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olehcat 01-29-2013 10:11 PM

Hi, guys!

I'm so very busy right now -- I was in work/at class for 12 hours straight today and my brain is absolutely fried. It's only 8:40 or so and I'm ready to go to bed. Wow, I'm sort of overwhelmed by the whole weight loss thing right now. I actually know what I should do. Count calories. And I know I should stick with it, as Jossfit said, at least 6-12 weeks. I know that counting calories is really the only thing that matters, although eating clean and all that is nice for feeling good and being healthy, etc. So counting calories stresses me out after a few days, usually, it becomes a full time job, so I wonder, hmmm, and this is just a wondering thought -- I wonder if I should just get frozen meals JUST for the weight loss part, at least during the week when I'm too tired to think so much for counting every bit of vegetable I put in my salad? I don't know. But then what to do about eating at my parents' house or going out to eat with friends to a restaurant where calorie counts are not available...How do hardcore calorie counters do that? (This is the source of past failure for calorie counting) And what do I do? 1200? (I'm short and over 40). That seems so little and asking for me to just end up binging later. 1500 sounds like a good number, especially if I'm running/exercising. I could probably get away with more, especially if I'm exercising. But not much more for weight loss. Sorry, guys, I'm thinking out loud!

@Dorian - wow, San Diego! THat's hardcore! I love San Diego, but yeah, very expensive. It's so beautiful, though. I MISS living by the ocean.

@krampus - 122 is still awesome! Go you! Also, forgive me if you mentioned this a hundred times before, but what's your weight loss story? I know you started at 160 or so. Did you count calories the whole way down? How long did it take?

@Jessica - oh that cake looks INSANELY delicious!

@Bayzee - oh I have had days like that, for sure! Before I went on the hormone medications that took my period away, I had HORRIFIC periods and I just remember about a third of every month being one big nightmare for any dieting. So yeah, I sympathize! I hope you feel better soon!

@Alex - you and I are twins right now on the diet revelations stuff! Oh my word, I'm trying to think through this all (out loud here, babbling! :)) and it's overwhelming! I want to just LIVE - you know? I'm tired of thinking about losing weight or thinking of the next thing I'm going to try. What worked in the past? Hmm...I don't know if I've mentioned this here ever before, but the first year I was married, I ballooned up to 185 (I was 23, newly married, and both of us were crazy foolish about eating - I didn't even drink alcohol then at all, but I had LOTS of soda). I was horrified when I stepped on the scale and saw 185. I think I thought I was somewhere around 150! Anyway, it took me awhile to get started, but what I did was run 5 times a week (about 3 miles) and watch what I ate very carefully during the week (wish I could remember exactly what I ate, but I sure don't remember), had some treats on the weekend. I went from 185 to 150 in a few months.Another time when I lost weight (from about 145 to 125) a few years ago, I can't remember what I did either, but I know I was very stressed at the time and had little appetite. I remember eating turkey sausages for breakfast, a big salad with some kind of protein for lunch, and I don't know what for dinner (don't remember), but I also remember partaking in treats on the teacher's lounge almost every day. I always thought that was the most natural weight loss since I wasn't on a "diet," I was just not eating as much, naturally. I LOVED how I looked when I got down in the 120s...*WANTS AGAIN* :) What about you? What are you thinking now about your own plans?

@Jossfit - are you the most inspiring person in the world or what? Seriously. Everything you said is inspiring. Also, I read in another thread that article you posted about weight loss being really simple (calories in and out) and it really made me pause and think about how ridiculous I've been being overall about this. I absolutely want to get off this merry-go-round of strict random diets, "last supper" binging, and going crazy with food and steady weight gain. I just am not happy with myself when I don't commit like this. I will commit. I need to think of a plan. It's relatively easy to come up with a number (1500 calories sounds reasonable to me?) and then stick to that, but I need help for many things that come up that are out of my control, like going to my parents for dinner or going out to a restaurant where you can't count the exact number of calories or going to a friend's house for dinner. I suspect what happens is that people in weight loss mode who don't sequester themselves away from all social events just get really good at estimating or knowing to just order a salad at a restaurant so you know your calories won't go over, even if you don't know the exact amount. But I need to give myself a set of rules. I also need to streamline everything so it doesn't take forever to count calories. I literally don't have the time for it, between my two classes and work and other stuff! :) But you and the other ladies here are so inspiring. I'm going to try this -- NO. I'm going to commit to this, although I need to figure out the rules of the game and not change them for at least six weeks. ;)

And as for your long distance situation, I hesitate to say much, ONLY because my long distance situation ended in divorce and I don't want those of you in long distance situations to think that's the inevitable outcome (it's certainly not!), and I don't equate my situation to anyone else's because I had a VERY unique situation. I was a violent crime victim five years ago, and that's really what ended my marriage in the end, not the long distance part alone, so again, hesitate to make any kind of parallels, but I will say that toward the end, it was the communication break-down that really did things in (the ironic thing is that we talk a LOT more now that we're not married any more and the pressure's off). And let me just say again that I admire your determination to stick with this thing you're doing with the trainer, even when you're not seeing the loss yet. I really do think you will see it and soon.

