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  • Turbo - Oh cool, I'm in Toronto. That's cool you ski, I'm about the only Canadian I know who doesn't!

    Philiana - If you could post some more days that would be super helpful! You eat so well. How much are you at home? I find it difficult since I'm on the go a lot. Yeah, in Toronto there is basically a yoga studio on every corner..I'm pretty terrible at it but I enjoy it anyways.
  • I'm suuuuper happy, I got to settle the Super Bowl menu with the boyfriend during lunch LOL

    The BF is really nice and is eating healthy, but he is much more indulging than I am. He did WW with me for a while, lost all the weight (like 30 FREAKIN pounds) he wanted to weight in a couple of months and than added back some food so he would'nt loose anymore (because, yeah, he would still loose without really paying attention. poor.guy. LOL)

    Since I'm not at my goal weight yet, I'm still paying closely attention to what I'm eating and I KNOW that Domino's pizza and Domino's breadstick, like he intented to eat wasn't a good idea. The issue is that he doesn't like to eat something I decided I won't eat, even if I don't mind if he has it. He's feeling guilty a bit, I guess.

    So at lunch we made it clear that he was free to order Domino's if he wants, and that I would make myself and healthy home made pizza.

    He really got comforted by the fact that I'm planning to prepare some appetizers too (hey, I'm indulging a bit too, it's Super Bowl after all). It's home made chicken wings and some other little things... I know I'll be able to control more the salt and the quantity than the ones from the store.

    I'm RELIEVED, this super bowl thingy was stressing me out soo much! lol
  • Congrats to everyone staying strong for the Super Bowl!

    Super Bowl food fortunately isn't an issue for me. I didn't even know who was in the Super Bowl until yesterday, nor did I know that it was on on Sunday, so it's clearly not something that I am going to be watching. It's not an event that is much on my radar.

    That said, I'll probably go into work to get ahead on Sunday, and there's a big snack box right outside my door. Must stay strong.
  • Ladies, Im getting very discouraged. Ive never had this happen before. I have been eating well for the past 4 days and have not lost and ounce. Normally when I start eating healthy again it flies off. Like .4-.6 pounds a day. Whats going on? I am starting to get concerned. My calories have been this the past 4 days, 1400 (ran 2.5 miles this day also), 1600, 1450 and 1300. Also, I just started clinicals in the hospital so I am no longer sedentary 3 days of the week. I went to a specialist and did the machine that tells how much you burn a day without exercise and it was around 1900-2000. So why am I not losing? Ive done this "dieting" before about 2 other times and it worked so well. WHy isnt it now?! The first week is always the golden week where you show most lost!!
  • Unless I magically lose 2 and a half pounds by tomorrow morning, I'll have to record a gain for the week. BUT that's okay, looking back, I realize that I did pretty damn good considering we had people in from town to hang out with and everything.

    I've been using my lunch hour to jog around the 2.5 mile trail by my work after I eat. It's been nice to be outside, very warm this week.

    I bought that corset! I couldn't hook it right out of the box, I've got to let the laces out a bit -- not just because I'm busty, but I think I'm heavy from salt and stuff.


    Dianne042425 - You're adding in exercise? I bet you're going to just get a sudden drop. Your calories are spot on, you're putting in the work -- my guess is that your muscles are holding on to water. I always show a GAIN once I start exercise after a long time off. I predict you'll get on the scale in the next few days and have a big downward whoosh. Don't fret! You're doing everything right!

    TurboMammoth - You've inspired me to make some low calorie superbowl foods. The honey's excited about wings, I'm not even that crazy about wings (I was vegetarian for a LONG time and still have trouble with stuff on a bone, blech) He LOVES spinach and artichoke dip, I can just make the light stuff.

    Keep it up everyone!
  • Dianne : I share the same opinion as Dorian, it might be the muscles retaining water. And don't worry, if you're doing everything right, you'll have a loss eventually The body sometimes do its own stuff that might not look normal on the spot, but everything gets back to normal eventually

    Dorian : Yay for you corset! Talk about a good reward to yourself! And nice for you healthy superbowl food My boyfriend is so excited about the wings receipes I got that he offered to cook them himself (definetly not going to complain about that!).


    Well, what I was fearing occured : I'm hurt. My tight was hurting since tuesday, for the first time during my run, but I said : ''Blah, I'm probably just a little sore''. However I had a indoor hockey game last night, and with all the sudden sprint and change of direction, the pain came back quickly.

    I might postponed training until sunday but I'm so frustrated, the race is only 17 days away... what a good timing to get hurt. I don't really what what kind of training I could do to keep up with the cardio...
  • LisaTcan - my last 3 days.

    Breakfast: Homemade oatmeal-cottage cheese pancake (1serving/85cal)+ raspberries pureed mixed through tablespoon of greek yoghurt
    Lunch: 1 slice of bread (80cal) + greasy unhealthy sausage (300cal)
    Dinner: 30gram brown rice (100cal) + 30g konjac noodles, grilled mackerel (200cal), chinese cabbage + tauge (30cal)
    Snacks: banana, kiwi, handfull of walnuts, atkins endulge (140cal)

    Day before yesterday: (I went into china town with my mom, so oops!)
    Breakfast: greek yoghurt, half fuji apple, tsp sugar (110cal)
    Lunch: 1 cracotte with 1 eggwhite + half tomato + curry ketchup (100cal) - out for lunch while shopping: shrimp wonton soup (300cal)
    Dinner: 50g tempe baked in sambal and soysauce, konjac noodles stirfried with chinese veggies. (only 180cal for whole meal due to big lunch + shopping snacks. LOL)
    Snacks: pork rinds (150cal), 3 slices pandan chiffon cake! (300cal), Yoghurt gums (192cal!)

