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JossFit 01-21-2013 06:13 PM

Tonight's massive dinner... noticeably similar to um, all the other meals I post pictures of lately! LOL in all fairness, these have all been "dinner" so they will be the same for the most part. My other meals actually ARE a bit different; I certainly don't eat this for breakfast!


Asparagus, zuchinni, chicken, sweet potato and avocado. Just a touch of salt and pepper is all it needed! Is it weird that I love the taste of it on it's own? I hope not. I hope this is also helping to really change my taste for things as well.


Pretty dang delish.

Awesome shoulder workout today, with cardio of course... I'm down a teeny bit so it would seem that the 'average' is about .2 pounds per day of loss. If that were to continue, hypothetically, I would lose nearly 17 pounds in 12 weeks. That would be amazing! Lets hope my coach keeps things progressing that way for me.

I found out what the tense-ness in the house has been between my roommates; he got orders to England and is moving at the end of May. Ouch. I definitely know how that feels to have your BF move away, but England? I wonder what they'll decide to do... long distance? Evidently they haven't told the kiddo yet, as they just found out on Wednesday and don't quite know what they're going to do yet.

Uggghhhh I have to go back to work tomorrow and I don't wanna!


Alex - Good for you for keeping on your path and not saying 'well, obviously this doesn't work for me so I should try something else'...
It does seem like a pretty commonsense diet though, so I hope you stick with it and see some results from it. Heck, you already are if you're down a pound! Nice! I'm trying to remind myself that slow and steady is the way to go. My teeny drops on the scale will add up to a lot of FAT if I stick with it (which I will) and not a mix of fat and muscle... eek! That was my problem this past year.

Olehcat - Peeing all day long, while obnoxious, is definitely a sign your body is letting go of some water weight... good stuff! So you started the diet today?

My hunger is totally blunted on this program right now as well. I can still eat my food and look forward to it all because it tastes good, but I'm not hungry. This weekend I've been going until like Noon on just one meal, whereas normally I would have eaten 4 meals by that time. Now I'm cramming it all in at night!

Aidenqm - Welcome to the chat! We're a bunch of big eaters around here and not too concerned with getting tiny... LOL just healthy and balanced lifestyles.
Have you checked out the Chicks in Control sub-forum for binge eating support?

Jessica - I think you're being too hard on yourself too! My girlfriend's daughter was doing the same thing as your kiddo, and ended up in the emergency room last week because of her severely impacted bowels. My friend is just exhausted with it all, and I totally feel for both of you! Food is tasty and it IS comforting, and as much as we can preach 'don't use food to comfort yourself' this isn't an ideal world and we as humans do eat for comfort. It's natural. It's not something you should do all the time but occasionally? Yeah, we've all done it here or there.

My roommate (the female one) has been doing some SERIOUS comfort eating since she found out he BF (the male roommate) is moving to England last Wednesday. She's on a fast food bender and it's so hard to see her doing that to herself, but she's just come and asked me to look over her workout program for the next two weeks so she seems to be getting herself together and getting back on plan.

Point being - we all do it. Just pick up and keep going!

Bayzee - Hope you had a great weekend! My diet is pretty satisfying, and totally sensible... nothing crazy. :) I have no idea about refeeds/cheats but I really doubt I'll be given any sort of cheat meals considering how much I would need to lose for him to get me to where I am aiming to be. Refeeds will probably depend on how fast I lean out, but at this rate I'm guessing not. I only get 1 weeks' worth of workouts/diet at a time (probably to keep me from getting overwhelmed) so I really can't say anything for sure past the end of this week.

Turbo - Wine and board games are my FAVORITE! :) I would MUCH rather do that any time than go out to a bar/club... yuck.

Are you going to try your friend's running rehab program she suggested?

EDIT: Man, I was just looking through some of my photo shoot pictures and wedding photos... I'm depressed! I don't know if I can ever get back to that body, even with a trainer. I'm mad I just threw it all away. I didn't even realize what an insane body I had, and that was just a few months ago!

TurboMammoth 01-21-2013 08:16 PM

Joss : Your dinner looks so MASSIVE hehehe! This is so thrillng that your weight is going down like that though :)

The progressive running program is actually the one I was doing when I hurt my foot, back in September. The thing bothering me is that is it sooo sloooow. I was thinking about maybe trying something like running my 3.5 k I was getting for in the past 2 weeks, but run in like 1'walk for 3-4' run at the start, because honestly 1'run/9'walking is pretty aweful to me who is dreading to gain my cardio back.. I think I'm gonna try meeting in the middle somewhere.

That sucks for your roomate :S Must be hard times around the house, for them but for you two..!

olehcat : From the comments you posted and AlexisTrophic's one, the 17 days diet plan sounds nice, hope it goes smoothly for you! :) And yeahh, boardgames are the best. Those friends looove games. And wine. We love them LOL

Jessica : OMG I see how stresfull your Friday was! I'm so sorry to hear about the struggles with your little girl. Poor sweetie, that must hurt sooo much, keeping it and all. But as Joss said, don't be too hard on yourself... In a situation like that, going overboard for 2 days is basically nothing!!! You don't need the guilt feeling after the weekend you had. I'm sending good vibes your way.

