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Bayzee 01-23-2013 08:07 PM

This is a chatty bunch and I can barely keep up!

Weighed in again at 116.0...this time it was after a 1/5er. Not good! lol!
Eating well and workouts are good, so I don't know. I'm trying not to over analyse it and just stay OP.
Today is my rest day and I'm having trouble RESTING. I feel like I should be working out!

Aidan...Holy girl! You look amazing! We are the same height and even at 110, I didn't look as tiny as you! Man, I have to blame my parents for my terrible genes :) Sorry but I have to ask because when I was 110, I wanted to be 105. It's addictive right? So why do you think 10 more pounds or 102lbs, is the right number for you?

Alex...I feel your frustration. I failed miserably at clean eating for a month until I finally decided...I CAN DO THIS! I went though major sugar and processed foods withdrawls. I had to (and still do) battle that evil devil telling me "I want comfort food!" Actually..I want potato chips :) I'm sorry, but I can't imagine that anyone would say that getting the ideal body you want isn't restrictive in some way. It has to be...I would love a world where I could pick my body and eat and drink all day long without ever changing. Hey...truth be told, I love food and good wine. Wouldn't that be nice? There's no majic book...I'm sure I would have found it by now! lol! Hard work, better choices, exercise and keep on pushing! You can do it!

Krampus....Wow! I could never have imagined you at 160! You should be so proud of yourself!

Jessica...I'm a big believer in French Immersion, but it should not be that stessful. That process seems awful! There are tons of videos on Youtube with basic skills in French with colours, numbers, words, alphabet, songs etc. your daughter will enjoy. Just do a search.

Turbo...Sounds like a great workout! Way to go.

Dorian...Oh man. beau troubles are never good. I usually end up being the first to apologize (even when I think, actually KNOW I'm right :) because I hate conflict. I hate being in the house together when we are not talking. It's more painful for me than him. I hate that I cave sometimes...

Joss... Sorry...I got timed out and needed to edit.
Wow, that's tough not seeing hubby for that long. However, you seem so independent already. You also seem to hanldle being apart so well. I am sure that makes you stronger when you are together. No sweating the small stuff that all couples seem to nag each other over. Your time together is valuable and I'm sure you don't waste a single minute worrying about the little things.

Olecat...Keep it up..You can do it!

olehcat 01-24-2013 08:42 AM

I will catch up later, am out of internet time this morning, alas, have been reading your posts and appreciating what an awesome, supportive group this is! :)

I weighed in at 144.8, so 3 pounds down so far. I am getting tired of super healthy food, though, so I'm about to hit the danger zone! Especially because I'm sick and I want some freaking mac and cheese or something, lol! Or at least some sugary cereal. But then I stepped on the scale and was the lightest since the holidays and I don't want to ruin that all, do I?

Okay, personals later! Have a great day, ladies!

JossFit 01-24-2013 10:41 AM

Olehcat - What about your healthy food are you getting tired of? Maybe we can find some ways to make it more enjoyable for you. You shouldn't feel totally deprived after all!
Simple seasonings and preparation techniques make a WORLD of difference.

Bayzee - Taking your rest day might be just the jolt your body needs to drop a bit... a rest means recovery, and a loss of some water weight your sore muscles might be holding!

Yeah, it's tough not seeing the hubby but you're right, we'll be just fine. :)

Turbo - Yay for poop! LOL I think it's the diet/supplements I'm taking or something, because I'm more regular than ever! I have always been good in that regard, but now I'm like a 2-3 times a day pooper! LOL I think a lot of it is the digestive enzymes and probiotics I'm taking. I've noticed I don't have any gas even though I'm eating a lot of fiber and protein, and no abdominal bloating.
I definitely recommend everyone take them! :)

I'm glad the treadmill works for you, even if it is boring. Do you run with an Ipod? Some books on tape, new music mixes, or even putting on a movie/trashy show (if your gym has a TV) can help pass the time. I use the stairmill a lot and that allows me to read magazines as I get my cardio done.

OMG it's sooooo cold up there right now! LOL Dorian and I can't complain too much about the cold front here in North Carolina!

I'm going to get your EXACT recipe for the bars (because I've seen a few variations on them) when I'm ready to make them. I'll have to make them when I can actually EAT them and when I have lots of people to share with so I don't eat them all!

Congrats on being back down! Undoing weekend damage is nothing to dismiss... it's when you don't undo it and it starts to slowly creep up you have a problem. At least you're staying the same.. don't be like me! LOL

Kakers - :coffee:Hot tea for you! Drink up and feel better! At least you had a small dip in the scale, so that has to make you feel a bit better.

JessicaB - Yeah the idea of a transition diet at this point IS still a long way away for both of us, but it's good to keep the idea in the back of your mind. For me its just a way to keep from pigging out the day I end this competition preparation 'look' program. I don't want to get sick on ice cream and be all bloated! LOL

I got a lot of my bad habits from childhood too. We didn't have a lot of extra money growing up, but mostly my mom and step-dad just worked so much that a home cooked meal wasn't always what was most nutritious, but what was easy. We didn't eat Top Ramen for dinner every night (though we did have a good supply around for after school snacks ;) ) but dinners were a lot of hamburger helper, spaghetti and garlic toast, canned corn and green beans, and a fairly regular appearance of KFC, delivery pizza and Taco Bell. Even though my knowledge and habits have changed I will still always love Little Debbie snacks, white bread and Totinos Pizza Rolls... It's partially nostalgia I guess.

Regarding the situation with your daughter's education, chat away! I talk about of non-weight loss related stuff too because like you, this is just where I go to vent about things. I talk about being away from my husband and all that a good bit and it's got nothing to do with my diet.

I think you sound like a great mom, for whatever that's worth. I wish everyone would put the sort of stock in their kid's education that you seem to. I don't have kiddos so I can't really relate, but my roommate has a 7 year old who is really struggling in class right now, and it's just exhausting for both of them trying to get her caught up.

Aidanqm - It is mentally exhausting... and physically exhausting too! You seem to be small-framed but I'm still willing to bet you push your body well below it's 'set point' (If you put any stock in that theory) and it's tired of losing! LOL I am not critisizing at all; I too do this because frankly, you and I have the same look in mind; muscular, small, compact, FIT... and that doesn't come easy. Anyone who says otherwise is full of crap. :D I *could* sit at around 130 pounds quite easily but it's just not how I want to look. I'm willing to work harder and love what I see in the mirror. Eventually I may tire of it, but for now I feel it's worth fighting for.

