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TurboMammoth 01-18-2013 01:57 PM

Dorian : Hmm yeah, I think smoked-meat is something really ''Montreal''er/''Québécois'' LOL I did not realized it. I thiiiiink it is pork?!? Or beef? ... at least it is some red meat LOL It usually comes like that :


Tampa Bay is a quiet team usually, not one you hear about fighting all the times. :) Being quite close so Boston, Bruins and CH HAAAAAAAAAATES eachother. You can't walk the streets in Boston during a game night with a CH jersey, it is just not safe LOL There was a thing 2 years, Chara hit a player really bad (that was a nasty hit) and it just made the team hate each other even more.

Your dinner looooooks delishhh!

JossFit 01-18-2013 02:14 PM

Hello hello ladies. I'm running around like a crazy person today... I just have so much energy today. It's great! I think it's because this diet is so well balanced and I'm taking all kinds of vitamins. LOL I'm sure I won't feel as amazing 12 weeks from now so I'm going to enjoy it while I can. :D

I'm doing laundry and stuff around the house today, and I did a bit of 'fitness shopping' as well; I got myself a new pill organizer and supplement baggies (for powders) because I'm taking like a million supplements now, a new travel cooler because my other one was falling apart, a new gym bag because I was using a backpack and it's not cutting it, and a new heart rate monitor strap to go with the friggin awesome Suunto watch my husband got me for Christmas... last year. :^: OOps!

In my defense, the strap was $130! I used the watch but just never got the accessories for it. Anyway, my trainer wants me to make sure I keep my heart rate in a certain range during my cardio sessions so I decided to get the HRM strap that went with my watch. I could have gotten a cheaper one but it would have been sort of an insult to my hubby in a way.
I tried it out today, and it was pretty cool! I think I'm a convert.

Here is my giant pill case!
(and this doesn't include the 4 powder supplements I take)

Another small drop on the scale today, so that probably wraps up the water weight (I've been back on track 3 days and so far today) but I'll take it. I just want to continue to see a downward creep, even if it's .1 pound at a time. Fortunately thats what the trainer is for... to keep things moving!


Alex - Well the cool thing about Panera is that their calorie counts are listed right there on the wall, and if you need more data their website has a 'meal builder' where you can find out exactly how many calories your meal would be in any way you customize it. It shows you each component to an item and you can remove them as you see fit and get an accurate calorie count.

You can do it!

So what happens after you make it past 17 days on this program? I have to admit I am not in the know with this one... and congrats on the progress so far! Thats awesome!

Turbo - Yay no babies! LOL... I do miss that part of having a period, but none of the rest of it. I guess it's not really an issue anyways since I don't get any booty on a regular basis. $hit, I just realized I'm going to be celibate for like 9-10 months starting in June! Whaaaaah!
Your chalet trip sounds like fun, and much more fun knowing you'll be TOM free during it!

Good luck staying on track this weekend. Risotto and smoked meat sammiches sound like they would test anyone's willpower!

How does your hip feel today? Any more thought about getting it checked out?

Krampus - Do you warmup at all before you lift? You might benefit from some simple arm circles (you know, like in elementary school P.E. class) and a few arm/shoulder/neck stretches. You seem to tweak things in your upper body somewhat often!

Wing wars sounds awesome! I know you said you need to rein it in a bit, but considering how often you go out and eat delicious things and drink alcohol your weight is pretty stable... it's fantastic! I say if it aint broke...

The workouts and diet are great so far, thanks for asking! I feel really great, and even though the workouts look boring on paper they definitely are challenging. I'm not doing anything on autopilot; I feel each and every rep and really have to think about every second and count out the tempo. It's different for me to do it that way, and it decreases the amount I can lift somewhat considerably! :o
I AM down a bit of water weight and I hope it continues.

FOR EVERYONE; How long does it normally take for you to shed all the water weight after a huge weekend? I'm wondering how much more, if any, I have hanging on. I know we're all different but I'm wondering what trends you all see.

LockItUp - PM for you. :D My life in a nutshell... haha. You know, I find blueberry muffins to be yummy (I'm a breathing human being after all) but they're not one of those foods I would ever think about unless they were put in front of me (sorry Turbo!) and I think thats going to be my test for myself when I want to eat something in the future; If this weren't here in front of me now, would I even have thought of it? Would I want it at all?

