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krampus 01-02-2013 10:26 AM

JANUARY Feathers Chat!
I hope everyone's doing well - surprised no one started a chat thread for January yet, so I will.

I'm really excited about returning to routine and normal after my week and a half of staycation/holiday madness, though the thought of having to choose between getting up early and crowds after work is turning the gym into a terrible chore.

NYE in Montreal was a blast - I'll post some food pics once I get them uploaded. NYE dinner was dumplings - they were delicious but gave us the WORST BURPS, like every time one of us burped we had to leave the room. Decided I'd rather get laid on NYE than worry about TOM - it's never as bad as I expect it to be, also this month is worryingly light (after 2 days I'm just about done...), sorry TMI. We were at a laid back alternative-ish bar at midnight and had some lovely walks around the city. Had TERRIBLE HOT DOG POUTINE for 1 am munchies, it was incredibly disgusting but we were pretty drunk. For brunch on New Year's Day we went to CHEZ CORA (kinda like Denny's, but with a lot of fruit) and I had eggs benedict - I'm sure I will be told "your cholesterol is high" the next time I go to a doctor.

The wait to get back into the US was like an hour - with maybe 15-20 cars ahead of us. Once we got back I made some veggies and tempeh for dinner and we met our friends in town to celebrate someone's 1/1 birthday. Early to bed and even after almost 10 hours of sleep I still feel like I could sleep all day...

Alexistrophic 01-02-2013 11:52 AM

Krampus ~ Your new year's celebration sounds amAZING!!! Lucky you, being so close to Montreal!

I just partied quietly at home with a girlfriend. Made a spinach and artichoke dip (yummmmy!) that we ate with pita chips. Watched the AbFab New Year episode, saw Kathy and Anderson drop the ball, and toasted the New Year (This year: "To Fewer F-ups and more "That was a GREAT idea!!!" moments.")

Laid around all day yesterday and it was lovely. Only downfall was not being able to go to sleep at a decent hour... :rolleyes:

Back at work today. Did NOT want to get up this morning... Bleh. Am looking forward to being back in a routine, though. Looking at recipes now. My cooking skills are sorely lacking and I'd like to be more confident in the kitchen.

Happy 2013 everyone!!!!!

Bayzee 01-02-2013 12:48 PM

Hola from Mexico! Today is our last full day! NYE was a blast but I was REALLY hurting yesterday. We didn't even make it till midnight. I'm feeling quite puffy today. I'm dreading coming home to snow and back to the real world!

Today happy hour, chips and guac in the afternoon, pack, then a nice dinner.

I promised myself I would not get on the scale till a few days of detox! Lol!

Happy new year everyone and I look forward to hearing about your goals for 2013!

olehcat 01-02-2013 05:14 PM

Happy New Year, Feathers!

Well, I'm afraid to weigh myself so I'm not. I know I did quite the damage over the last few weeks. My clothes don't feel too bad, but I feel puffy in my stomach and I know that all that wine I drank over the past few weeks didn't just go away, alas.

So I started my strength training today! My muscles feel all weak right now, which means soreness tomorrow, I'm sure!

@krampus - I'm jealous! Montreal! Poutine (even if it was bad), lots of alcohol, sounds perfect!

@alex - your celebration sounds good, too! :) I like your idea of "To fewer f__ ups!" I think that should be my mantra, too!

@bayzee - mmmm...guacamole and chips!

I must be hungry because all this mention of food is making me crave. Ugh, if I can make it through today without eating something off plan, it will be my first day fully on plan since just before CHristmas.

Next, after I get my eating under control, is to get my wine habit under control, *sigh* I did lots of wine drinking over the holidays, especially New Year's Eve, when I was staying at my sister's (she had a party) and didn't have to drive. I would like to get it so that I'm only having it on the weekend, but *sigh*, that's no fun, is it? I can easily give up sweets and bread and pasta and all that stuff, but wine? I'm just not there yet...

Petite Powerhouse 01-02-2013 05:32 PM

Happy new year, ladies! I love hearing about everyone's grand holidays. I haven't been here in quite some time, but I'm hoping to find some time to hang out this year. I'm getting married in the spring and I want to make sure that I stay on track for the big day. :) So far, so good: I'm still holding at 108. I just bought my dress online and it will need to be taken in all over, so I want to make sure I'm still the same size on the day or all those alterations will have been a big mistake. I find planning something for the future and using that as motivation keeps me on track, so I try to always have something going on down the road, whether it is a big or a little something. I had about five big celebrations in the last two weeks, including a five-course-meal-with-wine-pairings on the 31st, but I worked out and scaled back my calories on other days, so it all worked out. Spring wedding, here I come!

JossFit 01-02-2013 06:24 PM

I'm here, I'm here! Just back from a crazy vacation about a million pounds heavier but pretty happy aside from that. I've been reading but havent had a chance to catch up... I'll be working on that tomorrow!

OhThePlaces 01-02-2013 08:27 PM

Happy January, ladies!

I had a great New Years... we went to a friend's house, they have kids our kids' ages (3 & 1) so we hung out, had a bonfire in the backyard, fireworks in the front and way too much food. It was nice to spend time with friends... the first time we've gone "out" on New Years since we've had babies.

I'm still up a few pounds from before Christmas (131 today). I've been OP for 4 days now, so it's safe to say that it's not bloating, but actual fat gain (no surprise there since I inhaled pie for 5 straight days).

I'm flying out to Dallas for my BFF's wedding in exactly one week. I want to stay really focused on my diet until then. It's going to be tough because my little girl turns 2 on Friday, we're having a celebration for that, then my mom and and aunt are coming into town on Saturday to spend the day with us.

JossFit 01-03-2013 09:09 AM

I'll catch up with a few personals before I update you guys on my holidays :)

OhThePlaces - You only spent 5 days inhaling pie? Amatuer. :) Seriously though, I know where you are and it sucks BUT, did you enjoy it? I enjoyed every bite of what I ate and to be honest, my body FEELS good right now. I needed a break from dieting and working out super hard. yeah, I definitely gained a bunch of fat but I know I can lose it again and I feel like this has given me the break I needed to switch up my goals (more on that later).

I too have another trip coming up next weekend and will be making sure to really watch myself in the meantime. I don't plan to deviate from my diet much that weekend anyway, save for dinner and some drinks on the 12th. It sounds like a fun trip though! I'm sure if you focus you can make good choices in spite of the other events.

Petite Powerhouse - A wedding can definitely keep you on track! I got married in July of this past year and it wasn't even hard to say no to temptations leading up to it. If anything, I lost too much weight! Welcome to the Feather's Chat, and I hope you stick around a while!

Olehcat - Girl, I feel ya... I drank like an Amish kid during Rumspringa! Seriously, I personally took down a whole bottle of Baileys, a whole bottle of Champage, a whole bottle of Grey Goose, and COUNTLESS beers, shots, etc. I drank A LOT. :o
The good thing is that it is that time of year when motivation is at an all time high all around us; its hard not to feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on some new fitness and health challenges. You don't even necessarily have to 'give up' wine, just keep track of how much you drink and if you get stuck along the way, perhaps look at it as one thing you can continue to cut down on.

Bayzee - I imagine you are back home today, or at least on your way. I'm so glad your vacation went well and you sound like you had a blast!

Alexis - As much as I love seeing my husband I'm glad to be home and back into a routine as well. It's comforting, no? NYE was pretty quiet for us too, but we did go out and have an amazing dinner. (I'll post some pictures later, because it was THAT mouthwatering to look at AND to eat. ;) )

Krampus - It seems like you had a great NYE, and I'm not surprised! Dumpling burps don't sound great, but at least you didn't have an epic hangover (Unless you just didn't mention it). I spent NY Day in the gym and getting back on my eating clean wagon, and I'm so glad... I have some serious detoxing and work to do!


I'll have to post up a few pictures later when I get home, but I don't have a whole lot of exciting news;

Christmas Eve we went to the Ranch and went shooting, then drove home in the snow and got drunk. :)

Christmas Day we went to the gym, saw 'The Hobbit' (Amaze-balls by the way), went home and got drunk, watched 'Ted' on Demand and hit the hay.

