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Felt brownie guilty for a while, but had a great workout so I'm over it.
They've been in the house since Sunday and I didn't have any interest in them, but then WHAM! Had to have one...didn't cut it either..just grabbed it with my fingers and broke off a chunk. LOL!


Joss & Mottainai...Now Ice Cream Ladies...Coconut Ice Cream is the best! No "light" versions either...full fat coconut ice cream. Best served on a warm brownie. Yum!

Turbo...I'm not a fan of nanaimo bars, but I like the crust part...not
the filling. Love the Christmas spirit!

Leila...The only good thing about being sick is losing weight! LOL! Lost 4 lbs last yr. with a stomach flu in 2 days.

Pixellate...Hang in there girl!

More personal tomorrow...I can't keep up here!
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Oops, mistake post. Sorry, am contributing to the excessive length of this thread, haha.

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Dangit, there's so much I want to say, but as usual I'm typing on my iPhone so it's hard for me to remember or keep track... Ahhh!

Krampus, I freaking live Christmas JoJo cookies... So good! I don't live near a TJ's anymore which makes me sad, but probably saves a lot of money in the end.

mottainai, I am seriously amazed that you can consume so much during a refeed and stay so small! Amazing! The dress is no longer on their website or I'd link! It's belted, fitted on top and flairs at the natural waist. Sleeveless with a black slip underneith and black/silver lace over the top. Maybe I'll be brave and post a picture from the party.

Turbo, your decorations are awesome!

donlacha, woo for midwifery! I had midwives (and doulas) at both of my births and I'm one of the "crazy" ladies who did it without drugs.. Haha.. I love midwives!

There is SO much more that I wanted to comment on and it's getting all jumbled in my head... Grrrr! I was having really bad thoughts about Publix cupcakes with their delicious buttercream icing today... It took everything I had not to drive to the store and get some. I've been frustrated this afternoon with the stresses of having two whiny toddlers and so I was excited to hit the gym tonight for Zumba. My husband had to work late so I brought the babies with me. Wouldn't you know that 10 minutes into my class, one of the nursery girls comes to get me because my one year old had a poop-splosion through her diaper, onsie and jeans. I didn't have a change of clothes with me, so we headed home... I was so bummed out to miss the workout because I really needed the stress relief.

I teach preschool part-time (Tues, Wed and Thurs) and every Wednesday my assistant and I cook with the kids... Tomorrow we're baking and decorating Rice Crispy Treat christmas trees... God give me the strength to resist them!!
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Bayzee, never ever tried coconut ice cream! I'll check it out sometime.

OhThePlaces, I've not even just "stayed so small," I've actually lost 30 pounds this year eating that way! Unconventional no doubt, but it seems to work for me well, since I've accepted it. Please do post pics from the party!!

And Joss, since we were discussing ice cream habits, I wanted to add one thing: eating that much of it makes you SO FREAKING COLD. So cold, lol, but I somehow kind of like it...

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krampus Oh, I did refill the small plate, but only once, so it wasn't too bad.

Alexistrophic I don't get compliments much for my husband. Seems to be the normal trend around here. However, I do think they are important in the early stages of a relationship to establish that connection primarily. I think once people settle into a relationship, you just forget to work on those little things, and it's easy to get caught up in every day life. It probably goes both ways though. I could also probably work on complimenting my husband more too.

Turbo Your snowman fridge is so cute. I bet my 3 year old would love that. You almost made me consider doing something similar to my fridge, but I doubt it would look quite right on a stainless steel fridge.

Leila I always use a small plate at home, but that's mostly because our dinner size plates are so oversized, I only bring them out on holidays, usually. I've been using the salad plates even before starting to lose weight. They are smaller than your average size dinner plate, but not as small as the usual salad plate.

Joss I was having those bad thoughts yesterday too, and managed to avoid them. Generally I find it toughest when I'm at home alone. I'm much too frugal to go out and buy junk at work, but if no one is around to watch me at home, I start thinking about all the junk food in the house (which I buy at my husband's request). Yesterday I was working from home in the afternoon, and I just wanted to eat everything. I managed to keep it at bay though.

mottainai I actually find it a bit interesting that you binge exclusively on so much ice cream. For me, I eat a huge variety of junk when I'm binging.

bayzee A month completely on plan is great, I certainly think you deserved a little treat! I think if most of us could keep our will power high enough to have only one treat a month, we'd all be really proud of ourselves.

