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Bayzee 01-28-2013 11:15 AM

Hey feathers..Just a quick check-in on my lunch.

I weighed 115.4 today...TOM week so this should be interesting. I felt I broke the 115 this weekend but we'll see how the week goes. I'm not going to weigh-in till the end of the week because it will just make me crankier than I've already been. lol!

I overindulged on wine on Saturday, but Friday was ok. I don't feel this is under control yet, and I feel it is certainly hindering my progress.

My goal for the week is to not give in to my TOM cravings and drink less wine this weekend. We're hosting another get together on Saturday, so I don't know if I will be able to do that.

Back for personals later!

JossFit 01-28-2013 11:20 AM

Alright, Chipper Jossfit is not in the chat today. :mad:

I spent yesterday with 80 million children trashing my house (and you all know how fond of numerous children I am) because my roommates had a play date/friend date with TWO sets of our friends and their children for a combined total of SIX girls under the age of 7 running around. Ugh.

Aside from that my husband is getting really stressed with work/training and all of our plans to see each other are falling apart. That part is hard enough, but he's not great about telling me ALL the details, so I'll offer an alternative solution such as "Well, we can try to see eachother on (such and such) date and I can stay for xx days..." and then he gets mad at me for trying to make plans that don't work. I don't know that the other suggestion won't work if he doesn't tell me what's going on! How am I supposed to know that he'll be in Germany or wherever, or that his leave might be cancelled, or that they might send them out early IF HE DOESN'T TELL ME?

So, marriage is falling apart... awesome.

Then for some reason this morning I'm up 1.2 pounds and I have no idea why... which isn't super important but it makes me feel like NOTHING IS HAPPENING with this program. I sought out this coach because he's the best in the business and I know I need to have faith in him, but I'm so impatient right now. I'm pissed at myself for getting so fu*king fat to begin with, and even more so for expecting some miracle coach would help me get it off. 12 weeks isn't going to cut it, and I'm cranky and miss my apples and cottage cheese and creamer in my ******* coffee.


Dorian - I'm so glad you and your BF are back on track and better than ever! It sounds like you had a nice weekend enjoying each other's company. ;) It can be hard to be in weight loss mode when snuggling up with some wine, comfort foods and your hunny is on one shoulder and chicken breast after the gym is on the other.

Hmm, is it any coincidence I saw my husband A LOT over the holidays and put on A LOT of weight? LOL probably not.

Aidanqm - The only thing that I hate about prepping my food ahead of time is how quickly I go through it lately, especially chicken! I baked up a big batch yesterday afternoon and it will be gone this evening so I'll have to cook more tonight to make it through the next 2 days!

The coach I am working with is arguably the best in the business; he's the coach of Amanda Latona, Nicole Wlikins, Ava Cowan, etc. (If you follow pro bikini/figure competitors at all) so I trust what he tells me and do exactly what he says. No cottage cheese? Got it coach! :) If he can work a miracle and get me back to where I was a few months ago in the next 10.5 weeks I'm fine without dairy for a while.

Olehcat - Forgive me for asking, but if you're already bored of doing the 17DD, is another plan the answer?

It seems as though no matter what program you try you don't really feel like sticking to it. Perhaps you need something to really motivate you OUTSIDE of the program itself; an event with a deadline perhaps?

I'm an outsider of course, and I only see what you post, but from THIS vantage point it looks like you're having an issue that most of us have at least once in a while; lack of motivation. WHY are you REALLY trying to lose weight? What is the payoff at the end of it? Everyone's resolve wanes from time to time but if someone is really motivated they can make themselves do anything (LOL some people take it to an unhealthy place of course, but you get what I'm saying).

I don't think a new way of eating is going to be the answer, and I'm worried that you'll start to feel like some sort of failure if you attempt all these new programs and then toss them aside after a few days.

Take it with a grain of salt, of course.

I actually DON'T think I'll see a big whoosh at any point during this program; that's not the point. I think his design is slow and steady FAT loss over the next 12 weeks in a very controlled manner. He was happy with my progress so far (which has been averaging about .2 pounds per day aside from today's crap weigh in) so that's why he didn't change anything.

LOL My roommates made BLTs on Garlic Texas Toast the other night and the smells of it cooking made me want to eat my arm off. The whole house smelled like bacon and garlic bread. I'm glad you said it didn't taste very good, because I've never had that (I assume we're both talking about the frozen Texas Toast brand of garlic bread slices) and from the way it smelled I felt like I was missing out big time!

Wildflower - The marinated pretzels make more sense now... more like a spiced pretzel! They sound awesome to me. I'll take my pretzels chocolate covered 99% of the time though. :D

So would you say that yoga is your priority? Finding time to lift weights and do cardio in addition to that is a lot to take on! Ideally we would all be able to get in an even mix of everything but I think that any regular exercise that someone enjoys is great. Getting all of it is ideal but definitely not realistic for most of us!

Are you feeling better yet? You mentioned you were nauseated the other day.

Turbo - What was the deal with the women at the gym giving you dirty looks? I hope they just had mean looking faces or something and weren't meaning to direct that at you for no reason. Things like that can make people really uncomfortable at the gym and make them not want to go!

Is it warming up there at all for you yet?

Nice job on the weigh in! I love that you can still have all that great food (bacon, blueberry pancakes, enchiladas, smoked meat sandwiches and fries...) and only be up a tiny bit, which was most likely water from the sandwich anyway. Its so great to see people make it to their goals or even maintain their progress without totally depriving themselves of everything.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty content with my diet right now, but it's not including french fries and blueberry pancakes! :)

Krampus - Sounds like you had a great weekend overall, and I'm happy to see you're feeling better!

I had no idea about the Quest bars on FB... I'm TOTALLY doing that tonight (even though I shouldn't because I can't eat them right now...)
What did you think of the Coconut Cashew one?

I saw your super low Weigh-in... that's great! I know you're back up today because of that Cracker Barrel meal but I'm sure it'll balance out tomorrow and you'll find yourself in the 122-somethings.

IDK... my progress is seemingly non-existent at this point. Everything looks horrible and the scale is creeping (apparently UP today... grrrr) so I'm very pissy about the whole situation today.

