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pinkrunner115 01-04-2012 05:28 PM

January Feathers Chat
Well, since no one started one yet, I suppose I will. I hope everyone had some nice holidays! This year I did not make any resolutions. I'm just going to keep plugging away and hoping for the best in terms of weight loss.

How is everyone doing??

Ilene 01-05-2012 09:27 AM

Hi Pinkrunner, thanks for starting the thread...

I for one want to make 2012 the year that I reach my goal of 140, I WILL DO IT THIS YEAR!!

I want to get to 150 for February 18 because that is my son's wedding day... it's only 8lbs away but it's sure is hard to get there...

LisaTcan 01-05-2012 02:37 PM

Thanks for starting the tread! I'm hoping to be better quality food in 2012.

AmyCO 01-05-2012 03:01 PM

Rebuilding my good habits
No resolutions this year, but I'm slowly but surely trying to get back on the wagon of healthy eating. No wine yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks. Wine is my weakness, but it goes straight to my belly, which I hate. I started working with a personal trainer in November and we're doing measurements today. I'm interested to see where I'll be at, but a little nervous. I have a feeling I'm going to be a disappointed with the results since the holidays were a such a sweet food fest. I'm training for a March half marathon, so at least my fitness has stayed constant.

Dianne042425 01-08-2012 06:01 PM

Good evening Feathers!!

Its been so long since Ive been on here. And yes, for the number one reason why people take a longgggg break from 3fc; I fell off the wagon. BAD! Pretty much back to preweight and ready to not only get back to where I was, but to get to goal once and for all. I dont know how many times I have to fall off and feel the horrible defeat of it to make me realize I am happier when I am healthier and more fit. So this year I will do it. And I WILL be at goal by the end of March. No questions asked!!

Its interesting how voicing (or writing) your goals and plan really makes you feel better and more motivated. So here it is...

February 10 - 127
March 25 - 120

I am so excited to get back and to do this. We all can and will do it together :) Anyways, its the last year to do it if it truly is the end of the world . hah jk!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Sunday feathers!!

SO what are all of your goals, plans and diet program?? Lifestyle change I mean..

Ilene 01-08-2012 06:09 PM

Hi Dianne I certainly remember you! Welcome back :wave:

liliesinmycereal 01-09-2012 06:55 AM

My main resolution was to be at goal by the end of this year.

BalancedLife 01-09-2012 07:04 AM

Hey everyone! I hope you don't mind but I figured I would drop in to say hi. My name is Emily. I have actually been around 3FC for a long time, but it appears that since the last time I logged in, my username was lost.

About 2 years ago I reached goal weight. It was very exciting. I kind of bounced around a little bit, and ended up finding that 122 was really the weight I felt the best at and looked the best at.

Then over the last 2 years, I have put on about 10lbs. It's been gradual, and due to the fact that I started letting my portions get bigger and started to allow more sweets into my diet. Not good.

So, with a trip to Las Vegas looming ahead, I figured I should get back on the wagon with 3FC and get back to 122. I am happy to see you all here and I wish you all the best of luck! :)

srmb60 01-09-2012 12:03 PM

I'm an old repeat returner too! During the holidays, I ruined all of the progress I'd made in November. I'm back on track now. I'd better go fix my profile!

Dorian5 01-09-2012 03:22 PM

Hi all! I made goal a couple of months ago, but I found that I managed to put on 3-4 pounds over Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years and thought I should make myself an accoutable featherweight again. I was maintaining 118-122, but I find myself now around 124lbs.

I've decided that I want to lower my goal weight a bit and get to 115. I'd like to maintain 115-119, and that way I know if the middle number is a 2, I've got to cut back.

I enjoyed the holidays but I don't mind at all getting back on the calorie counting wagon! :)

My mini goal is to get to 120 by Valentine's Day and reward myself with something frilly and lacey that I can feel sexy in. :val2: I don't think the sweetheart will mind either.

Any other featherweights with a Valentine's goal?

Dianne042425 01-09-2012 08:46 PM

Hi Ilene and Dorian!!!! Long time no see/ talk? Lol anyone heard from krampus lately?? Wonder how she's doing!

Congrats Dorian on getting to goal. That is amazing. I always had a feeling you would! How did you do it? Do you feel like you have a 'new' body!?
Wow your goal is very conservative. You're making me rethink my goal of 9 PDs by vday. Eek is that too optimistic ?