Wildflower - as you can see, hehe, I'm REALLY thinking through all this diet stuff. I think you seem to be one of the very wise ones -- with healthy eating and consistent weight loss.

Holy crap, I babbled a lot! Apparently that's what a LONG day at work and then class will do! :)

Bayzee 01-30-2013 10:20 AM

Happy hump day feathers!

OK...I am so hungry again today. Still feel like I'm 5 mnths pregnant :(
I had to really dig to to workout. I stayed within calories yesterday, but had 2 cookies after dinner. They weren't bad for calories and fat, but it was certainly a cave for me. I would never usually choose cookies.
I'm not weighting in until Friday, there's no point!

I didn't want to get stuck starving like yesterday without healthy food so I packed a good lunch today.
So far I have eaten:
-5 egg whites with a ww wrap
-n/f greek yogurt with blueberries
I still have:
-grilled chicken with spinach, strawberries and balsamic vinegar
-talapia with aspargus
-cut-up veggies (no dip)
-an apple (emergency only)

Tonight it will be some kind of meat with a sweet potatoe and veggies.

Sad that my day is revolving around if I have "enough" food!

Alexistrophic 01-30-2013 10:24 AM

Dorian ~ Why does it seem like spending time with people we love usually involves unhealthy food??? Sounds like there's a lot of change going on in your life. When will the bf know about San Diego? What field of work is he in? And I completely hear you on not wanting to put your pup on a plane... I've heard the horror stories... Do you watch Pitbulls and Parolees? The two daughters took a 31 hour roadtrip with four pups for the exact same reason (they don't fly their dogs, either).

ohlecat ~ Wowza! Busy lady, you are. I'm feeling ya on the weight revelations. It does help to revisit past habits to figure out what works. So my story in short: natural set point is between 150-160. Anything below 150 is low. I'm naturally of "sturdy" build and have never really been overweight,but never been the lithe, slender sprite that I've longed to be. The first time I ever thought about weight was Sr. year in high school when a friend lost 40 lbs over summer vacation by cutting out sugar/carbs. I basically followed her example, ate low carb and lost weight for the first time in my life.

When I taught overseas, I was able to maintain in the 140s, but was not engaging in healthy eating behaviors. My lowest adult weight is 129, which I hit when I was having food allergy issues (reacting to everything in sight). Stayed there for about 2 seconds, but loved how I felt: clear, sharp, focused. When I'm paying attnMy eating patterns have always pretty much been the same: protein with veg. When I binge, I binge on sweets with some unhealthy chips/savory stuff thrown in.

I know what works best for me is cutting out the sugar/refined junk, sticking to lean protein and veg (duh). my cut off, yoga, and NOT dieting. My dangers are the crash diets and wanting to see results sooner. For me, there's a "thin" feeling that comes from "willpower" and cutting out food groups from my diet... that feels "victorious" like "yeah, I did this." and almost "smug" (because I'm basically a jerk) but from personal experience, I KNOW this is not sustainable and I will eventually end up rebounding. Then there's a "thin" feeling that comes from just reducing over all intake and exercising. It's just "yeah, I'm living my life." It doesn't feel like as much of a victory, but I know that this is so much more sustainable in the long run. So I guess my revelation is that I am much more apt to keep the weight off when there's no longer a fight.

Bayzee ~ Food looks yummy! And forget about those cookies in life, just torch 'em out in the gym. ;)

Moooooove over, ladies. Giant blob checking in here. Smells like a hangover .. from eating rum raisin ice cream last night. Lightweight alert much?

I packed a spinach salad and some yogurt for lunch.

Dinner is thin crust pizza and some kind of salad-y vegetable (bought 3 bags of spinach last night). Gots to get back to running, if only for my sanity. I haven't seriously exercised in close to two months! Whaaaa? I remember a time when I couldn't have imagined not running/going to yoga at least 3-5 times a week and yet.

I usually take January as a "reassess/take stock/take it easy" month after the holidays and I feel like now is the time to get a move on and start putting down what I want in the new year. Am feverishly working on the Incredible 2013 planner (got a printed copy yesterday) as I would like to have it all done by the end of this monty (AKA Friday).

Bring on Feb!

JossFit 01-30-2013 10:59 AM

Hey you know what? F*ck today. UP another half pound so that brings my grand total losses so far to, um, 1 pound. Awesome.

I'm too pissed to do any awesome personals right now, but I'm going to try to get something out there at least!

Alex - *ugh* don't get me started on being a giant blob. I didn't even get ice cream for it either!

Yes, definitely get back into working out regularly! I am willing to bet it helps to control your cravings/swings a bit, and of course it's so good for your overall health, not just weight loss.

Your pizza sounds good! What do you normally top it with? I sometimes like to do different pizzas at home, and one of my favorites is to use cream cheese or laughing cow cheese (something spreadable) with lots of garlic as the base and top it with lots of wilted spinach and chicken. Simple and nom nom nommy.