The next few days were relatively uneventful; did some shopping, some working out, and ate well. Started to see a reduction in bloating... hahaha!

I went and saw the school I plan to attend and met with their admissions director and course supervisor, and I'm really excited to start! There is a ton of hands-on stuff and one of our blocks of instruction is a week in Las Vegas to meet with all sorts of industry professionals. THAT will be a blast. :D

We also bought new bedroom furniture and linens as my first effort to liven up my husband's house. Its going to be a HUGE project, considering he is a crappy furniture hoarder and 'decorates' like a frat boy. Ugh. I love our new set though, so it's a start!

Later that day (the 29th) we got drunk again. :D

On the 30th we went and visited my brother, his dad, and his other half-sister and watched the Broncos/Chiefs game. TONS of delicious holiday food and drinks... eh.

We had planned to stay in the 31st but instead we went to dinner at this great place I found and it was really REALLY decadent. I also had a lot to drink, AND finished a pint of ice cream in front of the TV later. LOL... man... we watched 'Looper', which was also pretty good.

On the 1st I had a good workout and have been back 'on plan' since then. I have also re-evaluted some of my goals and have decided to restructure my workouts focusing more on building muscle and taking more planned rest days. I'm following a set up I used on my last trip to Afghanistan that had me in AMAZING shape.

I'm also planning NOT to weigh myself for a good long time. I plan to use the mirror and my clothing to gauge progress instead. Looking back, I looked better at 120-122 and with more muscle than I did at 113-115 and leaner. I felt better too. :)

Anyone else changing any part of their routine/program/goals for 2013?

Oh, and BTW... I feel like I've pooped more in the last week than I have at any point in my life. Holy cow.

Anyway, aside from my quick trip to Arizona next weekend I also have plans to visit my hubby again in February. I bought tickets this morning as a way to make myself feel better about going back to work today... haha. I am flying out on the 13th so that I can be there for Valentine's Day!

krampus 01-03-2013 11:04 AM

Hi Feathers,

Weight going in the right direction - 126.4 this morning. I ate A LOT of cocoa dusted almonds last night, but am happy to report a candy/junk food-free day was had. Yogurt and salad for lunch, steak and cooked greens and more salad for dinner, almonds and an orange for snacktime. I also went to the gym after work and before work this morning - my abs and arms/shoulders are nice and sore.

My quads have been terribly awfully sore since LAST WEEK when I reintroduced leg press - I don't think it's anything other than DOMS but stairs still hurt a lot!

JossFit Welcome back! I'm glad you had an awesome time over vacation, spending quality time with hobbits (I liked it too, I can't wait until next year!) and your husband and seeing family and eating and drinking! You obviously don't need to hear it from me but I wish you all the best in restructuring your workouts and getting as strong as humanly possible :D

OhThePlaces I was about to be shocked about the bonfire but then I saw you're in Florida, so that makes more sense now! I'm jealous - I miss summer and bonfires and being able to go outside without 5 layers on, here there's a foot of snow on the ground and it's like -1 degrees Fahrenheit outside. What kind of pie did you inhale? I could definitely take on a chocolate pecan pie on my own...or coconut cream...mmm pie. Good luck with staying OP with all the family fun imminent! and happy 2nd to your daughter!

Petite Powerhouse I think you were the poster who lit the fire beneath me to start weight training...I recall a post where you said you eat 3200 calories a day for maintenance and I was like "I need to do that." Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!! What does your dress look like???

olehcat Hehe I feel like I had my first "on plan" day yesterday too, and even then I ate like 600 calories worth of nuts - but no chocolate or starch, so I consider that a victory. What are you doing for strength training? You'll feel the burn for sure - after my first time lifting I like, couldn't lift a coffee cup to my lips.

Bayzee Hola! Snow and the real world sucks, stay in Mexico! Chips and guac and fun in the sun is way better than the harsh reality of winter in the north. Safe travels back and hope you enjoy your last few hours of sunshine!

Alexistrophic Thanks, I had a fantastic time. It is nice having Montreal just a 3 hour drive away - and the drive up means driving past the Adirondack High Peaks, which is breathtaking in and of itself. What are you looking to learn to cook?

OhThePlaces 01-03-2013 03:17 PM

Krampus, I had lots and lots.... Masses of pumpkin, pecan, and apple pies. Also a ton of fudge brownies, cookies, peanut M&Ms... I was a hot mess. I also ate way too much chips, dip and s'mores on NYE. I'm still up 3 lbs, but my body is feeling a lot less puffy today and my jeans are wearable again. It's funny because I thought of you after I stepped on the scale right after coming home from vacay and seeing a 9 lb gain on the scale... Didn't you once gain a ton of weight in a short amount of time? Maybe I'm remembering wrong from a looong time ago, but the thought made me feel better, like I'm not the only one who can pack on that much weight in a week. Haha!

I'm glad the scale is moving in the right direction for you! Yep, I'm in North Florida and it's up until a couple of days ago the temperature was in the 70s... It's a nasty 57 and rainy right now. I'd love snow for a couple of days. ;)

Joss, I enjoyed it in the beginning, but honestly I spent most of the vacation feeling really swollen and eating almost to the point of sickness for daysss. I don't know wtf gets into me sometimes and why it's so hard to stop once I get started. Oh we'll, I'm not beating myself up over it. I'm sad to be back into the 130s but my clothes are fitting fairly well after a few days of only being able to fit into my gym pants! Haha!

It sounds like you have an awesome year ahead of you! I absolutely love getting new furniture. One of my goals is to really put effort into decorating out house this year and making it a HOME. We've moved so much because of the military that we just haven't put much effort into actually settling in and making it feel like it's ours. I'm sure you know what I mean. ;)

As for new workout goals... This is the year I want to branch out. I always stick to cardio because it's "safe"... It's what I know and I have always felt intimidated by weight lifting. I want to start lifting as I also want to try different classes at the gym, mainly TRX and power pump.

Petite Powerhouse, a wedding is an awesome motivator! I'm the same way about always having a future event in mind. It definitely helps keep me on track. I'm the MOH in my best friend's wedding in less then two weeks, then I'm going on a cruise next month, so those are my major ones at this point.

My baby just woke up from her nap so I'll have to finish catching up later tonight. Please excuse my many typos... I'm on my iPhone since this is the only "me" time I get, sitting in the driveway while the kids nap in their carseats! Haha

Alexistrophic 01-03-2013 03:20 PM

bayzee ~ Mexico sounds deeeelicious! I was inspired by your guacamole fests and bought 4 avocados on sale. If I can't experience the joys of Mexico firsthand, at least I can join in on some of the food!

ohtheplaces ~ Ooooh, bonfires.... So much fun!!! I have friends with a firepit at their house and love that feeling of gathering around a fire. Strange as it sounds, I love the smell of a campfire, too. Good deal that your friends have kids that are close in age to yours. (And I second Krampus's question about what kind of pie...)

Krampus ~ I remember you asked earlier-- the biggest highlight of the Nashville trip was hands down getting to see my lil sis again. Hadn't seen her in 2.5 years... She's six years younger and we're super close, but just haven't been able to connect before now. This was a great trip to catch up and we're chatting on the phone more than ever now. Other than that, fun times included visiting a SUPER HUGE SUPER CLEAN used book store and... (don't laugh) those biscuits and gravy. The hotel had a decent breakfast buffet and we had a great time there every morning. Yum!

ohlecat ~ Where do you get your strength training workouts from? And I hear ya on getting the naughty cravings under control. I'm having a harder time giving up the sweets and starches, but don't really look at wine. We all have our vices, right?

Joss ~ Kudos to you for restructuring your workout/training system/approach to fitness. I've been contemplating a bit of a restructure myself and might actually try to incorporate more weight training into my program... Even though I've been super anti-weight in the past (I blink and I bulk up) I think it may be time to add in some high reps at low weights...
And seriously loving your travel. Even in your "quiet" times, I think you travel more in a quarter than I have in the last year! (And I probably missed it awhile back, but what are you going to school for?)

petitepowerhouse ~ Welcome! You inspired me with your weight training, too. Weddings are fantastic motivation. ;-)

Urgh... Am trying to ease back into a more "healthy" way of eating (didn't go toooo crazy, but still...) I had a bagel and lime tortilla chips this morning. :rolleyes: Made a shepherd's pie yesterday for dinner (ground turkey and a TON of veggies) and had that for lunch.