Aidanqm : Welcome to the chat :) I think we are all in search of moderation around here, especially after coming back from the holidays a few weeks ago ;)

Alexis : Love your attitude with overcoming the not so ideal weekend! Aww, mondays. How do we love them for making us feel guilty about the weekend ;)


Hello! Did not WI today (YAY), those sneek peek were really killing me last week, as soon as it was not going down I was feeling super down.

I did okay on the food, had cereal/banana for breakfast, leftover of pork stir fry for lunch and we had tomato/feta quesedillas tonight with salad. I had a little dessert but limited the portion and did not go for a second even if I would have eaten the whole pan. OH YEAH.

I did some squat, lunges, pushup and crunches on my yoga mat and it felt great to feel my legs shaky LOL.

I'm also feeling great because I got THINGS DONE TODAY (which is always great when you are unemployed). I gave away tons of clothing I was not wearing anymore... now I have lots of place in my closet. On day I will have money to fill it again. :D

olehcat 01-22-2013 07:00 AM

Hi, ladies, BIG challenge today. I just woke up with a bad cold. Whenever I'm sick, I just want to go back to comfort food and bad habits! Luckily today I will not have the opportunity because I'm gone for over 12 hours and have to take all my food with me.

The first thing you're supposed to eat/drink in the morning on the 17 day diet is hot water with freshly squeezed lemon. That actually felt very good with a cold. I do think that the things I'm supposed to eat today will only help with being sick (all healthy food).

But as for exercise? Forget about it. I've learned the hard way more than once that when I try to push through a cold and run (even inside on a treadmill), the cold gets worse and then I'm out of commission for longer. But last time I came down with a bad cold it went right to my chest so I couldn't run for like a month! Oh well, I'm determined to at least walk this time instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I weighed in at 146.2 this morning, so a 1.6 pound drop since yesterday. All that peeing paid off! :) I hope it keeps doing that like this whole week so I can be down to where I was before the holidays (at around 140, 141). Because then I'll be REALLY close to being back in the 130s, which I haven't been in for over a year!

@Turbo - congrats on Getting Things Done! I love that and it happens so rarely! I do not work most of the summer (except for summers when I have workshop obligations which are often), and those are when my best spurts of Getting Things Done happen! :)

@Jossfit - your food looks so colorful and healthy! There's no way for you NOT to lose on that! You're going to look so awesome by the end! And yes, I started the diet yesterday. Today will be Day 2! :)

@Bayzee - yep, clean eating! :) It really does feel good to eat that way. I'm so tired of feeling achy and bloated. So I'm really not having any other cravings yet! I'm sure the first time I smell fresh pizza somewhere or bread that I will feel sort of whiny inside, but so far, so good!

Dorian5 01-22-2013 09:28 AM

Good morning feathers! Well, the last 2 days I have over eaten, it makes me feel so bad, like I don't want my weightloss hard enough, or I don't feel like I deserve it, or something.

I was right on track yesterday, but my boyfriend came into the living room a few hours after dinner last night with fresh, badass guacamole and chips. Then I had a shot of southern comfort. Then a not-light beer. Then some haribo gummy cola bottles (they are my favorite.) So, I would guess I ended up around 1850 calories or so. Sunday I was around 2100 calories. ;_;

Last night my boyfriend brought home leftover Krispy Kreme doughnuts too (Raleigh has one of those little factory stores where you can watch them being made, it's right by my honey's work and he bought some to take to his office yesterday, there were 4 left over) -- I was arguing with myself all morning about whether I should have one or not. My favorite chocolate-covered-custard-filled one was in the box. It was so hard to resist -- BUT I didn't have it, and I ate a bowl of cereal instead. :carrot: F*CK YOU DOUGHNUTS.

Tonight is our first home hockey game, which means I get to worry about 24oz beers and $1 hot dogs mocking me all night. Ugh. :(

Personals later, hopefully. :hug:

Alexistrophic 01-22-2013 11:12 AM

JessicaB ~ Poop problems... *SO* stressful and possibly even more so when it's happening to your child. You may have already thought of this, but prune juice? Can your pediatrician recommend a stool softener?

And I second Joss's thoughts about using food as comfort. It's such a convenient action: you can eat to comfort yourself, but still be "present" with your loved ones -- but is it ultimately in your best interests? Obviously not. I got into the habit of taking a bath at the end of the day, just to get away from the trigger foods, but I live alone and don't have anyone dependent on me. Again, as Joss mentioned, everyone does it. Just keep on moving forward.

kakers ~ Your dominos feast sounds delightful. And did I read that your bearded dragon passed away? So sad. :( Exhaustion makes everything worse, so I hope you're able to get some rest.

~ Your supplements are reminding me that it might not be a bad idea to throw some nutrients into the mix. I just started taking vitamin C in the morning and calcium at night, but dang girl, your nutrition haul is massive! Do you feel like they make a noticeable difference in how you feel?

Delish meal pics! They give me ideas on what to serve up next. I also bought a package of shiritaki noodles and thought out you. ;) Can't wait to work them into the meal rotation.

