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  • Well, clearly I didn't do a very good job "gutting it out" on Sunday and boy did the scale punish me. Hopefully it will come off all week and then Friday -- I leave for a long weekend in New Orleans. That's certainly not going to help matters! I have no intention of trying to "order the healthiest thing on the menu" or stay on plan in NO. That city is all about the food. My one goal is to stop eating when I'm full. No matter how good something tastes, there is no point stuffing myself and feeling miserable. So there's my goal for the weekend. Until then, though, I need to stick to plan!

    Dianne, hello!!! What great timing that we are both back (I just came back about 6 weeks ago (I think?) to take care of some tenacious regain. Good to "see" you here! I have thought of you often and hope that you are well!

    LisaT, I'm so happy for you that you get to go to Toronto for 2 weeks. You must be excited! I imagine it's a nice time of year there (though DC is pretty nice in fall, too!)

    Hoopty, I hope you are feeling better!!

    Krampus, what a wonderful weekend! And flying lessons -- what a nice GF you are!

    Mottainai, I am so jealous of anyone living in Japan! I lived in Okinawa for about a year, but my favorite memories are of traveling to Tokyo and especially Kyoto.
  • Happy Tuesday everyone!

    Not much to report over here. Just the usual water loss in the beginning. Thats always fun; you get to see the scale go down so easily But Im sure my tough days are ahead. Day two today out of 115!

    Same7 Amy, was it? So funny we came back at the same time! I've actually thought of you often as well. Wondering how you were doing with the weightloss, running, family, etc. Was it Maryland you are from?

    Krampus Flying lessons!? How cool! Such a great GF. How long have you two been together now? I see your lows; in the teens!!!! That is INCREDIBLE! Do you think its the weight lifting that helped? I remember when we first started here together

    Montaiin I dont believe we were ever on here at the same time? Unless you changed your screenname! Oh well, Hello! And congrats on having a new found attitude on eating!

    LisaTcan I know Ive seen you in and out of here too Hope its going well!!
  • Thanks for the welcome, everybody. Glad to be back! I don't know, for some reason the community here is really fun and helpful for me, especially these chat threads.

    I've had some health scares and other stressful things with moving this past week or two, and that led to a lot of comfort/zone out eating, so I'm feeling quite bloated. I haven't woken up hungry for breakfast for a long time, and I really miss that! Ate too much again today, but now that things are settling down, I'm really going to try and break the habit I've gotten into eating all day. /: And doing a lot of loose dress-wearing for a while yet! My reasons for dieting are many, and aesthetics is actually near the bottom of the list, for once in my life.

    I've also come to terms with the fact that my body honestly might not be happiest being as skinny as I would like. No one in my family is thin at all, lol, and I was pretty average growing up until I became anorexic and all that stuff happened. I was really in denial about it before, but just seeing what's happened as I've loosened up has kinda convinced me. Totally letting off the reins, eating whatever, not exercising, not only do I no longer crave binge eating like I used to and am no longer obsessed with food all the time, it seems like no matter what, my weight really doesn't budge above where it is now, around 60-62 kg. It's just very, very stable here. And that's cool.

    Dianne Nice to meet you, enjoy that first whoosh. (;

    thesame7lbs Wow, I want to go to Okinawa sometime too! What did you live there for? I like your plan for New Orleans. No reason not to enjoy the food, and it's just more fun when you stop eating way past fullness anyway, right?

    LisaT We've got a lot in common! Where did y'all move to/from?

    Krampus Hey girl! I definitely remember you. So true, bingeing is way way harder in Japan. Yeah, I'm definitely way more relaxed, and surprise surprise, that took care of most of the binge eating too. I'd rather be easygoing and happy and having fun eating with my husband and family and whatnot and be a little heavier than be like I was, crazy skinny but also crazy anxious all the time!
  • Hi everyone!

    So I'm at 139! It's really exciting to break 140..it's also giving me hope that even though I'm losing really slowly I am losing and I just have to stick with it. I'm flying to Toronto tomorrow morning and I'm so excited! A little worried about the weight loss though as I won't have access to a gym and my family has terrible eating habits. I'll try and do by best.

