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krampus 01-05-2013 08:09 PM

Drive-by update, personals tomorrow -

Weight was down to 125.2 this morning, I was hung over and slept late so I'm sure that had something to do with it. Decided against cat goth night and regretted it - it was one of those TERRIBLE nights out where people who typically get along start fighting and then act like a$$holes to everyone else. Not my cup of tea. The hard truth is that a few people in my friend circle are definitely alcoholics or headed in that direction. I sometimes wonder what they would do if they had to find non-drinking things to do?

I saw The Hobbit again today with my dad and went shopping at H&M - found some very cute things! I'm meeting my BF and his friend visiting from Connecticut for dinner at a pub, which has THE BEST WINGS IN THE UNIVERSE but also has nice sandwiches, salads and less straight-up junk.

Chez Cora ben et dictine, New Year's Day breakfast. I love the fruit assortment!

Moving Forward 01-05-2013 09:13 PM

Hi ladies. I've been occasionally trolling your threads, wishing to someday actually feel like a featherweight. :dizzy: I had to jump into today because I was struck by all the amazing food porn you all put up. Wherever you are eating, I want to be there too! (Well, with a few exceptions you've all pointed out, including the Yelp review!). Best wishes and bon appetite to you all in 2013.

OhThePlaces 01-05-2013 09:56 PM

Joss, I admire your self control in staying away from the scale! I don't feel too hung up on the numbers right now, but if I start to, I think I'd have a hard time getting away from daily weigh-ins. It's such a habit for me these days! I'm sure it will feel so much easier when you're hubby's house feels like "home" and it sounds like you're making little changes in the right direction, which is awesome. WOOHOOO for paying off your car! Isn't it an awesome feeling? We paid mine off a few months ago and my husband's has been paid off for a few years, it's so nice not to have that money going out each month.

The birthday celebration went pretty well, thanks for asking! I stuck to just one slice of pizza and a side salad and felt satisfied. I had two cupcakes instead of one, but that only totalled 220 calories, so no biggie.

Turbo, my daughter has been in the terrible twos from birth! Haha! She's a sassy diva, thankfully she's cute and turns on the charm when she need to.

It sounds like you had a great time visiting with all of your families... that's a lot of travel! I totally feel you on the out of control holiday eating and I also gained 9 lbs... that's a pretty scary jump on the scale, isn't it? I've been back OP for a week now and all but 2.2 lbs have gone away... Thank God.

Alexistrophic, your food bender does sound pretty moderate, so at least you know if could have been way worse. I like your *note to self* but I know that for me, when I'm in the midst of out of control eating, I don't give a **** what the food tastes like. Sad, but true.

Bayzee, I gained twice as much weight in half the time during my Christmas visit with my parents, so you could have done worse! Sorry you have the post-vacay blues. It's hard enough getting back to the real world and I'm sure it makes it even worse when you're going from one climate extreme to another. Hopefully in a few days when some water weight falls off and you're back into your routine, you'll feel better.

Olehcat, sorry that your shopping trip was a bust... What a bummer. Just remember that you are doing great and clothes will continue to fit better and better as the weight comes back off.

Krampus, I just googled "Chez Cora ben et dictine" because I had no idea what that mass of food under the melty stuff was. OMG... it sounds amazing! I am such a sucker for breakfast food. Sorry that last night wasn't a good one, but yay for movie dates with your dad and shopping. I haven't been into an H&M in a long while... If I ever get some extra money to blow I'll have to go!

Moving Forward, isn't the food porn amazing in here? lol You're welcome anytime! ;)
Well I had a great day shopping with my mom and aunt. We ate at Panera, so I could get my favorite lunch for 250 calories (the 1/2 portion BBQ chopped chicken salad). I fly out to TX on Wednesday for my best friend's wedding and I finally found shoes to wear with my MOH dress today. Victory!