And oh, the Amish... It took me a minute to get into 'Breaking Amish' but I was hooked a few episodes before the finale and final interview

Dorian5 ~ Woot! Dorian/Candace (did I spell that right?) 1; Donuts - 0. And I'm reading back on old entries and I can definitely join you in your affinity for Almond Joy creamer. That's actually not as much a problem for me as 'binging on junk food'. If I can successfully avoid the pile of crap, I usually treat myself to an end of the day cup of coffee (mostly decaf) with some creamer in it. For me, it's 35 cals of creamer vs. 20000000+ cals of junk. How often are you drinking it? Maybe cut down to one serving a day?

Turbo ~ Your weekend sounds so fun! Physical activity is always more exciting with friends. So you win the Getting Things Done crown. I hope that I can challenge you for that title soon. ;) Clean, organized spaces are SO inspiring!

Krampus ~ Looking smokin' hot, as always! Wiiiiing Waaaarrrsss!!! How much fun!!! Did you find out who "won" the Wing War or do they not do that?

Ohlecat ~ Yuck about being sick, but glad that the hot water and lemon helped. How are you doing today?

Bayzee ~ That's the key with the healthy/clean eating. I feel like it's super hard to get back on track after a "big" weekend, but dang, those treats (wine, sugar, etc) are hard to stay away from.

Aidanqm ~ Welcome! I hear you on breaking the whole binge/restrict cycle... It's an ongoing process...

Feeling kind of head-game mind trip little kid rebel.

Chubby kid inside me: "But I don't waaaant to eat the healthy stuff."
Thin chick inside me: "OK. That's fine. You don't have to 'want' to eat the healthy stuff. You just have to do it. That's all."

Coming in here to fess up- I had some crap(white chocolate peppermint M&Ms and white chocolate hershey's kisses) last night and I felt AWFUL afterwards, worse than I'd ever felt before. I hate this feeling of restrict/binge and I knew that I was heading for that territory when I started this whole measured/monitored eating plan...

I also know that TOM is on the way, which can be a challenge, but I'm hoping to just keep my head down and stick with it. Part of me wonders if I'm just lost with this whole "diet" thing. Call it what you want ("diet", "eating plan", "eating program", whatever) if some external force is telling me what I can and cannot eat, sooner or later I'm going to get testy.

This is Day #7 on the 17 Day Diet... (Hoping that the other ladies on this will do better than I am right now...)

(It's not very 17 Day-ish at all...)
Rice Krispies with almond milk+Splenda

Have a packed lunch of chicken and celery and baked turkey thighs at home to make my evening easier. Going to orchestra and then to bed. Having a full schedule sometimes makes staying on plan that much easier. Don't think about it-- Just do it!

Wildflower 01-22-2013 11:30 AM

Hi everyone...Haven't posted on these boards in a long time. Maybe a year or longer. Was a regular poster and went from 152 to 136 around Oct of 2011. Slowly over the past year I went back up to 140 though.

I'm back at the weight loss game. I joined up a Healthy Holiday challenge which started before Thanksgiving and went until mid January. It was hard, but I ended up losing about 7 lbs through the holiday challenge (140-133). I am super happy because I was crazy busy and had lots of off plan meals, plus not the most time to exercise. Plus I think even not gaining during that time is a really accomplishment. :)

Anyway...challenge is over and now I'm just looking to stay motivated and kick the weight loss up to a faster pace (1-2 lbs per week would be ideal). Thought I'd check back in on these boards to be held accountable.

Went shopping Sunday and stocked our fridge with fruits and veggies. I'm ready to concur the week!

This morning I weighed in at 133.6. Had a green smoothie for breakfast and am going to go to a hot yoga class with a friend over my lunch break. :carrot:

JossFit 01-22-2013 11:45 AM

Alex - boy oh boy... thats a toughie. You know you need to get your calories under control to lose a few pounds, but doing anything too regimented makes you want to rebel against it. I wish I had some advice for you but I'm really lost on this one.
I actually thrive on structure and plans, so as long as it's not some crazy crash diet (UM, RFL anyone? LOL - Never again!) I have no problem with adherence. For some people a more 'intuitive eating' approach works but for those of us who love nothing so well as eating... that's not going to work either.
I can only wish you luck and support and hope you hang in there! A few white chocolate goodies isn't on your 17 day diet, but it's certainly not a killer and you DIDN'T binge and throw the baby out with the bathwater... be proud of that.

You know, I'm not sure if it's the vitamins/supplements or the diet, or a combination of the two, but I DO feel better. Noticeably. I'm more alert and more productive, and less cranky. I also am WAY less hungry... like, I will feel hungry but I know I will be fine until my next meal OR I'll be totally NOT hungry at all and still have to get a few meals in. (Probably why I'm not losing any G0ddamn weight since the water weight buggered off...)

I've always recommended at least a good multivitamin, fish oil and perhaps some extra calcium for women just as a safety measure to cover some nutritional gaps.