I think you'll find that it might work for you too!

Bayzee - I'm totally a morning exerciser... I love it!

As far as protein, let me do some research and get back to you. There has to be some out there without any artificial sweeteners, but they might not be tasty. I have used unflavored whey in the past and would add a bit of truvia to it and some extracts to change the flavor, but of course the truvia wouldn't work for you. What about trying an unflavored protein and mixing it with Crystal Light? Can you have that? What about adding a tiny bit of real sugar? Its going to cost a few calories but sugar is great post-workout anyway.

Sontaikle - Let us know when you hear from them! I think it could be an adventure. :)

Olehcat - Would it help to have dinner prepared for you and ready when you got home? I know you went with the pizza because it was convenient, but anything can be convenient if you plan ahead. You can cook a batch of something and put it in the fridge before you go to work, or even keep some healthier frozen meals on hand that take just as long to make as a pizza but won't make you feel so guilty.
Kashi makes some decent ones, but there are like a bazillion options! If being tired and hungry is a trigger for you to eat badly just set yourself up for success so it's not so easy to do. ;)

I like my Greek yogurt plain too! :) Maybe a touch of cinnamon, but I'm generally a purist.

Jessica - How did the rest of the day turn out for you? I think recognizing your patterns is HUGE, and a great way to overcome them. Awareness is no small thing. ;)

Dorian - Did you guys get any snow up there? It was icy here in Spring Lake, but that's about it.

Any more thoughts on how to jump into a weight lifting program?

Is your dog a black lab? I LOVE LABS! :) (And I want his cupcake). What kind of plans do you have for the weekend? I'm definitely relaxing as you said (getting my nails done tomorrow and a massage on Sunday) but staying fairly busy today.

OhThePlaces, Kakers - hi!!

JossFit 01-18-2013 03:16 PM

Bayzee - Here are some powders without any artificial sweeteners or stevia listed on the labels;


This one uses honey powder and cane juice for sweeteners, and ON is a great brand, but it's casein, not whey; http://www.strongernutrition.com/Pro...n-2730401.aspx

This one gets rave reviews for begin the 'cleanest' and tastiest of the natural powders on the market, but I can't find a nutrition label for it; http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005CNFHUS/...F5&&ref-refURL=

I hope this helps a bit!

Have you actually been tested for allergies to sweeteners/stevia? I'm sure you know your body best, but it might be something else entirely. Food for thought...

TurboMammoth 01-18-2013 03:54 PM

Joss : Well, I always do enjoy the first day of TOM, being a mix of ''F YEAH no baby on the way / F YEAH maybe this weight gain is only because of TOM'' ;) But otherwise I'd really like to skip it.

HOLY MOLY that is some serious pill organizer!! My grandpa used to have something EXACTLY like that! ;) Just kidding ;)

We are really looking toward the chalet trip : there is snowshoe trail, each chalet has its private spa and the chalet are really far from each other, so you have so neighbor whatsoever soooooooooo ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d6f9j7gAdY ) mehehehe!

I tried a run today, and I felt something, but it was not painful, it was just ... there. But honestly the weather was SOOOO cold that I was not focusing on the hip but mostly on the fast that I was not feeling my toes and my fingers anymore :D I talk to my bank though, I got some money transfered so I think 'm gonna try to get an appointment with my physio sometimes soon if the feeling stays :)

I'm glad you love your heart rate monitor! I had one with my garmin watch and I just can't stand it, the strap get wet and it get itchy and I look like an idiot trying to itch while I'm running. Hopefully you won't have this problem! ;)

JossFit 01-18-2013 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by TurboMammoth (Post 4596512)
Joss : Well, I always do enjoy the first day of TOM, being a mix of ''F YEAH no baby on the way / F YEAH maybe this weight gain is only because of TOM'' ;) But otherwise I'd really like to skip it.

Oh yeah, I hear you there for sure... I don't really miss having it. :D


Originally Posted by TurboMammoth (Post 4596512)
HOLY MOLY that is some serious pill organizer!! My grandpa used to have something EXACTLY like that! ;) Just kidding ;)

LOL no seriously, that's exactly what I was thinking... "OMG next stop, retirement home!" Ahhh, the glamorous side of competition prep... That's not even including whey protein powder, pre workout powder, post workout powder and cortisol control powder!


