See ya 130's!

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  • Back down to 131.2 this morning, after languishing at 132-133 for weeks. Maybe this time, I won't blow it!
  • Still 135... The scale hasn't budged in a week even though I've been totally OP. I'm reminding myself that my body feels so much better when I eat healthy and exercise, so I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.
  • Went out of town for the past 6 days and celebrated Thanksgiving twice!
  • 131 this week Nearrrrrrrrrrllllllllyyyyyyyy there! I have set a mini goal to get into the 120s before 2013. Not far to go now.
  • Hi ladies. 137.0 today....hoping to see 129 by January 2013.
  • 131.0 this morning! 1.8 down from last week!
  • ALMOST there... 130lbs this morning.
  • 131.8... Getting close
  • 132 this morning. I'm hoping to hit 129 on Sunday!
  • 132.4 this morning. I'm also hoping to see 129 by the new year!
  • Hello, ladies! I saw 139.6 on my scale this morning! Just barely eeking in there and I very highly doubt that I will be under 140 tomorrow, but I don't care. It's a new low and brought me into a new decade and now I feel like I might actually be a "featherweight".

    I can't believe that, even if I don't see it again anytime soon, that I hit my final decade, so to speak. Unreal.
  • Thistleberry, way to go!!
  • Congrats
  • Thank you both so much! I've actually been under 140 for the last three days now. Seems it might really have stuck.
  • Hey featherweights... I'm going to join you. I haven't posted on this site in a few months, I do that from time to time when I'm burnt out on dieting. Last time I was here I was posting in the 140's thread and I'm happy to say that this time I'm in the 130's!! At least I made progress while I was away.