Dorian - As an added incentive to lift weights; if you had lifted hard on the days you overate a bit (because really, you're just slightly above maintenance calories if at all in the 1850-2100 calorie range) some of those extra calories would have gone toward muscle repair, and a larger percentage would have been burned off due to your increased metabolic rate! ;)
Seriously though, you didn't do too bad. Yeah you had some treats (who can say no to fresh guacamole and chips?!) but you didn't eat an entire cheesecake or drink 2 bottles of wine. The damage you did is totally repairable... just clean things up for a couple of days.
I'm not lying to myself by telling myself that those words actually offer you any comfort. You feel badly about your indulgences and thats just the way it is... BUT, you DID tell that doughnut where to go, and THAT is definitely a victory! I think they cancel eachother out. ;)

Have fun at the game! Can you bring in your own snacks so that the hot dogs aren't as tempting? Can you buy leaner versions and have them waiting at home for you for dinner?

Olehcat - What crappy timing for you! I mean, it's never fun to get sick, but trying to be optimistic and start off a diet on the right foot can't be easy right now. Just stick to the principals of the diet and let the exercise happen when your body can handle it. Keep drinking your lemon water, maybe some tea, and get lots of rest!

LOL It's ironic that you asked how I could possibly NOT lose fat on my diet, given how healthy my meals are... I woke up back up another 1/2 pound today. I'm trying to just trust the process and give things time to work, but it's frustrating. I feel good, my workouts are fine, and I do enjoy the food... but sometimes the inability to have Crystal Light or sugar free gum is really the pits. Don't even get me started on dairy and fruit... I was jealous of Alex when she mentioned having a pear with breakfast!

Turbo - What was for dessert? LOL I can't have any so I have to live through you! Spill the details! :)

I had the shaky legs today too; I did my leg workout and then the plan was to run, but my legs were so wobbly I couldn't! LOL I had to use the stairs and the elliptical instead. :)

It feels SO good to get things done! I have been doing a lot of little crap (organizing papers, filing things, organizing the pantry, etc.) the past week... I think it's partially just an increase in energy from this program's diet/supplements. I'm not really sure what else it can be, but I'll take it!

Are you planning on trying a bit of running today?

Wildflower - Welcome back! We're similar in height and weight, so hopefully we can BOTH make our goals of shedding 1-2 pounds a week. :)

krampus 01-22-2013 11:47 AM

Good morning Feathers,

I weighed in at 125.4 this morning after some cardio at the gym - good start to the week, except for also waking up with a cold.

So everyone knows (and you can hold me accountable) I am putting myself on a low-sugar, very high protein/veggie diet until my vacation - I think being a little stricter would solve almost all my problems. Having a protein shake here and there (I like the Pure Protein ones, low carb and no sugar alcohols) helps calm the hungry beast.

Potluck on Sunday night was fun but the f-ing kids wouldn't leave me alone. I must wear a sign around my neck that says "Hey kids! I hate you so please smother me with affection!" I ate considerably less than I usually do at potlucks because our friend's daughter was taking up all my time :P

Mac and cheese, sauteed greens (mine), chicken curry, General Tso's takeout chicken, and cucumber/tomato falafel/tzatziki pie (my roommate's).

Yesterday I had a lazy day - my bf and I chaperoned my roomie's 25 year old brother to a job fair and made him go back in to apply to more jobs when he said he was done after 15 minutes. I won a $25 supermarket gift card on a local news blog and picked it up, hit Target and Trader Joe's, and went to the YMCA gym. Some Billy Blanks wannabe told me I was using too much weight when I failed on the lat pulldown machine. Makes me appreciate my crappy weights/boxing gym all the more! :P

Dorian5 Overeating happens and way too easily. It's harder to not overeat than the alternative, I think! Does your boyfriend generally eat healthily or are you stuck making separate/compromise meals? My roommate worked at Dino for a few months and I sometimes came home to leftovers in the fridge. Their wings were ok, not the best by any stretch of the imagination though. And YES those are my hobbits!

olehcat I woke up sick today too! Ugh! Hot water with lemon sounds really good for a cold...take it easy and heal up! And awesome that you've dropped a couple pounds. I hope the 17 Day Diet works for you in helping you get where you want to be.

TurboMammoth Getting stuff done while funemployed (the "f" was there on purpose, ehehe) is the BEST FEELING. As is being wobbly from working your muscles. ;) Saying "no" to seconds of dessert is pretty indicative of self-control, too! The long weekend was for Martin Luther King Jr's birthday - it's a nationwide holiday in the US. I'm glad you like my hobbits!

JossFit I am drooling over your meals...LOL @ "no homo," I have literally no boobs whatsoever so I wear padded bras. I never really think about people looking at my chest. It's funny you mentioned concealed guns because I think I look pretty nonthreatening/spindly in clothes, but in a swimsuit you can really see what's going on! Still have pathetic hidden-under-fat tris but my back has gotten considerably wider at the top.

I've totally done it before (obsessed over "thin" pictures when I was up a few lbs) but try not to give toooo much power to the wedding and photoshoot pictures...you CAN and WILL get back to the shape you were in then, it just takes a little bit of time. It's still you!!!