OhThePlaces It's too bad your workout got interrupted by your kids. I wake up at 5:30 am every morning to do my exercise, and lately my 3 year old has been getting up then too. I have just been getting her breakfast, and putting on cartoons for her so that I can resume my workout, but it takes all my will power to go back down to the basement and finish it once she's awake. Obviously you don't have such an option with a child so young, but isn't it nice when they grow up a bit and you can have a bit more independence.


This morning I was 134.1. It's the first time in a while that I've felt comfortable admitting my weight here. I did get up as high as the low 140's after all that binge eating. I'm not sure how much more water weight I have, but being only 9 lbs up from my low weigh in in September is starting to make me feel better. 9 is still a lot, but I think a few more lbs will drop pretty quickly with how things are going, and I'm starting to feel a bit better in my clothes, which is nice. I'm trying my best to not let myself feel too good, and start eating because of it, because a bit part of me just wants to maintain until January. I've just been telling myself that at the very least I need to wait until the lingerie I ordered gets here to see how it fits. If it fits, then I might loosen the reigns a bit more (but not too much) until the holiday season is over.
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Hey Feathers! My wight is down to 150.6 this morning. I figure I lost the water weight from this weekend. I'm going to keep plugging along!

JossFit Thank you for posting the recipe for those bacon pancakes, I'll have to give them a try. YOu and Mottainai inspire me with you pull up abilities! I can only do assisted pull ups right now but I'm only using the 45 lbs weight, so I'm lifting about 105lbs of myself. I do have a pull up bar at home and I can do 1 from a standing position.

JessicaB Good job on getting your weight down, and working on control. You will get back to where you want to be, it'll just take a little time.

Turbo I love your holiday decorations! That fridge is so cute. I always slack when it comes to decorating my house. I put up lights on the window one year and my cat chewed the cords! I do put up a little Christmas tree but usually like the day before.

LeilaJey hahaha, I love that grumpy cat picture.

OhThePlaces Keep working at it, I bet you'll look great in that dress at the party!

Alexistrophic My boyfriend actually compliements me all the time. Its just part of his personality. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable as I don't alway do so well with compliements, I never really know what to say. I think they can be important but I am more of the mind to save them for when you really mean it, or the personal looks extra special or did something really great.

I choose midwifery for many reasons. I love working with kids and people in general. My other degree is in psychology and I have been doing a look of social services/social work type stuff. Its all pretty reactive though and not so much preventative and it lead to burnout for me. There are many avenues in nursing that I can pursue down the line that may help me be more on the proactive side. I am interested in public health nursing as well, more people seem to listen to nurses/doctors then their social worker. But back to midwifery, I was able to assist at two deliveries in a doula role and really enjoyed the experienc and want to get more involved.
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Happy Hump Day Feathers! Ugh, is it just me, or does it seem like it should be further along in the week? Wishful thinking I suppose.

Not much news here; Just doing my workout/eating right/living thing... I've been back "on plan" for the last 10-ish days and my clothes are starting to fit a bit better and my bloated face is back to normal. I'm hoping a few more weeks of this will get me back closer to where I'd like to be.

Yesterday was the first day I felt like doing some mindless eating of everything in sight, but it really wasn't too bad. It was more of a passing thought, but I never had any intentions of actually indulging the urges and eating goodies... even in spite of our ice cream chatter.

Domlacha - We posted at the same time! Congrats on the 'whoosh'! Seriously awesome drop, and I bet its really motivating for you.

Keep working on the pullups... it's a work in progress and sometimes it's better than others depending on my weight, but I was back up to doing sets of 10 today from 8's on Monday so it's an improvement already. I hope to get up over 15-20 in the coming year.

JessicaB - You have absolutely NOTHING to be embarassed or ashamed about, especially regarding your weight! I'm glad you finally feel comfortable enough to post, as it is a personal issue, but really nobody is judging you.