Hope everyone had a happy Monday!

philana 01-10-2012 04:35 AM

Hi Feathers!

Good to see still a few familiar faces here. I've been gone for a few months, but I am really back now. Been on plan for over 24hrs and I know I am committed again. So Howdy!

I am super happy because after the pretty big loss in a short time this summer, I've not gained it back. Sure I fluctuate between 139 and 142, but even without the gym and without watching my calories for 4 months, I am still in a decent weight. Though the state of my body is less great. Seriously. My tummy feels huge again, and my overall fitness leven has gone to waste without any excersise. Which is why I am back. That and to lose a few more lbs ofcourse. But mostly just to feel better.

So, have a happy tuesday and talk to you gals soon again. As some might remember, I am pretty chatty - so I might be flooding the boards again. Be prepared. ;)


BalancedLife 01-10-2012 07:03 AM

I woke up this morning and weighed myself and I am bummed out. I have been sick the past couple days, so I have been drinking a ton of liquids (water, unsweetened tea) and I don't know if the cold medicine I am taking is making me bloat but I am up 2 lbs. I know it's gotta be just water weight, but I didn't exactly behave this weekend and so I am a little worried.

All of you ladies look fabulous! What have you all been doing for exercise?

Dorian5 01-10-2012 10:08 AM

Hi all! Weighed myself this morning, haven't lost an ounce since last week according to the scale. Yikes! Hope that it's just from a salty dinner and that I can record a loss on Friday. :)

It's probably going to be a rough 10 pounds to lose... on December 1st, my boyfriend and I moved in together. While I'm THRILLED to fall asleep with him every night and spend all of our meals together, I've found it VERY difficult to keep my calories low. I cook quite a bit of our meals, and I do my best to find healthy veggie-ful recipes to please a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. ;) Last night was roasted carrots and steamed broccoli... with breaded chicken tenders. :lol: I only had 3 SMALL ones and a teaspoon of steak sauce, plus they were baked, not fried. But still... salty and not diet friendly. Think I managed to stay around 1400 calories for the day, though.

Anyway, glad to see some familiar people!! :hug:


Dianne042425 - Hey there! Yeah, it's a very conservative goal -- it just does NOT come off of me fast anymore. I can manage to lose maybe half a pound a week. I think because I'm already technically at a healthy weight and BMI, it's hard as **** to pry it off. I didn't want to set myself up to be disappointed. Plus, 120lbs is right smack in the middle of my original goal and I know I feel pretty damn good there. If you're losing well, then by all means, you should definitely set a higher goal! :)

Some days I feel like I have an all new hot body. Some days I feel bigger than I did at 150lbs. But those are few and far between now, and overall I feel tremendous relief that I can slide on my sexy jeans easily or grab anything out of my closet to wear instead of having to pick around the small sizes. :)

I hope Krampus pops back up, too!

Philana - I haven't been exercising either, and I just feel flabby. Blech. I need to at least start walking with the real Dorian (my pitbull/lab mix dog) -- he's getting particularly pudgy! Glad to see that you haven't gained back -- I know what you mean, I really didn't gain much at all but since I was bloated and inactive, I feel yucky. :/ But just being on plan I can already feel a difference in the way my pants fit since I'm not water-bloated anymore.

BalancedLife - Unless I actually have a bug where I throw up, I am ALWAYS up on the scale after being sick. Your body is holding on to all the water it can to keep you hydrated while it fights off the sickness -- don't stress it. :) You definitely didn't eat an EXTRA 7,000 calories on top of your maintenance calories over the weekend, right? -- so there's no possible way to have gained 2lbs of fat. :hug: I bet you'll be back down soon -- and I hope you're feeling better!!


scjp926 01-10-2012 11:31 AM

Hi Idk if I am really a featherweight but I am not sure where I fit on 3FC. Anyway I am finally down to my pre-Christmas weight of 128 and I am ready to get to it to take off these pounds. I maintained the last 2 months before Christmas to give my body a little break and now I am back at it in the kitchen and in the gym. Everyday gets harder and it takes me forever to lose a lb. I am still 5lbs away from a healthy weight and it's killing me! Any advice?

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