I've been OP for a week now, so it's safe to say that all of the water weight from my week-long holiday food binge is long gone. I accepted the fact and changed my profile weight... Goodbye 120s, I enjoyed the whole 4 or 5 days that I knew you. ;) Now for a really annoying complaint about weight loss... I don't have any dress-clothes that fit! I know, wahh wahh my clothes are too big, but seriously. One of the perks to getting thinner is supposed to be feeling great in your clothes and while my everyday clothes fit well (since I've recently shopped for smaller jeans and t-shirts), my slacks, dresses and skirts just look baggy and sloppy at this point. We are Sunday church-goers, and I know that God doesn't care about my outfit choice, but I do! Money is tight this month because of Christmas, Ruby's birthday and all the travel, but I can't wait until I can buy some new clothes!!

Bayzee 01-06-2013 03:20 PM

Last night we had friends over for our "New Year's" dinner since we were away. I made my famous back ribs, cream cheese mashed potatoes, asparagus and roasted brussel sprouts. I planned on skipping on the potatoes, but I didn't. Then...3 glasses of wine..then 2 margaritas. OH MY! At least I passed on the late night snacks. So much for getting back OP. Then today for lunch, I ate the leftovers. I could not bare to see it go in the garbage.

I've been really hungry since I've been home and craving carbs like crazy. I seriously feel like I'm having withdrawls! LOL! In a sense, getting back to work tomorrow will help me be back on a routine.

__________________________________________________ __________
Joss...I know exactly what you mean about the best poops when you're off plan! LOL! I was pooping 2-3 times a day in Mexico...nice, solid, big ones too! Not the Mexican diareha :) I knew I was eating too much guac when my poops turned green! I know...TMI!

You and your hubby look sooo happy together. It amazes me how strong you are to be apart from him. It's good you bought a ticket already to see him soon. It gives you something to look forward to.

I am going to PM you about my workout plan. Honestly, I feel lost with SO many books, videos and info out there. But I know one thing...I want to get leaner and develop more muscle tone. I'm not looking for Jessica Biel guns, but I know they will look awesome on you!

Krampus...Drinking seems to be the heart of social situations. Sometimes I don't even want to drink, but I do because everyone seems to be having so much fun! I have been known to "let it out" when I've been really drunk...not good the next morning. lol! I'm sure your friends feel terrible, but they might not admit it.

Damn...that Breakfast looks awesome! Did you stay in Old Montreal? That's where we usually stay. I love Old Montreal and Old Quebec City. But they are certainly not cheap places to visit it you enjoy the finer things in life :)

Ohtheplaces...Congrats on staying OP. I'm really struggling to get back on track. Losing weight is great but I can relate to the "nothing fits" anymore. I try and buy a couple of things every pay, but that's not realy how it works. Sometimes I find a ton of stuff I want, but other times, nothing. So now, if I like it, I but it...even if it means going over my spending.

Turbo...SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW here too. Don't worry about your gain over the holidays. There is no way you put on 9lbs of fat. I bet you will see a big drop soon.

Olecat...Shopping is my favorite thing to do, but not when I'm looking for something specific. I find the best dresses and outfits when I don't need them!

Alex...I need to get more of the Ezikiel bread. I'm craving carbs like crazy and I think it might be a healthy way to feel like I got my carb fix. Hubby likes it toasted too, so that's good. Getting back on plan seems hard for most here, so I shouldn't be surprised that I feel hungry all of the time right now.


JossFit 01-06-2013 03:55 PM

Happy Sunday Feathers!

OK, so I normally try to avoid most processed snack foods, but I have been eyeballing the Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt for a while and finally picked up a package yesterday. Each package has 3 individual cups with 100 calories each. They are a bit high in sugar but for a sweet fix I figured they might be decent.

OMG. Wow. They taste amazing! They have several fruit flavors but I opted for the vanilla bean and it was seriously delish. The cup is small and its taking some willpower not to eat the other two... LOL but it was good. :)

I went and saw my massage therapist today so that was awesome. It's always nice to get a rub down!

Where did the weekend get off to already?! I am so not ready to go back to work tomorrow, but I do get to go visit my BFF in Phoenix next weekend so that should be fun. I'm going to let myself have some drinks and dinner out on Saturday but then I'm back on plan until Valentine's Day! I have GOT to get these holiday pounds off. Blech!