Bayzee The best wing I think was a dryish BBQ style rubbed smoked wing from "Uncle Marty's Adirondack Grill." The meat fell off the bone and the sauce/meat ratio was perfect. My wing of choice is garlic parmesan - crispy, not soggy. I had just one big glass of wine Friday night and I blew up like a pound and a half overnight! Good luck achieving that 5 out of 5 star poo...

Alexistrophic I'm not going to read the book now that I have your synopsis of the diet handy...I hate poorly written books. It's like who let this get through the publisher?! Sorry you had a tough time on Sunday but it's great that you didn't let one hard day turn into many.

Aidangm Welcome!!! I have totally had the "too strict" "binge eat" problem before. Never been tiny though, this is as small as I've been.

jessicaB That sounds like an extremely stressful situation with your daughter...I don't know anything about children's health but hopefully she doesn't become reliant on laxatives to poop at all like bulimics do...maybe this too will "pass" with age (sorry, had to use a pun). What kind of pasta did you have?

Alexistrophic 01-22-2013 12:41 PM

Joss ~ You know, it is an ongoing negotiation. On the one hand, I do crave the structure/routine, but on the other, I feel like each time I tell myself that I "can't" have something... that makes me "want" it all the more. I feel like for me, every period of "diet/structured eating plan/period of being strict" has an equal and opposite "binge". Oy.

I know it comes down to a matter of choice (I "choose" to eat this and not that, I "choose" to keep my cals low) but sometimes I wonder if I'm not setting myself up for some crazy binge down the road each time I am a bit more strict? And yet, I'm not completely satisfied with my body where it is right now. I'm 'content' but I could be so much more. It's that "so much more" that keeps me trying and moving toward the lower goal....

Wildflower ~ Welcome! Gosh, you've already achieved so much. This chat is certainly motivating when it comes to staying on track and going even further.

Krampus ~ I wouldn't call the book 'badly written', it's just not my style at all... I actually get more out of the Atkins/South Beach/Dukan books than from the 17 DD, though I like the 17 DD eating plan best.

And *insert sarcastic tone* I'm sorry, did you ASK the Billy Blanks wannabe for input on your lifting routine??? (lol - pet peeve) Did you find him helpful or was it more of a "thanks but get the heck away from me" type thing? What a delishussss pot luck spread!!! And oh, kids... My friend must have the same kind of sign. We joke that if there are children within a 10 foot radius, they WILL be drawn to her lap-- whether she's sitting down or not.

JessicaB 01-22-2013 02:15 PM

I wrote a long response earlier today and then lost it, so I'm just going to do the current page for personals. Sorry to anyone I missed.

Joss You're meals do look good, and it's great to hear that you haven't been hungry at all on your new plan, even if you think your trainer will cut it back a bit later. It makes a lot of sense to do it that way, first concentrating on eating properly, and then cutting portions later. If I did that, it would probably help me stay on plan in the beginning, which is always the hardest stage. I don't want to do that now though, because of the weight loss competition, but I've sort of made a promise to myself that after the competition is over, I'm going to focus on maintenance for a while, so that I can really get into the groove of eating healthy. I seem to either be eating healthy at a deficit or eating junk at a surplus, so I do think I need to work on just being normal and healthy, and that will be my next step 11 weeks from now, whether I win the competition or not.

Turbo Great for you getting things done. I'm actually going to talk to my husband about picking out some paint colours this week, so that I can work on painting the house. We've been in the house almost 2.5 years, but most of the walls are white, aside from my daughter's room & playroom, which I tackled over the summer & fall. The last time I got engrossed in a painting project, it kept me nicely distracted, and I actually had really good weight loss progress, so I'm hoping to be able to focus myself on a project again.

olehcat Hope you feel better soon, and if you need to take a break from exercise, don't feel too guilty about it. I always beat myself up over things like that, but a small break while you recover isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Dorian It doesn't sound like you did too bad the past couple days, and way to go on avoiding the donuts. I need to learn a thing or two from people like you who just go over their calories by a bit. I'm guilty of being way way over or else right where my target calories are.

Alexistrophic We dealt with this issue about a year ago with her, so I already had a recommendation on a laxative from our family doctor. When it happens, it's more a mental thing. She gets it in her head that it's going to be awful to go, and holds it in at all costs. We've tried changing her diet, prune juice, laxatives, etc, but when she doesn't want to go, it doesn't really matter what we give her. The main reason for the laxatives is to try to keep it as soft as possible for when she finally does go, but it doesn't make her go. We basically did a whole year of laxatives, the idea being to try and wean her off of them so that she wouldn't be scared to go anymore. I'm not sure what did it last time, eventually she just was okay with it. But things seem okay right now anyhow. She's been going regularly and knows that if she goes everyday, it will help keep things soft. I think her accident in the car was unpleasant enough for her that the things we've been telling her have started to click.

It doesn't sound like you've been doing too horribly diet wise, but I know going a bit off plan can feel like a failure sometimes, even though it can be much better than what we would have done if we didn't have a plan at all. I agree, it's easiest if you keep yourself busy.

