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JossFit 01-10-2013 09:44 AM

I feel like I've been such a crappy, unattentive friend to you all lately... time to catch up on some personals!

Olehcat - Sometimes just MOVING helps to get things 'moving'... Hopefully you're not having that issue anymore by the time you read this, but if things still feel stuck go for a quick jog or walk if you're able. Aside from that drinking a lot of water will help as will having a cup of coffee (for some people).

I'm glad you really like the IF method of eating! So many people are seeing it as this trendy thing to do, and like it's some sort of magic pill for instant weight loss (sort of like going gluten free even if you don't have Celiac's) but its about LIFESTYLE. If thats the way you tend to naturally eat, why fight it and eat first thing in the morning or 6 small meals a day? It's silly!

Thats great that you feel more relaxed about your actual weight too... thats the point I'm getting to! Yes, the scale for me is up, and it's because I've gained fat. Duh, I can see that! LOL but the scale isn't going to make me feel like a better or worse person.
I'm sure that once I start this program with my new trainer (:carrot: by the way... haha) he'll have me using the scale but I'll only be doing it for his reference, not my own. From the sounds of things so far he goes more by pictures anyway which is the REAL test. After all, no judge would ever look at me and go "wow, she looks great but I bet she's over 120 pounds..." and that's who he caters to. I digress, but you see what I mean.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Domlacha - Mmmm your breakfast yesterday sounded good! I love the combination of eggs and avocado. In fact, this morning I had a mix of egg whites and a whole egg, tomato, portabella mushrooms and avocado topped with a bit of salsa. Sometimes I like to have a couple of egg whites, avocado and salsa in 1/2 of a whole wheat pita for breakfast.

How was the theatre and Chinese? You know, I can honestly say that I'm not a fan of cream cheese wontons. Everyone seems to love them but they just taste like nothing to me. Too bland or something. Give me some chicken chow mein any day! :D

I am definitely looking forward to working with this trainer for several reasons; to get in shape is the primary reason (der!) but having a break from thinking about it and learning new things, as you mentioned, are definitely up there! I'm trying to picture the bridge move you spoke of... I don't know if I could do that! LOL I'm not good with plyometric/rapid movements. I'm better at holding heavy stuff. :) It sounds like a heck of a challenge but also a bit unsafe... I guess I'd have to see it in person.

Turbo - OMG sleeping kitties with paws over their sleeping kitty faces MELT MY HEART! Its like my kryptonite! Put that with a pint of cookies and cream ice cream and I'm done... tapping out. :D I sure miss my kitty... he had these HUGE paws with all this super soft long white fur that would grow out between the pads of his paws that I loved to pet!

I would never let him in my bedroom though because he had so much fur that the thought of it on my sheets grossed me out. If I ever accidentally left my bedroom door open for like a split second he would run under my bed and I'd have to shoo him out with a broom... little $hit. :)

I love your little milk frother... it IS cute! What a nice gift, and it's always better when they're actually USEFUL too! :)

I don't get how you and krampus wear boyshorts. They feel like diapers to me! It's too much material to go under clothing and not enough to run around in alone!

That's FANTASTIC that your hip didn't hurt during your run! I know you're hating that your cardio sucks but you WILL get it back, and the most important thing is that you are healed up and can do it again. Just stick with your training plan and don't push it too far, too fast. Super exciting though! Especially considering your appetite is getting back under control, your weight is coming down, and your tummy pooch is shrinking! Great news all around. :)

Bayzee - haha VS is such a money grubber but I love it. I spend more on their sweats/hoodies and smelly-good stuff than anything else. I have so much lingerie that has been worn like ONCE or twice but most of the time I stick to my sports bras... hahaha.

I wrote back to your PM about the training thing... but yea... stoked. :) SCARED, but stoked.

Ugh, I'm sorry to welcome you to the 'this can't be water weight' club, but, um, welcome? At least we're all in it together!

Alexis - You know, it's IS an investment, isn't it? I've never regretted the money I spent on my first trainer/nutritionist because I learned SO much from her! I'm hoping this will do the same for me, even though I know much more now. Good way to look at it! It makes me feel less like a crazy spender... heck between that ($1200 for the program) and paying off my car AND all the plane tickets/holidays that we just had I feel like a spendin' fool!

Oooh, I like your take on s'mores for breakfast too! I think on Saturday my plan is to mix chocolate chips and mini marshmallows into my quinoa before I cook it, instead of incorporating them into a pancake. I figure I better enjoy those small indulgences now before I start this program and they're all taken away from me! I doubt I'll even be able to have almond butter, salad dressing or anything of that sort while I'm on it.

LOL your orchestra debacle sounds interesting... hahaha. Thats so neat that you play an instrument! Not too many adults really do, do they?