**I'll be back for some better personals later this evening... I'm in a crappy mood right now!**

Alexistrophic 01-28-2013 11:48 AM

Joss ~ *big hugs to YOU* It's tough enough to communicate with someone who's sitting right in front of you, but sounds like it's ten thousand times more difficult to connect with someone whose so far away... literally. Remember those qualities that attracted you to your hubby in the first place. Make a list of all those reasons you love him and TELL him. He's probably feeling at least as frustrated as you are at the situation, maybe even moreso. Hang in there. Just sounds like a sucky moment.

A hug or a smack... I'll take one of each, please. :o I think the crap eating is mostly due to bounce-back from being too strict with my eating earlier in the month. It's tough for me to hit that balance between being too strict vs. too lenient... I've also read those studies on "willpower" and how we only have a certain amount of it. I would so love to get to a place where food doesn't involve "willpower" and I just naturally gravitate toward healthy choices. I feel like I'm close to that space now, it's just a matter of getting into good, healthy, sustainable habits.

For me, just being here and being accountable is being on track.

Turbo ~ Brave girl, facing the cold outside to go for a run! Those chicken avocado enchiladas sound fantastic. My sis has been talking about "pitch perfect", too, so I might have to give it a look.

Thanks also for the love on my profile pic! It's from about a winter beach trip from about a year ago. I love the beach, especially during the winter because there are no crowds.

Krampus ~ Dang, girl! Look at you with your new lows!!! Sounds like a good time at the gym. :D I never feel like I've eaten anything when I leave Cracker Barrel. So strange! Especially for a restaurant that prides themselves on being "home cooking" I feel like the portions would be a bit bigger, at least.

Ohlecat ~ I feel like I'm kind of in the same place as you with the 17DD. I'm keeping the bit about fruit in the AM and 2 servings of probiotics, protein and veg, but scrapping the "diet" part.

Bayzee ~ Good goals! Sometimes just holding steady is a victory.

Dorian5 ~ So glad you're back in a good place with the bf! Oh, the "make-up fooding"... Glad that you're back in here. :D

aidan ~ Your weekend sounds fantastic: good friends, good (fancy!) food, and good work outs. Living the dream. :-)

~ Hurray for NSVs!!! And they do say that water pushes water, so the more you drink, the more you lose (or so they say...)


This sounds so lame, but Saturday was "Clean Sheet Day" and that made me ridiculously excited. :D I dusted off my desk and bed area, so now at least that part of my space feels manageable. Now to tackle the mountains of paperwork, etc. that have piled up in my room... Ugh.

The friend move went smoothly (she was moving to a house two blocks away so it didn't really make sense to hire movers, but most of the heavy lifting was done by the time I got there anyway... I just helped lug bags, etc. down/up stairs) She treated us to Italian to say thanks. Sunday was Korean food (giant mandoo and chapchae (glass noodles+veg) and kimchi) so I'm on a spicy food hang-over this morning.

I started taking a financial education class at a local church and that's making me feel a bit more in control of my life/finances. I'm a chronic underearner (I know this about myself!) and hopefully I can learn from the other people in the class, too.

Have also been looking at the Leonie Dawson "Creating Your Incredible 2013" workbook (http://leoniedawson.com/shop/kits/in...book-calendar/) I found it via youtube planner/filofax reviews and it seems a little bit "hippy" but very structured and insightful.

There's a "Closing 2012" section (what are you thankful for from 2012? What did you learn? What do you need to share/express to feel complete about 2012?) and then an "Invoking 2013" section, where you write down what you want to experience in 2013. ("100 things to do in 2013", "2013 Will be the Year that I...", "I want to feel.... in 2013")

I'm the kind of person who likes to do a year review (still January, so it still counts!) and this workbook gave a great structured, thought-provoking prompts that are helping me clarify where I want to go in 2013.

One question I'm working on answering is: "How does my body feel now vs. how I WANT my body to feel..." because I feel like this deals with the ultimate goal of all my food talk/thoughts. I've never really thought about how I want my body to FEEL....

(*I haven't actually bought the workbook. Issues with international debit cards... So I'm just cribbing questions from what other youtubers have said about it...)

krampus 01-28-2013 02:26 PM

JossFit I'm gonna throw you a million hugs and words of encouragement from up here - how unfortunate to wind down the weekend not being able to relax in your own house, not to mention the frustration of communication problems from your husband - is he a stereotypical "I shut down and get mad when I can't do anything to fix problems that have arisen" man? Coconut Cashew was good, I am not allergic to stevia but my BF is - good to know I suppose.

Does your diet plan change at all from week to week? Maybe some magic will happen and results will start popping out of holes in the ground. I've BEEN THERE (regained to 150+ and then regained to almost 140) and gotten so mad at myself for it - but (going on assumptions here) you are still as strong as you've been, you can still do 4578953485034875349 pushups and pullups, don't forget all that - I don't think many women at all are that strong! :D

Alexistrophic The best part of helping people move is when someone else does the heaviest bit of the work before you get there :P and getting food after is always nice, too. Funny you mentioned it, I think of Cracker Barrel as one of the easiest restaurants to take it easy at for that same reason! A non-gravied non-fried meat and 3 vegetable sides? Barely a dent. Chapchae is THE BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD, with mandu at a close second...

I'm glad to hear you are getting structure, clarity and food for thought through the financial ed class and that workbook. Perspective on what your tendencies are, where you came from, where you're going - all of it helps realize life is just a constant work of progress. :)

TurboMammoth 01-28-2013 08:36 PM

olehcat : New plan sounds nice! It would probably be harder to stick to a plan you have no more interest in. Hope your new plan works well for you! I have tried the wine and bubbly water a few weeks ago, and jeez it did not work for me! Lucky if it works for you! ;)

Aidanqm : Arrrgh, I hate ice tooo. Luckily it melted a bit last year before getting the -8000 degrees. It was so cool running on some dry path last weekend.

You seemed to had a nice time dining out this weekend! That was even more nice that you did not to worry much about cutting the portions, if they were already reasonnable! Win win situation!