Wildflower Sounds like you made great progress, especially considering the holiday season :)

krampus It seems to be passing already, and so I'm hopeful that we'll get her back to normal. I have had horrible thoughts about her being dependent on laxatives, and there are tons of horror stories about kids who hold it in, and then can no longer sense when they need to go, and constantly go in their pants. I was a lot more worried about it a year or more ago, because it went on for so long, but we're already making progress this time around, so I'm remaining hopeful now (but last week, I was really a wreck).

Let me just say that your arms look AWESOME! Way to go!

Bayzee 01-22-2013 03:19 PM

Hey Feathers! It's been a chatty group again. I'm having trouble keeping up! I've noticed that it seems like everyone has been setting some fantastic goals! But what I like the most is attitude about not giving up when the goals are not met. That to me...is progress!

Personally, I'm still stuck at 116.0. It's crazy! And that was even after a 4/5 poop! Lol! I worked out this morning and felt great all day. I've said it before, morning workouts seem to give me energy for the rest of the day. I so wish I was a morning person! My goal is 3x this week to get up early...one down, two to go.

Alex and Olecat....
I like the 17 day protocol becasue it does not exclude fruits and focuses on healthy carbs. I can't go too long without my berries! I did not do well on it the first time I did it, so I kept starting over. Now it's just natural. It takes time to break our old habits, especially if they are the bad ones :) You should plan one meal a week where you eat what you want, in a sensible portion. That way, you might not want to binge. I like mac n' cheese, wings, mashed poatoes and chips...so if I'm dying for them, I plan to have them once and a while. I never tell myself I can't have something...I tell myself that I will eat it within reason. But there are some thngs I don't miss...especially the pkged foods. But I do agree that planning your meals is key to staying OP with clean eating. I am more likely to buy and eat foods I don't want to eat out of convenience, when I haven't grocery shopped.

Holy..that looks amazing. General Tao is my favorite take-out dish. It looks yummy!

Joss...Don't worry about the scale! A tattoo question for you...Have you noticed any fading with your colours? They are beautiful. Initially I wanted to go a black and grey theme with a bit of coulour, but I really am impressed by colourful tattoos. I have a consultation but I won't get in for 3-4 months with the person I want.


Back for more personals tonight.

sontaikle 01-22-2013 03:49 PM

Feathers, some things happened today:

1) I found out I am a size 00. I had suspected as such, but thought my pants fitting differently was them stretching out. I went to some higher-end stores today because I was bored and while I didn't buy anything, I really wanted to test out my theory. All 00 pants fit nicely, and the funny thing is I know I've gained around 2lbs. I don't know my exact weight because I haven't been weighing in the morning, but the scale's been up when I hopped on a few times during the day even when I vowed to stay away :lol: I was back in losing mode, but I think I'll go back to maintenance instead. I "celebrated" by having one of those new tasty salads at Subway…haha I'm a dork, I know. ;)

Once again, lifting is awesome :) Higher weight, smaller size? Madness!

2) OH YEAH GUYS THAT INTERVIEW MUST HAVE WENT WELL. I got contacted to move further along with the interview process. I have to take a test once they find a proctor in my area. AHHHHHHHHH. I am both excite and super nervous/freaking out!

krampus that looks like a fun time you had…also your arms look awesome! :) Also that food looks sooooooo good!

Joss - I love giant *** salads. I think I'm going to bring one with me to work tomorrow for lunch because of your yummy pictures!! I am jealous!!

TurboMammoth - congrats on getting things done! Also congrats on limiting those portions. It always feels great when you can reel in the eating monster :)

olehcat - feel better! I know it can be frustrating to not be able to exercise, but like you said it may be better to take it easy and not do any damage.

Dorian - yay for resisting donuts! :) Thankfully we have no Krispy Kreme where I live (they did make an appearance briefly, but didn't last).

Alexistropic - What kind of "awful" did you feel? Was it feeling awful emotionally or physically? I know a lot of the "awful" I feel after some sweets is the physical kind, LOL.

Wildflower - welcome back!

Bayzee - you can do it! :carrot:

JessicaB - not google, and on the IT side I've done more Web Development than anything else (although I have worked in a Help Desk type setting too). I'd rather not name the company just yet :)

JossFit 01-22-2013 06:04 PM

I hate to sound patronizing, but, I'm so proud of my mom! She just emailed me two pictures of her groceries; PILES of fresh spinach, avocado, sweet potatos, chicken, whole wheat wraps, greek yogurt, lemons, romaine, turkey sausages, eggs, etc. I worry about how she and my dad (and especially my little brother) eat, and it makes me so happy to see that they are going to start trying to put more nutritious foods in their bodies. :D

Here's one of them;


Today will be the end of my first whole week on this program... nothing new to report really! LOL aside from some water I haven't really lost any weight, but I enjoy the food, I feel great, and I am just trying to trust the process and keep the faith that my coach will get me where I am trying to go. The first week is more of a baseline anyway, so now that we see how my body responded to it we can tweak the program (and by we, I mean him. haha)

I had a dental appointment today and everything was groovy, which is always nice to hear. Nobody likes a cavity! I just love getting a nice cleaning and polish every six months... doesn't it feel nice when its done?

Sontaikle - Congratulations on the second round of interviews!! (Well, test, but you know what I mean ;) ) Thats fantastic!