Oh, and I love your hair... it suits your face so well!

LOL I'm jealous of your grocery list; apples and cottage cheese are not on my program right now and normally they are daily staples!

Dorian - Feeling any better today? Any progress on the boyfriend situation? I hope that you are at least over your hangover and that your tire is in tact today!

Krampus - Have you actually tried any of the Quest bars before? I think apple is my favorite because there are big pieces of dried apple in it... it's a great texture thing. :D I hope you love them all!
With the chocolate ones and the apple, put them in the microwave for like 10-15 seconds. Seriously.

I LOVE your 'before' pictures (Probably more than anyone else's... shhhhh :sssh:) because not only were you a "chubby bunny" (as my hubby calls my former self) but the braces, the hair, the clothes... you just look so different! You are radiant now, and to have gone through such an awkward phase probably made you into the warm, intelligent, compassionate person you are. I always think that the best people are the ones who at the very least had an awkward phase, a fat phase, or just a horrific case of acne at some point. You learn that your PERSONALITY and who you are inside is what matters, not what you look like on the outside. That's just your wrapper.

I wish I could upload some photos of myself in Junior High School... good lawd. I don't have a scanner, but my husband does, so maybe one day soon I'll post some up for us all to chuckle at.

Chubby + bad clothes + red frizzy hair + freckles + blonde eyelashes and eyebrows = a lot of time spent reading, eating and watching TV in high school. :D

Your dad doesn't look huge by any means, but I suppose my step dad looks about the same and I worry about him too. Our parents are actually roughly the same size (well, prior to your mom's loss of course) and I'm not super worried about my mom's health but my stepdad has hepatitis C and does nothing about it. He drinks a lot of beer and has a wicked sweet tooth too, so I know that doesn't help the situation any.

I hope you're right about my brother and that he grows out of it a bit. His dad (my stepdad) is naturally very stocky and muscular so by brother gets his build from his dad, but his excess weight is entirely related to his lifestyle.


Dang, it's after 0930 already?? I gotta get my butt in the shower!

I emailed my progress to my coach this morning; current weight (130.8 lbs) how I'm feeling (great) and just a few quick notes. I am supposed to get my next installment by Sunday to take me through the next week. I'm excited to see what it says! I doubt it will be vastly different, and I'm not sure if he will change my workouts at all or just the cardio duration, diet, etc. (or maybe not at all?) We'll see!

Getting my taxes done today so that I can get my paltry refund. :( Oh well, some is better than none, especially given that I ordered my husband's birthday/Valentine's Day gift last night and it set me back a pretty penny.

I've decided that I'm NOT spending any more unnecessary money for the next few months; my trainer is paid for, I don't NEED anything, no more plane tickets to purchase for a while, and my hubby is good on gifts for a while. I'm not hurting for money but I'm not saving like I should be, and I want to have another $4-5K in savings before my separation.

Bayzee 01-24-2013 12:08 PM

I finally broke 116.0; I was 115.8 today! Weighed-in after a 3/5. It's not going to stick because TOM is due in the next few days so I know I will hold some water weight there. I know it's due soon because my mood is crazy right now. Unfortunatley (mostly for my husband, lol!), I get wicked mood swings.

I woke up early to workout. It was much harder today for sure. I wanted to keep pushing snooze and stay in bed, but I got my butt out of bed and had a great workout :)

I hope everyone has a great day!

Wildflower 01-24-2013 12:17 PM

Good morning Feathers!

I had a pretty good day yesterday (Wednesday) food wise and got in a 90 minute yoga class and 2 miles of walking. Eats were: Green smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, sweet potato with hummus, avocado and olives for dinner. I went a little crazy with the green olives though! I know they are a healthy fat, but sooo much sodium. For some reason last night they just tasted so good and I probably ate like a cup of the damn things. Ugh, I am up 2 pounds today, thirsty and my wedding ring is swollen on! Ahhhh! I'm not too upset about the gain because I am pretty sure it is water weight and I was expecting it. Funny how I kept eating them even telling myself that the scale was going to hate me the next day. Oh well...I think my day was pretty healthy other than the sodium.

Today is going well, I'm working from home today and I've been up and had a green smoothie and tea already. I made a pot of beans and blended them into "refried beans" to make an enchilada casserole later for dinner. At lunch I'll try to get in a run either outside or on the treadmill at the gym.

I ordered some more under armour cold gear mock turtle necks that arrived yesterday. Those things are AMAZING for keeping you warm when running in the cold. I don't know the weather for today and am debating even checking as it psychs me out. I feel like I am stronger mentally not knowing! Ha! Denial is an amazing thing! Of course, I don't want to lose any fingers or anything (as Krampus said), so we'll see!


JossFit - I don't really have a simple answer for being vegetarian, believe it or not. And I've been eating this way since my early teens (1995). I originally started looking into it for health reasons when I was in the 6th grade. Now that I am older, I no longer think vegetarianism necessarily equates with healthy eating. But I do think that vegetables should be a large part of a healthy diet, and reducing or avoiding meat makes this easier to achieve. It also makes me happy that I am avoiding factory farms. Lots of people say being vegetarian is expensive, but I tell my husband (who is not vegetarian) we eat like poor people eat (in most of the world!) as our diet is mainly vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds, beans and lentils and tofu. I try to avoid grains but have corn/rice occasionally.

Dorian Hope that things worked out with the BF and your day turned around. I try not to let things bottle up either, but sometimes I feel like a nag when I bring up every tiny thing, every single time! It's a hard balance...

Krampus Thanks for the welcome back, yes, glad I broke that plateau. I think I weighed 142 for an entire year or something. So frustrating! A lot of people told me I couldn't lose weight because I was under so much stress from grad school, planning a wedding and working on some projects at work that required a lot of overtime. It could have been. Now that I am past that (finished grad school in the summer) the weight is coming off easier, so perhaps stress was a big part of it, I don't know. Love the pic of you and your parents when you were young - you look so different now! Wow! I worry about my parents too, they are more on the obese side, dad is borderline everything (diabetic, high cholesterol, high BP) and my mom is just in awful shape. They eat okay and probably better than most on the SAD, as they make everything from scratch and don't seem to overeat, but I don't know...still too much sugar/fat I guess.

JessicaB No worries about talking about your daughter, interesting the way that works up in Canada. We have french immersion schools here in the US but not as common. In my town they do a lottery to pick the kids as there are not enough spaces either. I think they do one for french, one for spanish. A woman in my yoga class just got her kid into it when she starts 1st grade. Sounds like a great program, if / when we have kids would love to get them into that type of thing too.