Now is definitely the time to get back to it... heck, it's the 30TH ALREADY! January is almost over! Where did it go! This is like the first time I want to slow things down. I feel like 2 weeks of this program has already been wasted and aint sh*t going to happen in the next 10 that will get me to where I had hoped to be. I want to rewind time and start over again.

Bayzee - I like to use balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing too. I don't really see the point in using a balsamic vinegar/oil combination... just adds extra calories that I don't really need. I would rather add avocado or nuts or some other source of fat for that aspect.

Can I have your emergency apple? :^: I miss my green apples so much... hahaha

I think that all things considered, your couple of cookies wasnt' too bad at all! I usually don't have those little extras either, so I know what you mean about it being a 'cave in' for you. I do PLAN things like that into my meals normally but if it isnt' on the plan, it doesn't go in my face (LOL, huge stupid holiday binge/special occasions notwithstanding of course :) )

Good on you for digging deep and working out today too! I was so frustrated this morning after my abismal weigh-in and horrific 'progress' photos last night that I did an extra 10 minutes of cardio just to blow off some steam I guess. I know it didn't do ANYTHING and it's not going to suddenly make me drop 3 pounds but it made me feel like I was doing something to try and gain some traction.

I get to talk to K.O. this afternoon so hopefully he'll have some words of wisdom. I vented to him a bit in my email this morning about how I'm so frustrated right now and he needs to fix this **** for me! LOL I didn't say it like that of course, but I did say that I trusted him and I know he's the best, so I can handle whatever he throws at me if it will get those results.

Olehcat - I would actually advise against the frozen meals, at least the store bought kind. If you are talking about stashing a couple for emergencies that's one thing, but your post made it sound as if you want to live off of them. I wonder if those would do more harm than good; the portions are tiny, they're LOADED with sodium, you need a microwave to eat them, they're generally lacking in protein and healthy fats... just, ick. No.

Having some on hand isn't a bad idea but you can just as easily keep stashes of less processed items and/or more nutritous items on hand; Quest Bars, apples, veggies, pre-cut salads, pouches of tuna fish, raw nuts and seeds, hard boiled eggs, packages of plain or low sugar oatmeal, protein powder, etc.
You can even make your own 'microwave meal' by buying the steamable bags of vegetables and adding a protein source to it. MUCH more filling, much less sodium and preservatives, just as convenient, and it still has the nutrition facts on the package so you don't have to weigh and measure it all out. An entire bag of Green Giant Broccoli Florets, for example, is only 70 calories. They have asparagus, cauliflower, blends of veggies, veggies with light sauces if you like that, edamame, broccoli, corn, family size bags, single servings and everything in between!

Do you have time on Sunday or another day of the week to make your own 'frozen meals'? Cook a big batch of chicken and veggies (or whatever you like) and portion them into tupperware containers. Put a couple in the fridge and a couple in the freezer, and then you'll know ahead of time how many calories they are and that they're fresh and healthy!

Veggies/chicken/black beans/cheeses/spices/potatos/fruits/fish/steak/etc. all freeze really well! Heck you can even portion out greek yogurt with fruit and freeze that for a great snack. It really does only take a LITTLE bit of preparation, but it will save you junk calories and MONEY by doing a bit of the work yourself.

Yes, it IS calories in versus calories out but you should also enjoy your food and it should provide you nutrients. I just don't think you'll get that from frozen meals.

As far as your calorie needs, I think 1500 might be a good place for you to start! The best way to get a good jumping off point is to find an online calculator to determine your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and then use the calculators to determine you Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). Once you know the number of calories your body requires in a typical day you can either subtract 20% of that or just take 500 calories off the top to get a good deficit. Of course you'd need to be patient, tweak things and adjust after a few weeks, but it's a good place to start. Don't start out eating too little... no good can come of that!

Dorian - OMG San Diego would be so exciting! When will your BF know for sure what the situation is? This week? Wow! LOL were you drinking out of excitement or out of stress? haha maybe a bit of both?

Holy **** with my hubby. He's amazing, seriously, and in no way acting like a jackass. We are both just under a good bit of stress right now and need different things from each other. I am doing my best to communicate my needs, and so is he so we're getting there. It might get worse before it gets better but I find that when I tell him something he might seem unreceptive at first but soon comes around so I just need more patience.

Case in point; he's been going through his place rearranging things and throwing out furniture and clutter he doesn't need in order to make room for me and my things. It was something we sort of got into a 'discussion' about and couldn't quite agree on a few weeks ago, but now he's taken the lead and started doing that stuff all on his own without me bringing it up again.

I also said I needed more reminders that he's thinking of me right now, and he's taken to sending me emails every night the past few nights just to chat/vent/whatever.

He's really amazing and I don't take that for granted.