I too played around with the idea of 'maintaining' for a while, but I just ended up packing on the pounds so now I'm back to trying to lose. I would rather loosen the reins and enjoy more of these seasonal treats, but frankly I don't want to deal with the extra pounds come January!

Mottainai - LOL, I know it does... thats why I mentioned cold burps!

OhThePlaces - that is so $hitty (pun intended ) about your workout yesterday! What a horrible time for her to have an accident like that. I hope you're able to get some exercise in to make up for it.

I have a tip I hope helps you with the rice crispies treats today; what if you just imagine all those little kid hands all over them? You should know better than most how disgusting their little germy booger-eating butt-picking hands are. Would you eat something that those hands touched?! Blech! Even if they don't touch the ones you make, hand them over and you won't want them back!

Bayzee - good... no guilt for a bite of brownies. I have seen coconut milk ice cream but never tried it so I think next time I have the opportunity I will give it a go. I use coconut creamer in my coffee and use coconut milk instead of regular in my recipes and love the creamy texture... I'm sure using it as an ice cream base is heavenly.

Turbo - I want you to send me 900 of those bars on the one hand, but I don't on the other because no matter what condition they arrived in I would eat all 900 of them on the spot. hahaha I will try them eventually, and maybe one of these days when I feel like baking something I'll look up the recipe and make some. I am a pretty good baker myself, and I'm sure the ingredients are easy enough to come by.

Leila - Yeah, I don't know if you were around when my cat was killed but I was super bummed about it. Long story short, my husband got mad at the cat and kicked him outside where he was hit by a car. He had always been an indoor cat and I had him for 8 years so to say I was upset with my husband would be an understatement. He felt terrible and he misses the kitty too, so I can't hold it against him. I'm not ready for a new pet yet, and until I move to Colorado I can't take care of one anyway, so we have a good long time before we get our puggle. Still, I'm excited. I miss having a dog around.
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Joss...Not sure if you have a Marble Slab Creamery (Ice Cream store) in your area, but the coconut there is worthy of its price. I often have to order it though because they don't often have it as one of their regulars. They do have pina colada which is the same coconut base with pineapple bits mixed it. Still good, but not as great as the coconut by itself. I plan on buying an ice cream maker this spring to make my own. There are tons of healthy, delicious recipes out there that I want to make. And I like the fact that you can make small batches.

Well I wanted to see the scale move, but not UP! 116.4! Oh well...blame it on the brownie! LOL!
Everyday is starting to feel like 20 days. Can't wait for Christmas holidays to start. Of course I'm probably like many others here; worried that the holidays will just mean packing on the pounds and going off-plan.
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Hump Day feels like should-be-Friday-already-dammit.

Last night my bf and I went out for sushi and had ice cream afterwards. I so rarely eat things that salty and felt like no matter how much I drank, I couldn't get hydrated. Not surprised I was up a little (to 124.8) but I'm still under 125 which I deem "totally acceptable." Didn't go to the gym yesterday but spent a lot of time ummm awake in bed so that counts, right? I'm applying my "no showers unless you exercise" rule and feel disgusting today and have my gym clothes packed.

Yesterday was National Cookie Day so maybe that's why everyone had the munchies? Tonight is KRAMPUSNACHT in the Alps. All the bad kids are getting beat with birch saplings and rusty chains. Perhaps I'll bring some chain to the gym tonight and beat some discipline into the horrible smelly teenage boys who never wipe the machines/benches and annoy me simply by being there. Or the stupid kids whose parents drag them there and let them run around and fool around with treadmills and weights.

Bayzee Mmmmmmmm brownie. It sounds worth it to be honest and 0.4 lbs is pretty minor/could be a random water weight fluctuation anyway! Marble Slab is Cold Stone in the US now - it's SO GOOD. I like the mint Oreo ones the most...

JossFit YES this week is crawling. Sorry you're battling the "want to destroy everything remotely sweet within a ten mile radius" cravings but it's great to see you're already feeling more like yourself. Body bloat sucks but face bloat is even worse so I'm glad to read yours is gone.