I have one pair of size 0 shorts but they've GOT to be vanity sized. I know when I was at my smallest/lightest I was a size 2 in reality, but more of a 6 right now. Maybe a 4... **** I don't know. :D

What new salads do they have at Subway? I actually like their salads and just end up getting a mix of lettuce and spinach with banana peppers, cucumber, tomato, a touch of black olive, red onion, chicken or turkey, and the light italian. It's a decent fast food salad and the banana peppers make it for me!

Mmmm, big *** salad... :hungry: I've only been taking pictures of dinner to show how MASSIVE some of these meals are, but they're boring to look at because it's the same things for dinner over and over. I could switch it up more but I really love this! If I get tired of it I'll move on. :)

Tonight I had tilapia with broccoli, avocado and sweet potato. I used a cajun blackening spice on the fish and it was AMAZEBALLS with the sweetness of the sweet potato and the creaminess of the avocado. I know it sounds less than sexy but it was seriously delicious.


I remembered yesterday to take a picture of one of my snacks as I was almost done hoovering it up, just for something different! LOL this is the last bit of my snack; chicken with salsa, cilantro and corn tortillas.


(And yes, there was more than one when I started... haha) Not exciting, but it's not green and orange! :D

Bayzee - Heck yeah thats progress! Your weight stayed the same even after a 4-star?! LOL I'm sure it will shift soon.
I was up today, but thats probably because I had a 0-star... didn't have time to wait around for my body to get in the mood for it.

I actually take ink REALLY well, so surprisingly, my tattoos haven't faded at all. I have some that are 10 years old that look like I got them last week. That being said, I use sunscreen every day now and stay pretty covered up. Even my foray into tanning beds didn't seem to effect the color at all.

A good artist will be able to get some great color saturation in there for you though, an ink quality has come a long way. Some people have a reaction to pinks/reds and their bodies sort of reject them a bit, but not everyone has that issue.

Jessica - Ugh, that's so frustrating to type up a long reply and then accidentally lose it! I think we've all done that at least once! ;)
Trust me, if I weren't working with a trainer I would probably be eating like 1200 calories and trying to rush the losses. I hired him so that he can get me where I want to be the most effective way, and the safest. Its so tempting to just try to go fast, and especially if you are doing a Biggest Loser type competition... I understand.
Do you have a transition diet or baseline plan worked out for after you are done with the challenge? I already have a plan for mine and I still have 11 weeks to go! I think it's so important to have a plan, especially if, like me, you are doing anything fairly restrictive. I don't want to finish on 10 April and wake up 11 April with a doughnut hanging out of my mouth and a sugar hangover. My plan is to slowly increase calories and add in little bits of things over the course of a week or two. It's going to take patience but I think I can do it.

Anyway, something to think about?

Alex - Yeah, it IS a choice, but we're human! We don't always do what's logical. :D Studies show we only have so much willpower (different for each person of course) but if you spend all day, or multiple days fighting yourself eventually something has to give. I just hope you find your balance soon!
How did today end up? I know your first meal wasn't exactly 17DD compliant, but did you get back on track ok?

Krampus - I will have a bit of each, please and thank you. :D

I think I look sort of like a weenie in clothes (well, I did when I was a my lightest) but then yeah, in a bathing suit or tank top? BAM, SUCKA! hahaha
It's fun isn't it?

Its funny, I was actually talking to Steph about the picture issue, and honestly I wasn't even really obsessing over them initially, but trying to do the opposite; I was looking for inspiration! I wanted to show myself 'look, you can do that, because that IS you, and that was just a couple of months ago!' but instead I ended up just getting mad at myself. :dizzy: I had the best of intentions I swear.

Hopefully in 11 more weeks I'll have some good before/after photos to share with you all!

I hope you told Billy Blanks to take his MC Hammer pants and F off... you might have failed but you tried! If you stick with what you KNOW you can lift all the time you are selling yourself short. Sometimes you have to pile some weight on and amaze yourself. Billy can suck it. I'M proud of you! Besides, your wider back is from doing those lat pulldowns, and that awesome V-taper is what makes your waist look so tiny in comparison!

TurboMammoth 01-22-2013 07:34 PM

olehcat : Awww, is your cold getting better? As you said, take it easy on the workout if it always makes things worse. Get better soon!!

Dorian : Have a greeeeat game tonight!! OMG 1$ hotdog!? We are sooo being raped for that at the Bell Center lol, it is soo expensive.

You resisted a Krispy Kream donut!? TRIPLE HIGH FIVE!

: I looove organized space! Especially a closet, you get tons of place to get new clothes LOL

Aww, sorry to hear you are struggleing with the chubby kid inside you. *hug* TOM probably made the Chubby kid even more insane ;) Did you managed to push it down for the remaining of the day?

Wildflower : Welcome back :) Hope this thread help you stay motivated!

Joss : Oh god, the dessert. It is an intense one LOL. It's nothing but high sugar high fat : you take a roll of Crescent Pillsbury dough, cut it in slice and cook it in the oven, covered with a brown sugar and cream LOLS. I try to take the smallest part I can. I found a new thing at the grocery though, 97% fat free frozen yogourt :) It is still 100 cal for half a cup, but it is still way better than ice cream and it really does taste frozen yogurt. yay!