Dorian : Awww, I'm so glad everything is okay with your boy once again! Have fun at the games! (Go destroy the Bruins!) ;)

krampus : God! That was an awesome WI! And it's glad to know that you were able to have your workout without having to deal with some random idiot people at the gym!

Woah, 160-180 calories per bar? That is aweme. I'll definitely order some in a near future.

Bayzee : Congrats on breaking the 115's! Go resist that TOM craving though! ;)

Joss : Aww, sorry you're feeling down :( First, WOAH MULTIPLE PLAYDATES. Enough to drive even a friend-to-kids person! I'm sorry to hear things are a bit rough with the husband right now :( It is probably frustrating to him not knowing what is going on concerning his job schedule and things.. And it is just me but guys freak out when you ask them something that they don't know the answer (for exemple : ''when will be the next time we'll see each other'' here).

I don't know what was the thing about the dirty looks at the gym :( I came by, they stopped talking and they stared at me. Oh well. It's not like I'll stop going at the gym because some slutty (because they were slutty, come on it's a GYM) girls looking at me. I just did not know what it was coming from... :?:

Alexis : I love the idea on workout on this thing to get a get a full closure of 2012 and setting up goals for 2012.

Figuring it out how you want your body to feel is haaard. When I decided I was going to lose weight at 185 lbs, I picked my first goal weight at 140 lbs because I thought it would probably be ok at that weight. The thing is, 140 lbs would be a great healthy weight for me, but it was not feeling right. I lost until 133 lbs and it was not feelign quite right altogether. At some point it got me thinking, we'll it ever feel totally right?

Oh well, you got me thinking with you Creating your incredible 2013'' thing ;)


Hi Feathers! I feel I overate today. I did not binge, but I could have control everything a bit better. I also had a 1 star poop, which is annoying, I've been feeling bloaty for the past 3-4 days. I want a good 4-5 start poop, pleeease.

I tried some ''300 abs'' workout I found out on Pinterest and it was MEEEH. I was okay and got me moving a bit but I was not totally excited and challenged by it. I'll try to find another different one for next week.

Going to see my goddaughter in Montreal tomorrow and I'm dining over there. I'll go to the gym and have a nice workout before heading there. :)

Take care ladies!

olehcat 01-28-2013 09:36 PM

hi, all,

I'm so excited because I actually finally ran again this evening, DESPITE it being my class day. Well, the reason for it was that it's balmy and warm (weird for January) and there was dense fog, and I LOVE running in balmy, foggy weather -- it's my favorite running weather. So it was motivation to get off my lazy butt and get outside. :) I feel really good that I did it.

I'm thinking really hard about how to eat to lose weight but still keep my sanity and not go crazy. Eating what I want doesn't work. That's how I got so heavy. Dieting doesn't work. That just causes binges and "last supper meals" where I plan something new for the next day but decide to have all the forbidden things that day because of course the next day and forever after I'm going to be perfect, right? :-p *eyeroll* I'm so tired of my usual patterns. All that has caused is a 10 pound weight gain over the past year. Wow, when I was 137 pounds, I was still trying to get down to 110. Sad, right? And instead of going DOWN (I would make it to about 133 and then bounce right back up to 139 or so), I went UP. SO now my "norm" has shifted from between 137-142 to more like 144-147 (!!). And all because of constant "dieting" and then taking a break from it to eat whatever I wanted and eat/drink like the food was going out of style.

@Turbo - ha, already wine plan a fail. But I am having a VERY small glass of real wine, way smaller than the norm that has been way too much. Have a great time in Montreal!

@Alex - exactly! I had some fruit and the Greek yogurt today, and I did have a big salad at lunch, just like I was before. Not much changes, actually, except I am adding about 1/4 avocado for fat, fattier parts of the chicken (yum, legs!). I hear you about being an underearner. I can't do much about it in my field (I am a teacher, therefore I will never make the big bucks), and I wish I had more of a natural knack for finances. I'm not a big spender at all (hate shopping), but I do tend to be careless with money sometimes, spending too much on things that should have been researched better, etc.

@Jossfit - you have a very good point and you are very insightful. The whole reason I have not lost weight since I've wanted to in 2010 when I decided to get to 110 pounds and never even got close is just this. I am indecisive and not at all disciplined. I'm highly motivated to lose weight, I obsess about it all the time, but sometimes I get caught up in being more motivated by the moment rather than the long term. Or maybe I lack faith that whatever I've picked will work. I think sometimes reading so many weight loss forums can be harmful. I see SO many posts by women complaining about not being able to lose weight even while doing everything in whatever diet just right for weeks/months on end. That scares me to death, that even performing everything perfectly and our bodies can completely rebel and refuse to let go of the weight. So I think I have a secret fear that no matter what I choose to do, whether it's counting calories or doing the 17DD or low carb or whatever, that even if I did it perfectly and stuck to it, that I will fail at it and still be miserable by depriving myself. Huh, I never quite put that into words! And the lack of true motivation? It is true in SO many elements of my life. The weight loss issue is just one piece of it all. So if I solve that motivation issue, I bet I solve a lot of others, too! *nods* Thank you for your honesty and perception, by the way!

And by the way, I am SO sorry about your stuff with your husband. It's such a misery, I know. It's so frustrating to not be able to make definite plans to see each other! And then lots of screaming kids, eep. That sounds like my niece's birthday party a few months ago! Horrifying!

And *hugs* about the weight. That has to feel SO frustrating with all the work you're putting in! And I really admire your determination to stick to something 100 percent like that. It's *points up to my ramblings* something I am very weak at!

@Bayzee - good luck on reducing the wine! :)

@krampus - wow, that's an awesome weigh - in!!!! Oh, and you sound like me on the internet. I can spend HOURS reading about things that have NOTHING to do with me or my life. And good point about the lifting. I'm going to start something just to get my strength up. I think I might just do a few simple exercises and not worry about more until later.

@Dorian - I have had dreams where I look in the mirror and I'm way bigger than I am in reality and it's just awful. And I realize that in reality, I DO feel huge compared to the way I know I used to look/feel.