Turbo - I hear ya on the cold running! I have heard the treadmill is easier on your body because of the cushioning.

Kakers Hope you feel better soon!

Aidngm - Thanks for the kind words on my cooking! I've been making a big effort to cook from scratch and plan meals better so we have lots of yummy healthy
stuff at home and don't cave in and order take out!

Bayzee Congrats on the breakthrough! That's the best!

So many posts...hope I didn't miss anyone!

JessicaB 01-24-2013 12:54 PM

kakers Hope you feel better soon... along with everyone else who is still sick.

Turbo I should clarify that this isn't to put her in a french immersion program, but rather to put her in a french school, which is targeted to francophones living in Ontario. As I mentioned, while there is a french immersion program here, the spaces are limited, the hours of instruction aren't ideal, etc, etc. Because of that, we are trying our best to get her into the french school instead. If she doesn't get accepted, then we will try to put her in the partial french immersion program that they have here, which doesn't start until grade 1.. being admitted to that wouldn't involve any tests, but is based upon a first come first serve, with the exception that they take kids in the immediate area of the school first. The school closest to us doesn't have it, so if we aren't lucky, she might not get into that at all.

I showed her daycare provider the study material we were given, and she was shocked to see how much they expect her to know. She told me that at the school her kids attend, as long as one of the parents speak french, they will let them attend. But that is the french catholic school board, and we are not religious, so it's not really an option for us.

Bayzee They did give us quite a bit of material to review, so that's a good start, even including a DVD with some kids shows in french and a cd-rom. But if that isn't sufficient, I may check out youtube.

And glad to hear you finally broke 116, even if you don't think it will stick. Hopefully after your TOM you'll get a nice whoosh.

olehcat 3 pounds in 3 days is awesome, even if it is just water weight. Good luck keeping on with your program, you know you can do it if you keep your mind to it, even if you are feeling like you're entering a danger zone. You just have to decide you are going to do it, and do it.

Joss I bet your excited to mail off the report for your first week to your trainer. It's funny how fast the time goes by, but looking ahead, it always seems like it's going to be forever. I'm almost at the end of the first 2 weeks of my competition, and that's already 1/6th of the way. When I look at it that way, it seems much less daunting.

wildflower I hate the idea of a lottery pick, because it just would make me feel so powerless over the whole situation. I mentioned above in my personal to Turbo that this is for a french school, and not the french immersion program, which they start in grade 1, so I still have a back up, but even that isn't a guarantee, and wouldn't be quite as good of an opportunity for her.

Alexistrophic 01-24-2013 03:32 PM

Joss ~ That's completely understandable about the reality of competition. I've watched documentaries about them and my word, it just LOOKS intense. Seems like you can be in the top .0001% of the population in terms of fitness and looks, but in a room of other people all training for the same thing and suddenly your best doesn't look good enough and really, isn't recognized for being what it is: the top .00001%.

Props to you for looking out for your family. I grew up on similar meals, only now my mom is super-ultra healthy. She's mostly vegan (with the occasional steak thrown in) and tries to do raw whenever she can. I think she swung the opposite way entirely, but we're both working on moderation now.

Love your comment to Dorian "Take a knee and hydrate". Ima start using that in my daily life, as in "Excuse me while I 'take a knee' and hydrate."

Dorian ~ Hope that the crappy day is just a memory by now. Are you going completely caffiene free or just cutting out coffee? (Man, that almond joy creamer is my weakness, I tell you... I drink it in the evening with my nightly decaf as a treat. Yum!)

This seems like a good opportunity for you and the beau to practice communicating with eachother. Have you guys had a chance to communicate since the fight?

Krampus ~ What a fantastic "before" picture. You seem like one of those people who just get better with age... as opposed to someone who peaks in high school. Joins the *I was a chubby nerd high school* club. Where do I pick up my badge? You know what they say--"Looking smokin' hot is the best revenge...." ;)

JessicaB ~ *hugs* Your daughter's schooling situation does sound stressful! Language acquisition and emmersion seems like such a difficult task in the moment, but so worth it in the end. How's your hubby's French. Hopefully the library will have some good materials and youtube, too, is an excellent resource. (lol - encouraing her to watch TV... FRENCH TV!)
For what it's worth, you DO sound like a great mom and I completely agree with Turbo that it should be easier, not more difficult, for you to put her into French school.

Bayzee ~ An ideal body without the idea of restriction... You know, I feel like that's the only way I'll get it. It's not about what we give up, it's about what we gain... As in I can gain this (to quote the cheesy SpecialK commercial) I can "gain" this cookie or I can "lose" my ideal body.... It's just a matter of retraining myself and developing better habits....

Turbo ~ Hurray for your twenty session card. Do you think that'll motivate you to get to the gym? It's freaking cold here, too. I can't help but wonder about not only the animals, but all the homeless people we have in NYC. I know they set up extra shelters during extreme weather, but dang man. It's COLD! I do have pretty extreme food allergies (anaphylaxis to nuts (except walnuts and hazelnuts, darn nutella!) and shellfish (lobster, shrimp, crab)) No fun, bun. No fun.

Aidanqm ~ Can I ask you a personal question? About what percent of your day do you spend thinking about food/weight/weightloss? Is it all consuming or is it just something that flits in and out of your mind?
I'm wondering how much time and effort it takes for you to stay at that weight/body mass because I've felt like at certain times in my life, the lower my weight, the more I would obsess over it. That could just be my strange head, though.

kakers ~ Yuuuuck for being sick! Lots of water and vitamin C, perhaps. (sometimes I end up eating MORE when I'm sick, just because I keep hoping the food will make me feel better) Hope you can fight it off soon.

Ohlecat ~ Going down is exciting, but boredom is the danger zone for me, too. Maybe start posting your meals in here for accountability?

Wildflower ~ Those darn olives! Devils, I tell you. Last night I overate sprinkles! Sprinkles of all things. I'm feeling all the wax in my gut this morning. :rolleyes: Inspiring that you managed to break through the plateau. The enchillada casserole sounds deeelicious! What else do you put in it besides beans (and cheese?)


I've been working harder at work, which makes the time just fly by. *rolleyes*

Day #10 on 17DD
I've now pretty much moved to the opposite spectrum of allowed foods. Had pumpkin puree last night, which is actually quite wonderful. I remember Joss saying how versatile it is, and man, no kidding! 50 cals for 1/2 a cup and like 240% of the RDA of vitamin A. Bring it on, baby!