    Dianne - Enjoy the whoosh!! I love it when that happens. What plan are you following?

    thesame7lbs - I'm sure that's just water weight, I wouldn't worry about it! Have so much fun in New Orleans!! I've always wanted to go there, I here it's amazing.

    Montaiin - We're from Toronto, Ontario and we've moved to Washington, DC. Not as far from home as you I bet! It's still hard though as I'm not allowed to work in the US on a dependent visa. I think you've got a really great relationship with food now! I went through a similar thing a few years ago when I was recovery from an ED and I stopped caring about what I ate or what I weighed and I gained a fair bit of weight and stopped binging and obsessing over food. Then I was able to go back to eating better and lost some weight without being obsessive about it. Like you though I've realized I'll never be skinny, which sucks but it is what it is.
  • LisaT, congrats on the 139! You've earned it!

    Mottainaii, my husband is in the Navy, and he was stationed in Okinawa. We really enjoyed it there. It was before we had kids so I traveled with him and/or with friends: Bali, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and mainland Japan. Such a great experience!

    Dianne, we moved from MD to CA two years ago. Family is good, I'm still running, but I took a few months off for an injury this spring/summer -- and gained roughly a pound a week! Coming back here really helped me buckle down. How are you? Are you an ultrasound tech now?

    Krampus, lol on the challenges of binging in Japan. Mochii, anyone?

    Hoopty, thinking about you and hoping you feel better!

    to anyone else reading or visiting!
  • Hello everyone,

    So yeah, my doctor told me that I had an UTI. I have to take antibiotics for 10 days but I'm already starting to feel much better. I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday so I've been spending these past few days in bed basically doing nothing (which is terrible, I should do something..)
    Breakfast and lunch have been healthy, dinner not so much. For example, last night I had about 3 handfuls of chips, marzipan potatoes (funny name, it's just small balls of marzipan) and German whole-grain crackers with dark chocolate on top. I'm trying not to stress over it but I told myself - no more of that stuff until Sunday since it's game-day and usually my "cheat day".
    I also haven't been able to run since I'm too scared I'm gonna pee myself, not literally, but the urge to go to the bathroom every couple of minutes just makes it impossible. I did buy a nice new pair of thermo running tights, though. Been looking for them all over the place since it's starting to get really cold out but most of them are just way too expensive. I bought a pair for 19,95€ (about 27$), good quality ones too as I like the brand, as opposed to 50€-70€ for Nike or Asics - and they fit perfectly. Can't wait to run again!
    I weighed-in at 145.2 lbs this morning but I'm sure most of it is really just water from all the salty foods I've been eating.


    - I would sit inside all day and watch movies and shows, too. It was horrible. And on top of that we didn't have our own place - we lived with the in-laws who I did not get along with AT ALL. At least you've been able to make friends, that's always a good thing! Congrats on getting to the 130s!!! Have fun at home and enjoy every minute of it

    Dianne042425 - Hello! And good luck on your journey. Don't the 140s suck?

    krampus - Flying lesson for your BF? Say what? That's awesome! How was day 1 of the conference?

    - Nice to meet you too Why is everybody in Japan? I wanna go too!

    thesame7lbs - Waahh, New Orleans? I'm jealous! Enjoy!!!
  • Happy Thursday! Friday is tomorrow. Wooo!!

    I decided not to weigh myself this morning becase I had banana chips and oatmeal late last night (darn bf is always late night snacking). So I didnt beat myself up. Just decided not to weigh becuase I know it would should a gain. Not much to report over here. Just been planning my sisters bachelorette, focusing on losing weight and getting my realtors license!!

    Monttain I can SO relate to the "loosening the reins" cure. Its amazing what our minds can do to us. The minute I start a diet I feel intense anxiety. The second I let myself just live in moderation, I am so much happier and relaxed. Life is too good and too short!!