Originally Posted by TurboMammoth (Post 4596512)
We are really looking toward the chalet trip : there is snowshoe trail, each chalet has its private spa and the chalet are really far from each other, so you have so neighbor whatsoever soooooooooo ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d6f9j7gAdY ) mehehehe!

Ugh, that sounds amazing, and like something I would love to do with my hubby! Maybe we can do something like that when he gets back from his trip overseas. Ugggghhh it's going to be so looooooong!


Originally Posted by TurboMammoth (Post 4596512)
I tried a run today, and I felt something, but it was not painful, it was just ... there. But honestly the weather was SOOOO cold that I was not focusing on the hip but mostly on the fast that I was not feeling my toes and my fingers anymore :D I talk to my bank though, I got some money transfered so I think 'm gonna try to get an appointment with my physio sometimes soon if the feeling stays :)

I'm such a worry wart about injuries! I really hope you're able to get an appointment and have it looked at again. I'd hate to think it was something other than what you thought and requires different treatment.

** OH! On a somewhat related note, my stupid foot issue is gone! The 'plantar facitis' that turned out to be nothing but a plantar WART :p is healed up, so running isn't painful anymore! I've been meaning to mention it but kept forgetting.


Originally Posted by TurboMammoth (Post 4596512)
I'm glad you love your heart rate monitor! I had one with my garmin watch and I just can't stand it, the strap get wet and it get itchy and I look like an idiot trying to itch while I'm running. Hopefully you won't have this problem! ;)

I do! I love the watch and knew it had some cool stuff to offer, but never bothered with the HRM because I figured I must have been doing SOMETHING right, so why did my HR matter? This is the one he got me; http://www.suunto.com/us/en/products...lack-turquoise

It's pretty cool, but I wish he had gotten me the one with pink instead of turquoise... haha.

TurboMammoth 01-18-2013 04:57 PM

Joss : Oh god, I just red about your issue with your foot being completely GONE and it is just so AWESOME! I'm so happy for you! (but seriously, how weird the that doctor you saw never thought about checking this...? if you would have never figured it out, you would still be wearing that brace at night and stuff!) And thank you for all your concerns about my hip, this is why I love this thread :) so much loooove!

Cute watch! (but I do agree, the pink is cuter ;)) I never heard about Suunto watches, but I guess I never looked either, I'm a die hard Garmin fan hehe. The HR thing is cool though, I wish I'd be able to wear it. This is an awesome tool to be in the good cardio zone! :)

After your hubby come back, we'll he be home for a while?

Bayzee 01-18-2013 06:36 PM

Joss..Thanks, I'll check them out. I heard Trutein also did not have artificial sweetners but it's about $80 w shipping to Canada for 5lbs. I think I can get Gold Standard here; I will for sure check it out.

OK..those pills must be costing you a fortune! Have you used all of those before?

Honestly, I don't even really like protein powder, but it's convenient sometimes. I've been allergy tested but before I started reacting to sweetners. I used to drink Diet Pepsi like crazy in University, but my doctor told me to to dump it for good. I can't drink Crystal light either...artificial sweetners in there too!
Thank God they don't put sweetners in wine! I actually had a bad reaction to sulphites in wine for a while; I was getting rashes from wine. Switched to organic sulphite-free for a while, but didn't find any I really liked. So I went back to regular reds and...no problemo now (so far anyhow)!

That reminds me...it's almost Happy Hour!

Dorian5 01-18-2013 10:17 PM

Made pork fried rice for dinner... left over lean porkchops diced up, brown rice, lots of veggies, soy sauce, sesame oil. It was pretty low calorie! I just paired it with too much wine, so I'm sitting at 1550 calories instead of 1350, but whatever. I had a long day. :p