Krampus - I may have missed your intention in the post, but are the tent camping trip and the trip to the Keys one in the same? With as much fun as you have I wouldn't be surprised if they were two different events.

LOL about getting into bikini shape... don't be modest, rock it! I know what you mean about not being good with deadlines. I know if I ever DID do a competition for real I would HAVE to have a trainer because otherwise I'd sabotage myself. Too much pressure or something. You're right though, you're in bathing suit shape now so just keep doing your thing! No need to stress over 1/2 ounce of fat loss that nobody but you will notice anyway! :)

I honestly can't say I've really been having a 'rough time' just boredom, you know? I'm tired of trying to come up with new workouts and tired of the 'paralysis by analysis' I tend to get. Lets let someone else deal with that ****! I realized that I'm NOT yet a professional, yet I'm trying to get into pro shape. I should let a PRO handle it! :D

I'll have to check out the dumplings next time I make it into a Trader Joes. I picked up some of their frozen turkey meatballs and I LOVED them! I am glad I just finished them off because again, I doubt I'd be allowed them on this plan. I'm hitting up TJs in April when I'm done though!

Alexistrophic 01-10-2013 10:40 AM

Bayzee ~ Keep at it, girl! Remember that slow and steady wins the race.

Dom ~ Well, maybe you need a "back to school wardrobe"! (lol - I'm an enabler) How was the play??

Krampus ~ I loved your "retrain the brain" comment. I keep thinking that now whenever I'm eating. Gotta "retrain the brain"...

Turbo ~ LoL at YOUR salesgirl. I once told a salesguy at a perfume counter that I wanted to smell like "hope and sex". (Not "sexy"... "sex"... b.c I'm classy like that) Such a cute cat story! And I also troll the celebrity gossip pages, mostly while drinking coffee. ;)

Joss ~ Wowza! *hums "simply the best"* Go big or go home, baby. And I can TOTALLY see you achieving that look in 12 weeks or less. I'm looking forward to watching your progress because you're seriously not that far away from that look now. Will you actually be doing a competition?

olehcat ~ So cool that you were a music major!!! What was your concentration? After that concert thing happened, I youtubed a bunch of "concert fail" videos to make myself feel better. (timpani fail was my personal favorite) Happens to the best of 'em, I suppose.
And I'm trying out my own brand of IF-ing now. The plan is to stick to fruits and veggies until dinner time and then see how I feel. Mark Bittman (NYT food critic) does something similar. He calls it Vegan until Dinnertime (http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/0...re-dinnertime/) and I liked the idea. It's like kinder, gentler IF. I find that when I have at least some fruit and veggies in me, I'm not as "jump off a cliff" hungry when it comes to dinner, so I'm less likely to overindulge and go on an all out binge.

Food victory last night: Once again, I succumbed and ate after my cut-off (sampling something my mom had made)... BUT I didn't let it turn into an all out binge (usually my mindset is "F-it. I've already screwed up. Might as well eat the house...") I just calmly continued on with my evening and got myself to bed.... AND>>> I managed to hold steady on the scale this morning! No random jump

All of this to reinforce this idea I'm trying to cultivate that eating is about nourishment- physical and emotional. Not abuse. My ultimate goal is to be around 130-135 (about Turbo's set point), but I want to be there long-term. We don't sell yo-yo's here anymore!

krampus 01-10-2013 03:52 PM

Hey Feathers,

It's quiet in here today! I weighed in 0.8 lbs up from yesterday this morning - I was HUNGRY after work yesterday and had half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on low-calorie bread as a snack at 10 PM, but I'm not sure where the rest of that upswing came from. Oh well.

Got up and banged out a quick workout this morning (15 minutes HIIT and leg press - woo hoo, barely counts and I was running late so didn't get to shower) before coming to work. One of our Board members lost her husband to tongue cancer and we had a really stressful meeting basically confirming that with some new statewide policies taking effect, a lot of people are getting [email protected]$ked. It would be one thing if it was "wahh our company isn't making a profit" but we deal with poor old and disabled people who are at the mercy of the state. No easy solutions. :(

Tonight's plan is to see Django Unchained with my boyfriend and my dad (if he feels well enough to get out of bed...), and going to the Indian grocery store tonight for CHAAT, which is delicious and probably very salty:


Alexistrophic Hooray for food victories! Eating after cutoff doesn't have to mean eating everything, you're right, but it doesn't always feel that way. It's hard after years of thinking of it in black and white that food should never be punishment.

JossFit Haha, tent camping will be in the Keys - same trip. We're ballin' on a budget planning it less than a month out (also neither of us are exactly rolling in it). You must be EXCITED to get started with your trainer - those ladies are fiiiiiiiiit and it's always nice seeing client samples. By "paralysis by analysis" does that mean "reading about a program for 5 hours and then not doing any of it because you're afraid of not doing it perfectly?" Because I am kind of like that with weightlifting - I read about it for months before I ever lifted a weight. It's so backwards! Pancake looks huge, how big was it?