Dorian5 01-30-2013 11:02 AM

Yay, woke up to TOM! But I am hurting, which is strange for me; I literally have had cramps maybe 3 times in my whole life? If that? (I am fortunate, I have friends that are incapacitated completely for a few days once a month) So I am not used to being in pain. Hope it's gone soon! (It's always a happy thing to first see TOM, then after the first hour I'm over it, haha. :dizzy:)

I swear I'm gaining, I'm drinking too much and drinking makes me overeat. I haven't been utilizing MyFitnessPal, today I made a point to preplan my food. SEEING in NUMBERS that I have already planned out all of my calories will hopefully make me less likely to add in more wine/dinner/dessert.

We haven't heard anything about San Diego yet, still waiting to see what his boss offers as far as a salary increase. It's really going to need to be a big bump in order for us to enjoy the same quality of living in both places, plus we'll have to break our lease, which we have until December. I'm hoping I can keep my job, we have a California office but it's not in San Diego, hopefully I can work from home. I think we'll know by the end of the week! If we end up going, I think we'll have 30-60 days to get packed/moved/etc. :dizzy:


olehcat: Yes, beau last night told me his office would be right by the ocean. WOW. You and I are in the same boat, if I'm counting calories I feel like that's ALL I freakin' do. When my mind is consumed with something else, calories are hard to keep in the forefront. I also cook a lot, which means sitting down and figuring out all of my ingredients, plugging in all of my calories, dividing by the number of servings. The frozen meals might help with calories; the only thing is, you'll still have to eventually learn how to eat to maintain once you stop the meals. Hope you can figure out a way to count your calories and make it easier! 1500 sounds much better, I have a WAY hard time with 1200 and try to just hit between 1200-1500, usually find myself at 1350 or so.

Bayzee: I'm sorry that you are still feeling fluffy. DAMN TOM! I wouldn't sweat the cookies, it sounds like your food is WAY healthy otherwise! I'm impressed that you still managed a workout even though you weren't feeling great; that's the way to do it! I'm sure you're just holding on to water, hope it's gone for you soon. :hug:

Alexistrophic: Oh man I know, and he and I are both such foodies anyway, we both love to cook, love to drink, etc. :dizzy: We should know this week sometime! We won't have long to pack/break the lease/etc. I really like Pitbulls and Parolees! There really needs to be some kind of service to get pets transported safely. I think you can buy a seat for cats/really small dogs, but Dorian is 100lbs. I've heard of dogs getting killed, getting loose on the tarmas, no ventilation, etc. I wouldn't put a CHILD in the cargo space, and my puppy is like my son, there's no freaking way. A drive from NC to CA will be pretty awful, but I would rather keep him SAFE. I'm sorry about your ice cream hangover! I haven't exercised in a VERY long time, save the 1 mile walk I do with the pup in the morning. My heart rate doesn't get up or anything. Your lunch and dinner sounds great; I agree about January being a time to reassess, when I lost all my weight the first time I tried to just get my sh!t together in January and come February I got started and lost 30lbs. I'm hoping I can do that again this year. READY FOR FEBRUARY!! We can do this. :hug:

Jossfit: ALMOST missed you! The drinking was DEFINITELY both celebratory and stress induced. Also just because I like drinking while watching hockey. :lol: I have a hard time communicating what I need as well, and then get frustrated when the boyfriend can't READ MY MIND. :lol: Good for you for letting him know what you need; and he sounds wonderful for sitting down and taking the time to provide it. I am SO sorry you're up on the scale, do you think it's from the workouts? The math just doesn't add up that you would be burning so much and eating so clean and be going up. I'm thinking about you and hoping that you see a big drop back down. :hug:

JossFit 01-30-2013 11:08 AM

Oh, I do have ONE sort of neat thing to share today; A friend of mine from work has a bit of land with some animals, and he's started selling his chicken's eggs. They're all 'free-range' and 'organic' and stuff without the hefty price tag! I love the idea of them coming from my friend's yard. :)

Anyway, he brought me in a dozen for $3, which is less than I pay at the store (like $3.90) and they're beautiful! All different sizes and colors and stuff. I'll have to take a picture to share later.

krampus 01-30-2013 11:47 AM

Hi Feathers,

I OBVIOUSLY went with the deep fried buffalo burger last night (side was Caesar salad), and had a chocolate stout beer with dinner and an ice cream sandwich afterward. The burger was a solid 9.5 out of 10, greasy and sodium-laden as all heck, perfect bun to dressings to burger ratio, my only grievance was that there wasn't more fried coating but I think I'll live. I ordered it with bleu cheese crumbles on top without knowing it came with a side of bleu cheese dressing - heaven. Today I feel gross and bloaty but my WI was only up 0.4 from yesterday. I did double cardio before and after work yesterday - stupid lungs are gonna need MORE time to build back up to sprints or even sustaining 7.0+ mph on a flat incline for more than 5 minutes :\

Hoping the extra calories will push a decent weights workout tonight - I think the bf and I are going to have shrimp cocktail with a giant eggplant/mushroom/onion caramelized pile of goodness. Tomorrow night is "PIZZA WARS" which is the pizza equivalent of Wing Wars - I agreed months ago to go with my roommate's brother, because he has terrible social anxiety and no other friends to go with, and also it will be funny listening to his running commentary on the pizza and surroundings. I had forgotten about it until yesterday and now I'm just like "eugh do not want pizza." I may opt for "moral support" or just pick off the cheese or something.