@Aidanqm - your advice is sound. I did have a few bites of a brownie today. Deprivation leads to eventual binge-fest. I feel SO far away from goal weight that I wish I could enjoy the process more, that I could find that magical balance of eating JUST the right amount to lose the weight, including some indulgences. I'm in constant search of that! I also have found that if I am in a pattern of heavy-duty running, then I can get away with a lot more as far as indulgences. It's been a long time since I had consistent running (like for months on end) at a high enough rate to do that.

Wildflower 01-28-2013 10:34 PM

Hi Feathers,

I'm still feeling blah. Don't have the nauseous feeling anymore, so thank god I don't think i have the stomach flu, but still feel feverish and now with an ear ache. Probably getting the respiratory flu going around.

I weighed in this morning after having a little bit of my smoothie and was 1.8 lbs up from yesterday. Super bummed, as I've eaten very lightly all weekend and my old jeans are fitting again and starting to feel loose. Still have swollen fingers, not sure what is going on, maybe from this stupid virus I'm fighting.

I feel fat and gross as I missed my run yesterday and probably will tomorrow and I'm just overall bleh. I've been so motivated but like usual - whenever I start feeling good and like I'm in a routine I get freakin sick and it all falls apart. I'm fully expecting to be up even more tomorrow, or at least still at 133, which I was at last Tuesday so it will mean no loss for the week.

Joss Fit Hugs to you, I am in the same boat. I suppose I should take whatever advice I can think of for you! I would say just focus on the big picture and your healthy eating and trust that the plan will work. Women are weird in our water retaining capabilities so we can't get hung up on a few water weight pounds, especially if we we know we are eating healthy and putting in the work. This guy I used to know would always say, "If you work the plan it'll work for you" I think he learned it in AA, but I guess it applies to life.

Hang in their about your husband...things are hard from a distance. Do you ever write each other emails? Sometimes it can be good for getting things out and it is easier when you are long distance. I've done long distance stuff in the past, it has it's pros and cons. I'm fairly independent so I like being able to do whatever I want and not have to worry about coming home to someone. But it's hard, hard, hard not to have the person you love there when you need them most. I think it can be hard to remember to tell the other person all those little details (or big details) about your life too because when you do have time to talk you try to focus on the highlights and the other person's day and some times things just get forgotten. I remember when I was in a LD relationship my ex forgot to tell me he was going on a trip across the country. I was so mad at him! He was sure he told me. Anyway...hang in there...relationships are hard for sure.

Oh and with my fitness priorities. Yoga and running at both up there, lifting is a distant third for now. I enjoy yoga the most but also like the running and doing races. It's hard to be motivated to run with the cold weather, but I know I have to put in the work now if I want to be able to run well this summer. Plus, it's a good calorie burn.

Olehcat - Totally can relate with the diet stuff. In 2009, I went from 134 - 152 that fall. The next fall I decided I needed to calorie count to get the weight down. I got down to 137 and celebrated by eating deep dish pizza and nachos! I went back to 145, back to 136, back to 140, back to 137 and then my scale batter died. When I finally replaced it last fall I was at 140 but I am pretty sure I went a little above that a few times and didn't know.

I have a hard time of thinking of diet in terms of a beginning and an end, so this time I am just focusing on healthy eating and eating "clean" no oils, sugar, flours, limited grains. Mainly just fruits/vegs/nuts/seeds/lentils/beans. In the past I calorie counted which left me hungry a lot of the time. I clearly should have been focusing on eating vegetables mainly, but I wasn't. I was just portion controlling whatever - pizza, grilled cheese, mac and cheese.

Anyway...I don't have stellar advice, just wanted to tell you I can completely relate. I don't know if the healthy eating thing is the answer for me but so far it is and I don't feel deprived because I am eating plenty of healthy fats and filling up on fruits/veggies. Also, my tastes have changed and I've learned to love all the new foods I am exploring.

Turbo - Hope you enjoy your trip to see your god daughter. I have some workouts saved from Pinterest too, but haven't seen the 300 abs one you mentioned.

Dorian Glad you and the BF worked things out. Sounds like you've had a fun off plan couple of days nesting together. :)

Alex That book sounds interesting. I've read it is helpful to conduct annual reviews but I've never really done it outside of work. Once years ago I made a list of big time goals and i've met a few of them, but never stopped to look back at my life and see how I am doing outside of those big goals. Hope the financial class goes well for you, sounds interesting!

Glad you are feeling better and got back to the gym! I'm hanging in there trying to fight off whatever yuck I've caught. I hate missing workouts but I know I need to rest or I'll just get sicker.

Congrats on the scale drops - that's so awesome! You seem to be down more every time I check in on the thread. Go you!

That's awesome your HS jeans fit without even unzipping them at all! Wow! That's a great NSV right there! :)

Oh and your "Faces of Cat Death" comment cracked me up. Sounds like an indie film for sure...:P

JossFit 01-29-2013 09:00 AM

Today is stupid. STILL up on the scale for no damn reason. It shouldn't be that big of a deal but I'm having that hissy fit moment where I'm like "C'mon, if I am going to NOT lose weight I'd rather be doing the workouts I like and eating with a bit more freedom!" I'm getting frustrated with this crap.

I just feel like at this rate I will not get where I want to be and will have paid a ******ed amount of money for this coach.

Not only was the scale still up but I just felt like a rhino running around in the gym today. Everything looked huge and while I was running I had muffin top jiggling up out of my workout pants. Great. I have to do 'progress' (HA! Progress??) photos for my coach tonight and get to speak with him tomorrow, so hopefully he'll have some words of wisdom and will make some adjustments to my program to get things moving in the right direction.

Sorry, pissy mood today.

Wildflower - Here I am *****ing and moaning about what I did to MYSELF, and you're over there legitimately sick. :( I hope that you're feeling better today!

I definitely feel you on the shitty weigh-ins (obviously) but you're right, if you are sick your body is very likely trying to fight off the sickness and that usually comes with at least a little bit of bloating, considering it's essentially inflammation. After all, any infection is going to be met by your body with swelling and inflammation as the antibodies in your blood rush out to meet it and keep it at bay... so that's happening all over your whole body!