Last night ended up being turkey thighs, so tonight will probably be the eggplant. Roasted a delicata squash last night, too... Freaking amazing. Like candy on the inside. Yum.

TurboMammoth 01-24-2013 08:10 PM

Bayzee : You are eating good and working out, so it WILL go down eventually. You might be stock in some kind of a plateau :( And see, you broke the 116s! GOO GIRL!

olehcat : Congrats on the loss! You said you are tired of super heatlhy food.. Nothing is stopping you from having a healthy mac and cheese! :) You can have whole wheat mac and do a low fat sauce with skim milk and a low fat cheese :)

Joss : It is awesome that you are doing so well in term of bowel movement ;) I should probably try to increase my fiber intake, I have some good period and so slower one. I'm not really high with probiotics to be honest, but I should really start taking my multi vitamins again :)

I'm definetely going to bring my Ipod tomorrow for my workout. At the gym the TV are stuck on a Sport channel that shows crappy stuff in the afternoon (''oh yay, snowmobile tv show...'')

For the Nanaimo bars, they freeze really well too ;) That is what I do to not eat them all in one sitting!!

Good girl, trying to save money! This is sooo hard. (Save the money for your doggggggy :D) Bwhahaha!

Wildflower : Aww, water weight.. D*mn salt!! ;) As you say, at least you know that the weight is from the salt and not a real gain :)

I'm a sucker for running gear clothing hehe. I just keep getting more and more. For running in the cold, I love Mizuno clothing, it works really well for me.

Jessica : The situation with the french school seems intense. :S I'm gonna repeat myself, but I find that sad that it is made so difficult for parent who wants to help their children learning another langage, but instead it's like the system is made to discourage them about this idea. I'm sending best vibes your way about this situation.

Alexistrophic : I saw it a couple of days ago but forgot to mention it : I love your new picture! Yoga on the beach in the cold? ;)

About the pumpkin puree, it is store bought or home made? The only pumpkin puree thing I found here is the filling for pie and it is full of added sugar :(

Krampus, kakers : Hey sick ladies! Hope are doing better


Heyyy ladies. I had a good day in term of food, I even tried a new recipe tonight, some kind of turkey and leek meatloaf with a sweet potato puree. it was good, but a bit dry, so next time I'm gonna add a grated zucchini to help keep the thing moist.

I also did a abs workout at home (even if it was sooo painful when I started, I was a bit sore from the crunches on a ball yesterday). I only had a 2 stars poop today, it was okay but considering I had no pooping yesterday, I had to make it a 2 stars :P

I'm a bit anxious about WI tomorrow morning, I'd like to have a loss for the week but I'm not sure if I can hope for much. I was okay foodwise but I had a sugary dessert for the past 4 nights. We'll see.

I'm planning to go to the lab tomorrow afternoon, we are eating out tomorrow with the boyfriend, finally going to eat our Smoked Meat sandwiches thingy :P It usually comes with fries, I'm going to indulge but want to keep the rest of the day healthy!

olehcat 01-24-2013 08:46 PM

Hi, all,

So far have MOSTLy been on plan today, although I diverted a little (stress and tiredness and sickness is taking its toll). I did have one pumpkin cookie (small and hopefully actually mostly healthy since it was mostly made out of pumpkin) and a bit more fat than 17DD allows in my dinner (I added extra olive oil and coconut milk and whole milk yogurt to this curry that I made, SO WORTH IT). But aside from that, totally on plan despite wanting to binge on pizza.

@Aidanqm - Thanks for the information. I may not be destined to be at my ideal weight since I can't imagine eating perfectly clean all my life, I don't know, lol. But you look REALLY great. I hope I look so good if/when I get to my goal weight! I can't imagine you needing to be slimmer than you are! Curious: what is a binge day to you? I honestly don't know. Does that just mean eating more calories than you want or eating an excessive amount of calories? Or is it just that you eat some food that isn't "clean." ?

@Alex - when I do the cheat days right, it works for me because I am always ready to go back to healthy eating the next day and it gives me something to look forward to for the next week. MY problem and weakness with it is that sometimes events come up that are not on the planned cheat days. Then what? Like if there's a party on a Wednesday instead of the planned Friday or Sunday cheat day. I can't enjoy the party or I feel like a failure because I ate off plan on a non-planned cheat day. That has to be SO HARD to deal with bad food allergies like that! I know it's really hard for me as it is to go to other people's houses for dinner. i just lose control and end up eating too much no matter what!

@Wildflower - go you on the weight drop! When I reach your weight, I, too will be the lightest in 10 years or so. I can't wait! I think I've done better as far as eating this time when I've been sick than I ever have before. Usually wheN I get sick, all plans are off and I just start eating crackers and a high carb, high sugar diet, stuff like pizza, etc. But not this time. Not so far! I was a tiny bit off plan today, but not horribly and not unhealthily.

@krampus - wow, 123.something! That's awesome. Hey, even if it is a result of being sick, at least you can see that low number for awhile. I remember once a few years ago I got a BAD stomach flu and lost five pounds in one night. It was so fun to weigh myself the next day, even though I knew it would be right back on the minute I started eating normally again, lol! I hope you feel better soon! I'm feeling a wee bit better, but not much yet. And oh my goodness, Krampus, you were a whole different person in that old pic!!! Wow, can't picture you like that at all!

@jossfit - I hear you on the lack of humping, *SIGH* It's been a VERY long time for me. *MORE MOURNFUL SIGHING* Sorry, tmi! :) Seriously, though I'm sorry you're having to be separated for so long and that your trip got canceled. That has to be so devastating. Like I've said before, I've gone through long distance marriage and I know how much it sucks and hurts. As for me, I'm starting to feel on the mend, but not 100 percent. I need to gear up my strength for a weekend of doing nothing but class work for my two classes I'm taking. Yay, fun times! OKAY, about the healthy food that I'm getting bored of...I don't know. I'm tired of turkey/chicken breasts. It tastes so dry and bland to me, no matter WHAT I put on them. I know I"m probably not fixing them just right. I like the texture of the ones you can get already made and spiced, but I hate the extra sodium/sugar ingredients they add to it. I am tired of tuna salad for lunch, but I have limited choices because I share a room and a microwave with others at work and am scared of bringing stinky foods (like salmon or curry) that will smell up the microwave. So I'm just tired of some of the same old, same old. I want fat and carbs and I want them together!!!!!! LOL. Yeah, I know that doesn't work. And LOL on junior high pics. I was a skinny mini in junior high, but awkward and with braces! :D

@Dorian - oh boy, sorry about the fight! :( That sounds wretched. I hope things have worked out since then! I feel a bit better, although not back to full capacity yet. I want to run again!!