JossFit Beautiful colorful eggs are pretty amazing. I read a piece about the Top Farmers Market Eggs in NYC a while back and saw some photos. Dude f-king what the sh!t re: your weight continuing to climb - that was never part of the plan was it?! I hope that sorts itself out and we get the pleasure of seeing the kinds of statements you listed soon :D The ummmmmmm green man in the sky is probably responsible for the cheese idea - also it seemed fairly harmless and several times more delicious compared to a bag of chips or flavored pretzels or something. Great idea on the "ice cream" - I will have to try that sometime!

Dorian5 OMG WHAT EXCITE, San Diego is my favorite place ever, I went every year from infancy through high school. That's a huge change that would come on really quickly though, and the question of leaving your mom in NC would weigh heavily on any caring daughter! Is there ANY WAY you could help her move out there? I know warm locales are popular for older adults and therefore $$$$$...mmm scampi, I don't know how people balance stuff either, for me I just eat almost nothing during the day if I know I'm going out/eating big later. I guess on a normal day it's pretty rare for me to break 700 calories before 5 PM anyway. Happy TOM - sorry it's a symptomy month for you, I don't get cramps and the like either - just horrible pizzaface.

Alexistrophic Rum raisin ice cream? Are you my grandma? ;) I hope you feel better soon, I've got a food hangover from wingburger and I was late to work today because I just didn't want to get out of bed. Regular exercise really is a joy, it regulates and moderates everything else in my life too since I have to work around it. February is gonna be a month of improvement and fresh changes for you!

Bayzee The HUNGER is such a huge hurdle - the cookies will just disappear into the void, the same place the wine goes. Maybe you need a day off from workouts - you've been hitting it hard every single day for a couple weeks now haven't you?

olehcat Calorie counting doesn't have to be so scary. With 1500 you have a lot of flexibility and if you really make sure you eat a lot of protein you'll probably be satisfied/full on that! For going out you can just guess and if you find yourself gaining or not losing long term you just scale back. My weight loss story is pretty run of the mill. I was a fat happy teenager and then I got all distraught over a boy I liked (who just moved to Syracuse with his BOYFRIEND, hurhurhur) and stopped eating and lost 30ish lbs in a few months. I got a ton of attention all of a sudden and was suddenly really aware of my weight. Then I went to college and regained up to 155 or so, moved to Japan and stayed there until 2010 when I decided "ew I'm back to starting weight!" and started losing weight by cutting back on portions, did Couch to 5K, eventually figured out through 3FC and other research how to eat a balanced diet and cook veggies, started buying chicken and fish to cook, it was all gradual. I lost down to 124 and then got too strict and started binging and regained some, moved back to the US, gained a little MORE, and finally lost it after I got my sh!t together and joined a gym and exercised MODERATION. Yeeeep.

JessicaB Crappy workout aside, I'm really glad to read you are feeling on top of things. It should never feel like a STRUGGLE just to live healthily day to day and yet so often it does!

TurboMammoth 01-30-2013 11:52 AM

Wildflower : Are you feeling any better? :( I really wish you'll see a drop like you want to!

Joss : Did you ended up speaking to your trainer? Hope a conversation with him will clear up the issues with the situation :( It might be frustrating not getting the results you want when you hired a professional for that. But weight loss can be full of surprise, as we all know...!

Awww! I love fresh farm eggssss! We have chicken at my dad's place and he sells his eggs to our family around us :) (we sell it 3$ too, so I think that is the usual rate ;))

Alexis : Yes, it is the 300 abs workout based on the movie 300! I think they call it that way because when you sum up all the reps, it makes 300 :P It was okay but did not get me sore, weirdly! I was expecting some soreness feeling!

Bayzee : Aww, TOM craving monster! Hope you'll win the fight, but you seem arms with good and healthy lunches to make it trough the day! :)

Jessica : Woah, that CAKE. It looks amazing. Congrats on the drop of last week :)

You are totally right, burning a few calories while running after you kid at the playground is better than no burned calories at all!

Krampus : Deep fried buffalo wing burgers? ... I'm even having difficulties to figure out how that works LOL Like, the buffalo wings are taking the place of the meat? And you deep fry the thing? Woooooah.

OMG frying up cheese on spraaay. The only place I tasted that was in a rodeo festival we go to with cousins and last year, we looked for the place making those in despair for 1 hour LOL It is so good (and such a good ''we banged yay'' celebration food!

Dorian : Woah San Diego! I never been there but it looks like a beautiful place. When will you found out for sure if the move will happen or not? (I saw you wrote earlier and you answered the question LOL)

You are never having any cramps when you get TOM? Jeez, I frequently end up laying down on the bed, moaning my life away in pain lol

olehcat : I always found it super hard finding a good calories budget. Maybe start at 1500 and go down if the results obtain are not what you are looking for?


Hi feathers!