Was 156 yesterday and am 154.8 today. At least I'm going in the right direction. Not really stressing about weight, but I plan to start posting my weigh-ins again on Monday, 1/7 so hopefully that will keep me accountable.

TurboMammoth 01-03-2013 05:23 PM


( ^ that is a nice way to start this new year LOLS)

I just got back from one week to my dad's place with the boyfriend and I FEEL SO FAAAAAAAAT. But not like ''oh I ate badly, I'm not happy with myself, I feel fat'' but ''sh*t my jeans feels tight and not comfy at all''


I'm just so tired of the 9 hours drive so I'm gonna read all of your post tomorrow! Glad to be back :)

JossFit 01-03-2013 07:00 PM

Picture time! In no particular order...

Here my husband and I are, showing you not only a couple of the bottles he drank recently but his frat boy decorating style. Um, yeah... this will not last.


Our bedroom furniture and new linens! Definitely more rustic than my style, but he liked it and I like him to be happy. :)


Ironically he is visiting his brother right now and realized that his brother has the exact same bedroom furniture! What are the odds?!


Me shooting a bit on Christmas Eve day

My hubby and I on Christmas Eve (see, I wasn't kidding about them partying out in the barn at the Ranch...)


This is my HEALTHY dinner I made tonight; zuchinni, chicken, yellow squash, bacon, onion, garlic and a dash of Italian dressing on top.


Me on NYE, going out for dinner.

Aaand this is what I ate at that dinner (brace yourselves) -
First, in addition to the bread with amazing compound butters, we had this lobster, bacon and green chile macaroni and cheese (the things sticking out of the pot are fried tortillas) -


Then for my entree I had this bison, topped with smoked salmon and bernaise sauce. Under it are pom frites, roasted butternut squash and apples, and a summer veggie medley -


THEN, my husband was full but I ordered dessert, and since it was the last meal of 2012 I opted for their sampler, for which you could choose 3 of their desserts from the menu to put together. I chose the butterscotch pumpkin cheesecake, the drunken bread pudding, and the baked apples. I ate every single bite of this -


OH, and then I ate a pint of Oreo Blast ice cream while watching a movie... hahaha.

Thats pretty much it for pictures. I felt bloated and gross so I didn't really take a lot of them this trip!

JossFit 01-03-2013 07:19 PM

Turbo - You and me both sister! I split a seam on my workout pants I swear to God! LOL I think most of us Feathers have a LOT of damage to undo in January... February too in my case! Did you have a good time though?

Alexis - I can't 'ease' back into eating healthy, otherwise I start to make bad choices and it ends up being "Eh, what's one more day?" (Hence the NINE days I ate like total crap just recently...) but to each her own!

As far as weights go, you know I'm all about them so I definitely recommend you try again. As far as bulking up, thats all about your diet. If you eat at a deficit and lift I bet you won't feel that way.

I currently do a split like this;
Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat - Weights and a bit of cardio to warm-up
Tues/Thurs/Sun - Cardio
As you can see, that doesn't really leave time for rest...

What I am switching to is a rotation of 2 days of weights 1 day of cardio, repeated twice for a total of 9 days and then a full day of rest. I got into AMAZING shape doing that before and I think the added emphasis on weights will do me good.

As far as school, I'm going to get my degree as a personal trainer. The program is very hands on and involves working with actual clients, doing externships at gyms and such. It's also an actual DEGREE program as opposed to a 'certificate' which is all most trainers have. Scary that personal trainers can get certified online!

OhThePlaces - We pretty much had the same experience over the holidays! LOL what a bunch of little piggies we are. :D
I have decided not to weigh though, so you're braver than I for that! I KNOW I gained and I've also decided to change up my routine so the numbers would be funky anyway. I don't want the number on the scale to discourage me from working toward more muscle like it did the past year. So... I'm putting it away for a while and when I like what I see, I'll weigh myself just to see what the number is.

I do know what you mean about moving. It's hard for me also because I feel like his house is full of HIS stuff, and I need him to make room for me so it can be OUR house. Fortunately (in this regard anyway) I'll have the house to myself for 8 months to decorate and re-arrange things as I see fit.

Krampus - I worked out about half of the days I was with my husband and my body definitely needed the rest, but holy cow am I sore! I totally understand! :)

Yeah, I decided this year I'm focusing less on the scale (for real! haha) and more on the mirror. I want Jessica Biel's Blade Trinity arms this year, and I'm not really that far off. I think if I keep lifting heavy and don't focus on the scale I won't be overdoing it on cardio and killing my gains.

These will be mine...



olehcat 01-03-2013 07:59 PM

Well, I did my strength training the other day and a few of you asked me about what I do. Well, I'm easing into it. I am doing some ab exercises and some dumb bell exercises for back, shoulder, biceps, triceps! I used 5 pound weights for some (seriously, I am WEAK) and 8 pounds weights for some. I am a wee bit sore today, but not so sore that I can't move.

I'm more concerned about my knee. My right knee has been KILLING me ever since I attempted lunges and squats last week. I either did something wrong as far as form (thought I was following the video as close as possible, but it's still possible I did it wrong) or squats/lunges are not for someone with knees that have a tendency to go out.

So because of this, I'm reluctant to start the cardio (running). Also because I'll actually have to go to the gym for that since there's ice on the ground outside and I don't have a treadmill. I'm so afraid that my knee won't allow me to train for another half marathon this year!

Also, I ate off plan today. Did great at breakfast, but at lunch I went out to lunch with my mom and we had sushi and some food that wasn't good at an Asian buffet and I actually went up for seconds. I TRIED to mostly take small portions of the bad stuff (like the noodle stirfry), but yum, it was so good. THEN we went to see a movie and we shared some movie popcorn. I didn't actually have a lot, but still. It's not low in calories.

@Jossfit - first of all, AMAZING pics of you and the food! ;) You have an awesome body as far as I can see! I think we all feel like little piggies after the holidays! I know I do! Secondly, wow, good for you for going back to get your training degree!

@turbomammoth - oh boy do I hear you on the feeling fat. I'm too terrified to weigh myself!

@Alex - I got my workout idea from this visual impact for women program that I have on my ipad! I have the new rules of lifting for women, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet, I'm such a weakling and the squats scare me now that I'm afraid I did something to my knee while doing them before! I will hopefully strengthen myself more and then try the New Rules after I gains some muscle/strength/confidence!

@krampus - yup, I'm hurting today! :D

@petitepowerhouse - do you have your success story anywhere? You are so totally at my dream weight and it sounds like you were awesome with the weights - what did you do exactly to get there? :)

@Ohtheplaces - I bet we'll all shed those couple of holiday pounds pretty quickly! I imagine at least part of it is water retention from bloaty foods and alcohol!

OhThePlaces 01-04-2013 09:22 AM

Joss, you look fantastic! You and your husband make a great looking couple. That food (especially the dessert) looks Ah-maaazing. My husband would totally have the frat-boy style going on if I wasn't here to stop him... His "man cave" aka the garage, is a hot mess though!

Olehcat, I'm a weakling too. On the rare occassion that I break out my 30 Day Shred dvd I use 3 lb hand weights! Haha! Sorry to hear about your knee pain. I personally would not run if it's killing you... maybe a few days rest is all you need. Asian buffets are a killer... so hard to resist! And I'd say it's a huge accomplishment that you didn't eat a ton of movie theater popcorn... that is like crack to me!

Alexistrophic, your shepards pie sounds awesome. I only eat turkey and chicken, so a traditional shepards pie is off limits for me. I'll have to try making one with turkey, I hadn't thought of that. Even if you haven't been totally OP, the scale is moving in the right direction, so woohoo!