Jossfit, look at that PILL BOX! Haha, that is CRAZY! Dang. I haven't sat down with myself and thought of how to get my lifting started, I guess that's still the anxiety talking. I need to have a serious conversation with myself about getting down to business. Congrats on the scale drop -- we got a little bit of snow, but nothing that stuck to the ground, it was pretty slushy. The roads must have been at least a little icy though because there were accidents all over the place. It was so nice to see some snow though, and the dog got to frolic a little. Yes, my puppy (my name is Candace, but HE is actually Dorian, haha) is a black lab/pit bull/????something mix. He is a really large, muscular dog, he weighs 100+lbs. I used to work at Petsmart and he was abandoned there at 6 weeks old in a box, I couldn't send him off to the pound, especially knowing that pit bulls don't get adopted easily. So he came home with me and has been treated like a king ever since. :) My plan this weekend is to RELAX too and get my house clean, it is an absolute wreck and I am behind on laundry -- otherwise, I'm excited to kick back. I hope you enjoy getting your nails done -- I have literally never had mine done!

TurboMammoth, that thing looks delicious, but it cracks me up that you don't know what's in it either! :lol:Maybe corned beef?? Yeah the Bruins fans around here get pretty horrible at games, I've seen them harass elderly hockey fans. :mad: Chara is a pr!ck anyway. :rolleyes:

Bayzee I knew Jossfit would be the one to ask, hopefully something of those helps! Alleriges are a b!tch aren't they? I'm allergic to citric acid (in large doses, so I can't have grapefruits and lots of OJ or sour candy) and really, really allergic to nickle (the metal) so I have to paint the inside of all of my jeans with clear nail polish. :o Aren't allergy tests awful? Ugh. I hope ruling out the artificial sweeteners will help you! AND YAY FOR HAPPY HOUR!

JossFit 01-19-2013 07:42 AM

Turbo - The silly thing is that I had my bare foot right there and TOLD the doctor "there is this weird lump" and he dismissed it as scar tissue without even looking at it! LOL
Lesson learned (and the reason I am so concerned about your hip issues) is that the first look isn't necessarily the right diagnosis. If nothing else I need to make sure to be more assertive during the appointments if something is wrong. It's sort of hard though, I mean, they're DOCTORS, right? They must have the answers!

Do you regularly use your Garmin? Does it calculate calories burned? My Suunto does but I haven't figured out that feature yet but it would be interesting to see. Mine is actually super comfortable but then again I've only used it once so maybe it depends on the type of cardio I do... we'll see. :)

Yeah, after his deployment my hubby *should* be home for a year or so. Honestly I'm used to much shorter but more frequent trips so this is going to be really weird for me!

Bayzee - I hear you on convenience with the shakes, but I definitely prefer whole food when I can do that instead! Good luck with the search... I'll keep looking too.

I actually have taken most of those pills before, but not in that quantity! LOL they're just your standard vitamins, no 'fat burners' or anything crazy, but just a large amount because I take some of them 2-3 times a day and they are 2 pill servings. Its stuff like fish oil, calcium, vitamin C, digestive enzymes, probiotics, etc. Nothing I would consider 'scary' and honestly I feel GREAT the past few days! LOL so much energy and focus. I think the super clean diet and vitamins are really doing their thing.

Dorian - Your dinner sounds delish! I like to make a 'fried' rice too; I usually vary the protein in it, but shrimp and chicken are the usual suspects. I use the shiritake miracle rice, add lots of zuchinni, onion and garlic, toss in my protein and then add in my soy sauce, fresh ginger and lots of garlic. When it's 90% done I might toss in an egg or some egg whites to give it that binder and make it more 'authentic'. I love it and since the miracle rice has 0 calories I get a huge plate of food for very few calories!

LOL Yeah my pill box is intense, but I got a pretty one at least! :D

My husband lives in Colorado and it was dumping snow like crazy when I was there for the holidays! Like, FEET of snow... it was nuts! My husband even bought himself a new snowmobile, which is like unfathomable to me. I mean, who needs a snowmobile?? LOL I'm definitely going to have to get used to that when I move there, but I can't wait.

I LOOOOVE big dogs, but my husband and I agreed that we'll get a smaller, short haired dog because they're more manageable. We actually want a Puggle. :) My BFF has two pomeranians and a Mastiff/Great Dane MIX, and she's a beast! Seeing them all together I agree with my husband; smaller will be better for us. Now I just have to be patient and wait!

What sort of time/access to a gym do you have? Maybe I can help with some routines to get you started. Sometimes following a little outline gives you the confidence to get in there because you don't feel so lost.