Bayzee - Wow, that sounds like a great dinner and a great party! I had tilapia and asparagus last night... jealous? ;)

You probably ARE having carb withdrawls! I have had some headaches the past few days and I honestly think that has something to do with it. Today is my 6th day back OP and things are getting easier though. Hang in there!

hahaha I love that we can talk about poop here! I normally have nice BMs anyway and am pretty regular, but over the Christmas vacation I was doing that like 2-3 times a day too! Not to mention the occasional rabbit turds too... haha

You know, my husband and I have our little issues just like any couple, and the time apart can be hard, but we really are very happy. Then again, we don't see eachother much and you know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder. My massage therapist and I were talking about it just today in fact; her husband is military too and she LIKES when he's gone. It makes their time together more special and it also gives them both some breathing room. It's the same for my hubby and I. It's not ideal, but I think we will always have separate trips because of work and other life events that will help us to 'keep the sparkle' as my massage therapist put it.

Feel free to PM away! I'll help in whatever way I can. :)

OhThePlaces - Honestly its easier for me NOT to weigh! haha I don't need the drama! :)

It does feel good to have the car paid off, and it will feel even better next month when I don't have that money coming out of my account. My savings did take a hit but I'm pretty good about putting money in savings each month (except for the past few... holidays!) but I should be able to get that back in there soon.

I'm glad you found the shoes! The rest of the wardrobe stuff IS frustrating though, and I'm sure we've all been there so you don't need to feel like we're rolling our eyes at you. Thats what the Feather's chat is for! To complain about those things we can't really put out there and expect other people to be able to relate to right now.

Nice job on the pizza! Um, I ate a whole pizza one of those nights I was visiting my husband. AFTER I had dinner. No joke. God I'm gross... hahaha
Point being, I'm bad about pizza portion control. :D

Movingforward - Welcome! I'm glad we've been entertaining you. :) Feel free to chime in whenever!

Krampus - That fruit looks somewhat phalic to me. I think it's the position of the banana. :D It looks great though!

I LOVE H&M but like most things worth a damn there isn't one anywhere near me. I haven't been to one in so long!

I'm sorry your night out didn't go well; it sounds like there was a bit of drama. I avoid that at all costs.

What did you end up having at the pub last night?

TurboMammoth 01-06-2013 04:51 PM

krampus : I need to go see the Hobbit soooo bad. We were such in a rush before the holidays that we were not able to find an evening to go see it. Is it good? I heard some people were disapointed, like ''LOTR is so much better''... There is a huge gap between the childish style of the Hobbit and LOTR...

Awww I love H&M, but the store in my town is always such a mess, it takes forever to find your size. And YUUUUMMM, Cora's food!

Movingforward : Hi and welcome! :)

Ohtheplaces : I laughed when you mentioned your daughter being a sassy diva hehe! What is it gonna be at 13? ;)

Bayzee : Your NYE dinner sounds awesommeeee. Cream cheese mashed potato must be deliciiiious! Where were you in Mexiso exactly? I spent a week in Riviera Maya near Playa Del Carmen 2 years ago and I loooooved it!

Joss : You must be thrilled to be going to see your boyfriend again this quickly! :) When are you moving there for good?


Hi feathers! Still not OP, but I'm planning on turning the page tomorrow and starting all over again!

At least we went for a 9 kilometer of snowshoeing this afternoon : it was awesome AND a really good workout. It's a place we never went, quite close to our place. We hike there from times to times in the summer but we never got there in the winter... It is so pretty and close to us, I might head there during the week by myself if I end up being alone and bored at home! And we are definitely going back there for a longer trail next time.

As we were going downhill, we met 2 guys that were going uphill. They step on the side to let us pass, and I managed to fall on my butt and slide down all the hill that way. I stopped just by the first guy who was ''Oh well that is another way to do it''. I am so graceful. :D

Here is a few pictures :

We ended up eating our lunch on top a this hill with this scenery :)

View on a frozen lake where we go camping by from times to times in the summer.

Snooooow :D (...aaaand a frozen end after I took up my mitten, bend down to strap back my snowshoe and ended up on my 2 hands after loosing my balance yaaaay)


olehcat 01-06-2013 05:17 PM

turbomammoth - wow, lookit all that snow! That area is GORGEOUS. We don't have any hills. Or even any snow right now, lol, aside from a smattering here in there in shady areas.