    LisaTcan Congrats on getting into the 130's!! When you said "although Im losing slow, Im still losing" reminded me of this blog I found years ago about a young girl and how she lost over 100 pounds just by being CONSISTENT and never giving up with her diet. She didnt even focus a lot on exercise (not saying not to, thats very important) but the point is, she hit many stalls and plateus. Her story and pics are amazing! Its great motivation. Here is her blog: http://undressedskeleton.tumblr.com/mystory

    Same7 Cali?! Ive always wanted to visit there. What made you all move? Sorry to hear about the injury And yes I am an ultrasound tech! However, I am just doing it part time due to scarcity in that job industry. But I love it. I am currently working on getting my realtor's license. I love real estate! Always have since I was a kid!

    Hoopty Oh my a UTI?!?! I hate those. I have gotten some pretty bad ones where I bled!! Ekk! Take care of yourself and try not to stress! Yea 140's suck. Ive never been here before and I dont like it But I think I entered into the 130's today so Im praying it was just water weight

    Well I hope everyone has a fabulous day!!!!
  • Hello feathers, my laptop is fixed! Back for personals later, just wanted to check in
  • Our new apartment is pretty much cleaned up! I spent a couple hours yesterday putting more things away. We shipped a bunch of boxes of our stuff over from Canada, and we'd just been keeping them unopened for several months while living with my MIL. It's like Christmas opening them again, lots of stuff I'd forgotten about, lol. We just need furniture and appliances. And I've been doing it all myself so far, and I have no idea what to do with all my husband's wires and cables and parts, so they're still in the boxes.

    Had a protein shake for lunch and an average breakfast and dinner, and no drinks, yesterday. Did a lot of walking around too.

    Leaves- Welcome back/nice to meet you!

    Hoopty- Sorry to hear about your UTI! That sounds really awful. ):

    Diane- My husband's a night snacker too for sure! It's really cool you travelled around a lot (although I'm sure it wasn't fun having a spouse in the navy sometimes too). I hope to do some Asia traveling now that we are over here too.

    Lisa- I know all about visa problems and such. My husband and I lived in Canada for a year, and he's from Japan and me from the States, and we just had problem after problem after problem. Congrats on your slow loss. That's the way to go! Have fun back in Toronto!
  • hi, everyone! I disappeared for a few days and THEN (stupid me) forgot it wasn't September anymore and didn't look for the October thread and just thought you all were being VERY quiet.

    Personals this weekend, I think, the best that I can, at least -- don't have time today, but just wanted to say hi and sending all my good luck vibes all your ways!

    In exercise news, I joined our local Y and am taking Body Pump (YES, I've finally got my strength training going after so many months of hemming and hawing about it (apparently I suck at doing strength training on my own)) and I am running a few times a week. Have been counting calories with no real goal, mainly staying around 1400-1600, depending on exercise and mood. Today I made the mistake of trying to eat some frozen veggies just to get in some more veggies and because I have like four bags of this particular veggie mix and was determined to start eating it. So I added some curry sauce and well, let's just say I was underwhelmed and there was zucchini in it and I don't like zucchini, and I like cauliflower, but not the huge clumps that were in this mix. Eh, so I didn't really like what I ate, so I didn't finish it and ate some oreo cookies instead. Win! Well, the good news is that I was still under 1600 cals.

    Great to see you guys!
  • Morning feathers!

    So, after pigging out on snacks on Saturday night, I felt achey and shivery with stomach cramps all of Sunday and then I was sick last night. Feel like I was punished for the snacks! Feeling better now though, just having some plain porridge and seeing how I do. Getting ill is like, easy weight loss! (Although it all comes piling back on when you're better I find! )

    Dianne: Welcome back/nice to meet you!

    Krampus: yikes, tornadoes sound horrible, hope everyone is okay! Sorry things are so manic, how was the conference in the end? Flying lessons sound super cool!

    Mottainaii: Hey! Nice to meet you too It sounds like you have a really good thing going with self-appreciation, way to go! Wish I could feel the same about my self, I can only ever see the bad bits So jealous of you out there in Japan, I'd love to go there one day!