I know it's frustrating though, especially if you've been eating well and KNOW you shouldn't have gained any real weight. It's hard to keep going and going without feeling like you're making any progress!

Its funny that you brought up emails; my husband and I met online and so emails were how we first started chatting and getting to know each other. Then of course I have deployed several times and so we would email quite a lot during those periods as well... it seems like we communicate really well that way.
He actually emailed me after I had gone to bed Sunday night and I think that gave him a forum to express how he was feeling about a lot of things. He emailed me again Monday night just to tell me some story about a new guy on his team at work so it wasn't really an IMPORTANT email per say, but I love when he takes the time to write. I will have to make sure to give him feedback and let him know that I like it when he takes the time to sit down and just dish about whatever is on his mind. I think it shows me that he cares and wants to share things with me, and it gives him a chance to say whatever he needs to say even if it's just casual chatter.

I just want to copy and paste this part of your reply for emphasis; "Sometimes it can be good for getting things out and it is easier when you are long distance. I've done long distance stuff in the past, it has it's pros and cons. I'm fairly independent so I like being able to do whatever I want and not have to worry about coming home to someone. But it's hard, hard, hard not to have the person you love there when you need them most. I think it can be hard to remember to tell the other person all those little details (or big details) about your life too because when you do have time to talk you try to focus on the highlights and the other person's day and some times things just get forgotten."

Yes, exactly that. I am fairly independent too but I need him right now and am scared about a lot of the transitional things I'm facing with my separation. It's not easy for either of us right now and we're at opposing ends; he needs me to not be up his @ss about seeing each other, and I need him to be more attentive.

WRT workouts; yeah, it would be great if we could all run 10 miles, lift small cars and twist ourselves into pretzels with the greatest of ease, but who has the time for all that training?! I think a person should focus on whatever they derive the most enjoyment from and sprinkle in the rest of it as they can.

Olehcat - I'm glad you didn't take any offense and think I was picking at you or your struggles to find a good plan lately... just offering you the outside perspective.

You bring up a good point about dieting and how essentially, you've been doing the classic "yo yo" dieting and getting the classic results; slow creep up over time! I have been doing the same over the past few months (which I NEVER have done before) and thats why, even though I'm crazy frustrated right now, I hired a coach to take me through this process SLOW and STEADY and without any crazy fad things. I know in the end I will be better off for it, and need to retrain myself out of these stupid habits I've gotten into and do what I know; eat simple and healthy food, workout hard, and do those things consistently.

The more I think about it, the more obvious it is when you take a step back. I've been chatting in here for a little while now, and you know whos' not ever done the yo-yo thing? Krampus and Turbo (just off the top of my head) and I've never once seen either of those ladies mention starting a new plan/program/routine unless it applied to small changes in their fitness programs. They just eat how they eat, have small ups and downs due to holidays and such, and keep on keeping on. The proof is in the pudding. :)

Have you ever given much thought to visualization or positive thinking for reaching your goals? I know it sounds cheezy, but I think you might benefit from trying to re-train your brain. If you keep thinking that you'll fail, you will. You aren't giving yourself a chance. Here's the thing; you KNOW what to do. You do. That's no secret. It's not rocket science to figure out how to lose weight but you lack committment. You KNOW that in order to see some changes you need to pick any approach (ANY approach) and stick with it for a while. That's it.
I am struggling with my program right now because I am not seeing results... YET. I know it would be insane of me to throw away this chance to work with my coach because I feel frustrated in this moment. What if I gave up and said 'nevermind, I'll just go back to 1200 calories and never take a day off from the gym..'? -- I'd end up losing a few pounds, mostly muscle, eating my face off for a few days and then gaining MORE weight because I've now slowed my metabolism again. Then I'll freak out, look for a new miracle motivation pill and repeat.
I do NOT want that for myself, or any of us.

So... commit. Commit to something you can stick to and just do it. Give it 12 weeks (****, give it six!) and give it everything you have. You can stop this yo-yo cycle now but you have to BELIVE you can do it.

Krampus - Your question; ""I shut down and get mad when I can't do anything to fix problems that have arisen" man?" OMG yes! I never realized that was such a typical man thing to do, but my BFF says her husband does the same thing. He just wants to hate the world and she is on the other hand, trying to find solutions (She and him are also LD right now and she's leaving for a year long deployment). When he was saying how crappy everything was she was finding ways to spend bits and pieces of time together and make the best of it.
That's exactly where my hubby and I are right now.

And thanks for the awesome E-hugs... you (and everyone else) really do make such a difference for me when I'm feeling out of sorts and don't know who to vent to about it!

"Does your diet plan change at all from week to week? Maybe some magic will happen and results will start popping out of holes in the ground." - It does in theory, but my coach didn't change anything when we exchanged emails on Thursday of last week because he was pleased with things so far... but now my weight is doing crazy things and I'm sure after he sees the photos he'll change a thing or two up. It's all based on how things go at each check-in so I have no idea what the overall 'plan' is, and neither does he... which makes sense because you can't predict how someone is going to progress.

"I've BEEN THERE (regained to 150+ and then regained to almost 140) and gotten so mad at myself for it - but (going on assumptions here) you are still as strong as you've been, you can still do 4578953485034875349 pushups and pullups, don't forget all that - I don't think many women at all are that strong!"

You're right... I think most of us have had some regain (I had 25 pounds... LOL but again, my fault) so it's normal but I'm also doing what I can to stop it NOW, and to do it the right way so I don't end up as a perpetual Yo-yo dieter. I actually WISH I could do pullups like I used to but with a 25 pound gain in 4 weeks my body can't support that anymore. Now I can do about, 5 per set. :( I actually don't even have them in my workout program but I've been sneaking in a random set or two here and there. ;) I'm hoping once I get down to a lighter weight it will be easier to pull myself up again.

Your BF is allergic to Stevia? Wow, good to know for sure! That's the only sweetener I use right now and so if I were cooking for someone who had an allergy to it and didn't know that would be bad! (Well, I guess I only add it to my coffee and oatmeal but still...)

