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  • Team Featherweights,

    I'm still struggling with my goal weight. I feel small enough overall but still very squishy in some areas (including ankles - yeesh!!!). I think I need to accept my weight and focus on reducing body fat % and, possibly, liposuction (dang cankles!!!). I'm continuing to work with my trainer, eat more protein, and......confession....talk to a surgeon about these freakin' cankles.

    I've been at maintenance calories for the past few days and have been in a 2 pound range, so that's good - no massive gain. Also working out regularly with and without trainer, which is great. Not so great: I've realized that my job creates boatloads of occasions to drink a ton and overeat! We're a bit of a satellite office and whenever people from HQ visit us, we end up going out for the night. Ugh! I looked at my calories from wine over the past few weeks and was mortified. But, I really enjoy going out with everyone and don't want to skip it.

    Everyone seems to be doing pretty well and having a lot of exciting changes!!
  • Ange, ann and skinny mini! Thanks for the support, I'm way overdue with having them out so I hope it goes OK. I figured out its like 8 days before Christmas so I should be well enough to eat turkey dinner

    Went home for the weekend for my kid sister's 11th birthday. We went for brunch, then the movies, then had wings and birthday cake and I managed to maintain! Pretty glad about that and super excited to get down to the 130's.