@JessicaB - you are very wise. Having any plan at all IS better than not having one at all, even if I have to go off it sometimes! wow, my dream would have been to have gone to a school with a language immersion program. I hope she is successful in getting in and getting to experience it! I was at an elementary school that taught French (unusual in the US), and I remember how quickly at that age I picked it up. My last year there we were forced to ONLY speak in French. Then I moved after that to a place that didn't offer French at my skill level and I never really picked it up with the same fluency ever after that, even though I took it in high school some. So yeah, I LOVE the idea of language immersion!

@Kakers - hope you feel betters soon, too! HATE coughing, hate it!

@turbo - ha, I challenge your cat to an attention whore contest with mine! LOL. My cat is the worst! He is the neediest creature I've ever encountered! And as for making healthy versions of stuff like mac and cheese? I can't stand skim milk or low fat cheese, so for me, it's sort of the real thing or bust. :(

@Bayzee - THANK YOU! I need to take a breath and refocus for tomorrow! :)

Wildflower 01-24-2013 10:00 PM

JossFit You're plan seems to be working so well! Do you meet with the trainer in person, or does he advise through email / phone only? Sounds like he really has you on the right track.

Last night I was doing taxes too...at least a small refund is better than none, or what I usually have to do, which is PAY. Arghhh. I've been in grad school the past few years and the tuition credits really helped me to get refunds for the first time! Not looking forward to next year when I can't claim that...I guess I need to buy a house or have a baby to claim! Ha!

JessicaB - Best of luck with your daughter's schooling!

Alexstrophic Your comment about the wax from the sprinkles sitting in your stomach cracked me up! What are you using the pumpkin puree for? I love pumpkin but never know what to do with it other than making sweets. This year I found a vegan pumpkin mac and cheese recipe I've been making. The sauce isn't exactly like cheese, but it tastes pretty good anyway. I like it on steamed broccoli. Oh, and I just discovered delicata squash this winter - so tasty! I eat the skin too. I love to slice it, roast it and dip the little half moons in hummus. Let's see, the enchilada casserole I made tonight was beans, enchilade sauce, mushrooms, peppers, onions and then topped with black olives and green onions. (Me and the damn olives again, I tell ya!) I served it with guacamole. The recipe calls for cheese and I do love cheese, but I've been trying to avoid it to save calories. It's a special treat / cheat for me to have cheese for now.

Turbo Thanks for the tips on the Mizuno clothes. I have a few pairs of their shoes, but haven't checked out their clothing. I'm getting pretty bad about the running clothes too, and today ordered a second hoodie from Brooks. I have a pink one and now black. I just love the thing and the hoodie with the under armour turtleneck keep me nice and warm in the cold. Good luck with your WI tomorrow and have fun indulging with the BF!

OlehCat - Thanks for the congrats on my weight loss! Love how we are around the same starting weight and height. Hope you are feeling better, that's great you are keeping on plan despite being sick. By the way, I used to worry about my food at work too. I make homemade curries, but I personally think they smell great and I get lots of compliments. The one thing a had a work friend complain about was sushi and it wasn't even with fish, it was avocado rolls. I went on a major kick where I was seriously getting it all the time and she said she could smell the wasabi. I don't know. I think others people's food smells really gross sometimes, so I figure everyone has a different preference, right? For example, McDonald's burgers and fries STINK and the smell of that stuff with ketchup just reminds me of garbage cans! I HATE IT! Hahaha, I guess that's what is always cooking in the trash cans of my city during the summer. Gross, gross, gross (to me) yet totally acceptable food smells to other people I would assume?!


Thursday went pretty good for me.

Eats were: Green smoothie and tea for breakfast, coconut curry lentil soup for lunch, enchilada casserole and guacamole for dinner. I went a little OP and had some marinated pretzels hubby made up for an event...just a small handful, but damn those things were salty. I tried to drink a lot today to flush all that salt out, but again my dinner had olives in it. Argghhh, just love them so much!

Exercise: 4 mile run outside in the snow and then I'll do planks before bedtime.

Not sure the scale will be cooperating tomorrow...probably had too much salt again. Grrr.

Aidanqm 01-25-2013 08:28 AM

@ JessicaB; Thanks for the welcome and words of encouragement. I had a much better day yesterday—no binge eating and I prepped my foods for the weekend. I’m slowly getting back on track.

@kakers; I hope that you are feeling better soon.

@TurboMammoth; Thank you. That made my morning! I took a good two hours yesterday in the kitchen and cooked what I usually do… nothing special! Just boneless, skinless chicken breast, sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and steamed broccoli and green beans. Cut up a bunch of red peppers. I buy a lot of it at one time and cook, steam, and then store it! It makes it much easier to stick to healthy eating when all of my food is made for me. Sweet potatoes with cinnamon this morning were amazing… Sounds like you had a really great workout in the gym yesterday. And oh, gosh, I am ready for cold weather to be done with as well. It was down to -18F with windchill in my city earlier in the week. Warmer weather brings running and cycling again! What are your favorite outdoor sports?

@Bayzee; Thanks! I lift weights so I think it helps. Weight loss /is/ addictive, it’s marinating that is difficult. I want to be 102 again because I was 102 for a few months last summer! And I loved being 102 a lot… it helps lean out my thighs. But how I got there wasn’t in a healthy way so I gained it back. I’m hoping that I can get back to 102 slowly and make it stick this time. Congrats on breaking 116! Anything past 110 can feel like a mountain to bring down. Doesn’t it? Have you ever been below 110? It’s worth-it!

@olehcat; Hang in there, girl! Ask yourself “why” over and over again. Just remind yourself why you started the journey and why you want it so badly. But, I totally know the feeling of wanting to just eat anything and everything… And thanks for the kind words. I lift heavy weights often and I really think it helps… A binge for me really is an all-out binge. I can consume 1k calories or more within a span of an hour! And it’s not necessarily on junk, sometimes I binge eating on “clean” foods too… I usually always binge on carbs.

@JossFit; I’m with you there, girl. Always push for more… it sucks that evolution is against us. Haha. What type of diet program are you on right now?

@Wildflower; Sweet potatoes are the most amazing food, aren’t they? Under Armour is great—have you tried Climate base layers?