Domlacha Awesome seeing that water weight fall off!

JessicaB One refill totally doesn't count when it comes to desserts at a buffet. Glad you are feeling in control these days and aren't far from the September low. Hope that lingerie fits when it arrives!

OhThePlaces That stinks about the Zumba poop fail. Rice Krispie Treats are one of the most mediocre desserts out there - if you're gonna do it, go for a Publix cupcake instead :P

LeilaJey Oh no! Don't get sick now! 100 is a nice age to live until. I bet she was ready to say "see ya" by then. Overeating coupled with overrestricting totally DOESN'T work - maintaining is never a failure!!! It's not like you have to lose X percent of your body weight to get your stomach stapled or anything! TJs is nice, I avoid the middle aisles (snacks and fatty frozen meals) like at any other grocery store for the most part.

mottainai DAMN MA, I had 1/3 pint of ice cream and a freeze-dried ice cream sandwich last night and got all gassy. Really glad to hear so many things have changed for you this year! You must be getting excited for your Japan trip!

TurboMammoth Sooooooooo are you sure you aren't 80 years old? LOLOLOL those decorations are so kitschy! I love it. Your house looks really nice too - I forget that people live in "real" houses, mine is a flat in a brick building built in 1891. Yep the TJ's JoJos are pretty much peppermint cream filled Oreos...somehow I have managed to limit myself to 2 a day.

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Joie de Vivre!!
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You gals have been very chatty!

My weight is up... but I'm also soooo sore from my recent workouts that I can hardly walk, and using the restroom is a harrowing experience because transferring from a standing to seated position makes me want to scream... I know that I've gained weight from reintroducing exercise before, so I'm just gonna blame it on that and stay the course.


krampus I may have nightmares from that picture... and I think spending time "awake in bed" totally counts!

Joss Glad you're starting to feel normal again and that you've been on plan.

Jessica I know nine pounds feels like a huge deal. Heck, even three pounds feels major to me when it's in the wrong direction. But in reality it's not compared to what you've accomplished before. And you're still here and trying, which is what really matters since life will always have setbacks. We just need to keep working on the skill set required to bounce back from them.
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I'm a princess.True story
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mottaini : God, this is seriously GREAT for you that you can eat and refeed almost as you want without having major gains! Seriously, if it is the way your body is working, GO FOR IT!

Oh and Nanaimo bar ICE CREAM? O.M.G.

LeilaJey : I pretty much already answered you post yesterday so, let's keep it short : Hello, hope you're doing good today!

Joss : As you say, you can't go wrong with bacon. I cooked some beans with maple syrup, Jack Daniel et bacon last weekend.. YUMM, bacon.

If you want a recipe for Nanaimo bar, just let me know!

P.S. This Puggle dog is SO CUTE!

Bayzee : well, you had a great workout and a brownies.... I don't see much problem with that! Hope you enjoyed the chocolaty thing!

I do agree with you though, the nanaimo bar filling can get wayyy to much sugar-y.

Ohtheplaces : That sucks about your Zumba class... Can you make it there another time this week?

Jessica : yeah, the fridge is cute.. I saw that online and I was jsut so boreeed this weekend while the boyfriend was playing video games so I went for it LOL I'm probably gonna take it down soon though, the tape is so cheap and the mouth is falling

Domlacha : Hugh, cat and christmas stuff is intense. Last year the cat went NUT. He destroyed tons of balls and things... He calmed down this year, at least. He only destroyed one so far :P

krampus : That is SUCH a great holiday/day/thing, this krampusnatch! I love kids, but around me it seems there is just hardly behaving one. And come ON, I'm not 80! I'm guessing much more around 55-59 years old LOLS. I'm usually not that kitch, but for Christmas things I just go OMGOMGOMGCHRISTMASEVERYWHEREBUYTHEWHOLESTORE. I also have the problem that I don't remember what I already got, so when I hit a store, I forget how much Christmas decorations I already have hehe.

This is not really my place, we rent it. It's basically a little house though and quite big for what we pay AND we don't have to do the lawn. WIN WIN.