    Oh, and today:
    After run brunch: 2 slices bread (160 cal), chocolate paste + peanutbutter (150cal), sandwhich meat (50cal), 1 eggwhite
    Dinner: 1 cup brocolli, 1/2 cup edamame (120cal), konjac noodles with tauge, 3 vegetable dimsum dumplings (120cal), 1 vegetable bun (140), soy sauce + sweet chili sauce
    Snacks: walnuts, 2 eggwhites, 160calories worth of yoghurt gums (!), 10gr chips (55cal), 1cup choco latte (70cal)

    I hope the yoghurt gums are gone soon, my mom bought them and I really can't stop eating them. I keep wasting calories on them. So, these weren't perfect days really. I do eat bad stuff some days. Especially when I went on a run and feel entitled or when I go out shopping but I try to compensate.

    Diane: 4 days is nothing! You know how it can go, out of nowhere you could have a 2lbs drop tomorrow. Don't worry just yet . Keep it up, you know the scale will move. It's calories in vs calories out. Simple as that.

    Dorian: Any way we could see a pic of the famous corset? Haha. I bet you look great in it!

    I am really working on running. I totally discovered how great it is this week and now I just have to pace myself to take it slowly. Haha. After this point where you go from just 10mins run to more than 20 you are hooked. 20+ is perfect for enjoying the view and the steady motion of your body. It's so so so so nice.
  • Hi everyone!

    philana Hey, great work on the running! Feels so good to set a new record.

    TurboMammoth Oh man, the Superbowl! Homemade pizza comes with so much less guilt than delivery stuff. I hope you enjoy the weekend and feel good about your choices.

    Dianne Thanks for the support - it really is our generation, the "I have a degree and can't find a lasting sustainable-wage job" generation. At this point I am considering working part-time overnight/graveyard shifts at another job just to put money in the bank. I hope you aren't feeling too discouraged - continuing to do the right thing WILL result in success.

    OhThePlaces I'm a fan of grey suits on other people (I'm too self-conscious to wear anything light-colored) for sure. I prefer the skirt-suit look over pants but I'm bottom-heavy and conscious of that. I think for teaching interviews either would be equally appropriate, though. Also add me to the "I wish I could afford WHBM" club - such nice stuff at such high prices!

    Petite Powerhouse Hang in there, sugar will not be your downfall!

    Dorian Is it wrong if I want to see corset photos? I gained like 10 lbs of water weight when my friends visited from England in the summer but it fell right off! You'll bounce back. Jogging on lunch sounds really zen and pleasant!

    Lisa We'll find our niches and find happiness too. Do you feel like going back to school was the right choice?

    I'm doing ok-ish. Only up a pound since that new low I was talking about - for almost half a week I was just going off on moody bouts of unnecessary eating. Only now am I reining it in. I spent most of yesterday on the toilet and now I have a raging urinary tract infection - ouch!

    Health issues and dead-end job aside, I am very happy. I moved into a new apartment across the river in the same city my dude and most of my friends are living in! My roommate is a Ph.D student from Paris who is studying acoustics and sound engineering and we seem to get along well. It feels SO good having my own place again!
  • Turbo, it drives me crazy that my husband's metabolism is so speedy (he's actually much thinner than he'd like to be!) while I have to fight just to maintain! I also love food a lot more than he does though. I'm so sorry that you're injured... I hope your body is able to recover quickly so that you can carry on and run your race!

    Dorian, I'm also impressed that you didn't devour the whole box of hostess cakes... those are the devil and I definitely wouldn't be able to control myself! Sorry about your gain this week, but I'm sure it will come off in no time! That's awesome that you're jogging at lunch. I'm always so impressed with those who work out on their lunch breaks... I would look like a hot-mess for the rest of the day if I did that. (well, I'm a SAHM, so I guess this doesn't apply to me. LOL)

    Dianne, I'm sorry that the scale isn't budging! I agree with the other ladies that it could very well be water retention... try not to get discouraged and give it a few more days. Are you feeling better? I try to focus on how I'm actually feeling when the scale is not in my favor.

    Krampus, thanks for the suit feedback. I ended up buying it this morning, but now I'm second-guessing myself because I completely forgot that black is slimming! D'oh! Sorry about the UTI, they suck so bad! It sounds like your new living arrangement is awesome.

    Lisa, one of my best friends is doing the same with school. Her degree has something to do with music, she worked at a radio station for several years and decided that it's no longer where she wanted to be, so now she's back in school to become a vet! She has several years of school ahead of her and she'll be 28 this month. Our other best friend has a masters in (micro? maybe) biology from Yale and can't find a science job! So she's contemplating going to law school. I guess you never know how things are going to turn out. Going back to school may be difficult, but I'm sure it'll be so worth it in the end when you're doing what you really want to do.

    I'm having a pretty good week. A girlfriend had us over for dinner last night (she made chicken and pasta) and although I watched my portion, the sodium got me... I'm hoping for a whoosh on the scale anyday now.