@Alexistrophic; That’s a great question. It’s probably different for everyone though. But, I’ll be honest, the lower you go on the scale, the more you think about food. When I was at my lowest weight of 94 a few years ago (I was really struggling with ED then) I was obsessed and couldn't function or think of anything else. Every day was literally a battle with myself. At 102, the calorie counting is really intense. So yeah, it’s pretty darn consuming. 110 is pretty easy to maintain with a lot of cardio, but anything below that (especially 105 and below) is very difficult to maintain without going stir crazy over food. And if you start the binge habit, it’s so hard to kick. Doing things slowly is the key… slow enough that you can develop new habits and not completely starve yourself.


Yesterday was a great day. I prepared all of my food for the weekend, ate clean, hit the gym and did a full body lift. Got over an hour of walking in. Ate around 1.5k. Today, I’m going out to a fine dining restaurant with a friend in the evening. I’m going to try to keep my calorie intake very low before dinner so that I can enjoy myself and not worry about it. Might do cardio today, might not. Haven’t decided yet. We're going to a movie after dinner as well. I've promised myself today that I won't eat anything after dinner. No crappy movie snacks or late night treats at the movie! My friend always brings snacks and treats but I'm going to stick to my guns and just enjoy the dinner and stop at that.

JossFit 01-25-2013 10:21 AM

Happy Friday ladies! OK, bear with me... I'm going to be chipper and annoying this morning. :D

I got a full nights' sleep and felt well rested (I've had crap sleep the past few nights), woke up and had a 4/5 star... haha, and then was a full pound down on the scale from yesterday's weigh in. Nice! It's cool because I didn't expect it, since I didn't do anything different at all in terms of diet, water consumption or training. I'll take it!

Had a good workout (which is always nice) and then when I went to get in my car there was a note on my window. Hmmm...
Some well-meaning and apparently shy gentleman apparently thinks I'm pretty and wants to take me out, but didn't want to interrupt my workout to ask me. LOL, I think he's just afraid to approach me, but it was a nice little confidence booster. Since I'm married and since I don't usually go out on the town without my husband or my BFF (and her husband + his clan of tattooed bikers) I don't ever get hit on. It's just not on my radar!
I think I'll shoot him a message or call him this evening and let him know that I'm very flattered and happily married. I think it would me hurtful NOT to at least thank him and decline.

THEN... I got in my car and had a text from my mom. She said that since she started trying to eat healthier on TUESDAY (so only 3 full days of it) she's lost 5 pounds and "I haven't even pooped!" hahaha. Of course WE know that's likely 90% water but still, it's so exciting! She's motivated to continue and is looking forward to cooking up new healthy meals to eat each day. I'll just be happy to see her eating more nutritous foods. She's not counting calories or anything like that, just doing simple things like having a salad with dinner instead of mashed potatoes with gravy. Amazing huh?

Onto not-as-awesome stuff (but not bad); I got my taxes done yesterday and the rebate is pathetic this year! LOL damn moving into a new tax bracket! Oh well, it's still money back, and it will cover the cost of that watch I just ordered my husband.
Which brings me to the other not-super-awesome-news; my husband's watch was returned to him yesterday after being missing for weeks! OH the irony! I just spent nearly $400 on a new one for him the night prior, and it's already shipped. Oh well, now he has a back-up I guess. :dizzy:

Aidanqm - That's so great that you're back on track and feeling motivated to keep on pushing after a few not-so-great days. I too like to cook up my food and prep it ahead of time to make it easier on me. I generally bake up a few sweet potatos and a metric ton chicken breasts to last me a few days and store them in the fridge. I chop onions and bell peppers and store them in the freezer and then just use little bits of them (I add them to my dinners or egg scrambles) as I need them. It makes it last forever and I don't have extra stuff to chop. I also use chopped garlic packed in water for the same reason and keep that in the fridge. It definitely cuts down on time!

I actually started a bikini competition 'look' (since there are no competitions in this area) program with Kim Oddo last week, so due to our client agreement I can't disclose a lot of details about my training and diet/calorie intake, etc. I am only just over a week into it though, so right now it's very simple; SUPER CLEAN diet, moderate amount of calories (certainly nothing drastic, and more than I normally eat) and a relatively simple body part split workout program with cardio as needed.
I'm sure as things progress the diet will get tweaked and we'll change the workouts/cardio, but right now its basically every competition diet you see on any old bodybuilding/bikini/fitness website or magazine.

What movie are you planning on seeing? If it's Hanzel and Getel DON'T POST ANY DETAILS! LOL I looooove Jeremy Renner and can't wait to see it but I can't for a few days at least. :(

Oh, and bonus points for obnoxious pictures of your fancy dinner! LOL

Wildflower - My program is a combination of emails and phone calls, since he is in california. I definitely have nothing but confidence in his abilities, because as bikini/fitness goes he is arguably the best in the business. All the top pros have trained with him at one time or another, if not currently. I hired him BECAUSE of that, definitely; I was tired of thinking so much and frankly getting burned out. I put on weight over the past few months and honestly was worried I would try to take it off too quickly and undereat/overtrain and just end up wasting muscle. I wanted to let him do the thinking for me, and so far I'm loving it.
Now, ask me again in a few weeks if I'm loving it and I might jump on my broomstick and shout obsentites as I fly off to pout alone with my chicken on the treadmill... hahaha

Thanks for indulging my questions about your vegetarianism. I'm always curious if people do it for heath reasons, ethical reasons, or just hate the taste of meat! Are you a true vegetarian or more of a pescatarian? I didn't see any mention of fish or shellfish in your diet.

OH, what in the world are marinated pretzels?? I am just imagining soggy pretzels sitting in some sort of solution. :?:

OH, and I HEART Under Armor... for realsies. :)

Olehcat - Congrats on another day down with 17DD! I love that you are changing little things here and there to make it work for you and make it your own. That just makes me feel like you have a really good balance and grasp on what it takes for a 'diet' to become a 'lifestyle'. I'm rooting for you!

LOL well I hate that you aren't getting any booty either, but misery does love company. ;) High fives for no sex! LOL No... I can't pretend to actually be enthusiastic about that. There is a limit to my chipper attitude today.

So, how ARE you preparing your chicken and turkey? I put mine on a baking sheet and bake it in the oven, then store it in the fridge until I use it. I like that I can just grab a chickie boobie and eat it cold with a salad, or toss it in the microwave with a sweet potato or whatever and eat it hot. Sometimes I get crazy and put a hot chicken breast on a cold salad! :eek: hahaha See, you don't HAVE to have tuna every day... just cook your proteins ahead of time and eat them like you would the tuna.