TheBunneh : we posted at the same time! your massive soreness could explain your weight.. Seriously, isn't it something worse than going on the toilet after a huge leg workout!?


Hello ladies!

Holding steady at 136.2, my body seems to like this number a lot, I've been seeing it 4 times since the beginning of the month. Can't wait to go down.

I've down my bodyweight workout last night and I was super happy to cut 40 seconds to my routine... OH YEAH. It felt easier this time compared to last week to. I'm gonna do it 1 or 2 other times until Sunday and next week I'll try to increase the reps. I discovered that I get mean when I do workout like that : I'm like super focused and in some kind of DON'T DISTURB ME mental state. The boyfriend got home in the middle of my workout and kept talking to me asking what were we eating for dinner and random stuff while I was trying to keep count of my repetitions.. I was super harsh and ended up saying something like GET THE F*CK UP CAN'T YOU SEE I'M DOING A PLANK RIGHT NOOOOOW. I swear, sh*t got serious LOL

Hope everyone is doing fine!

Chickie, philana and lockitup, where are you girls?

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Domlacha Do you have any kids? I've known a few people who have become interested in midwifery after going through the birthing process themselves, though none of them have yet to follow through on it.

Joss I know no one here would judge me for going up in weight. I think posting it publicly is just hard because then it becomes more real to me if I have to admit it. lol. Back when I was recording a daily weigh in on here, I used to debate not posting an entry after going off plan, but I always did. I guess recording my weight in a public place is a good incentive to stay on plan. I haven't done that since August, and have honestly struggled since like September on, so maybe it's time for me to join a daily weigh in thread again.

krampus You have a no shower unless you exercise rule? That is actually a great idea. I hate the way I feel when I don't shower, and that would be an awesome way to keep up with an exercise regime. Except that I don't really have a problem committing to exercise, aside from on weekends, where I have an internal argument with myself about whether I should just relax or whether I should get my butt into gear.

TheBunneh I know 9 pounds is not that much compared to how far I've come, but it sure is tough to see it in that light sometimes.

Turbo I also sometimes get very angry when I'm interrupted during my exercise routine. The worst is when my daughter decides to play downstairs just so she can be near me when I'm exercising. She constantly asks me questions, and asks me to do things for her, and I have to hold back from not screaming at her.


I'm starting to feel slightly nervous and stressed. I've applied to a few jobs over the weekend (my husband keeps bugging me to ask for a raise or get a new job), and have been having phone interviews with HR personnel the past couple days. I had one today, and I was not at all prepared for it. I figured a phone interview with HR wouldn't be technical at all, so I didn't review any software design / development principals that I'm a bit rusty on, and the HR person had a background in software development, and it was totally stuff that I was expecting at the next level of interviews. Tomorrow I have a phone interview with a manager (next step up from one of the phone interviews yesterday), and that will be much more technical, and now I'm feeling all panicky about how much stuff I need to review before then. The interview tomorrow is for the job I want the most, but my husband doesn't want me to work for the company because they have been laying people off the past few years around here and he doesn't think the job would be secure. I'm trying not to stress too much about it, because either way, I have a job, but it would be nice to make a bit of a career move.
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First of all, thank you guys so much for the feedback.

I also have to apologize for speaking so negatively of the guy friend that I mentioned. He's a great guy and I (like everyone else) have my own issues that affect the way that I perceive him. I should not have come all up in here callin' him names. He's super-sweet, keen on me, and several other people I respect have disputed my opinion on him being "jarring" in appearance. So (as I mention in my reply to Leila) I'm going to let him know that i'm not really sure how I feel about him yet, but if he's up for it, I'm up for continuing to hang out together.

Krampus - (your comment actually made me snort out loud, but then I saw the error of my ways and realized how negative I was being and it actually made me re-think my whole approach to him in general...) KRAMPUSNACHT - For a second, I was like "hey look, your name..." but then realized that durr... That's not your real name. Was it the inspiration? lol - "the punisher of naughty children"?

Joss - Vanilla bourbon ice cream??? Whaaaa? You ice cream porn perpetuator... (What's the flavor you posted in the pic?) And you're so right about compliments being a personal thing. The fewer they are, the more meaningful they become.