Today my BABY turns 2. This is really bittersweet for me. I'm planning to get to the gym this morning, then run errands and clean my house. Tonight we're having our friends over (the ones we spent New Years with, that have kids the same age) and we're ordering pizza and cupcakes to celebrate. I really wish I could skip the pizza but I don't want to look like a crazy person.

krampus 01-04-2013 11:05 AM

It's Friday! yesssss. Weighed in at 125.8 today. Yesterday was a food fail though - I was so full from almonds that I just had 2 hard boiled eggs, a plain Greek yogurt and a 180 calorie protein bar before dinner. We went to the place where I had the disappointing fettucine Alfredo, and I thought I'd get a salad. WELLLL that sucked too, here is my scathing Yelp review of that place.

I had a beer and 4 peanut butter Smidgens and a couple bites of leftovers someone had brought around, but overall I didn't actually consume that much food yesterday, so the scale reflected it despite the salty nachos and other "meh" food. Tonight looks to be a big night out with the gang, prowling for "fresh meat" as it were (a challenge since we travel in a mixed pack of 4 girls who carry themselves confidently and 6 big intimidating-looking dudes). I want to go to cat-themed goth night sooo badly but no one else is really interested except my boyfriend, bless him.

OhThePlaces Happy 2nd to your baby!!! Good luck with the pizza, you may be able to get away with having just a slice? Ha I have put on 9-10 lbs of waterweight overnight before due to huge binges (5-7,000 calories) but I have not partaken in what I consider "binge eating" since September 2011. Biiiiig step for me, and it's really reflected these days - I see much less extreme fluctuations on the scale, and I pretty much stay within a 2-3 lb range.

olehcat Starting strength training sucks because you're so embarrassed about how weak you are, but everyone has to start somewhere and if you keep it up soon you'll be throwing 20 lb dumbbells around like it's nothing!

JossFit Holy moly those arms are a good goal to work toward! Everyone and their mom is a "certified personal trainer" but it sounds like those certificates are kind of akin to the "certified ordained minister" thing you get online to marry your friends. All that food - healthy and less healthy - looks mouth-watering to me...and I see what you mean about frat boy decorating, yikes!

TurboMammoth Nine hours?! That is loooooong. I hope you had a good time at your dad's! Your pants will fit again soon - for now don't put them in the dryer! :P By the way I had the WORST poutine in Montreal and totally thought of you.

Alexistrophic Mmmm bagel and lime tortilla chips...were they Tostitos Hint of Lime? That is CRACK for me, I can NOT stop no matter what. I'm happy to see you were able to spend quality bonding time with your little sister - I'm an only child but wish I had siblings sometimes!

OhThePlaces 01-04-2013 12:38 PM

Krampus, yep... I think it was you that I remember... It would have been back in the summer of '11 when I was active here the first time around. Glad to hear you kicked the binge habit!!

My plan is to eat just one slice of pizza, then make up a big salad to munch on. I also bought mini cupcakes (110 calories each) instead of the big ones and it won't be too hard for me to resist the ice cream.

Sorry that your second experience also sucked at the restaurant. It's awesome that you took the time to write a review though... Hopefully others will heed your warning!

I feel great... Just had a long cardio session at the gym, have my food planned out for the day and I'm about to run around town to get a few errands done beforr heading home to clean. Woohoo for productivity!

Alexistrophic 01-04-2013 02:23 PM

Turbo ~ lol - Wear different pants. A: It seems like your metabolism is pretty high and B: you've been in maintenance for awhile now, so I am 99.98% sure you'll blast through those extra "lbs" in no time...

Joss ~ Beautiful lady, smokin' dude, and some mouthwatering food porn. :P and it looks like your indulgences were TOTALLY worth it. That food is art. So much better than the random disgusting stuffing of stupid not memorable crap that SOME people (like me) did.
Urgh. I know you're right about not being able to "ease in" to healthy eating--it's usually all or nothing for me, too. I'm just trying to make more healthy choices in my eating behaviors and aim to come out on the healthier end. Another of my compromises is be eating healthy foods, but larger quantities (i.e. - TWO pears instead of one for breakfast).
I remember you mentioned that you were pursuing a PT cert but didn't know that there were actual degree programs in personal training. It does sound like a more throuough program and I agree that it's scary that people can be certified entirely online... (although I think that's what one of my friends did... :rolleyes: )

ohlehcat ~ I had a fitness instructor say: "you never mess with the gods or your knees". Remember that slow and steady wins the race ;)

Krampus ~ They WEREN'T Tostitos (I wish they had been)... they were Target brand (lime and cracked pepper) and they were AWFUL - greasier, with a thicker texture and more of a yellow tint. Bleh. Still, I was a sucker for the lime flavor and they were just.. there. So into my mouth they went. I wish I were more of a food snob.

Ohtheplaces ~ I say it again - so cool that you have couple friends with kids the same age who like doing the same things as you... sounds like a good plan for the evening and you go, girl, with your productivity!

Had a bit of a food bender last night. It was moderate (a homemade quinoa tortilla my mom made, some pita chips: plain and gingerbread, two slices of buttered toast w. jellly, and some hummus) compared to what I've done in the past, but the idea is that I ate past my cut off point which is my own personal out of bounds marker. I though I had been doing pretty decent through the holidays, with not too much out of control eating, but I think I've been giving myself one too many "pass" cards with food.

*Note to self: Out of control eating never tastes good.*

Tonight is going to be a "stay in/regroup" kind of evening. I haven't started my yearly budget or record keeping (if there even is such a thing in my life...) and my bedroom area is a cluttered mess, so that could use a tackle.

Planning a sojourn to Long John Silver's tomorrow with a girlfriend. She's leaving for Italy in a week and change and she's been wanting to visit one for ages. It's a combo KFC/LJS, so I'll try my best with some baked chicken (full of grease) and coleslaw (full of sugar), but no guarantees of health. Oh, well.

Bayzee 01-04-2013 02:41 PM

We got home late last night. It was very sad to come home to snow and -10C temperatures. But worse...nobody made me my Huevos Rancheros this morning or my margarita, chips and guac for lunch! Lol!

OK...I stepped on the scale as soon as I woke up. I swore I WOULD NOT weigh-in for a few days but I needed a reality check....119.4! That's a 5lb weight gain in 10 nights. Really, I was expecting worse considering the alcohol and amazing food I consumed and virtually no exercise.

But the good news is, I'm ready to eat clean...desperately craving veggies.
I already worked out today and I am also switching up my workout plans for the next 3 months as well. Joss...I want to pick your brain about that. I'll sent you a PM.

There's nothing really healthy in the house so I'm off to get some groceries. I'll come back for personals tonight!

olehcat 01-04-2013 06:06 PM

@bayzee - welcome back! I find it's SO hard to get back into a regular routine after a vacation. But on the other hand, I also know what you mean about craving veggies after a couple of days of major eating and drinking! :)

@alex - I KNOW how that feels. Right now I'm forced to NOT have a food bender, although I'm totally craving it, mostly because I didn't go grocery shopping and there really is nothing but veggies and fruit in my refrigerator!
AND LOL on the knee comment. So true, so true...

@krampus - Oh, that's what I'm hoping! I have this big excitement about this year, that I'm going to get all strong and it's going to change the shape of my body and all! ;)

@ohtheplaces - yay, I feel a little better I'm not the only weakling here! :D I used to joke that a toddler could beat me arm wrestling, that's how weak my arms are! So this dumb bell stuff is no joke for me, lol. And I may have resisted the popcorn last night, but I'm meeting my friends for dinner tonight at this place that has really good onion rings! Argh! I NEVER go there so all I'll be able to think about are those onion rings if I don't get them.

Yeah, today I bought some new clothes because I really was lacking some long-sleeved work clothes. I survived on about four outfits during the last few months. I kept holding out, hoping I'd be down some weight and be able to get the next size down. Alas, that was not going to happen. SO, some of my size 8s at home fit okay and even a size 6 I have in a pants that runs notoriously big. But at the store, very few size 8s fit, especially in jeans. I found I had to go up to a 10 or even a 12 (not today at least, but the last time I got clothes back in October).Before my divorce and weight gain of this past summer (and really over the past year), I was a solid 6-8 and sometimes even a 4. So anyway, it was a very humbling experience standing in the dressing room with the fluorescent lights that brought out my skin and hair defects and made me look about 20 pounds heavier than I usually see myself and trying on double digits. Ugh, I had to not look at myself much in order to try stuff on.