Anyway, they actually stay nice and juicy when I bake them in the oven... I cut breasts into 2-3 strips or use tenderloins (I recommend them) and bake for about 15-17 minutes on 350-355 degrees. Perfection. I also season them up before I bake with a bit of salt, pepper and garlic, and then I can add extra seasonings when I use them in specific dishes.

I like Mrs. Dash seasoning blends... salt free baby!

To combat dryness, how about adding salsa, mustard, apple cider vinegar or greek yogurt to them? They're all great on their own, and you can add seasonings to Greek yogurt to make a lower calorie substitute for ranch dressing by adding a seasoning mix, or another type.

Don't get burned out on your food - get creative!

Turbo - FREEZE the bars and exercise willpower? LOL You give me too much credit! ; )
I HATE that men at the gym always have to have the TV on the sports channels watching the highlights. Seriously? I'm doing a sport, I don't want to think about it... I want a distraction! How about some trashy TV show like Jersey Shore or Bad Girls Club?! That's the crap I watch while I run. :)

You're right, I DO need to save a bit before I get the puppy... they're expensive! Not just the cost of the dog but getting it all set up with the right shots and treatments at the vet, buying food, dishes, a kennel, a leash and collar, and a toy? That can be A LOT of money. I'm going to start a Puggle Fund! :D

Your meatloaf recipe sounds awesome! Turkey with leeks, sweet potato puree and some zuchinni (next time)? I could get down with that for sure! I don't think I can have it now because I assume there is some sort of breadcrumb, egg yolk, or other 'binder' in there, so for now I can just have a big plate of the main ingredients on their own. :)

I want to see picures of your meat sammich and fries too! LOL

Good luck with your weigh-in this morning... crossing my fingers you see a number you are happy with!

Alex - I'm glad you see what I mean about competing. I think some people are almost thinking I'm wussing out, but that's not it! I'm still doing ALL THE WORK to get there after all, I'm just not putting on a suit and heels and doing the walk. If there were actually a competition in this area I might do it anyway, but since there isn't it sort of takes the debate out of it for me.
I want to be happy with what I see, I don't need someone else to tell me it's not as good as the person standing next to me. Besides, realistically there is NO WAY I would actually place well with all my tattoos and scars. It's not what they're looking for in bikini competitors.
Whatever, I'm a badass with scars and tattoos. :)
I'm glad you like the pumpkin puree! (oh, and Turbo look NEXT to the canned pumpkin pie filling. There is generally pumpkin puree with nothing added right next to it, but the can looks nearly identical. The most popular brand is Libby's and theirs is only 40 calories for a 1/2 cup (122g) serving.
If you need any ideas of how to cook with it I have about a billion in my noggin.

Jessica - I wasn't actually all that excited for my first check in, only because he's like, THE BEST trainer and I'm a bit embarassed. I thought I was like 127-130 pounds when we started so that's the number I gave him. I weighed in the first day to see 137+ on the scale and having to own up to that is humbling. Honestly I had imagined him and I meeting sometime at an event in the future and he'd be impressed with my physique and want to coach me... LOL. Instead I had to seek him out and say "I got myself chubby and now I need you to help me". It's humbling.
I wish today had been my first check in because I lost a pound overnight!
You're right though, I tend to break things up into chunks too to make it less daunting. Even thinking of it as 12 weeks as opposed to 3 months helps. Now I'm under that though! I'm trying NOT to think about how much weight I would need to lose each of those weeks to make my goal, but that's hard not to do.

Bayzee - Glad you had a great workout AND got below 116! Nice!

Krampus - Don't you love our new poop rating system?! LOL it seems to have caught on. :)

krampus 01-25-2013 12:22 PM

My illness is subsiding. Morning WI 124.6. Celebrated by having a huge Dinosaur BBQ dinner last night - brisket sandwich with chopped salad and macaroni and cheese and yes I ate the WHOLE THING and was still hungry after (but capped it at that - I seem to be getting better at self-control around dessert? That or my appetite isn't completely back). My bf showed me a cat video he thought was going to be carefree and cute but then the cat got cancer and died and I LOST MY SH!T and cried inconsolably for 20 minutes, so maybe I'll get my period next weekend (when I'm at a couples' weekend in a cabin with a couple I barely know...erkkkkkkkkkkk) instead of in FL when I'm tent camping.

Today I am returning to the gym after two full sick/rest days and am going out later for fun and frolic and dancing! ALSO in other important news, I had my first BM since Monday today. 1/5. Better than 0/5 I guess...I literally can't wait to try the chocolate brownie Quest bar, it has 76% of the recommended fiber for a 2000 calorie diet!

JossFit BUMMER on dropping all that dough on a new watch and the tax rebate decrease, but I think the flattery of a gym admirer combined with a scale drop and your mom's enthusiasm for a sustainably healthy new lifestyle supersede that in the "woot" department :D I TOTALLY appreciate the 5-star rating system.

Aidangm I hope your dinner was awesome and enjoyable and you didn't spend the time afterward stressing about trying to resist snacks. I try not to think about or plan too far ahead because I have such pathetic willpower and always feel disappointed, but on the other hand knowing you got ahead of yourself and packed lunch/prepared food for a few days is so satisfying! It's all balance I guess.

Wildflower Sodium is a funny thing...people in Asia eat SOOOOOOO much sodium, the average Korean person eats I think 4500+ mg of sodium per day, probably more in Japan, yet they're all thin and live forever. Your body must just adjust to it after time! Running in the snow is pretty serious - how cold is it where you are? It's single digits or colder up here still. Olives...I HATE them. I wish I could send you every olive that accidentally ends up on my plate.

olehcat Hehe thanks, I am still very much the same person but not wearing too-small juniors' size 13 jeans is a nice perk ;) Pizza has historically been my #1 binge food - it's just NOT WORTH eating unless I can have way too much of it. I think the fact it's also the easiest food to find in America helps me calm down and tell myself "I can have some tomorrow if I REALLY NEED IT" - which of course I never do. How's your sickness? I'm almost all better!

TurboMammoth You're gonna have RIPPED ABS before you know it and be able to hold difficult yoga poses at funny angles! Hope WI and future pooping are better, trying new recipes isn't 100% success all the time but now you know and have something else to try! You must be excited for smoked meat sandwiches - report back and take pictures!