    Lisa: YAY NEW DECADE! Congratulations! Hope it's sticking for you Hope you're having fun in Toronto!

    Thesame7: my BF runs a charity that helps orphans in Cambodia. I mentioned the idea of going to Bangkok next summer and now he is all 'oh yeah, we can spend three days there then a couple of weeks in Cambodia!' argh! How is it? I can only ever find horror stories on the internet and I think BF's judgement is a bit clouded!

    Hoopty: really sorry about the UTI, it sounds horrible. Hope you're feeling much better very soon! Those marzipan potatoes sound delicious

    Oleh: Glad you're back! I always find frozen veggies to be outstandingly 'meh'. They're always squishy and always, always have peas in which I hate. I don't blame you for the oreos! And you were still under, so that's good

    Have a good week feathers!
  • Hello Feathers,

    Well, in a minor (perhaps major) miracle, I weighed in this morning after a long weekend in New Orleans and weighed... exactly the same as the day I left! I can't really wrap my head around how that much restaurant food, wine, beer, cocktails, etc, are not showing up the scale. I suspect I may see it later this week.

    Leaves, I loved Cambodia and am so glad we went. We were there in 2001 and the country was just getting on board with tourism. We stayed in Siem Reap (home to Angkor Wat and many other ancient temples) and the only western hotel was the Grand Hotel D'Angkor (very pricey! We stayed at La Noria Guesthouse and loved it). Now there are lots of western hotels, and I think it is generally much safer. We didn't go out at all after dark, but I think now there is much more freedom for Westerners to move about. I would look into the weather during the summer, though. It is the rainy season (both there and in Thailand) and that could affect your ability to travel, see the sights, etc. We were there in April and it was insanely hot.

    Olehcat, Body Pump sounds great! Good job on all the healthy exercise.

    Mottainaii, I always love the feeling of being unpacked and getting everything organized in a new home!

    Dianne, SO snacking is always such a temptation/general pain-in-the-butt. The other day my DH came home from work and immediately made a bagel with Nutella and inhaled it. He then proceeded to eat his way through the pantry. And ate a full dinner. And never gains a pound. sigh.

    Hoopty, I hope you're feeling better!

    Hello to anyone else reading -- have a great day!
  • Wow, things have been crazy over here lately. Probably not the best time to try and diet, hah. We've been busy getting everything moved in, then it was a holiday weekend, and a typhoon yesterday so my husband got to take off work some last night and this morning. And today is hubby's birthday! And then I'm also doing job hunting stuff, got an interview Saturday.... Anyway, lots of eating out, lots of treats, no exercising, etc.

    Personals tomorrow when I've got a bit more time on my hands. (:
    Hope everyone's week is going all right!
  • Happy Wednesday!

    Not much to report over here. I started out this "journey" again with the intent of keeping my calories at 1300 a day and 2 days a week at 1800. I find it just drives me too crazy. So I have been eating in moderation. I have noticed that I am coming in around 1500 calories but my carbs are really high Around 200. I would like to cut that back about 70g to 130. So we will see

    Mottain Congrats on the new apartment! However, I am confused by your last personal to me? I think maybe youre confused I dont have a husband in the army and have never been to Asia. Would love to go though

    olehcat Are you finding yourself losing on 1600 calories? How many calories do you burn a day in exercise?

    Leaves I HATE the awful feeling after eating a horrible day. It always gives me that much more motivation to stay on plan and get healthy

    Same7 Yea, my bf is pretty much the same. But I think Ive got it figured it out. Yea sure they burn more because they have more muscle. But I dont think they have miracle metabolisms. My bf is very good at not binging or over indulging. But if he does, he can afford it becuase he only eats 3 times a day. I on the other hand eat allll day lol At least 5 times a day!!
  • Womp womp I've definitely blown up a pound or two and I haven't been able to poop right. Grrrrrr.

    Work is busy but I'll be back soon for personals.