This makes me all the more determined to accomplish my goal this year. I want to not feel such ickiness when I look at myself in the mirror. I want to look at myself and say, "Dang, she's hot!" and believe it.

LockItUp 01-05-2013 10:13 AM

I'm being a lame feather yet again! I just wanted to stop by and say hello! I'm back at work Monday, I will actually have time to catch up then and do personals.

I've been keeping up though!

Domlacha 01-05-2013 11:09 AM

Hey everyone! Sounds like the holidays were fun and the food plentiful! When I weighed in on 12/31 I was up to 153.2 lucky for me most of it was water weight and I am at 149 today. I don't think I plan to weight-in daily this month maybe weekly or something like that.

Good luck everyone!

Bayzee 01-05-2013 12:30 PM

Well...I did a whole bunch of personals last night and when I went to post I must have been timed-out. So frustrating! I'll have to come back later for that.

This morning I weighed in at 117.8. I still feel puffy and I was starving yesterday all day. But I stayed OP. Tonight we have company so I'm sure the wine will be out. I can't sweat it because really a few more glasses of wine isn't going to do more damage then I've already done.

Since being back from holidays, I feel like I'm in a crappy mood. I miss the sun and heat! I'm not a winter person so this stretch from now till April is really hard. Plus, going back to work is another crappy reality!

I did not rejoin my private studio for this session. I am going to focus on HIIT workouts and heavy lifting. I think I have plateaued with other routines and I want to switch it up! I can always go back in March.

My goals for 2013:

-Lose body fat and focus less on the scale.
I'd like to focus more on being leaner and more muscle definition. I hate feeling "skinny fat".

-Get the tattoo I've been wanting to get.
My recent trip to Mexico had me inspired by all of the beautiful women who have amazing tattoos. I'm a wimp for pain so I need to suck it up!

-Save up for fake boobs!
I know this sounds crazy but again, my trip to Mexico made me realize how much by boobs have shrank and how insecure and unhappy I felt about it. All my fat loss has been in my chest! Lol! Plus, it seems like everyone has them now...especially Americans and people from the U.K. Is it cheaper there? Lol!

JossFit 01-05-2013 03:26 PM

Yay for the weekend! Its Saturday, and I'm in my home state... so this would normally be when I would post my weekly weigh in, but not this week! (Or this month for that matter... maybe at the end of February?) I have been saying for a while that I want to focus less on weight and more on composition, and the best way to do that seems to be not weighing at all. Its hard to ignore the number on the scale while you're staring it in the face, so I just wont make eye contact. :D

I had a good workout today and it's nice to be back at home and into my routine. I LOVE visiting my husband but the house isn't set up yet and he has to chauffer me around everywhere, and the pantry isn't stocked with my healthy cooking staples so that always makes it difficult. Each time I go out there I do a bit more to make it comfortable (like the furniture this last trip) and this next visit (in February) I'll put up the curtains I bought yesterday to go in the bedroom.

Yesterday I also picked up some new pans, spatulas, chef's knives and other kitchen odds and ends. I cook so much and all my stuff was WAY overdue for replacements.

I also paid off my car yesterday! Whoot! I just got used to the payments being a part of my montly budget and have had plenty enough to pay it off sitting in savings but I just didn't think about it. Anyway, it's nice that it's "mine" now and it saves me $31 per month in interest.

I noticed at the gym today that even though I don't like how high my body fat percentage is right now, I look better in clothing; my body is curvier and sexier... more womanly. I have a booty again!

The trick is now to keep building muscle and get my bodyfat back down so that those curves are muscle and my abs look nice again. :)


Bayzee - I think we have all had that happen with super long posts getting deleted or timing out... it's so frustrating!

I'm with you on returning to the 'real' world. Blaaahhh. Isn't it super common for people to get some pretty bad post-holiday depression right about now? I'm sure its even more magnified coming back from a tropical climate and with some extra weight on as well. :( You'll get back into the swing of things in no time, I'm betting.

I think your goals sound great! Other than the breast augmentation, I'm right there with ya. :D

Oh, and PM away! I'll help where I can.

Domlacha - Welcome back from the holidays! Did you have fun?

LockItUp - We've all been slacking!

Olehcat - Trying on clothing can be a great experience some times and a horrid one at other times... the hard part is that you don't necessarily even know which one it is going to be! There have been times I have gone out shopping and ended up dancing in the dressing room and other times I have almost cried in frustration with literally NO difference in my body. Shopping is a b*tch.

Thank you for the compliments, but I was dressing my body for the bloat and gain... LOL things DO NOT look like they should right now. Blah.

How is your knee feeling? Are you going to get it checked out?

Alexis - Aww, thank you! My husband is a hottie. :) Can you believe he's going to be 34 in April? He looks like he's 25. Jerk.

SOME of my indulgences were worth it (like that NYE meal, a few of the sweets, and the food at my brother's place)... but a lot of it (or most of it) was pizza from Dominos, granola bars, cereal and crap like that. Not worth it at all. Grrrr.

Your food bender sounds like progress to me still! Do you plan your meals out at all? I find that it helps me. If it's not on my plan I usually don't eat it.

How did the fast food send off with your friend go? Thats not exactly the easiest place to order good food...

Krampus - I read your review but something freaked me out a bit; it had your real name on it! LOL you are KRAMPUS to me, not that name! It was weird! Hahaha Good review though. I've never done a review of a place on any site but I've eaten at so many great places I probably should.

How did the hunt for fresh meat go last night? Did you manage to get anyone to go to the cat-themed goth night thing?

It's funny that you mentioned the certificates you can get online showing you are 'ordained' because I totally did that... hahaha. It was an absolute joke because I don't believe in any sort of 'God' (Sorry if that's offensive to anyone but that's the truth of it) and it took about 2 seconds to do. I definitely don't want my personal training credentials to be gotten the same way!

OhThePlaces - Thanks for the comments!

I am definitely undertaking a project by renovating my husband's place and trying to mesh all of our stuff together into a livable space, but thats why I'm starting now and getting a plan together of what will go where, what needs to just GO (Um, a lot of his crap) and how to set up the bottom floor (we have a finished basement with a full bedroom, bathroom and living room) so that it is an awesome man-cave for him.

How did things turn out with the pizza and birthday celebrations last night?

TurboMammoth 01-05-2013 04:39 PM

krampus : Glad you had fun in Montreal! Okay, your Hot Dog poutine sounds disguting! I'm pretty conservative with my poutine, I hate when they start throwing everything in the pot... Chez Cora is one of my favorite place to have breakfast though. I love how much fruits they have on the menu!

Alexistrophic : Just red about your artichoke/spinach dip for your NYE and I remembered how this thing is GOOOOOD.

Bayzee : Mexico for NYE! Luckyyyy lady! Don't know for you in Ontario, but here we had SNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWNEVERENDINGSNOWFALL.

Ohelcat : If you are used to drink wine, like a bit everyweek, it's probably gonna be a bit challenging... Sipping a cup of wine had a relaxing effect on me, so stopping drinking my cup(s) of wine on the weekend was a bit hard.

: Happy birthday to your little one! :) 2 years old! Is Terrible Two is already going on? ;)

Joss : I red your resume of what you have done during your holidays and the important presence of alcohol got me ''Heyyy that's pretty much meee'' LOL

I love your new furniture. :) It has a ''Mountain Chalet'' thingy about it, it's really pretty! Oh and the picture about the decorative sense of your hubby with all the empty bottles : LOLS. My boyfriend, at his previous apartment with roommates (alllll guys), they had a BEER BOTTLES COLLECTION. Like, abotu 70-80 of them. I had to argue that we were NOT going to be MOVING 80 EMPTY beer bottles in our tiny new appartment. He also had this huge back of beer bottle caps that he is planning to make a killing table top with. (...&?%/$"*&?$).

Lockitup : Long time no see lady! Hope you're doing good!

