major water retension

  • Had that pizza yesterday, never had too much issue with sodium before, yesterday and this morning a whole nother story. Really awful. I felt like a was a giant sponge that soaked up the whole two entire lakes we live by. This morning I have kept up on drinking tons of water (I drink 80 to 120 oz daily), drank two cups of caffeinated coffee (I usually have non or one cup), ate breakfast items with a good amount of potassium, and speed walked about 4 miles. My body finally just started flushing out. I have never been so thrilled to feel like I am going to pee my pants every 10 to 15 mins. lol I am not going to have my two leftover slices today. The next time I order pizza, I will order not on my rest day, and see if I still have issues. Though right now I am feeling like I could forfeit pizza for good.
  • I hate that feeling so much. Pizza also gives me noxious gas and a stomachache. It's an "almost never" food. Can't believe I used to indulge so regularly and feel fine! I miss the innocence of not caring about water retention.
  • I hear you. I'm up almost two pounds today, staying on plan calorically, but just really high carb yesterday. <drinking water>
  • The heat does it to me also.
  • krampus: I know! I used to have 2 or 3 slices for lunch and then have 2 or 3 slices for dinner. Ick!

    BlueIsis: I hope you are feeling better today.

    devadiva: It has been so hot and humid in so many places. We can hope for a cool down soon...except not sure if that will happen any time soon here in FL.

    I still have some water retention but feeling so much better. I am going to eat potassium rich foods again today and drink two or three cups of coffee this morning. I am hoping to get in extra exercise and water again like I did yesterday.
  • I have been pounding the water and I mean way over the usual lots and it seems yo be making me dump some of it.
  • Have you tried going low/no carb for a day to flush out the excess water?
  • Quote: Have you tried going low/no carb for a day to flush out the excess water?
    My body seems to react to going low on sodium, drinking extra water, getting in more walking, and eating potassium rich foods. Plus the extra water and exercise helps with bringing down the scale even more.