Turbo - That "He just wants to score" motivation definitely runs through my head when I hear a compliment, too, which is why I suprise myself by craving more of them...

What a FUN fridge!!! Whimsy for the win. And I'm totally with you in the "55-60 at heart" club. Where's my senior citizen discount?

mottainai - I love that "Actions speak louder than words" idea. It's absolutely true and I feel like everyone has their own specific way of interpreting actions and words (especially if English isn't their native language).

Leila - I, too, was thinking that it wasn't a good sign that i was reconsidering this early on, but after a consult with a good friend, I've decided that there's nothing wrong with saying "I don't want to lead you on, but I'm not completely sure how I feel about you. If it's OK with you, I'd still like to hang out..." If he's still game, then I will be, too.

Domlacha - Your boyfriend sounds like a sweetie. I suppose it is a personal style kinda thing... The whole midwife path sounds so rewarding. Kudos to you!

Bayzee - lol - Brownie Guilt. Hope it's faded by now.

JessicaB - Look at you, Lil Miss Sexy! When is the lingerie supposed to arrive?

Oh the places - lol - poop-splosion! Does doing extra laundry burn calories?

thebunneh - Post workout soreness... Pain in the butt... Literally. At least it means it's working.
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keep going
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Bayzee I'm glad you're not feeling guilty anymore! And I know it's wrong to be jealous of anybody losing weight while sick but seriously it's been a long time since I've gotten a bug where I've truly lost my appetite. I can still eat my weight in bread and soup. Recently my boyfriend lost like 6-7lbs when he was sick and although he's put a few back on it still took a while. Ahhh well.

OhThePlaces Oh that sucks about missing your class poop splosion does not sound fun. I'm also with Joss on the avoiding the treats by thinking of their butt picking hands. Kids are pretty gross at times haha. Feel better!

Jessica Using the lingerie sounds like a great plan for figuring where you're at! Good luck with the interviews! Fingers crossed for you.

Domlacha I can imagine reactive social work is very difficult indeed. Widwifery sounds really interesting though, I'm glad you enjoy it!

Joss I was here when your cat died.. it really sucks though I know it's not easy to get over losing a pet, they really are members of the family. My sister's family had to put down their German Shepherd last year, it was rough.

You can hang out with your dog, enjoy the new laws, climb some mountains, enjoy the new laws. Colorado is where it's at.

I was totally craving ice cream today but I resisted in the shop, it just seems like there's so many flavours I haven't tried yet.

krampus Teenage boys are the worst, aren't they? I think I'm becoming a grumpy old woman as their presence totally irritates me haha

Sex totally counts, I've seen big whooshes after a good day/night

Oh and I think that krampusnacht picture should be your Christmas cards. So festive.

TheBunneh Haha! I know the feeling of one too many squats. I usually end up walking like I have a stick up my *** and I'm pretty sure people think I've been doing something... else.

Turbo You sound like one tough ***** :P hahah, awesome. I've snapped like that too when I'm trying to concentrate, I'm pretty sure it's normal. Just make sure to keep baking.

Alexistrophic Hey you don't have to feel bad, it's good to vent sometimes and sometimes that comes out not as nice as it would if you were saying it to the person. Which is ok in my book! If you're happy to give it a go then yeah, totally, sometimes people really grow on you.

Also.. 136.2 buddies! I have a feeling I might be up again tomorrow though but I'm happy enough as long as I'm not the dreaded 138.. dun dun dun.

I don't really have many Christmas decorations - we just brought some Holly inside to decorate the windows and the mantel piece which is nice but the cat tried to eat some of it and apparently it's toxic to cats. Stupid cat.


136.2 today. I seem to be dropping the water weight easily enough without feeling overly restricted/crazy which is nice. I might have a bowl of porridge with that half a banana or I might not, yeaahhhh. I had a few mini chocolate Santas earlier which I thought I forgot to take after I paid for them in the shop but I found them under the seat in the car. I drank tea through them like a beast.. I don't regret a thing! My obsession is eating chocolate biscuits with tea and sucking the tea through them like a straw by biting a little hole in each side. When you eat the thing it's super melted and delicious. It's amazing with Twix bars. Yes, this is how I got fat.