Another small drop today, .8 lbs... I think that's the end of the water weight. I'll take it!

TurboMammoth 01-19-2013 08:32 AM

Jessica : Hope you're going to be able to go sledding with your daughter today! :) Have fun!

Alexis : You look like you are still holding on to you plan.. Good job! Did the hungry ungry hippo finally showed you or you managed to shovel it down with you soup? ;)

Dorian : Ok I asked the boyfriend ''What is the meet in a smoked meat thing??'' ''- Beef. .... or Pork.'' I was feeling so stupid not knowing what I was eating but in the end it seems like we are a stupid couple :D

Oh and I hate Chara too. And Horton. :D

Joss : I use my garmin all the time when I run and bike :) I like stats LOL. I could use it for working out to check at my heart rate, but I don't wear the thingy... It does calculate the calories burned, but it is probably much more of an estimation (I thin it is more accurate with the HR)


Hey! I sneak peek on the scale this morning and I was up 1.6 pounds. But it's TOM and my meal my last was heavy, even if I stayed in with an okay portion.

I'm gonna try to stay away from the scale until friday... TRY is the keyword here LOL

Have a nice day feathers! :)

krampus 01-19-2013 03:54 PM

Hi Feathers!

I went HARD at the gym yesterday - two sessions, both with lots of lifting, and got HUNGRY and ate more than I should have (but not junk food). Went out, had a wine and a Shirley Temple (I decided to drive so I wouldn't get too out of control). Weighed in heavy this morning T_T and am sore EVERYWHERE. Met my dad for lunch and had half a turkey melt sandwich and a side salad. Joined a second gym (YMCA) and went with my roomie - 20 min arc trainer, 5 minutes rowing, kettlebell squats and lunges, lat pull down. Going to WING WARS in about 45 minutes. No appetite whatsoever...I might give most of my wings to my friends/bf.

Today I took some bikini pics and realized that at a fair angle, I actually like the way almost everything on my body looks except my lower abdomen. I feel like I can really feel the 2 lbs extra I'm carrying around, but that might be mental since my arms and legs have definitely gotten bigger with muscle.

Sorry no time for personals today - I will deliver tomorrow!

LockItUp 01-19-2013 04:32 PM

Weekends are so "busy" for me, hardly any time for ME! By busy I mean kids and house crap, and I'm such a horrible housekeeper, my house is always a total wreck. My husband works weekends, most I usually get done is laundry, maybe some dishes, and possibly the toilets. I hate cleaning with such a passion! I saw some meme on fb that said cleaning with kids is like shoveling the driveway when it's still snowing. Now, I live in Phoenix so I know nothing about shoveling a driveway, but I imagine the analogy to be true. I use that as the excuse for not cleaning -- "what's the point, it'll be messy again in 2 seconds".

Anyway, just wanted to check in, b!tch a little, say HI!!!! No time for personals or PMs, maybe after the children go to bed (3 hours for the little one, 4 hours for the big one, not that I'm counting, ok yes I am!!!!).

Weight was GOOD today, back down to all time lowest, crossing fingers and toes for new low tomorrow!!!

JossFit 01-19-2013 06:10 PM

Ladies, have you ever seen or heard someone on a fat loss diet say something along the lines of how they're 'not hungry' or how they're 'having trouble' eating all their food? Don't you just want to punch them in the eye?!

Well, sorry... I am that person this week, to an extent. I took the liberty of snapping a picture of my dinner so I can show you what I'm talking about.


Now, keep in mind that this meal is isn't in any way abnormal or some sort of 'refeed' meal... it's a typical dinner. I also am not eating 1, 2 or even 3 meals a day but SIX. I do have shakes in my plan for convenience so not EVERY meal is huge like this, but you get what I'm saying.

Also, it's not a pile of lettuce; that's 1.5 tilapia filets, about a 1/2 of a large sweet potato, 1/2 of an avocado, and an entire bag of steamable broccoli. This picture doesn't even show that it sat like 3 inches high and weighed about 3 pounds! LOL

Typically I would eat my dinner between 5-6 but on this program I also have an additional meal after that. Yep, after that gigantic pile of food I feel legitimately full and still have to eat another meal between now and bedtime in a few hours. :o

Anyway, lets remember this fondly in a few weeks and definitely in a couple of months when I'm eating far less than this (well, I assume that will be the case.)