Alexistrophic "Delicata" sounds fancy - I have got to try it! Thanks for the encouraging words - I agree that looking less-than-hot as a youngster helps with character building, though I have some personal bias there...hope work calms down for you, it's picked up for me but in my case it's a welcome change from "sitting with my thumbs up my butt."

Bayzee CONGRATS on breaking the 116.0 barrier! Getting out of bed in the midst of PMS week to work out is pretty awesome too. I get moody as well - who doesn't - and instead of retaining water I get a 500% appetite and eat everything that isn't nailed down. Good luck pushing through it!

Bayzee 01-25-2013 12:28 PM

TGIF Feathers! Oh man, it's been a long week at work.
I'm feeling quite chipper too today...Joss is rubbing off on me. :)

Woke up early for a workout and and had a good weigh-in...115.4 (with a 3/5 er)which means I'm only a pound away from my pre-vacation weight. I told my husband it would take me a month to lose the vacation weight and he didn't believe me. He said it would drop faster...well IF I lose a pound next week, that will put me at a month. At this weight, I know that 1lb a week loss isn't always realistic; even with a clean diet and not missing a single planned workout.

Joss...Our dog passed away a year and a half ago; She was 14. I liked her more than family :) Lol! It was VERY tough. Smaller dogs are awesome! I didn't find her expensive, as long as she wasn't ill. She only ate a 5lb bag a food a month and I bought the best organic treats for her. But smaller breeds have issues with their teeth. We had her teeth cleaned every year and ($400-700) a pop. As she got older, the cleanings were more expensive. She broke her leg once...$2000 for the whole recovery when it was over. And before she died, we spent a fortune trying to "save" her, eventhough we knew it was her time. I would probably buy pet insurance next time. I know that sounds crazy, but many of her treatments would have been covered.
I WANT another one and look on the Internet all of the time. But I love the freedom of not rushing home all of the time, or when we go on holidays or travel. I used to feel so guilty going out on weekends (Especially Friday's) and after work because she was alone all day.

Wildflower...You seem so motivated. That's awesome! Keep it up girl. As I'm getting older and know so much more about meat, I often think about giving it up. But man...I love a good steak! I also love every single vegetable, so I have no issues switching it up sometimes.

Olecat...The first month is the worse! Stick with it. Make yourself a pizza with zuchinni/eggplant as the base. I do that a lot! There are cauliflower crust recipes all over the Internet, but I didn't have much luck with them. If you feel like you might binge, treat yourself to a reasonable meal this weekend. If you want pizza, buy a ww pita and load it up with sauce, healthy veggies, chicken and a BIT of l/f cheese. I never let myself get to the poing of binging. If I'm craving something really badly, I have it in a reasonable quantity.
I don't really have a binging issue. My weight issue comes from making bad decisions over a longer period of time. I get to a point where I hit my goal weight, feel great and then I tell myself it's ok to eat whatever I want now and slack off on my workouts. I love food...really good food. I would not waste my calories on a pizza, but rather some brie cheese, and a bottle of wine. I imagine this summer when I gained all my weight, my alcohol calories exceeded my food calories some days! Not good..but that might be a whole other "issue"! LOL!

Turbo....MMMM, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches on light rye with mustard. My favourite sandwich ever!

Aidan...I hit 109/108 a few times but nothing I could realistically maintain (at least not in a healthy way too!) I started working with weights more this fall and I think it really does help. I'm only 4lbs away from my goal weight and I know that will not be enough. I hope to be in the 105 range by summer. I know I could probably get there, but it would mean getting VERY serious and giving up alcohol. I'm not sure if I could give up my wine long term. As soon as I add those little treats back ato my diet, I gain. I've seriously vamped my exercise routine and diet. I hope that will be enough.. I have to find something that will allow me to maintain while still enjoying some of the things I like.

Krampus...My appetite comes back with a vengeance after being sick. I crave wine and chips during PMS. Hmmm, who would have guessed? lol! I know I'm really bad when I can't drink wine! I still tke BC pills so I can "regulate" my period during vacation times...another other reason too of course! But if I know an event is coming up, I will manitpulate the pills in my favour. My period is never a "surprise"!

TurboMammoth 01-25-2013 12:40 PM

olehcat : Congrats on staying fairly on plan instead on binging on a pizza! That was some great willpower ;) About attention seeker cat, I'm glad to know mine isn't the only one like that : people always say that cat are super independant and everything, but mine just love to snuggle (well, when someone is alone with him, when the boyfriend and I are together he's jealous and do not come to us LOL)

Wildflower : Lately I had to clear a spot in my closet ONLY for working out clothing LOL I thing that is a sign of a serious addiction ;) Wow, all you food sounds so delicious. I'm graving guacamole now! ;)

Aidanqm : Yes, I'm ready for warmer weather! I don't mine running in the cold, but I have a -15 C cut-off for running outside, under that, it's just not fun anymore to me under that... My favorite outdoor sports would be running and biking in the summer and snowshoeing and skiing in the winter! But my favorite sport overall is definitely running :) What are yours?

Joss : That is a nice attention from the guy at your gym :) As you said, it's always a nice little ego boost! And how awesome about your mother weight loss! I just hope she'll keep up the good work when the loss will become a bit smaller every week after the water weight is gone :)

A Puggle fund! How cute hihihih! And as for the turkey meatloaf, yes there is an egg and some breadcrumb and even (OH LORD) crumbled bacon on top LOL I was super cautious to get a bacon low in salt though, and I cooked it very well to drain most of the fat. At the beginning, I did not want to put the bacon as the recipe was saying but the boyfriend was so excited but the idea of it that I finally made it... In the end, I was happy I did so though, I really did not put enough salt in the thing and luckily the bacon added a bit of taste :)

I'll try to remember to take a picture of the junk meal tonight! ;)


Hi Feathers!

HAPINESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AND JOYYYYY this morning : I hit the scale at 140! 140 140 140! That is a 2.4 lbs loss in a week (but at last week WI, I was right at the beginning of TOM so I was probably higher that I should have been)

I'm kinda feeling bad knowing that I will destroy this for a couple of days with my cheat meal on my date with the boyfriend tonight though. I'll try to eat as lightly as possible today and score a good workout at the gym to try to balance all this!

EDIIIT : Awwwww posted at the same time as people!

Krampus : First, don't ever show me this video EVER! Congrats on your pooping! As you say, it's better a 1 start than no star at all. I'm glad to hear you are doing better!!! Hope TOM will show up for you before your couple tent getaway!

Bayzee : AAAAAAH it's great that someone knows what I am talking about ahahaha! I can't wait the the sandwich!

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