Panty Talk - I don't have the diaper issue if I buy em small enough but I know how that could happen with boyshorts.

olehcat That's really awesome that you are figuring out your ideal way of eating. IF in the "too busy for a big meal until dinner" sense is a good match for me when I'm busy at work, and on slower days I like splitting my calories between lunch and dinner, having lunch spread out from 1-3 PM. I'm sorry to read your periods were so bad - do you have PMDD? I've never been to Florida at all so I'm really excited.

Domlacha What a great day you're having - how was the play? I LOVE CREAM CHEESE WONTONS, such a perfect invention. I hope that today continued to be awesome, too.

TurboMammoth Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww your cat is the cutest. I totally don't know what coffee things are, my bad. ;___;

You may like this: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/201...tml?ref=garden

Bayzee The first few days back from vacation are always the hardest, but you are doing great getting back into the swing of things and immediately resuming workouts. Much easier to do that than to take another week or two off and realize you can't even run a mile anymore.

Bayzee 01-10-2013 05:28 PM

Olecat...I think it's great you are being less hard on yourself with weight. I could learn from that! I also like how you are finding an eating plan that works for you. However...don't lose sight of your goals because in a few months, you will only look back and say " I wished I'd been more on plan because I would have lost more weight by now. I am speaking from experience.

Alex...I never eat past 6 p.m. It's a crazy thing I have. Good for you for having the willpower to not overload. That is a huge accomplishment. YAY!

Krampus...Well I haven't reached my goal yet. I haven't seen the 111 range in months now, and I don't want to lose sight of that. The trip was a motivator, so now I'm using my summer as a motivator. I want to be in my best shape ever by July 1st. I look ok in a bikini; I'm certainly not looking the worse, but I am still so self-conscience. My dream is to put on a bikini and feel like I'm rocking it! (Joss' words)! LOL!

And what is CHAAT exactly? Looks like stuffed mushrooms in one pic. Looks yummy!

Dom...you are doing so well! Good for you!

Joss...I don't know if they are boyshorts really, really more hipsters. I love sleeping in them but I don't wear them with clothes I love shopping for lingerie, but not a fan of wearing the same things over again. It's like the excitement is gone after you wear it once! LOL!
And thanks for taking the time to PM.

Turbo...It's a milk frother, plain and simple! LOL! And your kitty is sooo cute.

Lockitup...You are on the right track. Keep pushing girl. Don't let the scale ruin your great progress.

I hope I didn't miss anyone.

I'm doing well with the eating and workouts. I weighed in at 116.8 today. Everyday it gets easier, feels more natural and I feel less bloated. I actually like eating clean. I love all veggies, fruits and protein, so I have no problems eating yummy meals that are clean. But I find it hard to "change it up" once and a while.

Now tomorrow is wine Friday. This is another issue all together, but I will enjoy some wine tomorrow night. Plus I love the "dehydration" weigh-in on Sat. LOL! I will not be having any snacks with my drinks...this is not really an issue for me. I just don't want to overdrink :)

TurboMammoth 01-10-2013 06:46 PM

domlacha : It is really great and inspiring reading about you seemed to have a great day! Don't know why, when my diet isn't going so well but I read people having great times, it gets me more cheerful :)

And MILK FROTHER! Yes! That is the word LOL thank you!

Joss : Woah, the women in the pictures you post look fierce!! I love your attitude that if you are going to hire someone, hire on of the best :D

I just looooove when the kitty put his paaaaaws on his eyyyyyes. I would literally call up my boyfriend from wathever room he is and make him come see the cat sleeping (''you made me stop my PS3 game for that!?'' -Oh yeah. OH YEAH)

Well, I just can't do tong for 2 main reasons : 1) I dislike the feeling of my b*tt rubbing on my jeans and 2) I dislike the feeling of this thing that feels like a spaceship wanted to discovers the fartest country ever by going up ang up and up and up my crack all day :D LOL

olehcat : Oh yeah, my cat has the finiest hear ever : he can here from the upper floor that I am changing sheet or filling up the fridge bottle water (for some unknown reason, he ADOOOOORES when we fill up his bowl...)

I love your new plan. The not caring for the numbers part is probably the greatest, but MAN THIS IS HARD. I did not step on my scale this morning and I was almost anxious through the day LOL

alexis : I don,t know what is up with the sale people, like if I would be one, I would totally be more able to help them finding what they want with request like that LOL oh YEAH for the food victory!

krampus : I don't what is CHAAT but the thing in your picture looks delicouuuuus. What is in there?? It is funny you are talking about Indian food, I am craving some and the kitchen of my favorite indian resto burned down so it is clooooose. That is so sad for the things going on in your compagny though. Poor lady for her husband with cancer...

