Get me out of the 130s!!!!! (cont)

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  • I usually don't post here, but oh my gosh Cambodia!! I love that country! I have done research there, worked there, and went back/forth from my old job in the US to meet with partners there.

    Also where my fiance and I met ^_^... lots of crazy memories on boat parties, at Elsewhere (before they shut it down) and FCC... and Cambodian people are the most wonderful people you'll ever meet. I loved my Khmer coworkers. PP is such a cool place.
  • Weighed in at 132 today!!

    Now how come my thighs and bum still look so big?
  • Hi! Can I join I weighed in at 130 today but Sundays are usually my lowest weight day of the week (I think because i don't exercise on Saturdays plus I am able to sleep the full 8 to 9 hours) so I will probably not be fully out of the 130's for a few more weeks plus I think I will call "out of the 130's" when I don't see 130 even on bloated days. I would love to eventually maintain between 125 to 129.

    The other question in my mind is... When to stop losing weight? As stated, I think I will stop when I reach 125 but wonder if I will feel the same way when I get there...

    Well, good night!

    Rosario a.ka. Charin
  • Quote:

    @ange82much : Full-time, just over a year. Back and forth, for three. And I love it. But I could do with a little more "developed" to balance my "developing" country experience.

    Where did you cycle in Cambodia and for how long? (Laughing!) Given our traffic, that must have been exciting! And you're from Australia? Lovely! I've only made it as far as Melbourne and am keen to return! How long have you lived in Sydney?

    By the way, your weight-o-meter is an (almost) exact duplicate of my own weight loss goals. How long have you been on the wagon and what's been your technique for success?
    Neila - We did a tour with spiceroads
    It was only for 8 days and a mixture of road and mountain bikes, starting from Pnomn Penn then going down to Kep and along the coast, round Ream National Park, into Thailand and ending for a relax on Koh Chang. Loved it, and SpiceRoads were great.

    But yeah, it's one thing to have a good holiday there and enjoy the culture and another thing to be living there for a long period of time! Good for you on being the sort of person that's adaptable enough to do it though! It's certainly not for everyone.

    I've been in Sydney for 8 years and was in Perth (australia) for 8 years before that and before that i was in yorkshire, England.

    Have been doing the diet shown on my ticker since the end of August and have been going really well (for me!!). My diet is just 'sensible eating'! Small portions, most of plate is veggies, low carbs, low fat, low sugar. I think it's worked this time because i've been so consistent and it's been easy, but i don't know why it's been easy as historically i've found it more difficult!

    Hey, Indiblue tell us about your Cambodia experience too. What research were you doing, and how did you meet your fiance? (we want a romance story!!)

    Welcome Charin!!
  • Yessss! I'm finally in your club, just crossed the threshold from 140!!! Looks like an interesting bunch too!
  • congratulations on being here Crimsons - glad you could make it!!

    Looks like a few of us are 130's impostors really, but it's a nice place to hang out!
  • I'm hanging on to the 130s by the skin of my teeth (ewww, gross image)
    I gained weight in October, 2 or 3 lbs, instead of losing that same amount.
    139.8 today
    I have to get it together. I am seriously not doing well diet and fitness-wise. I've been making some very bad choices.

    I am going to re-read my Beck Diet Solution book and start implementing her suggestions again. That is the way I carved off pounds down to ~132 lbs earlier this year. Apparently it takes complete dedication at this point in my life. I just want my clothes to fit again!!! These 5-10 lbs make all the difference.

    I took my wonderful "goal" boots back already. They were expensive and honestly not perfect for what I wanted, though when I returned them, the cashier was going on and on about how great the boots are. Way to rub it in!!

    Quote: Weighed in at 132 today!!

    Now how come my thighs and bum still look so big?
    WELL - I was as low as 109 lbs (at 5'6"! almost the same as you) and I still had a sizeable bum & thighs. I have given up on them being small or even proportional. I am just focusing on firming everything up and trying to find clothing that flatters this shape and just rockin' the boo-tay. I read a BUNCH of style books and re-vamped my whole wardrobe to come to peace with my pear-shape. I don't know if you are a pear or if you have the top to balance things out (I don't) but hopefully you get where you want to be. You have almost the same goal that I do, so congratulations on being so close!

