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    ^ Just in case you need a July blast from the past

    SO, it's now August... any goals for this next month?
  • BAM August.

    Goals? Um, don't eat a million cheese shovels.
  • Goal: get down to 125 before school starts again! (august 27th)
  • Quote: ...Goals? Um, don't eat a million cheese shovels.
    That sounds reasonable. Are we talking a million in one sitting, or over the course of the month? That might be a crutial detail...

    I know Krampus just wants to avoid being eaten by sharks this weekend.

    For me, I would like to keep the cals low until I get back to my happy weight (116 ish) so hopefully I'll be there in a week or two. After that, I just want to maintain that, not have any super huge Fatty McFatPants days this month (since I will be Labor Day weekend at the fair) and I want to improve on my pullups.

    I would also like to avoid eating a million shovels of cheese or being eaten by a shark, but I can't take credit for those ones.
  • August baby! Fulltime on plan. That's the goal. I am going back and forth between 134.5 and 133 for months now. Everytime I make an effort for a few dyas I am at 133 but then there's a reason to just not count every bite and... bam.

    On plan. With scheduled off plan moments. It's not an issue of selfcontrol, it's priorities. And this is a priority again untill I reach atleast 125.
  • Hi all!

    Hope no one minds me joining the chat thread! I technically hit my goal of 119 last weekend, but have bounced up since then.

    I am questioning whether I should go lower then 119. I tried to talk to my husband about it, but he thought I should stop losing about 5 pounds ago, and got very upset with me. He is worried that I am going to get too thin and will get sick.

    Then I ordered what I thought was a regular coffee and it ended up being a mocha... I drank it anyway and then had a complete freak out because I have no idea how many calories were in it.

    I am finding hitting goal and thinking about maintenance much more challenging and scary in some ways then at any point in this journey. I didn't have meltdowns like this when I was 250+, I took stuff in stride. Now I have tremendous anxiety and self doubt.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me vent!

  • I'm sure we can all reach our goals
    My goal is to be 132lbs by August 31st. It would mean those first 10lbs have gone and I'll be well on my way for the back to school challenge where I want to be 130lbs by the time I go back to college on the 17th of September. I might have a bit of an iffy month come September due to a cousin staying with me for nearly three and a half weeks so I hope August just goes to plan and as well as July did for me. I lost 10 inches in July! Wonder can I lose another 11 inches this month.

    CherryPie99, You should speak to your husband about his issue with this. He probably is just looking out for your well-being and wouldn't want you to lose anymore weight incase it was to go out of control. It is your decision at the end of the day if you want to lose more weight because it is your body but when in a marriage, I believe he is entitled to an opinion and have a say and to hear what he does have to say. Maybe you can come to an agreement on this.

    May I ask, what and when is "Labor Day"? I'm not from America and I know just about all other major holidays but this one. I remember hearing a quote somewhere, I think it was from a movie and it said "Everyone knows nobody should wear white after Labor Day" and I have no idea what it means. :P
  • I'm going to join in this month. I've been reading the featherweight forums for the last month, but have this issue where I just don't feel like a featherweight yet, even though I know I am.

    My goals for this month are to get as close to 130 as possible (don't want to set a specific goal, since my weight loss slowed down a lot last month compared to other months -- but I also indulged a lot more, so it's hard to pick a goal that's not too low or too high). And I want to stay mostly on plan when I go visit my sister for 4 days, and find some way to exercise during that time (would be easier if I didn't have a toddler in tow with me). That's next week, and will be the most challenging part of the month for me, I think.
  • Goals - Losing my effin water weight!! Ugh its like 4 lbs or something - down frm that 6 lbs high. Its all in the gut and not comfy.

    Diet a bit before vacation in Sept, I just know my fam wants to "fatten me up" and pushy Asian mothers (and GRANDMAS) can guilt trip like no other!

    I've been lazier with working out, but my goal is to still work out at least 2X (ideally 3) a week unless something comes up, but I also don't want to beat myself up if its not as intense as usual.

    Spend more time with friends/Enjoy life

    So a lot of general things that I want to start and maintain!

    ....and last but not least, write more on the featherweights chat!!!
  • Hope you don't mind me joining in My goal for the month is to get back on schedule with exercise and to keep up a 1lb a week loss! Kids start school tomorrow, so that should help a bit.
  • Alrighty, well... new month and some new faces in here! Nice!

    Philana - I think we all go through periods like that where we just sort of hover for a while, and there is nothing wrong with that. Congrats on deciding to kick things up a bit this month... I know you'll do great!

    CherryPie - Nobody minds at all... welcome in! Perhaps it might be a better idea to keep the "numbers" to yourself and away from the husband. It's natural for people to be concerned that you might be losing a bit too much, but do they really notice unless you bring it up? Probably not. If he sees you looking tight, toned, healthy and FIT I doubt he'll really care what the scale says. In fact, thats a little nugget all of us can take to the bank; numbers on the scale, especially once you're in "feathers" range, are irrelevant for the most part. I'd rather be 5 pounds heavier and have 5% less bodyfat...