Domlacha : Hope you had a nice holiday time! :)


Hi ladies!

I'm so glad to be back home, in my own stuff. We had a a great time during the holidays, but wayyyy to much car riding for my own good. I think we scored over 2750 km in the car in less than 2 weeks. HUUUUUUUUUUUHHG. I so need to change my oil now LOL

We started by going to see my new goddaughter who is the smallest little thing eveeer. She's so tiny but she is cute (and I'm very reasonnable now, I usually don't find babies cute at ALL). They all laughed at me because I only wanted to old her in a pillow.

The next day, on the 23rd, we rode to my bf-dad's for the evening, which was okay. The next day, we headed to the bof-mom's chalet, which is about 250 km away and we had a good time, they cooked some killing turkey, and the place is just so pretty in the forest!

We then headed home on the 25th and did nothing with ourself and stayed in pj's for 2 days, not being able to leave the town to my dad's place after being caught in a snowstorm. They time at my dad's place was nice and relax, we saw familly, had dinners together and we celebrated NYE at my in-construction cousin's place where they builded up a huge bonfire outside and had fireworks at midnight :)

The only problem is that I ATE during ALL the HOLIDAYS and I am kinda not able to stop eating right now. I'm just always hungryyyyy. Im trying to drink more water to calm down the craving.

I faced the scale this morning, after my breakfast and with a pair on jeans on and it was at 145.8 lbs. that is pretty much a 9 lbs gaiiiin. I know some of it will go off with the water weight (I barely kept up with my water intake during the holidays) but it struck hard. I need to get back on track.

I think I'm gonna do this thing where I won't WI until Feb 1st because right now it is just depressing to WI daily. I haven't really thought about goals for 2013, I am much more on a survival mode right now. I also need to start running again, slowly, to see if the hip is still painful...

Being back with a computer and some Internet connexion, it will help me stay accountable! yayyyyy

JossFit 01-05-2013 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by TurboMammoth (Post 4576550)
Joss : I red your resume of what you have done during your holidays and the important presence of alcohol got me ''Heyyy that's pretty much meee'' LOL

I love your new furniture. :) It has a ''Mountain Chalet'' thingy about it, it's really pretty! Oh and the picture about the decorative sense of your hubby with all the empty bottles : LOLS. My boyfriend, at his previous apartment with roommates (alllll guys), they had a BEER BOTTLES COLLECTION. Like, abotu 70-80 of them. I had to argue that we were NOT going to be MOVING 80 EMPTY beer bottles in our tiny new appartment. He also had this huge back of beer bottle caps that he is planning to make a killing table top with. (...&?%/$"*&?$).

Yep, I can't do the single glass of wine because it relaxes me too much and I have several... and then whatever goodies I want! haha

I think ALL men have that stupid 'look how much alcohol I/we drank" collection at one point or another. My husband is going to be 34 though! He's a damn E-8 and a Green Beret, has a 14 year old daughter and a wife! LOL he's too old for that bachelor crap. I can't wait to decorate that house, and even more importantly I can't wait to buy our own home and really decorate! That will have to wait until summer 2014 though.


Originally Posted by TurboMammoth (Post 4576550)
... The only problem is that I ATE during ALL the HOLIDAYS and I am kinda not able to stop eating right now. I'm just always hungryyyyy. Im trying to drink more water to calm down the craving.

Seriously, it is SO HARD to stop eating like that once you get into a groove with it. My last night eating the world was the 31st, and I am sort of shocked I was able to get my crap together on the 1st and ESPECIALLY on the 2nd when I was traveling home. I almost ate like a piggy at the airport because they make it so easy, but I dug deep and stuck to my guns! Just drink a ton of water and tea. It should help flush out some of that excess water and if you're anything like me, some of the poo! Holy **** I felt like I did nothing but $hit for a week. I'm finally back to normal in that regard but still way way squishy all over.


Originally Posted by TurboMammoth (Post 4576550)
I faced the scale this morning, after my breakfast and with a pair on jeans on and it was at 145.8 lbs. that is pretty much a 9 lbs gaiiiin. I know some of it will go off with the water weight (I barely kept up with my water intake during the holidays) but it struck hard. I need to get back on track.

I think I'm gonna do this thing where I won't WI until Feb 1st because right now it is just depressing to WI daily. I haven't really thought about goals for 2013, I am much more on a survival mode right now.

You and me both sister. I don't need the scale to tell me I gained weight, it's pretty obvious! Besides, it's keeping me from adding more muscle which is what I know I need to do in order to look the way I want to. I'm just going to keep taking pictures and posting them up here and you guys can tell me when I have the Jessica Biel body. :D


Originally Posted by TurboMammoth (Post 4576550)
I also need to start running again, slowly, to see if the hip is still painful...

I hope it's not painful! When was the last time you tried running on it?

TurboMammoth 01-05-2013 06:23 PM

Joss : Last time I tried running, it was November 23 or something like that. I wanted to take a 30 days break first, but then we were on the road all the time and I decided to wait after the Holidays so I would not be stressed out about this during my time with my family.

I'm super nervous about starting running again, to be honest :S We went for a walk this afternoon in the snow, and while trying to get up without destroying my snow-angel (yeah, I know, #firstworldproblem ....) I felt something in the hip and then I focus on the sensation for the remaining of the walk. I'm going to give it a shot on Monday or Tuesday, depending of the weather.

Concerning Jessica Biel, I do admit that she had killing arms in this movie! It's a bit funny that your ''goal'' is Jessica Biel though, because my cousin, her friend and I have this thing that we don't like much this actress LOL My cousin and her friend even call her ''Stick figure with no soul''. But as long as you keep your soul gaining those fab arms, no worry! ;)

JossFit 01-05-2013 06:24 PM


There, for ONCE I kept my protein whole and separate from my veggies. LOL totally PG-13 food porn, but I did it for you guys!

JossFit 01-05-2013 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by TurboMammoth (Post 4576663)
Joss : Last time I tried running, it was November 23 or something like that. I wanted to take a 30 days break first, but then we were on the road all the time and I decided to wait after the Holidays so I would not be stressed out about this during my time with my family.

I'm super nervous about starting running again, to be honest :S We went for a walk this afternoon in the snow, and while trying to get up without destroying my snow-angel (yeah, I know, #firstworldproblem ....) I felt something in the hip and then I focus on the sensation for the remaining of the walk. I'm going to give it a shot on Monday or Tuesday, depending of the weather.

Concerning Jessica Biel, I do admit that she had killing arms in this movie! It's a bit funny that your ''goal'' is Jessica Biel though, because my cousin, her friend and I have this thing that we don't like much this actress LOL My cousin and her friend even call her ''Stick figure with no soul''. But as long as you keep your soul gaining those fab arms, no worry! ;)

Ah, so yeah... it's been a little while. Just take it easy and if its STILL bothering you I would go see the doctor again. :(

LOL I don't actually like Jessica Biel at all as an actress or really covet her body now that she has slimmed down again. I just think she looked great in that movie when she was all buffed up, and I feel like that's actually attainable for me in the next few months if I keep working hard. :)

krampus 01-05-2013 07:09 PM

Drive-by update, personals tomorrow -

Weight was down to 125.2 this morning, I was hung over and slept late so I'm sure that had something to do with it. Decided against cat goth night and regretted it - it was one of those TERRIBLE nights out where people who typically get along start fighting and then act like a$$holes to everyone else. Not my cup of tea. The hard truth is that a few people in my friend circle are definitely alcoholics or headed in that direction. I sometimes wonder what they would do if they had to find non-drinking things to do?

I saw The Hobbit again today with my dad and went shopping at H&M - found some very cute things! I'm meeting my BF and his friend visiting from Connecticut for dinner at a pub, which has THE BEST WINGS IN THE UNIVERSE but also has nice sandwiches, salads and less straight-up junk.

Chez Cora ben et dictine, New Year's Day breakfast. I love the fruit assortment!

Moving Forward 01-05-2013 08:13 PM

Hi ladies. I've been occasionally trolling your threads, wishing to someday actually feel like a featherweight. :dizzy: I had to jump into today because I was struck by all the amazing food porn you all put up. Wherever you are eating, I want to be there too! (Well, with a few exceptions you've all pointed out, including the Yelp review!). Best wishes and bon appetite to you all in 2013.