  • My Official Check - In

    WEEK 1

    Weight - 129.2 pounds
    Body Fat - 24.5 points
    Waist - 30.25 inches
    Tush - 37.75 inches
    Thigh - 23 inches

    Long Term Goal - 118 pounds, 18% body fat

    Short Term Goal - 124.2
    Start Date - 1 November 2011
    End Date -
    Total Number of Days -

    OUT OF THE 130s (When I hit 33, I'm moving on to the 120s!)
    Total Number of Days : 1
  • @indiblue. Phnom Penh is a cool spot. In manner of speaking. And you might be pleased to learn that Elsewhere now has two locations!

    @ange82much. That bike ride seems fantastic! When next I have a visitor, I plan to give that a whirl! And congratulations on your consistency!

    @crimsons. Congratulations and welcome!
  • @Indiblue, what kind of research and work do you do that takes you to exotic places?
  • Hi. May I join, too?

    I'd like to get back to my old healthy, strong self. In my 20s this was about 120lbs. I could eat reasonably healthy, still indulging in the occasional treat, and exercise several days a week without killing myself (run a couple times and walk most days). I consider this to be my healthy and happy weight. Now that I'm a 34 year old mom, my happy healthy weight may not be exactly what it was in my 20s, but I know where I am now is not it. I'm lethargic from sitting around all the time eating junk food and I'm sick of it. It's definitely time for a change. At the moment, my first goal is to stop gaining weight! I just joined a gym a couple weeks ago and have already been going 2-3 times a week. It's boosting my confidence, but I still have a ton of hard work ahead of me. Tomorrow, I am starting calorie counting and a daily workout plan. I'm going to give myself a healthier, stronger body by Christmas.

    Current Stats

    I'm currently 136-139.5, depending on the time of day. I keep forgetting to weigh myself in the morning.
    Hips - 40.5"
    Waist - 29.5"

    Goal - To be into the 120's by Christmas. This is about a pound a week, which I think is completely doable.
  • I'm joining.
    I keep saying I will start exercise, but I NEVER do. So tomorrow, NOV 1, I will begin the 30 day shred. My problem is I stay up too late at night and then I am too tired the next day to pop in a video. Going to bed as soon as I type this!

    Starting weight: 135 when not retaining water.
    Hoping to get into the 120's by the middle of November which is a huge goal for me since I have been in the 130's for months!
  • nelia No way! I first went to Elsewhere in 2007 and it was totally different from the most recent time I went (2010). I think it's changed a lot. Crazy that there are two locations! What do you do in Cambodia?

    ange Your bike tour sounds AMAZING. I would love to do something like that. I think have actually been to Koh Chang- it's kind of near BKK right? What a cool trip.

    ange & crimson I work in international democracy & human rights. I worked a bit overseas, then was in Washington DC for 2 years but traveled to Asia and back for trips. Now I live in India, but for my fiance's job, not mine . I kind of have to find work here and there to do. It keeps things interesting.

    I seriously loved my life in PP- I lived right opposite the National Museum and worked near Russian Market. I loved looking over sunset in PP, going to the markets on the weekends, and running around Independence Monument after late-afternoon monsoons. And karaoke parties with Khmer coworkers. And lychee and mangosteens. And prahoc (sorry, I love it!).

    Oh man now I"m SUPER nostalgic for Cambodia!!

    Oh and those silly expat restaurants... Tamarind was where my fiance and I had our first date . We met at a mutual friend's party and.. erm... "got together" for the first time in Siem Reap lol. Did the summer fling thing and then traveled together for a week to Vietnam and Laos. Both went back to the US and he wanted to actually date... so we did... and here we are 3 years later. I guess what happens in Cambodia doesn't necessarily stay in Cambodia.
  • Oh yeah, 137 today. Almost to the lower 130s!
  • OUT OF THE 130s (When I hit 33, I'm moving on to the 120s!)
    Total Number of Days : 2

    127.2 pounds
    23.0 points (love after-IF weigh ins!)