    Dreamer - I'm sure you can make some serious progress this month... and even if you don't hit 10 pounds exactly and progress is progress and worthy of celebrating.
    As for your visitor, them being with you should not have any bearing on how you take care of yourself. Just because someone is living with you does not mean that you cant workout or have to eat a Poptart just because they do. It's no different than any other day of your life, unless you make it that way.
    Labor day is the first weekend in September usually. This year the long weekend for us starts Friday, 31 August and lasts through Monday, 3 September. It's sort of the last summer blow-out here in the States, so it usually involves BBQs, camping, etc. I'll be visiting my husband and we're going to go to the Colorado State fair for some delicious food and even better people watching!

    Jessica - Being a "featherweight" just means you are close to or at your goal weight... it's not associated with a certain number of pounds. We're basically maintainers and/or trying to peel off a few more vanity pounds. You're more than welcome!

    Pixellate - Yes, get your little booty in here more often!


    Weights and then CrossFit today... whoot! I went a bit heavier than I have been lately on all my weights so that was nice, and CrossFit wasn't super intense so that was sort of a let down. I did still get in a good session, but I think the WOD could have been better.

    My super hot shoes shipped last night, so I'll be seeing those soon!

    Oh, and tomorrow I FINALLY have my appointment with the dermatologist to get my skin looked at and probably get some biopsies done. I hope I'm not all cut up and full of stitches and unable to do my workout on Friday.
  • Hi all, jeez man this place is blowing up.

    I had really awful sex dreams about my COUSINS last night and my boyfriend sleep-choked me and I had to punch him really hard to get him to let up. It wasn't a psycho "I WILL KILL YOU" throat grip so much as a forearm across the neck in a bear hug gone wrong, but ugh.

    Gonna do my (probably tired and in need of updating) back/biceps routine 3 times this week instead of 2. This morning I had only 20 minutes at the gym so I didn't rest at all between lifts or get much else done. Oh well. May go back again after work for cardio, or maybe run outside.

    I went shopping last night and bought some new duds! I went to H&M and Forever 21, two stores with sizes targeting skinny teenagers, and made out like a bandit. Despite not being able to zip/look decent in H&M size 34/US 4 pants, their XS size dress fit perfectly. At Forever 21 I bought a skirt and a pair of shorts in size M and one skirt in size M that I'll have to return because the fit was too loose. I also got a "magic shirt" with virtually no back and a plunging cowl neck that I can pin back to look "business in the front, swinger party in the back." Aaaand Taco Bell (just a soft Taco Supreme) and homemade chicken w/caramelized veggies for dinner. Mmmm.

    Counting down to Cape Cod!!! My bf got a fire permit for the beach and we are planning to DIY clambake and hopefully go at it like bunny rabbits without getting too sandy. I wonder if they can arrest you for public indecency...

    JossFit Good luck with your appointment tomorrow...I hope (A) nothing's wrong and (B) you can attack Friday's workout with vigor and zeal! What was today's weak-sauce Crossfit WOD? Probably something no one else except sumire and sontaikle could tackle, haha.

    WAHMto5 Welcome! What kind of work do you do at home (I'm assuming that's what WAHM stands for)? August 2 is really early to start school! In NY we start in September...

    pixellate Oh no, tummy bloat is really you think this will be one of those "poop solves all one's problems" situations?

    JessicaB You're totally a featherweight! Good luck with your trip to visit your sister. If you carry your toddler everywhere that totally counts as weightlifting. :P

    Dreamer2012 Labor Day originated as a holiday to celebrate laborers and workers - it was thought up by a union guy in NYC. These days it's not really thought of as much more than a three day weekend, and is considered the "cutoff" of summer. I'm spending my Labor Day weekend at a BACON FESTIVAL!

    CherryPie At 5'1 and 119 you're in that place where you'll be fine if you stay the same and also fine if you lose more. This is your journey and you get to call the shots. Is he just showing concern in a tactless way? What happened when he got "upset?" It is hard to get out of the "count everything, lose more" mentality but you can do it. The coffee/mocha incident shouldn't be such a source of stress!

    philana Good luck!!! Sometimes you just gotta stay the same for a while.

    LeilaJey Yeah I'm thinking about wearing a preventative tampon. Or not going in that deep.
  • Hi!

    July was the worst month yet, this morning I am 140.2....AHHH

    Maybe that's what I needed to get on track.

    Going to the market today, serious diet time ahead.

    August goals- Pick a plan. STAY ON PLAN. That's it.
  • Hi everyone! I am so glad I found this website and specifically this group. I have gained over 15 lbs since last August. I really lost focus with my eating and exercise. I was feeling really depressed and upset with myself. I also thought there wasn't going to be a support group for me because I don't have that much too loose. Yay for featherweights! I am so looking forward to getting back to the real me and getting to know you all.
  • Quote: Hi!

    July was the worst month yet, this morning I am 140.2....AHHH

    Maybe that's what I needed to get on track.

    Going to the market today, serious diet time ahead.

    August goals- Pick a plan. STAY ON PLAN. That's it.
    This is also my plan Definitely staying on track and not doubting my methods when I'm half way. I often come very close to my goals but then I just mess up since "a day of junk food won't hurt that bad". Apparently, this mostly turns into multiple days of junk food, leaving me bloated and totally uncomfortable. They say it takes 21 days to make something into a habit, so that's what August will be about for me: good habits!

    Good luck to you all