Got my manicure and pedicure done today and had a nice workout this morning (Just cardio). Tomorrow is my rest day for the week, and I'm seeing my friend/massage therapist for a rub down! Whoot!

Whats up with all these Amish shows on TV lately? Anyone else notice this trend?


LockItUp - Hmm, I have the opposite thing going on (hey, we disagree for once!) because I LOVE when things are clean and don't mind doing the work to get things that way. I sort of enjoy the process and feel really accomplished and productive when I'm ticking things off of my to do list. Plus it passes the time, burns calories, and usually when I'm done it's time to eat! :)

As you know I don't have kiddos or live with my hubby right now, though I do have roommates. I have my own living room, bedroom and bathroom though so I don't have to pick up after anyone but myself. The only shared area is the kitchen and I'm CONSTANTLY cleaning that, but my female roommate is too. It's her BF and Kiddo we're always cleaning up after. :dizzy:

Congrats on getting back to your low! You hit it, ate yourself out of it, and hit it again so thats pretty much in line with your pattern... which means now you'll drop below it! You know I'm cheering you on from here. :)

Krampus - At least you know why you're up today, and a good workout and some good eats are great reasons! How is your shoulder feeling today after you tweaked it the other day?

Why did you join a second gym?

I feel you on not being hungry right now... ugh! I mean, if I needed to take down some ice cream I totally could (because there is always room for dessert) but the idea of eating wings or anything savory right now is super un-appealing. Hey, it'll save you the calories! ;)

Turbo - Good luck staying off the scale during TOM... and more importantly, resisting those TOM cravings!

You know what's funny about the HRM is I was comparing the one I was wearing that was actually doing it's job, ON MY BODY, to the one on the treadmill today, and it was almost the same! I figure the treadmill just estimates based on the speed of the treads and the weight I entered in at the beginning, but it was pretty close during the whole run. The only time it differed was when I turned the speed down and the incline up. I think it assumed I was walking at the slower speed but I was jogging so the numbers varied a bit during that part.

Anyway, it was just odd to see how close the machine was since I always assumed it was way off like people always say!

kakers 01-19-2013 11:31 PM

Turbo- That chalet trip sounds great! I’m glad the TOM came now and isn’t going to spoil your trip

Krampus- you always have so many fun things going on… knitting night, wing wars, and jam sessions. I’m kinda jealous! And you have reminded me I have been meaning to take progress pictures, I have a swim suit I took a picture in when I decided to drop the weight and have been meaning to take more pictures in it. I will have to find my camera and do that!

LockItUp- Can I just say, you are over 10 pounds lower than me and we started at the same weight. Clearly, you are doing something right. I try not to get upset with myself when I see how much more you have dropped! And yes that analogy about the cleaning/shoveling thing is so true. My parents ALWAYS made us shovel when it was snowing and once we got to the bottom of the driveway, the top already was coated again. One of my clients moms yesterday was all “I could swear I cleaned today!” and I told her she did, and then 4 little people went around an uncleaned LOL

Jessica- Did the snow stick around? It took me a sec to realize you were talking in Celcius. Hope there was enough snow to resist the warmth!

Alexicstrophic- You can stay on the rails this weekend! I have faith in you!

Dorian- Until you said something, I didn’t have a goal to reach by valentines day. But now that you mention it, I’m going to be visiting my family the weekend after and it would be a great excuseto have my mom buy me some new clothes if I could start fitting into a smaller size by then… I think 5 pounds and I’d be back down a size… hmmm…
You do better than me making drinks at home. My drinks at home are always stronger than when they are out. But I’ve had much less interest in drinking since I went overboard at a party in December.

Joss- HOLY **** what are all of those pills? Wow. I take like none. I hate taking things, I even avoid my allergy meds until I can’t function without them. Good job getting back on track!! And I’m happy to hear your foot is all better. I’m sure that helps! And yes that looks like a huge meal. I would never be able to eat all of that! Just the fish would fill me up.