@jossfit - I hear you on not wanting to go back to work. I've been on vacation for 2 weeks. I am REALLY feeling my inner toddler whining away about it right now! A want another week! ;D I am also staying away from the scale. I'm really terrified right now to weigh, actually. I'm feeling this layer of fat on my stomach that wasn't there a few weeks ago and I KNOW it's from overeating and drinking way too much wine the last few weeks. Ugh. Oh, well. back to normal now! I actually don't regret it. I think we all need some times to let loose and just not care.

@bayzee - maybe that's my problem. I ONLY shop when I need something, LOL! Maybe I need to go more often and not have expectations and then be totally pleasantly surprised! :)

@movingforward - this group is so nice that I am here to chat with everyone, even though technically I'm not that close to my goal weight! And yes, the food porn is spectacular!

@krampus - OH MY GOSH, looks beautiful! I want some of that right now.

krampus 01-06-2013 08:09 PM

OK personals time!

I weighed in at 126.0 this morning after pub food (half a turkey Reuben, wings, a side salad because I felt bad about not eating vegetables, potato chips...) last night. Had a really blah start to the day but around 2 PM I got my mojo levels to a point where I decided to go out for a run since it was beautiful out (relatively - just a few degrees above freezing but we were below 0 F a few days ago so it feels warm!). I ran 4 miles on the bike path with a couple walk breaks because the path wasn't cleared, so I was running on hard packed icy snow. :\ Better than the treadmill though by a large margin!

I went shopping and to the Cracker Barrel for dinner, where it's easy to make reasonable food choices - I had chicken tenders with green beans, apple sauce and mac & cheese, half a corn muffin with butter, and like 1 bite of my dad's peach cobbler. After dinner I stopped at Target and loaded up on veggies and various incarnations of 2% milkfat Greek yogurt.

The boss may be back at work tomorrow - I legitimately can't remember when he returns to the US.

olehcat The fitting room either validates your existence completely or destroys any shred of self-esteem you have. Sorry you had such a tough time! I remember pretending I wore a size 8 when I was a 10 pushing a 12 - something about double digits versus single digits. Just out of curiosity, which store were you at? Sizing is such a relative thing - I can wear size 0 at Express and Old Navy, but size 6 pants are too tight at H&M.

TurboMammoth Ohhh look at all that snow up there! I almost froze to death in Montreal but it's warmer down here - which I like. Snowshoeing sounds like a lot of fun (except for the falling part), I'd love to try it someday! Looks like you had a fun Sunday. I'm sure as you get back into routine the scale and your pants will be kinder to you.

JossFit No H&M nearby eh, that's a shame! It's mostly really cheaply made but it is super inexpensive and good for when you just want a new outfit for no reason. I feel like I should really get around to getting certified as an ordained marriage minister or whatever the title is - I'm in the same boat as you beliefs-wise so none taken! Maybe if I get married I'll fly you up and have you marry us :P That Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt sounds...not as good as ice cream, but I'm glad you like it! I just eat Chobani or Fage cups when I get a hankering for sweetened yogurt.

Bayzee I get wicked carb withdrawals too when I eat a lot on vacation/over holidays...yours are probably especially bad because your regular diet is so low-carb and clean. Hang in there - I couldn't throw out CREAM CHEESE MASHED POTATOES either, and I don't even like potatoes. Sounds delicious! Alcohol isn't even my chemical vice of choice but most others are either (A) dangerous and unfit for human consumption or (B) just make me want to sit in a room by myself staring at things...so drinks it is.

OhThePlaces Your day out sounds like a lot of fun. I totally LOOOOVE Panera Bread but I'm really skeptical about the calorie counts on the salads - surely that must be for like, one cup of salad instead of the whole big bowl they give you?? I totally get where you're coming from about having dress clothes that fit flatteringly. It's annoying when you're not sure you're "done" yet either - I seem to be having no problem amassing cheap skinny clothes though.

Moving Forward You should start posting!