OH! Someone just told me they are releasing a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest bar on Thursday. :D

Alex - Consider this your combination HUG/SMACK! It hurts so good... hahaha :hug::frypan:

Are you a bit more on plan today? I do know what you mean about the bounce back and for me it's relative to the amount of time I have been really on-point with my diet, although not in the way you would think; the longer I go eating on plan and hitting my workouts, the better results I see and the less I want to cheat and mess it up! I might go a long period of time on plan and am looking great and then have one night off plan and get right back to it.
Sometimes though I will only be back on plan a few days and then its almost as though I 'might as well' because I don't look great now anyway so what's one more day? :rolleyes: Makes sense right? Yeah...

I've also heard the same things regarding the amount of willpower a person has. I think it helps me greatly that I set myself up for success by not having those temptations around me or by putting myself in tempting situations because I have willpower to spare most times! haha It's a good point though, and I think that reducing the amount of willpower stressors would be helpful to everyone, if it were manageable. Some people have to work in grocery stores and stare at food all day long whereas people like me don't have to look at any. I think it makes a difference.

I like your question about how we want our bodies to FEEL. I know you didn't ask for replies because the question was for you, but I'll throw in my two cents anyway; I want my body to feel strong, powerful, graceful, lithe and energetic. I want it to feel lean, healthy and muscular and like I can do anything with it. I want myself to feel sexy in it.
Have you come up with a good answer for yourself yet?

Alexistrophic 01-29-2013 11:09 AM

Krampus ~ It WAS pretty nice that the "morning crew" had already done all the heavy lifting at my friend's place. I was part of the "afternoon relief crew" (since all of the morning people had afternoon commitments). It actually worked out pretty well b.c my friend was going through some emotional stuff (moving out of her parents' duplex -- not the best of situations) and I was glad that she had people around her for most of the day.

Turbo ~ Chalk those "big eat" days up to a metabolism booster, eh? And is that "300 Abs Challenge" based on the movie "300"? I just googled and that's what I came up with. Holy wow!
I just officially bought the Incredible 2013 workbook yesterday, so am hoping to get it printed off today and be able to have it filled in by the end of the month. I give myself fully until the end of January to set my resolutions/intentions for the upcoming year (although really, it's never too late to set a new 'resolution') Have a wonderful time with your goddaughter! ;)

Ohlecat ~ I am feeling ya on those "revelations" girl. "Dieting" doesn't work (at least for me, either...) I always read about those 'success' stories and think 'now why can't that be me?' and the thing is that it CAN, but it won't be through any kind of depravation mindset. That might work for some people. It doesn't for me. What DOES work is moderate amounts and a reasonable cut off time. That's how I do... What's worked for YOU in the past? And WELL DONE with getting outside for a ruN!!!

Wildflower ~ Yuck for your sickness, but glad that it's not a stomach flu (small blessings) Calorie counting never really worked for me, either. I found that I was concentrating more on the numbers than on what I was eating. Sorry if I missed it, but are you a veggie? You seem to have such a varied and colorful diet!

Joss ~ Thanks for the hug/smack. I return the *hugs* and I KICK this stupid day for you. I'm sure you know this already, but today will pass. It's gonna end in like.... 12 hours, give or take. Hang in there!
To answer your question, I was "on plan" last night, even though my food was kind of big. I'm returning to what has always worked for me in the past: keeping my cut off time. Simple as.
And I have been working on answering the "how I want my body to feel". Right now, the answer is 'long and lithe, focused and sharp'. I'm a "reed" body shape that tends toward "tree trunk" when I'm not being smart about what I eat. Don't want no "tree trunks" up in here, yo...

Ha. So my resolution for the rest of this year is ABSOLUTELY NO DIETS. No matter what. And really, did it take me this long to learn that? Well... I'm not normally one for the latest fad or whatever, but consider this my one ill-advised craze for the year. I am firmly on what has always worked for me: keeping my cut off. I feel like that automatically shrinks my stomach and refocuses me on the right kinds of foods and eating for hunger, rather than entertainment.

Work is work and I'm feeling blah. It's time to make a change, and I'm almost there, but I feel like it's just getting over the initial "lack of inertia" challenge. No time like the present! Get on that!

Bayzee 01-29-2013 11:39 AM

I feel SO bloated today! TOM is killing me. I'm so hungry and so, so jiggly. Even my stretchy pants even feel tight :) I've already eaten all of my meals and snacks for the whole day. I will have drink herbal tea all afternoon to keep me from buying a big bag of chips!

This is not a good day so far...sorry for the rant :(

JessicaB 01-29-2013 11:45 AM

Hi feathers,

things are going well for me. I've been feeling motivated, and been on plan long enough that it's starting to get easier again. Last week I had nearly a 5 pound drop, which is attributed to getting back on plan FINALLY and the end of TOM combined. I've now taken the lead in my weight loss competition, though I do feel slightly guilty, as I intentionally made sure I had water weight to drop when I started, and it almost feels like cheating, seeing that no one else had the same sort of drop.

Truth be told, I almost gave in last week, and ordered Chinese food, but I decided to leave it up to fate, and to call my husband to see if he'd be home from work when I got home, so that if I was getting take out, at least he'd be able to eat it warm as well. He never returned my call, so I left it at that, and stayed on plan. I'm not tempted by it this week, because my husband's birthday is on Sunday, so I know I'll be indulging then anyways. We will be going to a steakhouse, so there shouldn't be any issues eating reasonably there. Though my husband did request I make this cake for his birthday, and I'm sure it has a bazillion calories in it. I made it for him on father's day, and I think I used 2 packages of oreos in the thing, not to mention the cream cheese, etc, so it is definitely a rich cake (but very very yummy). I've told myself that I will have a slice, and then let him finish the rest on his own throughout the week (which he'll be happy to do).

My workout this morning really sucked, my daughter kept interrupting, despite me waking up at 5:30 am to do it. And I just gave up trying after she kept coming down to the basement to ask for things (breakfast, a drink, for me to hug her while she pooped, etc). I'm going to make up for it after dinner by taking her to an indoor playground tonight. She's a very clingy kid, so whenever I take her there, I'm always crawling around with her, climbing and going down the slides, rather than observing like most parents do. She is looking forward to it, I'm not really, because there is no room for a full grown person to stand, and crouching for so long is hard on the back, but at least it will burn a few calories.