I ate a bit too much yesterday at my cousin place, but it was still okay. I had brought my lunch but she insisted on sharing pasta with her for lunch, but luckily it was a small portion in which I threw chickpeas that I had brought with me.

My workout yesterday was not the best ever, I was pretty late in the morning and had to skip the elliptical I am usually doing after the muscles section... At least I ran 4k on the threadmill and and did some muscles toning things that left my arms a bit sore today :D I also had a 4 stars poop for the first time in a week. IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD.

We are supposed to eat a veggie omelette tonight because the boyfriend asked for it. While I was away yesterday, he ran on the threadmill at the gym and did his best time ever and decided to celebrate with a buffalo chicken pizza from Domino, a garlic and cheese breadstick and a cinnamon thingy breadstick. When I asked him if he ate it ALL, it ended up with his ashamed puppy look LOL. Poor guy hehe.

JessicaB 01-30-2013 01:23 PM

krampus I like the idea of not eating much if you know are having a big meal later on. I know a lot of people say not to do that, don't go into the meal feeling deprived, but my willpower in those situations doesn't change much if I feel deprived or not, and I usually end up giving in either way. I'm starting to accept that I should allow myself those treats, and not to beat myself up over it too much. Glad you enjoyed your wing burger, it sounds good.

Joss I do normally weigh in each day, but I just haven't been posting it online. The last time I did a daily weigh in thread was in August, and I was fine during September, but totally flopped and fell off the wagon in October, so maybe it's what I need to keep myself a bit motivated.

Sorry to hear your weight is creeping up, but since you are talking to your trainer today, I'm sure he'll have some adjustments for you. I feel your pain though, since my weigh in Sunday, I dropped a lb the following day, and then slowly crept up back to where I was on Sunday. I'm not sweating it, because I know I can't gain real weight with what I've been eating lately. I understand your concern though, because you're constantly eating to be full, and that can be a little more worrying when you don't really feel like you are dieting, but are trying to trust the process.

Alexistrophic My husband is really good at enjoying things in moderation. He's always eating crap food, but when I eat junk, I eat way more of it than he does. I'm sure that cake will be taunting me all week sitting in my fridge, but I've learnt to deal with these temptations, since he always asked me to keep the house stocked with goodies.

Dorian San Diego sounds like it could be an interesting change. Sometimes I like the idea of picking up and moving somewhere totally new. But we own our house, and I don't really want to move out of it, so we stay where we are.

I am also usually relatively symptomless when it comes to TOM. But I'm also insanely irregular, so some mild symptoms might be better to keep it from being a surprise. All in all though, I'm glad I don't have intense cramps like some other women do.

olehcat This may sound odd, but I've never really calorie counted, despite having a daily calorie goal. I'm a calorie guestimator, and it works well enough for me. I usually don't really count the calories in my veggies, and whenever I have fruit, I just count it as 100 calories (if it's something like berries, I'll be over, something small like kiwi or clementines and I'll have 2 as my serving, anything else, just the usual serving). Of course, I occasionally look up calories so I have a rough idea in the back of my head, but I never record it. I just try to keep my 3 main meals between 300-400 calories and add in a couple 100 calorie snacks, and I think I usually end up around 1200 calories but honestly I have no idea. If calorie counting seems overwhelming, maybe an approach like that could work for you?

Bayzee It sucks when you just don't feel like you're eating enough, I know the feeling. Just keep doing what your doing. Even if you eat over what your aiming for, you're doing good, as long as you keep your focus on eating healthy, which you seem to be.

Turbo A veggie omelet for dinner sounds good. My husband hates the idea of breakfast food for dinner, but every so often I get away with serving him quiche. I do have omelets for breakfast fairly often though.


My weight is up a bit today, but I'm not stressing it since I know I've been on plan. I've been having a bit of a mental argument with myself about what I'm going to eat on Sunday at the steakhouse for the hubby's birthday. I looked up the menu and I really think I want a rack of lamb, but it's 14oz and somehow that seems like maybe it's too much? Or maybe not because that would include the bone weight? Honestly I'm sure it's not that much worse than a steak anyhow, but I'm still fighting with myself over whether I should just have a pig out day. I actually really like days of just eating crap (so long as I keep them spaced out), and I think I would take that day off if it weren't for the weight loss competition and wanting to stay in the lead. I've worked it out, and I have some kind of food related event roughly every 2 weeks until the competition is over. I'm just still struggling to figure out what that means for me... I know even if I eat everything I want to 1 day every 2 weeks I'll still lose weight, but I don't know if I'll win the competition like that. So far, no one seems to be really buckling down, but I'm not sure if that will change. I guess I don't really have to decide now. I can adjust based on how I'm doing in the competition.