I totally LOOOOVED the slideshow you posted. I was all ''AAAAW'' through the 16 pictures. Okay, I don't think I would be able to live with 42 cats (and like 7 dogs!) but the story is so cute. This woman really has a good soul.

Bayzee : Good luck with wine friday tomorrow! I'm thinking abotu eating out and drinking wine tonight, I might have something to celebrate, but I also don't want to throw out my diet already.. d*mmmn.


Hey feathers!! Did good foodwise today, maybe ate a bit too much this afternoon (I had an apple and an allbran cereal bar) but I was hungry and I decided I'd rather snack on something healthy than eating nothing and giving up later on craps. I had a light lunch (bowl of soup and few stick of celery with PB and a bit of yogout) so I guess it was normal to be hungry at some point in the afternoon... I made some tuna/potato nuggets tonight with a carrots slaw and I am feeling FULL. Oh yeah!

I went for a second small run today, still wanted to die from cardio and because it was freaking icy, I felt like I was going backward a bit with every stride. But the hip was okay. I might keep this routine for 2 weeks before adding hills to this, hills were the ones that was mainly triggering the pain.

I can't wait for my running to come back in a more natural ways (like a ways where I don't want to die after 3k) because right now I feel like I came back to when I started running and it is not a great feeling!!

olehcat 01-10-2013 09:25 PM

@turbo - Oh yes, not caring about the numbers. I came to another epiphany while doing my little strength training today (about 10 minutes worth). I realized that it really IS going to be how I look and measure and not the number on the scale. I mean, nobody but me and the doctor's office will ever have to know what that actual number is if I am wearing the size of clothes I wore when I was closer to my ideal weight and look awesome, right? You are brave to run on the ice/snow! I am too chicken. I know I will slip and break something!

@bayzee - very good point. I will keep that in mind. I AM still weighing myself, but I'm not beating myself up for my less than idea number right now. I know it's 2 1/2 weeks worth of damage -- will take at least that long for it to come off and get me back down to where I was before the holidays at least...which is still above where I want to be! ;) Your eating clean is awesome. I know I should be better about that right now, but I am adjusting to this new way of eating. Will tweak soon to make it cleaner...

@krampus - yep, had PMDD. Basically for about a third of every month, I was miserable and unable to function at 100 percent. I had about every conceivable symptom (fatigue, dizziness, horrible depression, homicidal rage, nausea, flu-like aching) and this was before my period even got there. So when my period came I had severe cramping that could keep me in bed for a day with vomiting etc. Sorry if that was tmi, lol. Also I used to put on at least 5 pounds every month and it would STAY on for about half the month! So weight loss felt absolutely FRUITLESS. Yep, was pure misery! :) Oh gosh, your food porn! *dies*

@alex - your plan sounds awesome as well! I like that idea of "vegan until dinner" too! I guess I sort of do that in that I eat my salad/veggies at lunch but nothing else until dinner!

I was a violin major when I was a music major! I really miss playing sometimes. I had my violin restringed a few years ago but I need a new bow and I just haven't been able to justify the expense yet!

@jossfit - you're not a bad friend, silly! And thanks! Yes, I don't think that IFing is a magic bullet. I could easily put on weight if I thought I could eat a HUGE amount during my eating window if I weren't careful, but it works better for me to have one meal that I can really look forward to with food I love and even a dessert rather than to have tiny meals all day where I have to eat ONLY super low calorie things. I'm excited to hear how your new training goes!

Nothing much to report for today. The IFing was easier today and I feel very satiated 3 hours after my one meal.

I ran/walked at the gym today (was pouring outside) and did some arm strength exercises for shoulder, biceps, and triceps. Man, I was doing dips off the edge of the weight bench -- that's not easy!

And my pooping is back to normal again! :)

krampus 01-11-2013 10:29 AM

Ugh I feel gross today. I was up 0.2 from yesterday so 1 lb higher than Wednesday, and I haven't lifted with my upper body since Monday - I have a friend coming up from NYC tonight and I actually told her to come later so I have time to go to the gym!

Saw Django Unchained last night, had a lot of weird feelings about it which I won't get too into here. I couldn't believe some of the parts people were laughing at! It was REALLY VIOLENT and I'm sure some of that inspired a lot of horrific nightmares. Also my BF and I were squabbling about nothing and I hate conflict so that was less than ideal.

The CHAAT was great, here is the Wikipedia article describing its contents. We also got a dosa - a huge thin bread type thing - no wonder I feel bloated today. It didn't get things moving as I hoped it would - two days, two poops (like one poop per day). Very frustrating...

olehcat I'm glad you have found a way to manage your PMDD, that is dreadful and I know a lot of women suffer from it. Glad you had a good IFing and working out day yesterday!