OhThePlaces 01-05-2013 08:56 PM

Joss, I admire your self control in staying away from the scale! I don't feel too hung up on the numbers right now, but if I start to, I think I'd have a hard time getting away from daily weigh-ins. It's such a habit for me these days! I'm sure it will feel so much easier when you're hubby's house feels like "home" and it sounds like you're making little changes in the right direction, which is awesome. WOOHOOO for paying off your car! Isn't it an awesome feeling? We paid mine off a few months ago and my husband's has been paid off for a few years, it's so nice not to have that money going out each month.

The birthday celebration went pretty well, thanks for asking! I stuck to just one slice of pizza and a side salad and felt satisfied. I had two cupcakes instead of one, but that only totalled 220 calories, so no biggie.

Turbo, my daughter has been in the terrible twos from birth! Haha! She's a sassy diva, thankfully she's cute and turns on the charm when she need to.

It sounds like you had a great time visiting with all of your families... that's a lot of travel! I totally feel you on the out of control holiday eating and I also gained 9 lbs... that's a pretty scary jump on the scale, isn't it? I've been back OP for a week now and all but 2.2 lbs have gone away... Thank God.

Alexistrophic, your food bender does sound pretty moderate, so at least you know if could have been way worse. I like your *note to self* but I know that for me, when I'm in the midst of out of control eating, I don't give a **** what the food tastes like. Sad, but true.

Bayzee, I gained twice as much weight in half the time during my Christmas visit with my parents, so you could have done worse! Sorry you have the post-vacay blues. It's hard enough getting back to the real world and I'm sure it makes it even worse when you're going from one climate extreme to another. Hopefully in a few days when some water weight falls off and you're back into your routine, you'll feel better.

Olehcat, sorry that your shopping trip was a bust... What a bummer. Just remember that you are doing great and clothes will continue to fit better and better as the weight comes back off.

Krampus, I just googled "Chez Cora ben et dictine" because I had no idea what that mass of food under the melty stuff was. OMG... it sounds amazing! I am such a sucker for breakfast food. Sorry that last night wasn't a good one, but yay for movie dates with your dad and shopping. I haven't been into an H&M in a long while... If I ever get some extra money to blow I'll have to go!

Moving Forward, isn't the food porn amazing in here? lol You're welcome anytime! ;)
Well I had a great day shopping with my mom and aunt. We ate at Panera, so I could get my favorite lunch for 250 calories (the 1/2 portion BBQ chopped chicken salad). I fly out to TX on Wednesday for my best friend's wedding and I finally found shoes to wear with my MOH dress today. Victory!

I've been OP for a week now, so it's safe to say that all of the water weight from my week-long holiday food binge is long gone. I accepted the fact and changed my profile weight... Goodbye 120s, I enjoyed the whole 4 or 5 days that I knew you. ;) Now for a really annoying complaint about weight loss... I don't have any dress-clothes that fit! I know, wahh wahh my clothes are too big, but seriously. One of the perks to getting thinner is supposed to be feeling great in your clothes and while my everyday clothes fit well (since I've recently shopped for smaller jeans and t-shirts), my slacks, dresses and skirts just look baggy and sloppy at this point. We are Sunday church-goers, and I know that God doesn't care about my outfit choice, but I do! Money is tight this month because of Christmas, Ruby's birthday and all the travel, but I can't wait until I can buy some new clothes!!

Bayzee 01-06-2013 02:20 PM

Last night we had friends over for our "New Year's" dinner since we were away. I made my famous back ribs, cream cheese mashed potatoes, asparagus and roasted brussel sprouts. I planned on skipping on the potatoes, but I didn't. Then...3 glasses of wine..then 2 margaritas. OH MY! At least I passed on the late night snacks. So much for getting back OP. Then today for lunch, I ate the leftovers. I could not bare to see it go in the garbage.

I've been really hungry since I've been home and craving carbs like crazy. I seriously feel like I'm having withdrawls! LOL! In a sense, getting back to work tomorrow will help me be back on a routine.

__________________________________________________ __________
Joss...I know exactly what you mean about the best poops when you're off plan! LOL! I was pooping 2-3 times a day in Mexico...nice, solid, big ones too! Not the Mexican diareha :) I knew I was eating too much guac when my poops turned green! I know...TMI!

You and your hubby look sooo happy together. It amazes me how strong you are to be apart from him. It's good you bought a ticket already to see him soon. It gives you something to look forward to.

I am going to PM you about my workout plan. Honestly, I feel lost with SO many books, videos and info out there. But I know one thing...I want to get leaner and develop more muscle tone. I'm not looking for Jessica Biel guns, but I know they will look awesome on you!

Krampus...Drinking seems to be the heart of social situations. Sometimes I don't even want to drink, but I do because everyone seems to be having so much fun! I have been known to "let it out" when I've been really drunk...not good the next morning. lol! I'm sure your friends feel terrible, but they might not admit it.

Damn...that Breakfast looks awesome! Did you stay in Old Montreal? That's where we usually stay. I love Old Montreal and Old Quebec City. But they are certainly not cheap places to visit it you enjoy the finer things in life :)

Ohtheplaces...Congrats on staying OP. I'm really struggling to get back on track. Losing weight is great but I can relate to the "nothing fits" anymore. I try and buy a couple of things every pay, but that's not realy how it works. Sometimes I find a ton of stuff I want, but other times, nothing. So now, if I like it, I but it...even if it means going over my spending.

Turbo...SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW here too. Don't worry about your gain over the holidays. There is no way you put on 9lbs of fat. I bet you will see a big drop soon.

Olecat...Shopping is my favorite thing to do, but not when I'm looking for something specific. I find the best dresses and outfits when I don't need them!

Alex...I need to get more of the Ezikiel bread. I'm craving carbs like crazy and I think it might be a healthy way to feel like I got my carb fix. Hubby likes it toasted too, so that's good. Getting back on plan seems hard for most here, so I shouldn't be surprised that I feel hungry all of the time right now.


JossFit 01-06-2013 02:55 PM

Happy Sunday Feathers!

OK, so I normally try to avoid most processed snack foods, but I have been eyeballing the Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt for a while and finally picked up a package yesterday. Each package has 3 individual cups with 100 calories each. They are a bit high in sugar but for a sweet fix I figured they might be decent.

OMG. Wow. They taste amazing! They have several fruit flavors but I opted for the vanilla bean and it was seriously delish. The cup is small and its taking some willpower not to eat the other two... LOL but it was good. :)

I went and saw my massage therapist today so that was awesome. It's always nice to get a rub down!

Where did the weekend get off to already?! I am so not ready to go back to work tomorrow, but I do get to go visit my BFF in Phoenix next weekend so that should be fun. I'm going to let myself have some drinks and dinner out on Saturday but then I'm back on plan until Valentine's Day! I have GOT to get these holiday pounds off. Blech!


Bayzee - Wow, that sounds like a great dinner and a great party! I had tilapia and asparagus last night... jealous? ;)

You probably ARE having carb withdrawls! I have had some headaches the past few days and I honestly think that has something to do with it. Today is my 6th day back OP and things are getting easier though. Hang in there!

hahaha I love that we can talk about poop here! I normally have nice BMs anyway and am pretty regular, but over the Christmas vacation I was doing that like 2-3 times a day too! Not to mention the occasional rabbit turds too... haha

You know, my husband and I have our little issues just like any couple, and the time apart can be hard, but we really are very happy. Then again, we don't see eachother much and you know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder. My massage therapist and I were talking about it just today in fact; her husband is military too and she LIKES when he's gone. It makes their time together more special and it also gives them both some breathing room. It's the same for my hubby and I. It's not ideal, but I think we will always have separate trips because of work and other life events that will help us to 'keep the sparkle' as my massage therapist put it.

Feel free to PM away! I'll help in whatever way I can. :)

OhThePlaces - Honestly its easier for me NOT to weigh! haha I don't need the drama! :)

It does feel good to have the car paid off, and it will feel even better next month when I don't have that money coming out of my account. My savings did take a hit but I'm pretty good about putting money in savings each month (except for the past few... holidays!) but I should be able to get that back in there soon.