I don't feel like I'm getting sick anymore either which is good - I'm going away this weekend for a mix of business and pleasure so I've gotta be healthy enough to drink and function.

For me the week's going by really fast but I'm not sure it's a good thing as I have stuff to do and I'm in total procrastination-drinkteathroughchocolate mode. Oh well. Last minute panic Friday morning it is.

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Dinner! Langostine with zuchinni, yellow squash, ginger, onions, shiritake noodles, garlic, soy sauce and chilis;

OK Feathers - serious moment here so please pardon me if this comes off super melodramatic; I had a realization a bit earlier that just might save my sanity right now!

I posted about having some cravings yesterday, but nothing super intense or unmanageable. I finished out the day on plan as I had intended... no big deal. Well today that afternoon urge hit me again, and this time it was a lot more intense than yesterday but I still did not give in and stuff my face with crap. I refuse! I did find it necessary to kill some time by getting my nails done... I find that it's a bit of a treat, and more importantly I physically CAN'T eat when I'm getting my nails done! haha

Anyway, when I got home I was fine having a cup of tea and going about my routine of preparing dinner and my meals for tomorrow. I went to log my dinner in my food diary and that's when I started to look back at it and noticed something; I have been struggling since the beginning of September with my eating, and as I looked back over the time from then until now it dawned on me that the longest I have gone since 1 September without a binge/refeed/treat night/etc. was 10 days. In August I went a good 3 weeks or so, but 10 days was the longest since then, which I did a few times. Yesterday was my 10th day 'on plan' and today was of course the 11th.

Um, pattern much?? NO WONDER I started getting cravings yesterday! I've conditioned my body over the past several months to have a huge food fest at a maximum of 10 days on plan. Holy crap! I know it's not some huge revelation but it helps me to see that I'm not just going bat-$hit crazy, but that there is indeed some sort of physiological aspect taking place.

Just that bit of knowledge really helped me and I think it will continue to help me battle cravings and get over this hump. It's a small thing, but it's actually quite significant to me.


Leila - I feel the same... there are a billion different ice creams out there and I haven't tried like 99.9% of them. I want to.
I am a glutton for punishment evidently because I actually wandered around and looked at them today. LOL. Bad idea. I didn't cave, but I nearly cried.

haha your account of how you got fat sounds alright to me! I like your style!

Alexis - I have no idea what flavor that was in the picture, it was supposed to look like a globe; my interpretation of how I was battling cravings and wanted to eat the world.

JessicaB - I see what you're saying. I think whatever works to hold you accountable or responsible or however you want to put it is a good thing, right?

Turbo - I DO want the recipe... but not now. It's dangerous now. hahaha

I'm the same way working out; if someone tries to talk to me I might be nice to them for a second if I don't know them, but if someone I know or some random chatty person tries to interrupt my workout, there will be blood shed. Just sayin'.

My husband made the mistake once or twice of 'correcting my form' or something while working out. Um, no. Now he knows to make a mental note of it and mention if AFTER I finish my workout, lest he want me to bite his kneecaps off.

The Bunneh - Oh yeah, water retention for sure! It sounds like you really pushed yourself though, so congrats on that! Being sore like that is somehow both satisfying and excrutiating.

Krampus - Hey, that TOTALLY counts as a workout! haha Your rule about showering is interesting, and I kind of dig it! I never have a problem getting to the gym (staying out of it is where I struggle) but I still like the idea!

Why did you have to mention sushi?! LOL I was totally craving it and carrot cake yesterday. I was still craving it today but fortunately my dinner had a lot of those same types of flavors so that killed the beast for now. The cake, on the other hand...

Bayzee - I'm almost positive that a little brownie didn't actually make you GAIN nearly 1/2 a pound. Thats saying that brownie was like 1700 calories and that you were dead-on maintenance calories before you had it. Is that really the case?
I'm sure it's just a normal fluctuation and blaming it on the brownie might make you unecessarily afraid of little indulgences. Don't psych yourself out over nothing.
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