TurboMammoth I LOLed at your description of how wearing a thong feels. A SPACESHIP is not how I would put it but I like it! I bet you'll feel much better running after a week or so of keeping at it, at least you're continuing to do it rather than avoid it because you feel you lost some ability, you know?

Bayzee Happy Wine Day! I posted a link describing chaat; it's a really interesting combination of flavors. I hope I feel awesome in a bikini someday...I have like, loose skin on my stomach from yo-yo-ing so that may never happen, but with more lifting etc it's getting firmer!

JossFit 01-11-2013 10:48 AM

Its FRIIIIIIDAY, AND I'm going to Phoenix to see my bestie tomorrow... whoot whoot!

I got my phone consultation with my trainer scheduled, so I'll get to finally speak with him on Tuesday and then *hopefully* will be starting a program the following week, depending on how long it takes to put it together. We're going week by week so I don't think it will take too awful long to put together a week's worth of training/diet protocols.

I'm a little scared TBH. My calories have been all over the place, and I worry a bit about metabolic damage and how many calories he's going to start me off with. It would certainly be disheartening to GAIN at the onset of a program.

Until we start I'm going to keep my workouts moderate and keep my calories at "maintenance"... whatever THAT is! :) Hopefully that will keep me from having some sort of rebound.


Olehcat - Oh I didn't mean to imply that YOU think that IF is some magic bullet, simply that SOME people do... I see a lot of threads on this site and MPF asking who does it/has tried it/does it work?, etc. It's silly! haha I think I'm just one of those weird people that likes eating more frequently, so I do the 6 small meals a day (sometimes 5, sometimes 7 but mostly 6) and find that I really do enjoy it.

I am glad that it's working for you though! Whatever a person's way of eating is, compliance and consistency is what will show results. I think that's the biggest thing about this training/diet program I'm embarking on; hiring arguably the BEST trainer for the look I am going for definitely makes me want to be consistent. I know if I just do what he tells me I'll be back where I want to be. If I were to lose 1 pound each week that would be 12 pounds! Thats like EXACTLY what I need! haha

Nice job on the dips! Do you put your feet on a bench or a weight in your lap? If not, those are things you can do as you continue to progress. I find that standard bench dips are one of the most common incorrectly performed exercises people, especially women, perform. Do yourself a favor and Google some videos/pictures on proper form just to double check... doing them improperly can murder your shoulders/rotator cuffs and do some really bad damage!

Oh, and nice job on the poop too. :D

Turbo - They do look fierce! haha I will NOT be getting that lean... even if I wanted to it wouldn't be realistic right now nor would it be healthy. I am making it a point to tell my trainer that I want to look like a fitness MODEL as opposed to a fitness competitor. It might sound like simple semantics but the difference is pretty severe and can mean the difference between a sustainable figure and one that is really only going to 'peak' for a contest day and then there will be rebound. Physically and MENTALLY I have no reason to do that to myself!

Here's an example of the same woman modeling versus competing;



Thats just one of about a bazillion examples, but as you can see from the two photos she's MUCH leaner/harder when she's competing and I have NO need to strive for that.

I am also just cautious about damaging my metabolism and rebounding hard when I'm not even competing. I'll take bikini model looks over bikini competitor looks any day!


Yay, I'm so glad the running is coming along! Just don't fall on that ice and bust your @ss and have to start healing up all over again! Have you been using your milk frother for your coffee or is that a special treat thing? (OMG I just had a horrific thought; what if my trainer takes away my coffee creamer?! hahaha)

So you're getting back into the swing of things diet-wise then? I'm curious about these tuna/potato nugget things... did you mix up tuna and mashed potatos and pan fry or bake them? Tuna filled tater-tots are coming to mind...

(by the way, I hadn't had tater tots since I was a KID, but during our honeymoon trip in Vegas my husband and I had lunch at one place that served them so I had some with my sandwich and they were amazing! They tasted like childhood only better because they were perfectly seasoned and fresh... nom nom nom)

Bayzee - whoot whoot for Wine Friday! LOL I think I'll probably have a wine Saturday since I'll be visiting my bestie, and it will the the last time I have ANY alcohol for, um, 13-14 weeks at least?! Yikes! haha Its honestly not hard for me to give up... I've spent roughly 18 months overseas total plus I really dont' drink often anyway (once a month??) so I won't miss it.

I'm glad to see you finally getting back into your groove too! You and Turbo came back from your holiday trips later than some of the rest of us 'regulars' so we were already sweating it out and white-knuckling it when you two (and Alexistrophic too, I think) were still living it up! It sucks at first, but I think we can all agree it feels so much better to be 'on plan' after a while. A night or two of margaritas and nachos is amazing but after that I feel like a giant bag of crap and each day becomes harder and harder to get back under control. Shocker! LOL

Have you come up with any more solid plans on how you want to proceed with your own training? Are you going to see that trainer you told me about?