Domlacha Glad you debloated so quickly after the holidays!

OhThePlaces WOOT for two days in a row in the 130s! What is your current eating/exercise plan looking like these days?

JossFit 01-06-2013 08:19 PM


Originally Posted by krampus (Post 4578229)
That Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt sounds...not as good as ice cream, but I'm glad you like it! I just eat Chobani or Fage cups when I get a hankering for sweetened yogurt.

I guess I should have specified that it was so good because it DOES taste like ice cream! It's not at all tart like other frozen yogurts (Greek or otherwise) that I have tried. I was really surprised!

olehcat 01-07-2013 07:48 AM

@Jossfit - haha, I actually LIKE tart yogurt and don't like it to be too sweet!

@krampus - yep, so true (about trying clothes on). I was at Kohl's, so a variety of brands were involved. Oh well!

Ladies, I decided to face the music of the scale today. 146.6. So I put on 5 holiday pounds. *sigh* But at least it wasn't worse as I was beginning to fear, and I didn't go back up to my high of 151! So yay on that.

Hope everyone has a good Monday (as good as can be).

OhThePlaces 01-07-2013 08:30 AM

Doing a quick drive-by! These next few days are going to be cray-zay. I am going on what seems like a first date this morning... AKA a playdate with a new mom's group. I have 3 friends here, but they all still teach FT and I really need to make some SAHM friends to hang with during the week. One of my NY resolutions was to join a mom's group and attempt to meet people. These situations are so awkward though! I hope there are a lot of moms there so the chances of clicking with someone are better. Eek!

LockItUp 01-07-2013 11:22 AM

OhThePlaces - That sounds like a NIGHTMARE to me, lol! I’ve longed for mom friends with kids my kids’ age, but I’ve had such bad experiences with other moms like at the park, or other places like that. I am so scared to join a group and be the one that does fit in, which I know is kind of silly, but it keeps me from doing it. I feel ya on the no work clothes that fit thing. I have literally ONE pair of work pants, that is IT! Most of my work tops are too big too, but oversized shirts are a little easier to get away with than big baggy bottoms. I feel like a slob most of the time.

Olehcat – 5 isn’t that bad, honestly!!! Probably mostly water, won’t be any time at all before you’re back down to 141, and below!!! It sucks stepping back on the scale, but sometimes it’s good to know.

JossFit – I will have to try that frozen yogurt! Krampus’ fruit looked phallic to me too!!! I have to say I’m oddly impressed you can eat a whole pizza. You’re definitely visiting Phoenix at a nice time of year, though IMO it’s been cold! I can’t stand the cold, I guess Phoenix is a good place to live for that!

Krampus – You seemed to have gotten through the holidays with basically no gain that didn’t come off very quickly, that’s awesome!

TurboMammoth – You always seem to be doing such fun things!!! I’m jealous! LOL @ sliding down the hill, that totally sounds like me!!! I’m going to start running again too. I had an injury back in May that lasted for almost 10 weeks and dashed my dreams of doing the marathon this month. I also tend to get little places in my knees that hurt. Yet, I still want to get back into it. Guess starting slow is good.

Bayzee – The dinner you made sounds AMAZING!!! Next time take pictures and post some food porn!

Moving_Forward – Good to see you over here!!!
Domlacha – It’s such a relief when a gain is mostly water and flushes out quickly!

Alexistrophic – You’re so right, out of control eating never tastes good. Gosh, it barely tastes like anything at all! I hate that!

Petite_Powerhouse – Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

Whew! I think I got everyone, hope I’m caught up!

So, I have a bag of clothes in my car that my sister gave me that she is too small for now – she’s the kind that loses weight during stress, and she has a lot right now. To put things in perspective, she is 5’2” (I’m 5’6”) and at her biggest is about 110 pounds; she is probably about 90-95 pounds now and has trouble fitting into 0s (what a problem eh? Lol). Anyway, they’re all junior size 5! I don’t think anything will fit as I’m a size 6 right now. Well, I will qualify that by saying I have 2 pairs of pants, 1 work 1 jeans, both from Target, both the same brand. I have like 0 money for clothes, so I’m basing my size off of these 2 pairs of pants I have. I’m actually having anxiety about pulling these clothes out of the bag because I feel like my sister has always been TINY and there is NO WAY her pants will ever fit me in a million years because I’m huge still (I know I’m not REALLY but you know what I mean). Though I’m expecting them not to fit, I know I will be upset if/when they actually don’t fit. UG!!! I hate this!