I've decided I'm going to join the daily weigh in thread for February, and raise my weight stats back up to where they actually are then too.

I'll come back for personals later.

krampus 01-29-2013 12:05 PM

Good morning...

122.8 today! Not to fear, I'm going out with my eating buddies for deep fried buffalo wing burgers tonight (you read that right). My "sensible choice" voice is saying "get a regular burger and don't eat the bun, not worth it" and my "peer pressure" voice is saying "just get a wing burger, you've been talking about this place for over a year." But I'm in such a good, in-control head space! We'll see.

Got in like...16 minutes on the arc trainer this morning and then had to go to work. It was a little hard, I coughed a lot and felt like when I started running after a long hiatus and was still a smoker. Will go back for more after work before wing burger. :)

I ended up just rolling around on a yoga mat doing crunches and planks and googling random yoga poses last night. My roommate made her famous black bean/eggplant/beet salad and I cooked up a bunch of chicken. Leftovers for lunch today. I have the HUNGER still - last night the BF and I celebrated our "we finally banged after almost a WEEK" victory by frying up slices of deli cheese in cooking spray until they were crispy. Hooooooly moly. I recommend it!

Hoping everyone's days turn around and improve...

Alexistrophic "No diets" is something that I think most people have to remind themselves over and over throughout the years! Do you think the 17DD was what pushed you into bad eating and losing control the past few days? I feel you on "lack of inertia" at work. It's tough when there is no emergency.

JossFit Arghhhh I'm sorry today's no better than yesterday - have you had access to "reviews" of your trainer where other clients mentioned a frustrating stall in the first stages or anything like that? I'd be worried about it too - but hopefully your trainer will be prepared for this possibility and have a fast-acting action plan for you. As for rhinoceroses and pullups, I'm sorry you felt gross at the gym today and your pullups are struggling - but you'll get 'em back up.

I totally saw the Cookie Dough Quest bars - I'm sitting here on their website drooling on myself. I had the Apple Pie last night and I warmed it up a bit and it was FUUUUUCCCCCKKKIIIIIIIINNNNGGGGG amazing. Definitely a great mouthfeel too, but since I know Quest Bars aren't on your register uhh I mean they were gross.

Wildflower While it's good that you aren't feeling nauseous I'm sorry your symptoms have turned flu-y. Missing workouts really is the worst thing ever, even worse than random scale blips in the wrong direction for no apparent reason. Being sick happens at the worst times - it always ends up feeling like punishment for trying to be healthy. Get well ASAP!

olehcat WOOT for feeling perky enough to go out for a run! I'd love to do that but (A) we had an ice storm so everything's covered in ice/horrendously unsafe to run on and (B) I still can't shake this cough, and temperature changes trigger coughing fits. One thing you might be able to do for strength is try some balance/core-centric yoga poses - being able to support your own weight is a good start!

TurboMammoth What is the 300 abs workout? Sorry you only had a 1-star. I had a 1.5-2 star this morning and it was just not what I wanted!

JossFit 01-29-2013 12:47 PM

Krampus - haha, Oh I KNOW how great the apple pie is... you can't fool me! Honestly at this point in this program I'm still not having any cravings or anything, so no worries. Would I like a Quest bar? Sure? But I'm not having any issues eating my meals and thoroughly enjoying them.

I mentioned the other day that I have had some passing thoughts of delicious foods but generally only if I'm cued by a commercial or something; Hmm, who would have thought, advertising works?! haha I wanted to destroy some Honey Nut Cheerios the other day after seeing them on TV but it was fleeting. No issues. :)

LOL what RANDOM reason did you guys have for deciding on pan fried cheese after sex? hahaha that's awesome, but totally out of left field! I'm an ice cream kinda gal... it's my go to. :) I have been blending my protein powder with lots of ice )and either flax, almonds, almond butter or peanut butter) and sometimes an extract or flavoring to kill that ice cream craving. I know its not the same, but a soft serve style chocolate protein shake with peanut butter or a vanilla shake with coconut extract and flax seeds? Delicious. Total win.

Hmmm... I vote for the wing burger. :D You ARE in a good head space and your weight is perfect so there is no real reason NOT to, right? You aren't going to suddenly binge eat your face off and you aren't trying to lose weight because you're already there! Perfect!

I'm sorry your lungs still arent' feeling better. Man, it's that time isn't it? Everyone is sick! I'm taking a crap ton of Vitamins and immunity boosters so *fingers crossed* I'll make it through without getting sick this season. I certainly don't want to feel like I'm being punished for trying to lose weight either!

I haven't been able to find any reviews on my Coach other than "OMG he's amazing... blah blah blah" so I'm keeping that in mind. I KNOW I'm moving along at a decent rate but the scale just is being weird and he doesn't know that yet since it's only been the past couple of days. LOL I'm sure during the next 10 weeks you guys will see me say;

- "I hate his guts I want him to die... this diet is killing me!"
- "Wow I feel great and I'm seeing results!"
- "I'm NEVER going to get there!"
- "I can just stop now..."
- "NO, I'll never quit, I love this!"
- "I'm so full..."
- "I'm starving to death!"
- "The workouts are kicking my @ss"
- I'm so BORED with these workouts!"

hahahaha I just have to be patient, I know that. It doesn't make me any less frustrated and shitty today but I can't do anything but stick to it.

Jessica - Nevermind what I said to Krampus about not having food cravings... and F you for posting the link to that cake! LOL seriously though, it looks delicious AND super simple to make! I emailed the recipe to myself to use at a later date. I LOVE cookies and cream anything, and I think this cake will be a huge hit for whatever I end up making it for. I found a few other pretty easy looking recipes on the site too, so thanks!

I'm glad you're doing well in your competition! I know what you mean about the initial water drop. It looks like I've lost like 7 pounds in the last 2 weeks but really it's only like 1-2 because it was all water the first few days. It does feel a bit like cheating, but who cares?! You're still doing all the hard work in the kitchen and the gym and in the end, win or lose, you did that... nobody else.