Krampus - I had to Google CHAAT to see what it was; it looks like it's basically the Indian answer to 'tapas' in that its a variety of smaller dishes meant as appetizers or to be shared. They had a lot of pictures on there and they all looked so good!
I wish I was more adventurous as an eater. Generally when I dine out I end up going for the same kinds of places but there are so many great looking 'ethnic' places in downtown Colorado Springs that I want to check out. Maybe the next time I visit my husband (well, the time AFTER next when I'm not on this program) maybe we should just take a walk downtown and eat at the first place that looks good. I would love to try some more Thai dishes or try Lebanese, Ethiopian, etc.

Anyway, how was it?

Your trip to the keys sounds like fun! I don't tend to think of myself as very spontaneous, but I sort of am. When I get an idea I just go for it, so I think you're the same way (at least with traveling). Is the weather going to be warm enough to camp out? I've never been to the Keys and have no idea what it's like this time of year

I think by "paralysis by analysis" I mean like, I'll see a training program and go "oh, that looks great!" and then I'll implement it and then a few days later see something else and repeat the process. Not with HUGE things, but little things like changing up my calorie intake, switching up my training or eating schedule, etc. The paralysis part basically refers to my PROGRESS lately... hahaha. I KNOW better, which is the part that pisses me off; I know you have to be consistent with whatever you do to gauge results but I'm impatient. Reason number ONE I'm hiring a trainer!

Alexistrophic - Seriously, F the yo-yo dieting! I am tired of it too! I did so well the last year and a half NOT yo-yo-ing and the previous couple of years losing very slowly but steadily. Now I'm gaining?! Forget that noise! I don't want to be that person any more than you do!

Congratulations on the food victory! It doesn't have to be so black or white, does it? Sometimes its those 'little' things that really do the most for us.

Did you ever decide on a new bag for work?

JossFit 01-11-2013 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by krampus (Post 4585682)
Ugh I feel gross today. I was up 0.2 from yesterday so 1 lb higher than Wednesday, and I haven't lifted with my upper body since Monday - I have a friend coming up from NYC tonight and I actually told her to come later so I have time to go to the gym!

Saw Django Unchained last night, had a lot of weird feelings about it which I won't get too into here. I couldn't believe some of the parts people were laughing at! It was REALLY VIOLENT and I'm sure some of that inspired a lot of horrific nightmares. Also my BF and I were squabbling about nothing and I hate conflict so that was less than ideal.

The CHAAT was great, here is the Wikipedia article describing its contents. We also got a dosa - a huge thin bread type thing - no wonder I feel bloated today. It didn't get things moving as I hoped it would - two days, two poops (like one poop per day). Very frustrating...

Aaah, we posted at the same time so you answered a lot of my questions already!

You know, I heard the same thing about that movie. I am sure I'll see it eventually but I don't think I'll go see it in a theatre... that's a 'watch at home' sort of movie I think. :dz:

I'm sorry you feel sort of bloated and gnarly today... I feel that way too. It's like, eating crap food almost takes a day or two to catch up with me. I think, hey, its not so bad... and then the next day BAM! Puffy face and fatty fatness. Grrr.

LOL its so wrong of me but my bestie has also put on some weight recently (she was unable to workout after her boob job and now she's getting ready to deploy for a YEAR which means 'eat all the foods!') so I actually feel a little better! Normally I would be embarassed but I'm not. :) We're in it together, and while I'm starting this program she'll be working her butt off overseas too.

krampus 01-11-2013 11:15 AM

JossFit Have a great trip! Say hi to LockItUp and enjoy the warmth! The Keys average 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit during February so it's definitely "warm enough" by my standards! I'm lucky in that I have some money put aside for travel (a savings account called "VACATION!") and am pretty good at finding deals. My BF is less stressed about money now and we're able to do some fun things in our down time.

You should TOTALLY try random new restaurants. There's limited choice where I live now but it's a big enough area where most ethnic foods are somewhat represented...still waiting on Ethiopian, which I love!

You know, I found a Jehovah's Witnesses magazine at the laundromat the other day with an article about impatience, and there was a picture of a fat guy eating fast food in his car with a blurb about how impatience makes you OBESE - I laughed a lot, but I get it - impatience for instant results is one of the hardest things to work through. I hope your new program goes well and gets off to a positive start!