Anyway, back at work after 2 weeks, glad to be too!

JossFit 01-07-2013 11:53 AM

OK Feathers, this might be a tiny bit gross, but no moreso that our poop, TOM and bloat talk so here goes; :o

As you all know I have been having various issues with my feet; simplified verson is the issue with my bones rubbing in my left foot and somewhat severe plantar facitis in my right foot. The issue with my bones is alleviated by wearing more supportive shoes so that hasn't been bothering me lately.

The issue with the plantar facitis hasn't cleared up too much, though I manage it by wearing a compression band around my right foot, wearing shoes with more arch support, wearing custom inserts, and sleeping with that really uncomfortable foot brace on. I've also been keeping running to a minimum, which frankly sucks because I could really use some more of it right now!

When I went to see the podiatrist a while back I asked him about the small painful lump in the ball of my right foot, and he said that it's not uncommon for you to be able to see/feel lumps of scar tissue for plantar facia that has been badly torn over time. Still, it's sort of an odd place to have the pain pop up considering that most people experience pain in their heels/achilles tendon and generally more toward the back of their feet (though pain in areas closer to the front are not rare, just not the MOST common).

Anyway... that's the background. I've been dealing with it and doing my thing, but running is painful and I can't do much of it which is starting to frustrate me. I'm not a big runner but I do incorporate sprints (or I DID rather) to help keep my bodyfat down.

Well the day before yesterday I was getting out of the shower and was massaging some lotion onto my feet and noticed that the lump that I THOUGHT was scar tissue/inflamed tissue seemed to have a black spot in the middle (almost what a blackhead looks like) and suddenly it dawned on me; OMG, It's not my tendon at all! It's a plantar wart!

I don't know if any of you are familiar with what that is, but basically it's a wart that grows on the inside. Generally (at least for me when I have had them in the past) the surface of the skin is smooth but might have a small hole in it. Sort of an inverted wart, if that makes any sense. They're hard to see because it's not much to look at.

I had them as a child but they were very mild, and like any wart it is a virus so you never really get rid of it. I get the occasional blemish from time to time but nothing severe.

So I've been treating it for a couple of days with an at-home freeze-away kit and it's responding already. I'm just pissed that something as silly as a tiny little wart has caused me so much pain and frustration and not only did my doctor dismiss it without even looking at the lump, but I could have had it long gone by now.

That's my sort of silly/dumb/gross story so I hope I didn't put anyone off their lunch with it. I'll keep you posted but geeze, I feel like a boob for not catching it sooner.

Aside from that I'm having an "I hate my body and I'll never lose this fat" day. Hopefully that passes soon. I'm sure after going out this coming weekend I'll feel even more down about it. I can't really NOT go out for dinner and drinks (though I won't go crazy) because it's my last time to see my BFF before she deploys for over a year. :(


LockItUp - congratulations on the WI today, Skinny Minnie! I totally love you and you know it, but I'm trying not to be super jealous right now. LOL

I almost forgot you were in Phoenix! You'll have to tell me where the best places to eat, drink and shop are. A tip from a local is always better than searching around online.

LOL I should have specified that the pizza was thin crust and it was a medium, not that it makes it any better. It was my favorite; chicken bacon from Dominos... something about that dang pizza makes it almost impossible for me to stop eating it. It's like warm crispy crackers topped with melted cheese, tomatos, chicken and bacon. Nom nom nom. :) I don't think I could actually eat a regular crust pizza!

Hmm, I feel you on the clothing issue. You KNOW that just due to your genetics the likelihood of fitting into those clothes is slim (no pun intended ;) ) but in case they DO, you still want to try... yet you know if you don't fit you'll feel badly about it! I get it, I really do. The thing is, you did a happy dance on the scale today and are feeling really great about your trim body and sassy haircut, so today is the perfect day to do it. I doubt that anything can kill your high right now. Better today than a day you are feeling so-so about things, IMO.