I'm glad you found the shoes! The rest of the wardrobe stuff IS frustrating though, and I'm sure we've all been there so you don't need to feel like we're rolling our eyes at you. Thats what the Feather's chat is for! To complain about those things we can't really put out there and expect other people to be able to relate to right now.

Nice job on the pizza! Um, I ate a whole pizza one of those nights I was visiting my husband. AFTER I had dinner. No joke. God I'm gross... hahaha
Point being, I'm bad about pizza portion control. :D

Movingforward - Welcome! I'm glad we've been entertaining you. :) Feel free to chime in whenever!

Krampus - That fruit looks somewhat phalic to me. I think it's the position of the banana. :D It looks great though!

I LOVE H&M but like most things worth a damn there isn't one anywhere near me. I haven't been to one in so long!

I'm sorry your night out didn't go well; it sounds like there was a bit of drama. I avoid that at all costs.

What did you end up having at the pub last night?

TurboMammoth 01-06-2013 03:51 PM

krampus : I need to go see the Hobbit soooo bad. We were such in a rush before the holidays that we were not able to find an evening to go see it. Is it good? I heard some people were disapointed, like ''LOTR is so much better''... There is a huge gap between the childish style of the Hobbit and LOTR...

Awww I love H&M, but the store in my town is always such a mess, it takes forever to find your size. And YUUUUMMM, Cora's food!

Movingforward : Hi and welcome! :)

Ohtheplaces : I laughed when you mentioned your daughter being a sassy diva hehe! What is it gonna be at 13? ;)

Bayzee : Your NYE dinner sounds awesommeeee. Cream cheese mashed potato must be deliciiiious! Where were you in Mexiso exactly? I spent a week in Riviera Maya near Playa Del Carmen 2 years ago and I loooooved it!

Joss : You must be thrilled to be going to see your boyfriend again this quickly! :) When are you moving there for good?


Hi feathers! Still not OP, but I'm planning on turning the page tomorrow and starting all over again!

At least we went for a 9 kilometer of snowshoeing this afternoon : it was awesome AND a really good workout. It's a place we never went, quite close to our place. We hike there from times to times in the summer but we never got there in the winter... It is so pretty and close to us, I might head there during the week by myself if I end up being alone and bored at home! And we are definitely going back there for a longer trail next time.

As we were going downhill, we met 2 guys that were going uphill. They step on the side to let us pass, and I managed to fall on my butt and slide down all the hill that way. I stopped just by the first guy who was ''Oh well that is another way to do it''. I am so graceful. :D

Here is a few pictures :

We ended up eating our lunch on top a this hill with this scenery :)

View on a frozen lake where we go camping by from times to times in the summer.

Snooooow :D (...aaaand a frozen end after I took up my mitten, bend down to strap back my snowshoe and ended up on my 2 hands after loosing my balance yaaaay)


olehcat 01-06-2013 04:17 PM

turbomammoth - wow, lookit all that snow! That area is GORGEOUS. We don't have any hills. Or even any snow right now, lol, aside from a smattering here in there in shady areas.

@jossfit - I hear you on not wanting to go back to work. I've been on vacation for 2 weeks. I am REALLY feeling my inner toddler whining away about it right now! A want another week! ;D I am also staying away from the scale. I'm really terrified right now to weigh, actually. I'm feeling this layer of fat on my stomach that wasn't there a few weeks ago and I KNOW it's from overeating and drinking way too much wine the last few weeks. Ugh. Oh, well. back to normal now! I actually don't regret it. I think we all need some times to let loose and just not care.

@bayzee - maybe that's my problem. I ONLY shop when I need something, LOL! Maybe I need to go more often and not have expectations and then be totally pleasantly surprised! :)

@movingforward - this group is so nice that I am here to chat with everyone, even though technically I'm not that close to my goal weight! And yes, the food porn is spectacular!

@krampus - OH MY GOSH, looks beautiful! I want some of that right now.

krampus 01-06-2013 07:09 PM

OK personals time!

I weighed in at 126.0 this morning after pub food (half a turkey Reuben, wings, a side salad because I felt bad about not eating vegetables, potato chips...) last night. Had a really blah start to the day but around 2 PM I got my mojo levels to a point where I decided to go out for a run since it was beautiful out (relatively - just a few degrees above freezing but we were below 0 F a few days ago so it feels warm!). I ran 4 miles on the bike path with a couple walk breaks because the path wasn't cleared, so I was running on hard packed icy snow. :\ Better than the treadmill though by a large margin!

I went shopping and to the Cracker Barrel for dinner, where it's easy to make reasonable food choices - I had chicken tenders with green beans, apple sauce and mac & cheese, half a corn muffin with butter, and like 1 bite of my dad's peach cobbler. After dinner I stopped at Target and loaded up on veggies and various incarnations of 2% milkfat Greek yogurt.

The boss may be back at work tomorrow - I legitimately can't remember when he returns to the US.

olehcat The fitting room either validates your existence completely or destroys any shred of self-esteem you have. Sorry you had such a tough time! I remember pretending I wore a size 8 when I was a 10 pushing a 12 - something about double digits versus single digits. Just out of curiosity, which store were you at? Sizing is such a relative thing - I can wear size 0 at Express and Old Navy, but size 6 pants are too tight at H&M.

TurboMammoth Ohhh look at all that snow up there! I almost froze to death in Montreal but it's warmer down here - which I like. Snowshoeing sounds like a lot of fun (except for the falling part), I'd love to try it someday! Looks like you had a fun Sunday. I'm sure as you get back into routine the scale and your pants will be kinder to you.

JossFit No H&M nearby eh, that's a shame! It's mostly really cheaply made but it is super inexpensive and good for when you just want a new outfit for no reason. I feel like I should really get around to getting certified as an ordained marriage minister or whatever the title is - I'm in the same boat as you beliefs-wise so none taken! Maybe if I get married I'll fly you up and have you marry us :P That Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt sounds...not as good as ice cream, but I'm glad you like it! I just eat Chobani or Fage cups when I get a hankering for sweetened yogurt.

Bayzee I get wicked carb withdrawals too when I eat a lot on vacation/over holidays...yours are probably especially bad because your regular diet is so low-carb and clean. Hang in there - I couldn't throw out CREAM CHEESE MASHED POTATOES either, and I don't even like potatoes. Sounds delicious! Alcohol isn't even my chemical vice of choice but most others are either (A) dangerous and unfit for human consumption or (B) just make me want to sit in a room by myself staring at things...so drinks it is.

OhThePlaces Your day out sounds like a lot of fun. I totally LOOOOVE Panera Bread but I'm really skeptical about the calorie counts on the salads - surely that must be for like, one cup of salad instead of the whole big bowl they give you?? I totally get where you're coming from about having dress clothes that fit flatteringly. It's annoying when you're not sure you're "done" yet either - I seem to be having no problem amassing cheap skinny clothes though.

Moving Forward You should start posting!

Domlacha Glad you debloated so quickly after the holidays!

OhThePlaces WOOT for two days in a row in the 130s! What is your current eating/exercise plan looking like these days?

JossFit 01-06-2013 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by krampus (Post 4578229)
That Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt sounds...not as good as ice cream, but I'm glad you like it! I just eat Chobani or Fage cups when I get a hankering for sweetened yogurt.

I guess I should have specified that it was so good because it DOES taste like ice cream! It's not at all tart like other frozen yogurts (Greek or otherwise) that I have tried. I was really surprised!

olehcat 01-07-2013 06:48 AM

@Jossfit - haha, I actually LIKE tart yogurt and don't like it to be too sweet!

@krampus - yep, so true (about trying clothes on). I was at Kohl's, so a variety of brands were involved. Oh well!

Ladies, I decided to face the music of the scale today. 146.6. So I put on 5 holiday pounds. *sigh* But at least it wasn't worse as I was beginning to fear, and I didn't go back up to my high of 151! So yay on that.

Hope everyone has a good Monday (as good as can be).

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