TurboMammoth 01-11-2013 11:57 AM

olehcat : Oh are soooo right about a number being just a NUMBER. As you said, you don't mention your weight in every other conversations... Keep your epiphany coming, I love them!!! LOL

krampus : with the running, I think I'm going through the ''going back at it'' sucky hard part, but if I delay this time over and over, it will only get worse... It is just so humbling, it really get you in the cheesy feeling of ''don't take anything for granted''

For the tong, the boyfriend asked once ''why are you not wearing tongs? it is sexy'' and than I talked about a deal ''okay, I'm wearing a tong if you are trying one'' and he really likes my boyish undies now

I heard mixt reviews on Django too... I'm a huuuge fan of Tanrantino (and Dicaprio and Waltz in the acting crew) and I'm kinda scared to go see it now. I'm so late in movies though, haven't seen The Hobbit and The Mis yet neither

Joss : I hate to admit that I prefered the ''modeling'' type photo from the ''competition'' one. The modeling one looks much more natural in my opinion. I have a question though : why are they always to orange spray tan?? Is that for a purpose in particular?

Seriously if I fall during running, I'm gonna cry. I already fall in my stairs 2 days ago (scratch a hands, big blue spot on a knee, had to go back upstairs to change jeans and I scratchhh my favorite pair of leather boooooooots) so I'm being super cautious while I run.. Seriously, my stride is soooo small, it must be hilarious to look at my running LOL I also confused ''a little slushy water'' on the road and a ''2.5 inches deep hole full of icy water''.. my toes were frooooozen hehe.

I keep doing myself some incredible latte since I got the hang of my MILK FROTHER (I like plugging the word everywhere now that I know how it is called LOL). I'm so glad it is working well with skim milk! This morning I sprinkle cinnamon on top and yesterday I grated semi-sweet chocolat on it (like barely nothing)

For the nuggets, it is indeed mashed potato mixed with tuna, an egg and some breadcrumbs :) I cooked them in the pan with some spray oil thing and we it eat witth a little dip of FF greek yogourt, dill pickles and sweet pickles. Thanx to the mashed potatos, it is really filling!

Oh god I haven't eaten tater tots in FOREVEEEEEER. I loveeed them as a kid!

Motaini & LeilaJey : We miss you!


Hi hi hi!

Good news : I dropped my thesis this morning, meaning I am DOOOOONZOOOOOOO with this!!! Gonna be a Master in Science officially soon! It is such a releived. Plus I am super proud, I could not stop patting my thesis on the way to the faculty lol.

We wanted to go out to eat tonight but no resto was really tempting me, so we decided to have gourmet burger at home (by gourmet we mean putting blue cheese in it bwahahah) and then going out to the movies. I'd rather eat something I really want at home instead of going out and being ''meeeeeh''.

I took the morning relax after being done with the thesis but I need to clean up the place this afternoon before my friend gets here tomorrow morning.

On a totally random way, I bought a pineapple on monday and it was not quite ready, and it is STILL NOt.

Pineapple WHY U NOT RIPEN.


Alexistrophic 01-11-2013 04:06 PM

Joss ~ I like the "model" look better, too, but again just from the pics you've posted-- you're not too far away from that right now. You're right that there aren't that many adults who play instruments... unless they're professionals. (I have a friend whose dad plays in the NYPhil and the husband of one of my college friends just got accepted into the Dusseldorf Symphony. Go them!) When I was a kid, I used to think that I'd die before I'd play in a community orchestra, but just look at me now. :rolleyes: I love it, though. And the people who play are all for the most part competent avocationals with busy professional careers (as well as retirees and high school students. ;) )

Krampus ~ Ooooh, such fun you have in store! Do you do much tent camping? And I'm NOT a Tarantino fan, but I though Django looked interesting. I feel like I might have some similar issues with it to you, though. That blows about funding being cut from your program... And even worse that people who can't afford it are being affected. Whazzup with the conflict between you and the bf?

Turbo ~ :carrot::carrot:Congraaaaaaats!!! on your thesis being dropped and you being DOOOONNNNEEEE!!!! :carrot::carrot: You rock, girlfriend! It's like being a proud parent, no? You just delivered your firstborn. *sends flowers and a basket of goodies* I'm chuckling at your pineapple. Have you tried putting it in a paper bag? Maybe the same theory as what helps to ripen an avocado (gasses being trapped, etc.) My problem is that I put it into a paper bag and then forget about it until weeks later... :rolleyes:

~ Sheesh, if I could manage not to eat after 6PM, I'd be a STICK. Most of my out of control eating happens after dark. And I love the idea of "wine fridays"... Oh, happy day...

Ohlecat ~ Oh, yay! Another stringer in the group. I know Krampus plays violin, too. Are you doing anything with it now? Glad that things are "back to normal" in the b*room department. ;)


Planning on all you can eat sushi w. my bestie tonight, then shopping for some waterproof gloves for skiing.

Going to Belleayre for the day tomorrow and it's my first time skiing/snowboarding as an adult. Am fully planning on doing a "learning zone" for the first half of the day, at least. Figures. The weather's supposed to be 50 degrees and sunny. Oh, well...