You said you're going to join the weigh-in thread for February... do you normally weigh each day? I never did but since I started this program I have been so I can report it to my coach, and it's really interesting to me. Frustrating, for sure, but also interesting. It really is amazing how I saw a full pound drop overnight for no reason, and then a few days later a pound and a half GAIN for no apparent reason. It's crazy!

Bayzee - Ugh, good luck today! I hope you feel better as the day goes on and are able to stay out of the chips (and wine!). :hug:

Alex - Yeah, kick it twice while you're at it!

I think "no dieting" is a great way to go. :) I've never been a 'dieter' either per say until I tried RFL and then now... uh... yeah, I wish I never did it! Sure, what I am doing right now is definitely a diet but I suppose I see it a bit differently if that makes sense. Working with someone and getting feedback and adjustments based on me specifically is different to me than picking up a program and following it.

I like your reply about how you want your body to feel. I feel like an Oak right now. I don't necessarily want to feel like a willow, but maybe more like a Fir tree? LOL somewhere in the middle... nice and strong, not too big or too small, and always green year round! :)

When you talk about a diet cut off, do you mean a time of day to stop eating? Does that ever become an issue socially?

Alexistrophic 01-29-2013 04:03 PM

Bayzee ~ Sorry for the rough day... It'll be over in less than *checks watch* 9 hours...

JessicaB ~ I just googled to see if we have any indoor playgrounds in our area and it doesn't look like we do. Lucky you, having one so close. That oreo cake looks increeeeeeedible. (I'm a big oreo junkie, too.) Yummmmmmers. I'm always kind of secretly envious of people who can just 'enjoy something throughout the week' rather than 'scarfing it all down in one sitting'... (*looks around guiltily*) Not like I would ever do that... or anything...

Krampus ~ HeeeHeee... Fried cheese celebration food. :D I actually feel like it was my desire to see a quick drop and be "on a perscribed plan" that made me go off the rails and rebound eat. I just have to accept that any sustainable loss is going to be slow and steady. Get over it!
At my work, it's less a lack of "emergency" than it is just not really feeling a cause behind what I do. We're pretty much 100% profit motivated, which would be fine... if I was making profit. But we're heavily commissioned (like real estate) and I just don't seem to have a knack. Now it's more of an admin type position and I'm thinking, well gee, if I'm going to be "just an admin" I might as well be getting paid better or doing it for a company I believed in... or something like that. Meh. It's defo time for a revamp.

Joss ~ The 8PM cutoff does sometimes become an issue socially, but I'm kind of used to it with my food allergies. It's not the first time I've sat at a table and just drank a diet coke, or sparkling water, or something like that. I try not to be too "fussy" about it, either. Usually something like: "I can't eat here b.c of the cross-contamination, but I want to spend time with you guys." And most of my friends have all seen me chow down at other places, so it's not like I don't eat. :rolleyes:

And as far as trees go, I think I'd want to be a Birch- slender, yet strong. And this shall be my spirit motivation...

Dorian5 01-29-2013 04:19 PM

Good afternoon feathers! I way underate yesterday during the day, and then overate/drank at night. I'm struggling! I always feel like I have to choose whether I am going to enjoy my life/relationship/love of cooking, or if I'm going to be the shape I want. Bleh. I guess if it was easy, no one would gain weight. :lol:

Still waiting on TOM, which is unsettling... even though I take BC, I worry about that little percentage of times it could possibly not work. :dizzy: So here's to hoping that pops up soon, hahaha.

I ate light breakfast and lunch today, making shrimp scampi for dinner. Hopefully I can keep it to a small portion, not much wine, etc.

I drank a lot last night because I found out from the boyfriend that his job might have him relocating in San Diego. We are waiting to see how much they will offer (as the cost of living there is 3x as much as here, and we live pretty comfortably here) -- so we will find out some time this week if we need to start looking for places in San Diego and packing. Stressful/exciting/upsetting/thrilling all in one package. I think this could be great for us, but I worry about my mother here, she's all alone. Honestly, if she had someone looking out for her here it wouldn't be so bittersweet. And plus I think I'd have to drive my dog to California; there is NO FREAKING WAY I'm letting some jackass on a tarmac throw him in with cargo.


JossFit : I'm so, so sorry to hear you're struggling lovely. You've been having a rough couple of days!! But I am 147% positive that you in no way resembled a rhino at the gym. I hope you can get this day turned around. Do you want me to come smack your trainer and make sure he's giving you all he's got? The offer's on the table! I hate to hear about the disagreements with your husband as well. I can come smack him too! :D I really do hope you can get back into a routine and start having some good days again. :hug:

krampus : I'm gonna go ahead and have to vote WING BURGER too! Oh man, it sounds sexual. I'm impressed with the yoga; I've tried to do yoga but I always feel like I look ridiculous, haha. I bought Carmen Electra's strip tease video a few years ago and trying to do that felt almost as ridiculous as yoga. Post-coital fried cheese, eh? I'll put that on the list :D

JessicaB : Don't forget to enjoy your little victories, not ordering chinese food and eating on plan is awesome and you rock for sticking through it even though you wanted chinese. It's all these little victories that will add up to the big one. :carrot: I would eat the absolute PANTS off of that cake. :T Hats off again to trying to be a mom and taking care of yourself too. :hug:

Bayzee : I'm sorry you're having sad TOM time! I'll take it, I'm worried about not having mine, haha. Nice work avoiding the chips, I hope your bloating goes down soon. :hug:

Alexistrophic : NO MORE DIETS! :carrot: I've never really thought about how I want my body to FEEL. Hmm, food for thought. I'm always just thinking about how I FEEL about my body, haha. Hope your "blah" feeling goes away!

Wildflower : I would imagine you're up on the scale from feeling under the weather; I always end up retaining fluids. I hope you are feeling better soon!! Glad it's not a stomach flu! Hoping you can get back in your routine soon and start feeling good. :hug:

Hope I got everyone, you are a CHATTY bunch! :) Love you feathers!

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