OhThePlaces - I think it's great of you to go out on a limb and do something that makes you a little uneasy in order to enrich your kids lives more. Just remember that if you don't click with anyone or feel in any way uncomfortable that there are ALWAYS more mom's groups out there, and that children are incredibly adaptable and will bond with kids in any setting. You need to make sure that YOU enjoy the group as well.

Good luck!

Olehcat - I'm sorry that you put on that 5 pounds. :( By my estimation, now that the bloat is gone, I probably put on a good 7-8 of them myself. Yay for us being good little eaters! haha

In all seriousness though, it's only fat, right? Yeah I feel like a tub of junk today and I'm sure seeing a 5lb gain doesn't make you feel much better, but if we work hard for just a little while we will lose it. You enjoyed your holidays right? It was worth it to take some time off right? Now just get your head in the game, work your cutie booty hard and I bet you'll be down to that pre-holiday weight by the end of the month. Today is only the 7th so I think it's totally doable!

Krampus - I applaud your ability to eat wings, a rueben, fries and still make it out for a run! I always work out in the morning so I don't really KNOW if I *could* do that or not, but history and habit tell me if I ate heavy food like that I'd be in a food coma (or drunk... haha they go hand in hand for me) and wouldn't make it out for any physical activity aside from a bit of the intimate kind.

Oh, that reminds me, I've totally implemented 'bang before dinner' as a usual policy. It's more like 'bang after the post workout shower' and it's great! LOL

krampus 01-07-2013 12:20 PM

125.8 this morning. I didn't eat much yesterday and I went to the gym this morning and found myself struggling to complete 5 reps of barbell corner shoulder press with bar + 15 lbs worth of plates. It was really sad and I felt really underfueled. I need to work on structuring my meals around workouts, which is scary considering I have a mental hangup about eating more than 700ish calories before 5 PM.

olehcat 5 pounds will come off in a month or less! :P Don't sweat it - onward and upward.

OhThePlaces Good luck on your first play date! It's hard to groove with random people but hopefully you'll meet some nice ones who you have common interests with!

LockitUp Why do we blame ourselves instead of the clothes? I got really mad yesterday that a pair of size 2 fake leather pants fit my waist but was tight around my thighs - and then it was like, "oh, I leg press and squat and sprint on these things" - but I still felt like I let the pants down. Hugs to you - and hooray for being back in the work groove.

JossFit "Bang after the post-workout shower" is the BEST!!! My favorite time of day really, actually I was talking about this with my bf yesterday and I realized I just love banging and then eating afterwards and sometimes structure my meals/banging around that. :P Booooo to your doctor, but wart > inflamed/scar tissue, right? Hang in there and don't hate your body, it's STRONG and inspires people!

Bayzee 01-07-2013 12:59 PM

Hi everyone...Happy Monday! Just a quick drive-by on my lunch break.

I'm not happy about being back to work. Slept like crap because I was worried I would sleep through my alarm. Feels like I never left.

I am so, so hungry today. I ate most of my packed lunch on my a.m. break(tuna, greek yogurt with strawberries & veggies), so I had to run out and get something for lunch. The healthiest thing I could get nearby was an egg white sandwich on an english muffin with swiss cheese...270 calories and 30g of carbs...definetly was not worth it! I saved another greek yogurt for later. I definately have to have just protein and veggies tonight to stay within calories.

Joss...I do have headaches too. For sure carb withdrawls. I feel so puffy too. I had a plantar's wart 20 yrs ago on the bottom of my heel, it still has a mark there. I hate it! It's been zapped several times but it never totally disappears :( Sucks when I want to get a peticure...I' get so embarassed about it.

Lockit up...Way to go on the weigh-ins. You are doing so well. Send some will power my way!

Krampus...I hear you! I feel so weak right now too. I hate when I feel sluggish when I work out. I'm going to have try the after shower bang with hubby. Sounds way more fun than a plain old shower! LOL!

I'll come back tonight to do more personals.

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