Get me out of the 130s!!!!! (cont)

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  • Fayve- Wouldn't it be nice it there was a magic calorie number? Sometimes I envision my body wokring like a computer and I would wake up each morning and it would say, "This is what you need to eat. Voila!" Sigh...a girl can dream. When I was losing I ate at 1200 cals, but that wasn't sustainable for me long-term. I gradually went up by 100-200 cals each month until now I am about 1700-1900/day, but I work out pretty hard and am active during the day.
  • Wow, so many of you are almost out of the 130's!
    I weighted in at 138, I'm excited to be officially in the 130's.
    Really hoping I can see 135 by new years.
  • Yay Lisa! So glad you could join us!
  • 135.0 this morning. Another night with no eating, and 40 minutes on the treadmill. Trying to work myself up to being able to run a 10 minute mile, then try to keep slowly increasing that distance. Right now I'm probably averaging between 11 and 12 minutes.

    TOM is due next week so I'll be happy to just maintain for a while.

    Good luck to everyone!
  • I finally broke through my plateau! And I did it by increasing my calories and switching to a JUDDD low carb plan.

    Yay! Today I weighed in at 128. I will wait a week or two before leaving this board, to make sure it "sticks".
  • Great news, shrinking! I finally hit 128 even today, too! Go us!!!

    Lisa- You are in the 130s, girl! You made it and we will help you get where you want to be.

    I am dying right now. LOL Fridays are killer. I signed up for a Zumba Toning & Bootcamp class. It is ROUGH. Today we did 400 crunches and 200 leg-lift-thingies, plus the regular class where you hold weights while dancing in a controlled way. Then I went to regular Zumba, and the sub-teacher is the hardest! I busted it out, but I always feel a little embarrassed, b/c I have to eat part of a protein bar before toning, after toning and even took a mslal break during zumba to eat a few bites and drink extra water. I can no longer work out with very little food in my system, but I also can't work out with a full belly. I haven't figured out just the right thing to eat yet.
  • Thanks ChickieChicks and Sontaikle! Both you guys are pretty much at your goal, that's exciting.

    I'm stuck at home all weekend writing my thesis proposal which sucks for me but rocks for my diet! I won't be tempted to indulge at all.
  • Stupid, stupid TOM. I weighed in at 138. Ah well.

    Has anyone got any tips on strengthening one's core? My legs and arms are getting muscular but my stomach is all flabby and it's clear that my core muscles are weak. I can barely do planks!
  • sontaikle- I love dancing for the core!! I'm a Zumba addict, so fo course I recommend that, but any dancing really does wonders for tummies. That being said, my stupid mommy doughnut is NOT going away. My actually waist keeps getting smaller, and I have abs, but the circle around my belly button is like a plague. boo hoo....I feel great everywhere else!
  • Funny you should mention Zumba, they just got a zumba instructor at the gym I go to, so I'm looking forward to that class

    Thanks for the dance suggestion though, I'm going to try using my Just Dance 2 game for a while combined with other exercises for my core. I'm going to start targeting it and starting with a 10 minute workout and see what I can work my way up to.

    It's annoying. I lost all of this weight and my stomach looks like crap. I thought that getting into the 130s would help but I realize it's just going to be flabby unless I build the muscle underneath.

    On the bright side my arms look fantastic.
  • I've found my stomach always looks awful! I few years ago I got down to a really fit 130 and was wearing size 4's most of my body looked awesome but my stomach always looked terrible. I've realized I'll probably never wear a stringbikini..but I got this really fun retro high waisted polka dot bikini and it's just as cute. I went out for brunch this morning and didn't over eat exactly...but I'll alreadt=y at 1100 calories and I haven't had any dinner!
  • Thanks for the welcome everyone!

    Good news, I just came back from a trip where I didn't have a scale and my weight is at 134.5! Down to the lower half! Only 5 more pounds til I'm out...

    Things I have motivating me...
    1. a first date with a very cute but skinny guy this week
    2. leaving for Costa Rica for xmas 2 weeks from today!
    Yikes, gotta kick it in gear!

    Sontaikle-- I do pilates almost every day and it's great for your core. Lots of planks! I guess I have the opposite problem, my arms are always fat and gross.

    ChickieChicks-- Wow, congrats on your size 3! I don't think I've worn that since I was like 13.
  • My first post!! And I thought this thread would be the most appropriate.
    Just hit the 130's last month for the first time. It feels so amazing. I never thought I'd ever ever be here.
    But Lisa I can relate. No matter how hard I work my belly feels the need to hang on. I havn't worn a bikini my entire life. It's so jiggly I hate it.
  • 135 right now and so very ready to be in the 120's!! i really want to wow my husband when he gets home from basic training!
    This morning I weighed in at 128.7.
    I'm in the 120s!!!!!!!!