I was planning on running before checking the weather and seeing it was -25 C and planning to be even worse for the next 2 days. I'm gonna get a one month subscription to a gym tomorrow to use some threadmill, which is gonna be cool for my hip to run on a stable and regular surface!

Krampus : I would eat everything on the table of your potluck. EVERYSINGLETHING. AND licking the bottom of the pans. hehe

Huuuugh, I love kids usually but they can be so focus on you that it gets annoying. My problem is that I love playing with kids but when I'm done, I'm done. But most of the time they arent and they don't have this thing to turn them down...

Jessica : I remember you were talking about the playroom thing last fall! It seemed a big project :) Having the mind focus on something like that could even be a great idea, it's a good distraction. When I'm busy, I don't think about food too much! ;)

Bayzee : OH YEAH with the 4/5* poop! Go get those morning workout, girl!! :)

Sontaikle : Congrats on the good news concerning your interviews!!! And the 00 pants!! Those are really killing news ;)

How are those Subway salads?


hey! Did great foodwise today! Drove a bit around town to drop another copy I did not know I needed to give to my department (like seriously, they need like 7 copies... bleee). Oh and I also had 5 STARS POOPING. That was wonderful. :D

Was not able to go running because it was freaking cold freezing outside but I did a few crunches in the living room. Better thaht than nothing!

olehcat 01-22-2013 09:22 PM

Evening, feathers!

Day 2 of the 17 day diet. I have to admit I had a glass of wine tonight. I can't NOT after the day I've had, haha. However, my eating has been golden. I'm not hungry at all, I feel satisfied, and I have no desire to cheat as far as food. I think as long as I can have a glass of wine, cheating on chocolate or other sugars will not happen. In fact, I did not even get in all the food I'm supposed to eat! Part of the appetite loss is probably just being sick, too, but I'll take it! It's a darned miracle that I'm able to stay on plan while sick! That NEVER happens for me!

So yeah, still sick and I had to work and then go to a 3-hour long class, and it was only like 10 degrees today (Fahrenheit).

Anyway, I just feel good about myself when I stay on eating plan. I need to remember that when I'm tempted to go off plan (and I know that WILL happen, probably as soon as this weekend). Also, my lunch was kind of lame and I need to make it so that I look forward to it.

@Turbo - congrats on your pooping! :D And I do not yet feel better, but I'm hoping that after tomorrow the worst will be over!

@jossfit - oh man, I hope I'll know what it's like to be a size 0 just once in my life. I was a size 4 when I was about 125 ten years ago or so, and in one pair of pants, I was a VANITY-sized 2, but they were kind of snug. :D My plan is to get very close to my goal weight and then really slam the lifting because I think that does make you smaller even if you don't lose the weight. I just can't afford the weight gain from it right now. I mean, psychologically I NEED the scale to get under 140! :) And oh man, I hear you on the longing for fruit. I am eating 2 fruits per day now, but I've been on Atkins-like diets where fruit are not allowed or discouraged and it just makes me yearn for them all the more!

@sontaikle - Size 00!!! Wow, that probably means that I could possibly be that when I reach my goal weight (I have a pretty small frame and I'm about your height - maybe 1/2 an inch shorter). That's so crazy! Right now I'm a size 8 and even 10 (eep), but my USUAL is about size 6. And thank you!! I feel pretty awful today, but I'm hoping to sleep some of it off tonight!

@Bayzee - I like the idea of planning a once a week "cheat" meal. Actually one time about two years ago when I was successful losing some weight, I was counting calories and was eating about 1400 a day, running about 20-45 minutes 5 times a week, and then once a week I let myself eat ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING I wanted. I naturally am not a huge binger so I never went way over the top, but I sure packed it in! And I would still lose 1.5 to .5 pounds a week! The only reason I got off that was that I got sick with the flu and EVERYTHING just went to **** with my diet plan. And somehow I never got back to that. I think I have a pretty healthy metabolism, considering I'm 42 and on hormone medication to stop my periods, so when I do the right thing about 90% of the time, I tend to have success. I like your idea of it being just one meal or treat. *nods* Today was not hard at all, despite being sick!

@jessicab - thank you! Yep, it's definitely better for me to wait this out before going into exercising again. Bah, I'm restless to start running again, though! :)

@krampus - thank you! I hope you're feeling better, too!! It so sucks to get sick when you're trying to work on your overall health! :-p

@wildflower - sounds like you've got things under control, go you!

@Alex - still sick, blah, but I'm about to go to bed super early and hope that helps! AND omg, I HEAR you on that inner chubby kid!!! I go through that so often, I can't even tell you. I hate being told what to eat and not eat! Seriously, I think just allowing myself a day when i can have a "cheat" or loosen up a little makes all the difference in the world for me. I can eat practically perfect if I know there's a short-term end in sight! :) Or a glass of wine at the end of the day!

@Dorian - Krispy Kreme donuts would have been the end of me! I used to live in Florida and there were a few stores there and oh my gosh, the ones when they are freshly made? Impossible to turn down. I bow to your will power!

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