So HI! Almost all of you asked what tracker I am using. I am also using MyFitnessPal. It seems to be the popular one, and there’s things I like about it….but things I don’t. I guess my old app spoiled me because if I searched for “Wendy’s” for example it would give me a list of categories of food at Wendy’s, and the results were all in alphabetical order. With MFP I search Wendy’s and it’s so obnoxious finding what I am looking for. Don’t even get my started on searching for COKE. Or even CAN OF COKE. Both end up mostly with results for DIET COKE. Yes, people on a diet still drink regular Coke!! At least this one does.
I have to admit I haven’t actually used it since my last post :/ And I felt really guilty, too, that night because not only did I skip gymnastics but we ordered Dominos and I got… erm…2 medium pizzas, stuffed cheesy bread, and cinnasticks. That was *MY* part of our order! Now granted I certainly still haven’t finished all that but suffice it to say I didn’t eat light that night, though I did better with the left overs on Thursday.
Then last night I was SO tired, I got home just before 7 and my husband was already in bed, so I went and lay in bed with him watching Bones on his iPad and I could just feel my muscles draining. I don’t know how to explain it, sometimes I just get SO tired at the end of a day and my muscles feel like they are falling asleep before my brain. So I got up to feed one of my bearded dragons that hasn’t been doing well, found out he died on me yesterday (And started crying) and got my book and went to bed. At like 8:30 at night. I ended up reading in bed till like 10:30 cause I stopped being quite as tired, but I am almost NEVER in bed before midnight. My husband was so confused, but it’s winter, and it was Friday, and that’s just how my body does some weeks during the winter. But in any case, I had saltines for lunch (and put a tiny bit of peanut butter on a couple) and then a bowl of cereal for dinner, and that was all I ate. Plus I had been going 200-400 calories under earlier in the week before my Dominos feast so I think it evened out. Definitely didn’t gain, at least! Stayed pretty good today, so I am hoping to be down maybe half a pound at the end of the long weekend.


Dorian5 01-20-2013 11:49 AM

Good morning feathers, hope everyone is having a good weekend. I managed to be under my calories yesterday since I wasn't feeling well, but today I'm feeling better and a lot hungrier. Need to go grocery shopping later today so hopefully I can make good choices there. :)


Kakers I know what you mean by MyFitnessPal and the search tool. I'm so sorry to hear about your bearded dragon, I know the loss of a pet is a horrible feeling. :hug: Sometimes after a long day I'll find myself in bed way early too, sometimes you just need to relax/de-stress. I hope you're doing better today.

Jossfit your dinner looks so healthy and delicious. :) I love avocado but find myself avoiding it because of the calories, even though I KNOW I need more fat in my diet. Maybe I'll pick some up at the store. I'll have to check out shiritake rice, I've had the noodles and they were pretty good once I dry stir-fried them. I used egg and lots of garlic in my fried rice too, yummm. PUGGLES are SO CUTE!! Definitely get a puggle! A mastiff/great dane sounds amazingang ENORMOUS, wow! Big dogs are a handful, I didn't know Dorian would end up so big, haha. I'm not sure when I would end up going to the gym, I guess I should start checking ones out around here to see if it's fathomable to go in the mornings or if I should find one around work for after I get out. The boyfriend and I have started seriously considering getting some kind of home gym or something for our spare room, I've already got a treadmill at my mother's.... hmm. Congrats on another scale drop!!!!

LockItUp WOOHOO nice work getting down to your low! :carrot: I do pretty much all of the laundry/dishes/cooking/etc in my house, and that's just between the boyfriend and I and it's exhausting, I couldn't imagine trying to keep up a house with children! Mothers are amazing people. Hope you get some relaxing down time soon!

krampus - I hope your appetite came back for wing wars! I'm sorry you weighed in heavier than anticipated, but since you're sore I would be willing to bet there's a lot of water weight at play there. Nice work on a top notch workout! Oh man, I can't wait to be in a place where the thought of a bikini doesn't make me physically ill, glad to see you're liking where you are at. :hug:

TurboMammoth Our hurricanes lost to the panthers last night, 5-1. :o Hopefully it was just nervesand having the first game be away... or something... Haha, I like that your boyfriend wasn't sure about the sandwich either. It sounds delicious whatever it is! Good luck staying away from the scale until Friday, you can do it! :)

Have a great day Feathers!

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