My legs are bruised today from crawling around the play structure last night. I almost feel a bit embarrassed going there, because it seems like I'm the only parent climbing around and going down slides. It even seem kids younger than mine climbing around by themselves, but my kiddo just wouldn't enjoy herself if I'm not there with her. I'm trying to tell myself that I'm just being less lazy than the other parents who probably bring their kids there for a break, but sometimes I feel like it's inappropriate or something. But aside from that, I guess one of my brother's friends was there with her kids, though I didn't notice, because she asked my brother how I lost all that weight. Apparently he said, "Oh you know, the boring way... diet and exercise".

krampus 01-30-2013 01:32 PM

JessicaB I'm glad I am not alone in the willpower thing. "People" say just about everything - because I know me I think it's really counterintuitive and frankly stupid for me personally to eat a protein snack before going to a dinner out but hey. 14 oz is a lot of meat - it must include the bone too. There's nothing inherently unhealthy about meat, I always go for steak or prime rib or whatever given the options at a steakhouse and get veggie sides. As for the play structure...it sounds like you had fun and you were obviously there to keep your peanut company, not to look up other kids' skirts or anything! Nothing to be embarrassed about :D

TurboMammoth 4 stars?! I'm so jealous. That's great news - the way the wing burger works is that the hamburger meat is battered and fried, then "Buffalo" sauce is added. There is no actual chicken or wings, sorry if that was confusing! I'll put up a photo soon. I can't say I'm not jealous of your BF being able to eat like that and look the way he does.

Wildflower 01-30-2013 02:51 PM

Hi Feathers!

I'm feeling better today, but missed both my Sunday and Tuesday runs. I hope to get up early tomorrow and drag myself to the gym for a treadmill run early. Usually I run outside, but I am not a fan of doing it in the early mornings of winter when it is still dark and even colder, so I think I'll try for the treadmill maybe. We'll see.

Haven't lost anything this week and my rings are still feeling tight, so not sure what is going on. I am thinking of getting a coffee today as it's diuretic properties should help flush out all this excess water!

I'm bummed about no losses...I am thinking I've been doing pretty well. Sunday we went to a party where I did have some wine and maybe like 15 tortilla chips, and then I had a salad with some miso dressing that probably had oil. But other than that I've been eating pretty clean and not huge portions so not sure. My clothes are feeling loose so maybe a drop is in my future.

Today I've gotten in 3.25 miles of walking around the city so far, with another 1/2 mile tonight if my hubby doesn't pick me up from the train. I also have my 90 minute yoga class.


Turbo Your story of your boyfriend celebrating his run with pizza take out cracked me up. Sounds like something I would do... Last summer my hubby and I were doing pretty long (for us) runs of around 10 miles each Sunday. It's hard not to celebrate great work outs with food because you are so hungry!

JessicaB that cake looks amazing!!! I used to make a cookies and cream cupcake recipe but it was chocolate cake, I bet white cake works better with the cookies. OMG, so good! Congrats on the drop on the scale. That's so cool you have indoor playgrounds where you live. We need more stuff like that here!

Dorian San Diego sounds amazing, I am so jealous! I've been there a few times, the last was a trip to La Jolla for work in 2009. I told my boss that if I ever request a transfer that's where it's going to be! He wished me good luck living there on my current salary. :( Yeah, it's expensive for sure, so I hope your boyfriend gets a package that is comparable to the cost of living out there. That's certainly exciting but such a sudden change if you would be moving in a few months. Wow! it's understandable there is lots to think of, including your mom. Maybe she has plans of moving somewhere else some day her self, or your move wouldn't be forever? The dog thing is tough...I have a friend who just drove from NC to San Diego with her hubby and toddler. I don't even know why they drove, I think they stopped a lot of places to see people and sights on the way out. It probably isn't the worst drive, just would take quite a while (maybe 5 days or a week?) especially if you were doing it alone. Maybe a friend could go with you and then fly back to NC, or the BF could drive with you?

Feel better with TOM!

Krampus - Pizza wars sounds awesome to me, but pizza is pretty much my favorite junk food meal. :) I am having trouble with this wing burger too, I keep picturing chicken wings with bones on a bun. LOL. is it s chicken breast or ground chicken or is it just beef seasoned like wings? You must elaborate on this! The fried cheese sounds good too (OMG, I love cheese!). Have you ever had bread cheese? They sell it at the farmer's markets here. It's sort of a mild white cheese but the texture is different so that it doesn't melt. You are meant to grill it or fry it and it gets all brown and crispy and bubbly but holds together. OMG SO GOOD. I think it is Finnish or something.

Jossfit - Glad things worked out with your hubby and he's clearing his stuff out. Did you talk with your trainer yet? I'd trust in him the most you can, I'm sure he'll adjust it if he doesn't think you are losing as much as you should. His reputation is on the line and it's in his best interest to get you in the best shape ever so it speaks to his abilities as a trainer. That all said, on the flip side, this guy works for YOU and YOU are the boss, so if you don't like how it's working I would definitely ask him about alternative plans. Maybe you need to lose more aggressively to feel like you are making progress? he should be able to at least somewhat adjust things to keep you feeling happy I would think.

Alex Good luck with the return to fitness. Did you say previously that you are taking a break because you were injured? Yoga and running is my routine too, love them both even through it's hard to stay motivated to run through the winter.