Bayzee 01-11-2013 06:01 PM

I can't wait to have some wine. This week felt sooo loooong! I was actually dying for drink last night, but I fought through it.
I really miss my siestas and margaritas. Actually, I bought some limes to make a homemade margarita for later...if I'm craving one.

I made turkey sausage soup with barley for dinner. I figured I needed a few carbs to suck up the wine! It was yummy! Barley was my first real carb since last Saturday.

Alex...I get up early so dinner is always before 5 p.m., then I don't eat! Not even a recovery drink or shake after my workout (I workout between 7-8 p.m). It's psychological, and I tried to break it, but I can't. I'm like...Why work out if I'm just gonna drink or eat the calories I just burned? I drink water and herbal tea at night if I'm hungry.

Krampus...I'm a huge camper! We camp all summer. We did the tent thing for years, then a small trailer, now a huge RV. I love it. We thought about driving many times to camp in Keys but it's not cost effective at all with gas. An experience...yes! It's still a dream of mine.

Olecat...I know ALL about damage. I gained about 10-12 lbs this summer. Haven't lost it yet. I got close before my trip, but still didn't. I didn't get serious till October...I kept wishing I would have started in September when I went back to work; I know it would have made a difference. My point is...just keep your goal in check...and it seems like you are!

Turbo...Yay! Congrats! A Master's degree is a huge accomplishment! Way to go!

Joss...Have a great trip. Go wild girl...you're going to earn it! I have to say I like the modeling look better too. I think your abs look better though :)
I'm frustrated with my next step and feel I just wasted a week with no direction in my workouts. I'm the type that needs to be told what to do when working out, or I second guess myself. Sigh...

JossFit 01-12-2013 04:55 AM

I totally agree that the "modeling" look is better; that was my point! :D I'm aiming for that, as the other is unnecessary unless you are competing (which I'm not) and almost impossible to maintain.

LOL I'm getting brave here; everyone keeps saying I already look great, my abs are great, I'm not that far off, yada yada... but I am! I DON'T look the way I used to (I've put on like 10-15 pounds but I'm not sure how much) so here are the 'before' photos (taken on Wednesday night) that I sent to my trainer.





As you can see, it's a far cry from where I was and even further from where I want to be!

I'm off to the gym for an EARLY workout and then to the airport! I'm not going to go crazy because it will only set me back further and make things harder to start, but I am going to have some dinner and drinks tonight.

Have a good weekend Feathers! I'll check in Tuesday night and let you know how my program looks and how the talk with my trainer went!

olehcat 01-12-2013 09:51 AM

Hi, good morning, ladies!

I'm a fail the last few days -- haven't done great as far as my food intake. The fasting went well and I was really happy that I could do it. I always love that feeling of total denial and the empty feeling of my stomach and knowing I can eat well later. BUT I think I'm going to revise things a little for the coming week. Yesterday night I ate CRAP! And it wasn't because I was fasting and too hungry, but rather because I'd had a LONG, stressful week and it was Friday and I sank into my MUST REWARD SELF mode. *sigh* Half a frozen pizza, little bag of cherry sours (I NEVER eat candy, so wtf), large brownie and 2 glasses of wine later...UGH, grossness. It's almost like I WANT to regain all the weight. So I just negated the fasting benefit by doing all that because I know I went over my calorie allotment. And also I did not do well at having no wine during the week...

I've got to refigure some things today, that's my assignment. Alas, tomorrow is my dad's birthday party so there will be extra food that I don't plan for. Luckily HE'S not a huge sweets fan, so maybe he'll just have ice-cream which I'm not tempted by at all because it kills my stomach.

@jossfit - I just want to say that I would DIE to have your body right now, even pre-improvement. You look fantastic. I know you don't quite see the fantastic right now because you know you've looked BETTER in the past, but I don't know exactly (or I can't remember since I know I did read your success stories) what you looked like at your best, but you look great right now, too!
Naw, I know you weren't saying that I thought that IFing was a magic bullet, just saying it for myself! :) And as for dips, I do it with a weight bench with my feet forward on the ground. I looked at a very clear picture for how to place my body, but you're right - I should probably look up some videos, too! Still, those are haaaaard!

@bayzee - I actually need to refocus and recalibrate. My goal is always there, and I keep sabotaging myself. That's what I need to ask myself. Why is it that I think a temporary in-the-now pleasure is so much more important than my goal? I ate such crap last night and I didn't have to. So yeah, am going to be revising, revising, revising!

@alex - nope, not doing anything with my violin right now. :( I need to get a new bow for it and I just haven't been able to justify the expense. I did recently get my violin restringed after YEARS of neglect. I'd love to start playing again, although I don't know where I'd practice. I live in a duplex and I'm sure my neighbors wouldn't appreciate it!

@turbo - wow, congrats on your master's of science!!!! Rock on!

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