anything magical and the only way to live a happy life. I'm pretty comfortable dressing my body (even being quite large by average standards here) and getting naked too. Just want to make some small improvements, not being in a big hurry.

Nice to meet you guys, and hi again to anybody who is still on here from back when I last was!

krampus 10-08-2013 10:56 AM

mottainaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii so glad to see you back! :D

It sounds like you are truly happy, finding balance and adjusting well to living in Japan. I am so so so happy to see that - I think for most people a somewhat relaxed approach to diet/exercise is the most sustainable one. As for stress eating - it happens - but at least they don't sell half gallons of ice cream in Japan.

This is gonna sound f-ed up and weird but I often think about how glad I am that the worst binge eating episodes occurred in Japan - they don't make it as easy as it is here in North America, that's for sure.

LisaTcan 10-08-2013 11:00 AM

Welcome Mottainaii!

I can't place whether I remember you from before or not, I also took about a year off from this site and came back recently. I'm in a similar position to you, living in a different country for my husband-to-be's job (he's also a computer programmer/designer). Congrats on loosening up about your eating habits and good luck getting your 10 lbs off!!

Krampus - Your weekend sounds so much fun!!

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