Bayzee - Looks like a healthy day, I hope you are able to get through without any extra food and not feel too hungry. When I used to calorie count it was always a struggle. Since I've been following this new diet / lifestyle, I just try to remind myself that I won't die from hunger, but if I really am super hungry and my next meal isn't for hours, I should eat something. I have something healthy like veggie sticks and that tides me over. Maybe your body just needs more from TOM?

olehcat Probably some of the other calorie counters could better speak to how they do this, but what I did was try to stick to 1500. I could do 1200 for maybe one day, but then the next day I'd be extra hungry and wouldn't be able to. I came in around 1350 a lot, like Dorian said. However, after losing 10 lbs or so doing this, I started to plateau and loose really, really slowly. I just couldn't eat less than 1200, I could barely stick to 1200 as it was. I did it all wrong as I didn't fill up on raw fruits and veggies as much as I should have.

Also, yeah, for me it was hard to add it all up and it did become all consuming. Some things you will always just remember the counts for, and if you eat around the same things it was always be about the same. Lettuce, veggies, etc I would just mark as like 10 calories each if they were small amounts. Carrots I counted as 4 per stick. You can google most of it and see calorie counts, although websites tend to be different. I was never good with recipes either, but there is software that will do that, or like you said just adding the ingredients from the recipe and dividing it by the number of cups / portions it makes.

Calories aren't exact as what is listed on packaged foods are estimates, and in addition to that, how our bodies digest food varies. One person may get a lot more calories from their food than someone else. So it's not an exact science. Some things like beans and nuts they think are highly overestimated in terms of their calories due to this. the beans are also because of the resistant starch, which the body can't break down so it is technically "calorie free." I read a super interesting study about how our gut bacteria influences how we digest food and how we get calories. It can even very by where you live in the world and the type of bacteria you have in your gut. LOL. I guess I am a nerd, but thought this was all so fascinating.

Anyway, the point is, the packages are estimates and all, so not really an advantage to trying to live on packaged foods to know how many you are getting?

There was someone in this forum years ago who did a diet like that though. Have you ever had Amy's Kitchen vegetarian frozen dinners? Amy's has a diet plan using their frozen meals and incorporating some other foods (fruits/veggies). I can't remember who did the plan, but she lost all the weight she wanted. http://www.amyskitchen.com/health/diet-plan If you search the forums you may find the threads, or perhaps Krampus or Dorian remember her screen name. It was a few years ago, but I believe they were posting then.

I agree with Jossfit in that it probably isn't the healthiest to eat so much processed food (especially for the sodium), but their meals are organic and without preservatives so I suppose it is way better than Lean Cuisine.

JossFit 01-30-2013 02:56 PM

** Just got off the phone with my coach and $hit just got real **

Wow. I'm a little scared! haha

Wildflower 01-30-2013 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by JossFit (Post 4613981)
** Just got off the phone with my coach and $hit just got real **

Wow. I'm a little scared! haha

Yikes, I take it he put together a more aggressive plan for you? Can't wait to hear the details!

JossFit 01-30-2013 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by Wildflower (Post 4613989)
Yikes, I take it he put together a more aggressive plan for you? Can't wait to hear the details!

He increased my cardio and decreased my calories... I expected as much, but I didn't know that he'd do both at once. It's quite an agressive change in both areas, and so I'm up to 45 minutes of HARD cardio 7 days a week and he cut out about 175 calories from my meals... fun stuff like carbs. :(

Oh well, I'm up to the challenge!

Back to catch up on personals in a bit!

TurboMammoth 01-30-2013 03:42 PM

Jessica : I do agree with you, a quiche is a nice alternative and do not sound as much as a breakfast! I used to make quiche all the time before we started dieting, and not my omelette are pretty much my quiche recipe but without the flaky dough LOL

That is such a nice comment from your friend's brother! Your brother answer's cracked me up though with the ''The boring way'' lol.

Krampus : OH NOW I get the deep fry burger thing. I was so confused trying to figure out how it was done. I have to admit that I'm pretty lost in most of the deep fry conversation we ever had in here and I always end up ''but how the h*ll do they deep fry this or that''. The burger sounds phenomenal though. Blueeee cheese.

Oh, I just got used to the boyfriend eating stuff like that (overload of take out pizza like that is pretty rare though). It was frustrating at first because he get better at everything I ended up starting (dieting, running, etc). Oh well. I guess it's because he's a freaking man :P In is defense though, he does Crossfit 3 times a week and has now started to run, so I guess he can indulge more on food like that (but if I even just LOOK at the food I gain like 3 pounds LOL)

Wildflower : I'm glad to know you are feeling better! This is weird about your swollen finger. Once when I wanted to get rid of the water weight quickly, I put like a tablespoon of apple vinegar in a tea (because this stuff taste nasty by itself, eww) and it really did help. I went to pee like 10 times or more.

And I do get you on the treats on the long run days! When I was training for my half marathons, the Sundays dinner were always such a feast, there was no way I could just eat a normal 1500 cal a day after burning like 1200 calories... I think this is a reason why I'm so excited about starting running again LOL

Joss : Oh jeez! Massive changes! But I know you'll be up to the challenge :)

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